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  • Summary: Enter the enchanted forest in this exciting continuation of the classic story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.The Queen has returned! And she has cast a curse that has left Snow White and the dwarfs scattered throughout the vast forest. It's up to you to rescue them! Lift the Queen's curse, and return happiness to the forest and its inhabitants in this free, village-building adventure.Features:- Venture deep into the forest, and rescue Snow White and all the seven Dwarfs! Build up your team with each new dwarf that you find.-Explore new locations, and discover pieces of the Dwarfs' story as you expand through the enchanted forest.- Craft items to restore your charming village, and bring happiness to the forest.- Go mining for hidden treasures and resources in the delightful mini game!- Discover new and familiar characters along your journey.-Send and recieve gifts from other players to help you on your quests.Lift the evil curse, and help Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs live happily ever after! Expand
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  1. Oct 20, 2013
    Even though Seven Dwarfs: The Queen’s Revenge borders on the line of dullness, there are at least enough things to do before it’s off to work you go.
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