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  • Summary: Top Eleven - Be a Football ManagerPlay the world’s most popular online sports game with 3,500,000 people playing every month!Create your own virtual Football (Soccer) Club and play against friends and other players in Leagues, Cups, Champions Leagues or Friendly matches.Key features include:- Manage your team’s squad and finances. Buy and sell players in an exciting live bidding system.- Prepare your squad for matches. Set up formations, coach and mentally prepare players, and build up specific football skills to improve player’s performances. - Watch your matches live, make substitutions, and give special orders during the match.- Track how your friends’ teams are doing, even arrange friendly matches with them.- Manage the same team, and play the same game, whether you and your friends play it on Android, iPhone, Facebook or us Follow us Like us us Expand
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  1. Apr 13, 2013
    Top Eleven is being developed by the Serbian indie developer Nordeus and today is considered to be the best manager game in Facebook with 6,6 million active users per month. It's designed to apply in both those that like Football Manager and want to try a free-to-play MMO manager or casual football lovers as well.

    First of all Top Eleven is very easy to learn (even women play it). You begin by creating your team (Name, Logo, Home-Away shirt). After that you have the tutorial guidance of..Jose Mourinho to learn the game's basics.

    You always start with Level 1 at the point of season where everyone else is. At the end of season the top 7/14 teams will level up and the top 4 will gain access to the Champions League. There is also a Cup draw with other users, similar to your level.

    You can have a maximum of 22 players (starting 11 7 subs). Each player has 15 attributes divided to 3 categories: Defence, Attack and Physical & Mental. You can level up them as you wish after each match. Considering tactics, you can play any system you want with in-depth characteristics about mentality, pressing, focus passing etc.

    Transfers are being made by auctions using in-game money tokens. For every bid you lose a token. So in order to enter each bidding round you must lose a token. At the end, the manager that bids (loses) the most tokens will win the auction and the money of his bid will be reduced from his total balance. If your tokens end you must buy them using credit/debit card or try to earn free tokens through some methods being given occasionally by developers.

    Another method of spending tokens is boosters. You have health, morale and fitness boosters. You can spend them to reduce injury time, give higher morale to players or improve their fitness after a training to be ready for the next match. If your boosters end you can spend tokens to add more.

    Top Eleven has the most smart game engine among all other manager games in Facebook. A stadium's attendance gives 0-5% possession depending on whether the stadium is full or not. When you watch your game live you earn +8% possession for your team plus boosters. But the most important thing is that you can invite your friends in the game and have them as supporters with each of them giving 2% possession. Game engine is being shown only with match commentary and possession bar (like Championship Manager 3 series) but this might change in the future with a 2D pitch with dots, like Championship Manager 4, or even game sounds in major events, like goals, chances and cards.

    The most negative thing with Top Eleven is that when tokens end you have to spend real money to earn some (14 Tokens cost 1.55 euros) and you will definitely need them to get more players, outbidding other managers. Of course you can be very careful and bid to players early in the morning ot late at night so that you have more chances of getting them. Some other minor issues that have to do with servers (mostly players not supporting each other due to being in different server) are about to be solved by Nordeus in the future. Generally, it's a very addictive experience which will keep you for many years to have.

    Signed: A Top Eleven level 23 manager.
  2. AGK
    Jun 17, 2014
    for all the soccer fans out there, this is the game for you! you can manage your OWN team! that's pretty cool if you ask me and you get to name the players, the team and do whatever but like most/all games, it costs something but for the first time, it's free! Expand