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  • Summary: Relive the greatest battles of WWII in this grand strategy masterpiece. Take command of the Axis to conquer Europe - then command the armies of the USSR and Allies to retake it. In Strategy & Tactics: World War II, you battle impressive AI enemies in three campaigns with a classic turn-based battle system and serried ranks of historically-accurate troops. Fight your way through eighteen missions with an ex?iting storyline and charismatic characters across Europe, Asia and Africa, research new technologies to improve your troops and build industry, and lead your armies to victory.If you manage to finish all that,there are also skirmish games, several classic scenarios, plus hot seat and WiFi multiplayer modes to play, including between various different smartphones and tablets. All this displayed, in a highly-detailed, powerful but simple to understand interface. The following content is available in free version: - 3 Missions of Axis Campaign - "The Birth of Tragedy”; - One Skirmish mode map with fixed game settings; - “The Decline of the West” game scenario; - One Hot-seat multiplayer mode map; - One cross-platform multiplayer mode via Wi-Fi map;The following content is available in premium version: - Complete Axis Campaign - “The Birth of Tragedy”; - Complete USSR Campaign - " Eastern front”; - Complete Alliance campaign – "Roads of Freedom”; - Uploading of new campaigns available in future update; - Multiple Skirmish mode maps with various customisable game settings; - Uploading of new Skirmish mode maps available in future update; - Seven unique game scenarios available; - Uploading of additional game scenarios available in future update; - Several Hotseat multiplayer mode maps with various customisable game settings; - Several cross-platform multiplayer mode via Wi-Fi maps with customisable game settings______________________________________ FOLLOW US: WATCH US: LIKE US:  Expand
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  1. Apr 2, 2013
    The whole package isn’t exactly deep, but it strikes a satisfying balance between the pleasures of power mongering and the toothsome delights of heavier strategy titles.
  2. Apr 26, 2013
    Strategy & Tactics: World War II seems like a bit of a throwback to more traditional tabletop wargames, but it does the job of creating an interesting and historically accurate skirmish well and should appeal to anyone with an interest in this point in history, as well as those with a passion for pure strategy titles.
  3. May 6, 2013
    Do not expect this to be a mobile Hearts of Iron. The entire game is a string of scenarios covering various operations. Commanding a limited number of units is fun nonetheless, just remember that S&T is not a grand strategy game.
  4. Apr 1, 2013
    If players can get past the learning curve though there’s a lot of content here to enjoy. There are even online, offline, and bot multiplayer modes. It’s a shame then that Strategy and Tactics: World War II is so unintuitive because there appears to be a solid little strategy game underneath.
  5. Apr 17, 2013
    Strategy & Tactics: World War II strips back its depth of gameplay in an effort to make things easier to approach, however this simplicity has brought a new set of problems to the table.