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  • Summary: Take advantage of the introductory price, it will only last few days ! -------- VIDEO Take a look at the video of the Pirinola in YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lyemv_taNSo -------- BE THE SOUL OF THE PARTY WITH THE PIRINOLA FOR THE iPhone/iPod Touch Now, we are pleased to introduce a new version of the traditional mexican game "La Pirinola" (Spinning top) yehaaa!. Finally, you can have it in your iPhone/iPod Touch and make more enjoyable many parties ! PIRINOLA TEQUILERA + FRIENDS + TEQUILA = A LOT OF FUN !! Invite your friends to play our "Tequila version" of the "Pirinola". This "Tequila version" is very easy to play, just invite your friends and bring bottles of Tequila or of your favorite drink. Then, each one of your friends is going to spin the "Pirinola" in an alternate fashion, and if the resulting face is: "Take 1" - The player must take a tequila shot. "The next player take one" - The next player must take a tequila shot and must continue with its turn. "You Pass" - The player will not take the tequila shot. "Take 2" - The player must take two tequila shots. "You and the next player pass" - Neither your nor the next player will take the tequila shot. "All take one"- All the players must take a tequila shot. You should decide before starting how big will be the Tequila shot. USE YOUR IMAGINATION AND CREATE YOUR OWN PIRINOLA This new version of the "Pirinola" for the iPhone/iPod Touch is versatile, among many things, one of its nice features is that you can decide the texts that each one of the faces of the "Pirinola" is going to have !! This allows you to design your own "Pirinola" and your own game ! Just image the number of games that can be created for different kind of situations ! USEFUL ALSO FOR GROUP AGREEMENTS For example, suppose that you are with your friends and you can not decide between many food options (tacos, pizza, etc), moreover, you can not decide where to go (cinema, bar, etc), just don't worry and don't waste your time, you just have to introduce the options and let the "Pirinola" decide. BET AND WIN WITH THE CLASSIC PIRINOLA Now, if you like to bet, you can play the classic "Pirinola". It is very easy to play, you can bet anything (coins, sweets, beans,etc). In the classic game each player start with the same number of things and each one of them is going to give one of its things at the beginning (initial jack pot). After that, each one of the players will spin the "Pirinola" in an alternate fashion and if the resulting face is: "Take 1" - The player will take one from the jack pot "Put 1" - The player will give one to the jack pot "All put one" - All the players must give one to the jack pot "Take 2" - The player will take two from the jack pot "Put 2" - The player will give two to the jack pot "Take all" - The player will take all from the jack pot The "Pirinola" is a very funny game and it is even funnier when you are playing it with your friends! FEATURES: * It works for iPhone/iPod Touch with iPhones OS 3.0 or later. * The "Pirinola" is 3D modeled in Open GL. * You can play three types of games: Classic, the Tequila Version and the one that you design. * It allows you to design your own "Pirinola" by entering the corresponding text of the "Pirinola" faces. * It allows you to choose the sound of the "Pirinola". * It has different textures. * It stores the preferences that were used the last time that was played. The "Pirinola" for the iPhone/iPod Touch was made in Mexico. Expand
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