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  • Summary: Toki Tori is a highly entertaining puzzle platformer like nothing you have seen before.

    Push your brain to the limit as you guide Toki Tori through 80 challenging levels spread over 4 mysterious worlds - collecting eggs as you go. You are armed with an arsenal of different items and weapons
    including the infamous Telewarp, InstantRock™ and Slug Sucker! Combine these to solve each ingenious level - some easy, some brain-bendingly difficult! Toki Tori pushes the capabilities of your iPhone/iPod touch with sumptuous graphics and oodles of puzzle polish.

    What are people saying about Toki Tori?

    IGN - Editor's Choice Award - 'Toki Tori is a smart, clever, personable puzzle game. If you are looking for new puzzle game for your iPhone and are just sick of the match-three formula, make Toki Tori your next download. You will not regret it.'

    TouchArcade Blog: Albie Meter: 5 Stars; 'If you like puzzles with a simple, yet challenging objective, you can't go wrong with Toki Tori.'

    iPhonegamesnetwork reports 'After a few hours of play we can safely say that Toki Tori is going to be one of the app store stand-outs.' tweets 'Four distinct stages, crisp, polished graphics, detailed levels, fun factor and positive experience all elevate Toki Tori to the status of one of most-wanted App Store releases.' chirps 'Whether you a fan of platform games, puzzle games or both. Toki Tori is a title coming to iPhone this year that you aren't going to want to miss!'

    MobileGameFaqs: 'Toki Tori harks back to the golden age of gaming when gameplay was paramount and now thanks to the power of the
    iPhone it even looks good too.'

    Just some of the great features waiting for you:

    * Tailor-made multi-touch control scheme
    * Some of the best graphics you will see on iPhone
    * A wide variety of items and weapons introduced gradually during the game
    * 80 levels spread over 4 large worlds
    * Dozens of hours of gameplay
    * For all ages - accessible and hard levels available
    * Catchy music and sound effects
    * Interactive cut-scenes

    What are you waiting for? Take Toki Tori home today - you won't regret it.

    Toki Tori is developed by Two Tribes and published by Chillingo Ltd.
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  1. Feb 1, 2012
    It's cute, it's fun, it's good for your 8-year-old sister. Ok, alright. If you like puzzle-platformers you probably can enjoy this one too. With basic menu scheme and point-and-tap+abilities controls it's usability is fairly good and makes the game very accessible. Also kudos for cute graphic although the main character could be a gremlin or an astronaut because a chicken that is using bridges and portals doesn't make any sens and isn't all that funny... Maybe I'm exaggerating because ultimately this game is good and will give you challenge that you probably searching for. Nevertheless, it's not my type. Annoying music, not-so-satisfying riddles/rewards... = no motivation for playing it. Expand