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Mixed or average reviews- based on 7 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 7
  2. Negative: 1 out of 7

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  1. Oct 23, 2011
    this is a good game **** press and their reviews this was a solid fighter with pleasant visuals a lot of game modes and pretty dificult to beat maybe da best fighter n64 had alonngside smash bros
  2. Mar 4, 2013
    Very underrated fighting game. It controls and looks good for an n64 game. The characters have quite a bit of personality too. It is not quite as good as tekken 3 on PS1, but still a blast to play.
  3. Nov 11, 2013
    THE GOOD: This is an underrated fighting game that is one of the best that the N64 has to offer. A great cast of characters, nice graphics, good soundtrack, responsive controls, and a large variety of game modes, on top of an already polished experience. You can get a lot of enjoyment out of this title, and it has aged better than many other fighters of the same generation. Heck, its even better than the original Super Smash Brothers!

    THE BAD: There could have been just a bit larger character cast,

    Underrated fighting game that satisfies. WORTH BUYING!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 13
  2. Negative: 3 out of 13
  1. While it is basically the same game with a couple tweaks and polishes, "Fighter Destiny 2" reigns as one of the system's best fighting games, a title to be checked out by all fighting-starved Nintendo owners.
  2. "Fighter Destiny 2" is not a total crime against humanity, but it's pretty close, and given the fact that it plays almost exactly the same as the dusty original, there can be no doubt that the fighting throne certainly doesn't go to this pretender.
  3. It’s a shame, because the first game had some really innovative ideas and it would have been nice to have seen a few of them here!