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  • Summary: Enter a massive 3-D action adventure of amazing beauty and challenge. The pirate terror has enslaved the world and only Rayman's speed, agility, and magical powers can save all. Race and battle across 45 intricately designed areas - rainforests, jungles, narrow canyon passes, even into the mighty pirate ship itself. Expand
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  1. 100
    Regardless of whether Rayman is climbing, swinging, or hovering like a helicopter, the control never once loses its smooth, seamless feel. Rayman 2 brings the same kind of fun that you will find in other great games of the genre, while at the same time creating its own identity and following.
  2. To say that Rayman 2 impressed me would be a tremendous understatement. About the only blemish the game has is its lack of any multiplayer contests.
  3. This game plays as good as it looks. Rayman himself responds perfectly to the analogue stick and it doesn’t take very long before controlling him becomes second nature, leaving you to focus your attention on the aweinspiring graphics and infinitely interesting environments. In fact, I can say with a clear conscious that Rayman 2 is absolutely THE BEST FORCED PATH 3D PLATFORMER ON ANY SYSTEM TO DATE. PERIOD.
  4. Alone, the vivid colors and lighting effects are incredible, but pop in the expansion pak and Rayman's world comes to life in cartoonishly bright tones. We're treated to a luscious feast of sharp textures, cartoonish and colorful characters, and appealing indoor and outdoor environments. Given the limited capabilities of the N64 version of Rayman 2 compared to its PC counterpart, one simply has to marvel at the results.
  5. 90
    Rayman 2 is a very traditional platformer that is executed extremely well. Every new level presents a new, clever challenge that will likely leave you saying, "Wow. That's really cool." Banjo-Kazooie has nothing on Rayman here. A deep, rich platformer that must be experienced.
  6. From the unexpected-surprise department comes Rayman 2, an outstanding platformer. [Jan 2004, p.189]
  7. Each of the 3D worlds are crammed tight with interesting layouts, dazzling backgrounds and novel gameplay situations. You never are at a loss to find your next objective - the flip side is that there's little room to explore and find all the cool secret stuff found in other games of this type.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Mar 6, 2012
    Well, this was one of the first games i played as a kid, and I can honestly say, that it is still one of my favourites. It held beautiful art and graphics that just captivated you; puzzling challenges that can keep you thrilled; and a simple, yet adorable story, that leads through this mystical world... Expand
  2. Jul 30, 2014
    When I see critics prasising platform games and they do not speak about Rayman my heart is a little bit hurt. I mean, for it's time Rayman had one of the best controls and enviroments I've ever seen. The characters were cartoony and memorable and even with a bad fighting system, the game was true to it's roots and the pursuit stages are so iconic that they should be right next to Mario Bros.' first stage and Green Hill. Rayman will always be our dark little gem. Expand
  3. Feb 29, 2012
    BenjaminB. is a freaking loonatic. This game oozes with creativity, and unique gameplay DK64 failed to offer. Not that DK64 was a bad game, it's like comparing salt to sugar. They're two completely different things. All in all, wonderful game. Expand
  4. Apr 2, 2011
    Well, Rayman 2: The Great Escape was certainly a great addition to my gaming collection as a young child. I honestly didn't expect to be hooked as much to Rayman 2, considering I found the first instalment to be particularly frustrating. However, I loved it. The controls were practically flawless, with a few minor hiccups, like when the camera angle suddenly spun around and you forget which way you're supposed to be heading. Was it left, or right? The audio was absolutely amazing. Tension when tension was required, and excitement when excitement was required. The only part of this game I didn't particularly enjoy was the storyline. There was simply too many characters to understand what was going on when I was a child. However, I didn't let this bother me. Some levels were incredibly hard (The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire to name just one), however I had good fun giving them a go. I am awaiting the arrival of Rayman 3D on the Nintendo 3DS (which is this game, but on the 3DS). I hope it's just as good and too many things haven't changed, otherwise I may never get another chance to play this game... Expand

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