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  • Summary: What's so SUPER about SUPER Little Caves?- Dramatically improved graphics.- New areas to explore.- New characters & dialogue.- Achievements to reward your exploration.- Global leaderboard ranks how fast you beat the game.- New music & sound effects.- Umm.. it's free.If you like the game, consider one of these optional one-time purchases to help keep our company alive:A) Ride the gondola to access the final chapters of the game.B) Unlock the funhouse to obtain a secret powerup.------STORY------A fly that's more than meets the eye. Every journey begins with a single step, err... buzz. Princess Luna Moth has been kidnapped by grasshoppers and taken deep inside a MASSIVE underground pixel kingdom. It's a quest into imagination! Solve puzzles, make friends with the locals (they're weird ones,) and navigate the endless caverns of the deep. ..But remember to stop and talk to Fred while you're down there, he tends to get lonely. It's up to you, fly. But I wouldn't even bother, no one's EVER found the princess.-----------FOOTNOTES-----------Featuring music by Daniel Zarzycki, Phazed, and Mantrakid!With special guests Billy & Jay from RetrowareTV's "The Game Chasers"MADE WITH LOVE (AND TEARS) BY RECORD SET SHED IN OTTAWA, CANADA. Like RECORD SET SHED on facebook for top-secret previews of our wacky new games.-----------HANDNOTES------------ Support for 1st generation iPad coming soon.- Music and sound effects are not available when running this game on iPhone 3GS or 3rd Generation iPod Touch. Particle effects are also reduced. - This game uses an experimental engine we developed to generate it's massive seamless world without requiring the use of tiles. Since the engine is a brand new design, it still requires a lot of optimization and MAY run a tad slow on older devices.- PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS YOU FIND TO SUPPORT@RECORDSETSHED.COM ASAP SO WE CAN GET THEM FIXED FOR YOU. :) -----------NOSENOTES-----------Minty, with a hint of lime. Expand
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  1. Apr 19, 2013
    Guiding a tiny fly through a series of surreal and complicated mazes isn't exactly easy but it sure is pretty.