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  • Summary: Rattlesnake is a great update of the retro-classic.

    In familiar style, Snake is hungry and your task is to guide him to his favorite snake snacks. Tap the screen to steer him towards the tasty treats that appear. Easy, huh?

    Well, not quite so easy... the more snake eats, the longer he
    grows, and the trickier it is to avoid hitting his own tail. You'll also need to be careful of slippery snacks that can cause Snake to make a surprise change in direction.

    Another twist is the opportunity to score extra points by feeding Snake recommended food at random times - will you be able to remain focused on your strategy, or will the temptation of extra points prove too much?!

    Includes a fruity vegetarian option for those who would like Snake to leave the cute critters alone.

    Addictive gameplay that's easy to play, but difficult to put down!

    - Maintains retro-style of classic game, with cool enhancements.
    - Cute, colorful graphics and fun sounds.
    - Your all time high score is stored, along with...
    - ...your best score of the day. A new challenge everyday!
    - The only App to feature a vegetarian option! (maybe)
    - Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
    - Listen to your music while playing, with or without the game's sound effects.
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