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  • Summary: See Ghosts using your iPhone! "I See Dead People" -- Cole Sear, Sixth Sense On Sale! Get it now! The iPhone camera is actually sensitive enough to pick up the low-glow of ectoplasm radiated by Ghosts. It works similarly to the nightvision setting of your video camera. See what’s actually walking around you right now that you can’t see with your own eyes! Or perhaps you’d rather stay blissfully unaware…


    * See ghosts using your camera live-video preview!

    * No, you’re not crazy. Take pictures of the ghosts as proof. You can even take one of yourself with your new ghost friend.

    * Play pranks on friends (“Hey, can you take my picture? I’ll stand here…”). Watch their face when they raise the camera and see a ghost hovering next to you. Look left, no ghost. Look ahead, he’s there.

    * Show people ghosts floating around them!

    * Special HALLOWEEN MODE. Everyone knows Halloween is a good time to see ghosts. Multiple ghosts appear and some ghosts only appear on Halloween Night. Don’t miss this once a year event!

    * Watch out, not all ghosts are friendly. Some see you if you look at them long enough. We’re not responsible for what happens after that.

    * Check out your local graveyard. Take a friend.


    * See moving ghosts over the live video preview of your iPhone camera.

    * Take photos of the ghosts you see, in real time.

    * Choose to see only friendly ghosts, or see if you can handle the scarier "Freak Me Out" setting.

    * Use PRANK MODE to select and place the ghost where you want it to appear. Works in doors, and outdoors, using accelerometer and compass.

    * See more than 10 different ghosts! More ghosts will be added with several updates leading up to Halloween! Get zGhost now and you'll receive any future ghosts.

    Requires iPhone 3GS for exact left/right ghost placement. Also runs on Phone 3G (ghosts will always appear in front of you).

    Requires iPhone OS 3.1.
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