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  • Summary: ___________________________________________ Get it now for only $0.99! WHAT THE WORLD'S SAYING: "The tap-to-shoot mechanic is excellent…This is good-looking, cheap, alien-killing fun." – "I enjoyed it immensely... I’d be hard pressed to say there’s anything comparable to it in the App store right now." – GRAB IT Award ___________________________________________ Prey Invasion is NOT a port. It's an *ALL-NEW* adventure starring Tommy Hawk, a modern-day Cherokee warrior who can tap into his unique native powers, such as spirit walking and shooting his powerful spirit bow. A MASTERPIECE REBORN! Prey Invasion is a unique follow-up to the 2006 console hit called a ""masterpiece"" by Game Informer (rated 9.5/10), and ranked by TIME magazine as one the Top 10 Games of 2006. A STORY TO DIE FOR The world is under attack from an alien menace, but they've picked on the wrong man and his girlfriend. Tommy Hawk takes no prisoners as he plows through level after level of mutated aliens in search of his loved one. But can he rescue her before she is hideously transformed into one of them? UNIQUE GAMEPLAY GALORE! The original Prey introduced several amazing gameplay modes, and Prey Invasion has them too: - Spirit Walk -- Become a ghostly hunter with a powerful spirit bow - Wall Walk -- Walls become floors as you figure out new attack strategies - Death Walk -- When you die, it's not a frustrating set-back, return almost immediately to the action CUSTOMIZED CONTROLS Two control schemes are offered: digital and analog. Selecting analog places a pair of discs on the screen used to control Tommy's direction of movement and sight. Choosing the digital scheme, on the other hand, arranges a series of directional buttons that can be placed wherever you wish. A high-powered, super smooth 3D engine introduces TapShot™ which takes full advantage of the touch screen interface to easily and quickly aim and shoot enemies, without the frustration of trying to line up your weapon perfectly. GREAT SOUNDS AND MUSIC! By legendary game musician Jeremy Soule (Oblivion, Guild Wars, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter) Check out other great games & apps from Hands-On Mobile: 3D Hunting, 3D Hunting Alaskan Hunt, Astrology Zone Premier, Crystal Quest, Kitten Cannon (Original), NHRA &YetiSports Follow us on Twitter at Expand
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