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  • Summary: Find your Zen, with this challenging take on the traditional pentomino puzzle game! Over 200 puzzles! From the creators of the award winning puzzle game, TanZen! Zentomino has been honored with the Silver Award from Pocket Gamer! "With great controls, sharp and colorful graphics, and many challenging puzzles, Zentomino is a relaxing and easy to pick up title for gamers of all ages and tastes." - AppVee.com

    Pentominoes have been tantalizing minds for over a hundred years, with the simple idea of positioning up to twelve differently shaped pieces into a larger shape.

    Choose a puzzle to solve, and try to complete the shape, without overlapping any of the pieces. Zentomino will recognize when the puzzle is finished.

    Play for five minutes, or five hours!

    - 207 puzzles, with many more to come in regular updates!
    - Various difficulty levels, with 4-12 piece puzzles.
    - Large, colorful, pieces that are easy to control.
    - Hint system!
    - Handy, always visible, piece trays to keep your puzzle area clean.
    - Solve puzzles in any order.
    - Puzzle memory keeps track of multiple, in progress, puzzles.
    - Shake your device to reset your current puzzle.
    - Track your progress, with a full view of all your completed puzzles.
    - Excellent replay value.
    - Soothing background music by Atomicon.
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