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  • Summary: !!! free for limited time !!! EnjoyHave you been yearning for fine sand beaches?!?Grab your board and dive into the cheerful, colorful universe of Rising Board!!! Come and join us, whether you are seeking fame or simply for the sake of it! Identify with a style and become a member of the tribe!!!Your screen is not just a screen, it serves as your wakeboard!!! Tilt it and surf the wake!!! Swipe with your finger to launch yourself into the air. Let the breeze caress your face as the world slowly turns around you. You're feeling good.Your board is capable of performing a thousand different tricks!!! You will soon be comfortable doing front jumps, roll backs and other tricks.Get started by slaloming across the islands to collect sun points! With points you will be able to make jumps in the air!Perform your best tricks and create your choreography to the tune of the festive music. There is much more to tricks than meets the eye; elements of beauty, good timing and joy are part of the experience!!!Impose your style on the course and become the king! Each trick is an opportunity to win a crown! If you are good, the Pop Islands inhabitants will come and join you, just to be there. Just to enjoy these wonderful moments with you!Key features: - Sun, sand, waves and a wakeboard!- A completely new game experience!!! That's not a screen in your hand anymore, it's a wakeboard!!!- Specifically designed for the iPod and iPhone!!! Nothing but fun.- 15 Pop Island 3D environments. - The Pop Island universe and all the colorful and cheerful characters!!!- Retina compatible! At 60 images per seconds, this game is fast!!!- No waiting to load!!! No wasted time, nothing but pleasure. - Sunny music for all!Coming soon: Game centerNote: If you enjoy this game, feel free to shout it out!!! It will do you good, as well as for us!!! Expand
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  1. Sep 18, 2012
    You should play Rising Board. How else are you going to witness a penguin on a surfboard flipping tricks like there's no tomorrow?