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  • Summary: A custom 3D avatar at your fingertips. A sports resort in your hands. 5 action-packed sports games. New sports added with every free update. ????? Youtube: http://goo.gl/fz9n ????? The next generation of iOS gaming has arrived. If you've ever made an avatar on Wii™ or Xbox 360™, you know how fun it can be to personalize and dress your creation just the way you like. Even better is being able to take your avatar into the games you love, and to play as yourself, in your own virtual universe. Before, this meant spending hundreds of dollars buying an expensive television and console setup, and even then, you were restricted to playing at home, while sitting in your living room. Not anymore. Yoo! Sports brings the entire personalized gaming experience to your iOS device, and it's with you everywhere, all the time. One more thing… Yoo! Sports isn't just highly personal, it's also amazingly social. With full Game Center leaderboards and achievements for every sport, you'll be competing and sharing with your friends in no time. Welcome to the next generation of iOS gaming, welcome to Yoo! Sports ;) ????? ? OVER 1 TRILLION UNIQUE 3D AVATAR COMBINATIONS. ? 5 ACTION-PACKED SPORTS GAMES. ? FULL GAME CENTER INTEGRATION. ? NEW GAMES ADDED w/ EVERY FREE UPDATE. ????? Yoo! Sports is made up of 6 parts: [Yoo! Me] -3d avatar builder w/ 1 trillion + unique combinations -unlockable outfits and styles -photo capture mode with charming 'poke & play' 3d animations [Yoo! Archery] -ai multiplayer tournament mode -balloon-popping carnival mode -slow motion, variable angle replays [Yoo! Bowling] -obstacle mode -tournament mode -slow motion, variable angle replays [Yoo! Boxing] -championship mode -celebrity mode -slow motion, variable angle replays [Yoo! Hoops] -hotshot arcade mode -3 pt competition mode -slow motion, variable angle replays [Yoo! Tennis] -tournament mode -career mode -slow motion, variable angle replays ????? MORE SPORTS COMING SOON! ????? twitter.com/TRINITIgames Expand
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  1. Mar 20, 2011
    Despite these faults, though, Yoo Sports is a good looking and well put-together game and still offers good entertainment for the money, especially for younger players who won't mind about the low skill level.
  2. Mar 20, 2011
    Yoo Sports! is a decent attempt to copy the Wii Sports template, but it fails to provide enough quality gameplay to encourage repeat play.