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  • Summary: ?Puzzles?Repeated sentences exercises?Spatial Intelligence, Linguistic Intelligence?For Children Aged 2-5???Education Theory???It is the outbreak period of children's language learning when they are around 2 years old. Their language learning ability is very strong. Children begin the transition from naming some simple objects to learning and using some phrases, meanwhile moving towards a stage, during which they change from simple imitation and passive acceptance to active learning and creative expression.This game abandoned the puzzle and recognition mode which appears quite a lot in the market, then gives children a totally new “food chain”, so that children can play in the process of natural sentence exercises.???Puzzle Features???With the introduction of a question “What are you looking at?”, children are brought into a plot chain formed by a loop pattern: an animal leads to another animal and finally leads to the child. The child can reproduce the above various animals. This loop structure and repeated sentences are just like opening a never-ending book for children, leading children to express, to imagine and to desire to make a sequel to the story.???Expanding Thinking???In the last game screen, there is a lot of implied information. Can you find the crab on the path or the little rabbit hidden in bushes? Can you notice the appearance of clouds in the sky? Some indistinctive shadows pave a way for the follow up of the story and for children to practice role replacement of sentences.[Tips]Carefully consideration for children: Moon Icon –switch light mode to protect children’s eye sights.Carefully consideration for parents: Clock Icon – a flexible set for help you to control children’s game time. Collapse
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