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  • Summary: Want to find yourself in the very center of Kharkov Defence Operation as an army commander? You'll have everything the officers had back then - tanks, gunnery and fearless soldiers. The success of each opposing force is hanging in the balance every day. Your decisions determine who wins the Battle for Kharkov. Great replayability and flexible AI behaviour: “smart” AI analyses tactical movements of player and chooses the best strategy based on opponents’ behaviour rather than follows scripts. It allows to play the same scenarios using different tactics as though playing with human player. [Paradox Interactive] Collapse
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  1. These significant problems keep Achtung Panzer from being a truly great game, but it remains an solid wargame, especially for the $20 Paradox and Graviteam are asking.
  2. Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 is a challenge for tacticians and for those who want to be this, but not for somebody who has to ask for the way ten times although there is a map available.
  3. Has good turn-based, operational mode, that unfortunately is not backed up by solid tactical combat. The commanding feels clumsy and unintuitive, and information feels like it's hidden from the commander. The old masters of tactical WW2 combat still remain unbeaten. [May 2010]
  4. The ground combat is the most enjoyable I've encountered since Relic's Company of Heroes, and playing tactically genuinely pays off. Yet these bouts of entertainment are marred by long periods of trundling tedium, and novices are likely to be baffled by the complex interface and the lack of direction in how the game is supposed to be played.
  5. This is a strategy game of the more intricate kind, which for you means heavy on the tactics and less in the way of action. Coupled with the fact that the game lacks a proper tutorial you'll be left in the dark about the game's mechanic's, leading to a unnecessary and annoying trial and error approach to learning the game's ins and outs. If you're a die hard strategy nut and willing to invest some time in mastering the game there is much to enjoy here.
  6. If developers of real military simulations try to develop games, things can go terribly wrong regarding the balance between complexity and fun. Despite the great AI there’s not enough fun in there. Try again, please.
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  1. Aug 13, 2010
    In 1996 was released first of wargame's series "Close Combat". Now we have one really lawful heir of great series is "Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943". That's most realistic tactical
    wargame with a beatiful graphic. Only disadvantage is interface which still need to work.
  2. May 8, 2014
    It's as real as you'll get in an RTS combat game. But that's its biggest problem: it's TOO real. It's overly complicated and overly sophisticated. And that leeches all the fun out. It's still an interesting game to check out. Expand
  3. Jan 21, 2014
    Being fan of strategy games..and Close Combat series I was happy to hear about this game.

    It goes towards realism pretty never
    seen before. But it croses line where its actually any fun to play it or to undersand it.
    Game is done is such not intuitive way that i think it son purpose..
    For example deployment mode: germans - red color, russina - blue ? WHY THE HELL?

    Game is very complicated..and im mean VERY.. menu is awfaul looking ..and not intuitive at all.
    It would be really great game with bigger dev. team and budget..but for now its unplayable.