Generally favorable reviews - based on 8 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 8
  2. Negative: 0 out of 8
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  1. Feb 14, 2011
    When Chaotic Box produces a unified binary for iPad users, this will be an essential app, but right now it feels like an excellent game held back by some minor design quirks.
  2. Feb 14, 2011
    Like a shoot-'em-up sans bullets, Silverfish offers challenging gameplay that revolves around keeping your enemies close at hand without being taken out in the process.
  3. Feb 14, 2011
    A stylish non-shooter.
  4. Feb 14, 2011
    It's not quite at the level of Tilt To Live, but Silverfish offers enough fast-paced excitement to make it worth your while.
  5. Feb 14, 2011
    Silverfish is a fantastic example of what you can do to take well-known genre influences and mix them up to make a fresh and addictive game.
  6. Feb 14, 2011
    Silverfish is an expertly crafted arcade-style "shooter," and I expect to find myself playing it regularly for a long time to come.
  7. Feb 14, 2011
    Silverfish is the sort of game you'd get if you crammed Snake and Geometry Wars together, but instead of some half-half mix it's a unique blend that looks and feels solid.

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