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  1. Age of Pirates 2 is relatively easy to learn, as long as you can read the text. The interface is straightforward and there's nothing too complex in terms of rules or moves.
  2. Overall, Age of Pirates 2 is not a particularly user-friendly game. If you are a huge fan of pirate RPGs, and have the patience to master the complexities of the P.I.R.A.T.E. system, then you will probably be willing to overlook the poor sound, the so-so graphics and the difficulties of attaining success.
  3. It’s a shame that Pirates 2 is marred by so many design issues, because there really is a whole lot of gameplay packed in.
  4. A free roaming role-playing game with pirates? Sounds great, but the developer managed to sink the ship. Apparently the programmers thought it would be funny to force a pirate to use the enter key a lot instead of the mouse, the story is broken and all that’s left is to get rid of this game somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.
  5. This is one of those games that has great potential, but has been derailed by bad design choices. The control system needs to be revisited, a tutorial added, and a campaign mode would be a good addition. If there is an Age of Pirates 3, I hope these issues will be addressed.
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    While the gameplay is deep, you're plagued with serious control and play issues, and a lack of tutorial and in-game instructions to help you fully explore the title.
  7. Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships has a lot of flaws on a very good premise. Players who are better at handling horrific control schemes and a labyrinthine manual will find that the game has a lot to offer, especially for hardcore naval combat simulation fans.
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    Squanders a tremendous amount of potential with questionable controls and a general lack of polish.
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  2. Negative: 5 out of 36
  1. RLee
    Sep 13, 2009
    After reading all the comments i'm desgusted to see this game been voted so poorly, this game is a very good game and well worth buying.After reading all the comments i'm desgusted to see this game been voted so poorly, this game is a very good game and well worth buying. I will admit it will take a little getting use to and you do need to use the keyboard to do somethings like sailing and blocking enemy sward strikes etc, but name a game so complex as this that doesn't require the use of a keyboard?

    The interface is nice and an improvement on the previous titles interface, of course there are bugs in this game as there are in all games hence the reason patches are released, an example The Sims 3, enough said.

    There are people at a popular forum who are making mods for this game which adds more ships characters, improves gameplay etc, look at the bad reviews Pirates Of the Carribean had or Sea Dogs 2 as it was going to be called, it was a poor game this forum above made that game much more realistic and playable, and are still working on a build for it right now, most people say bad reviews about a game they have either seen or heard about but very few will have played the games long enough to see past the little bugs and they are little bugs.
    For a game this is the best pirate RPG out, you could buy POTC and add all the mods which would be a great game but this one is already great without those mods, with mods it will be an amazing game, so don't cross this off your to buy list just yet, i say if you wish to see if its worth buying try it out when a demo version is released otherwise you will be missing out, i give this game a rating it deserves 10, the rest of you who choose to knock a game need to start playing them first, this is why you guy's suck and people continue to ignore the reviews you guy's make.
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  2. Nov 25, 2013
    This game all in all is worth a mere 3 at best for all the design flaws and clunky mechanics. There is much complication in every single menu,This game all in all is worth a mere 3 at best for all the design flaws and clunky mechanics. There is much complication in every single menu, on every tab and each screen screen. Very little information is ever given to the player in terms of game functionality. Control of the character on land is dreadful and the game would have been better off without the on-land freeroam all together.
    It is more a horrible game than it is a good one, but a gamer must never judge a game based on what it is and instead judge it based on how it makes him feel. This game has charmed me completely. All the way from the magnificent main menu theme song to endless ocean, storms and attention to detail of the actual ships. There is passion and love poured into this game by the people who made it and as they may not be the most skilled of developers, they make up for it in what matters most in games.
    Once you put the minimum required effort in learning how to make it work, it will give you hours of enjoyment. However this still only brings it up to about a 7. Why does it deserve a 10 then? Well that is simply because it may not be the pirate game we deserve but it is the only proper one we have and has been ever since it came out.
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  3. Sep 1, 2014
    Disclaimer: I was using the very fine Gentlemen of Fortune mod when playing Age of Pirates 2. That may have affected my experience and issuesDisclaimer: I was using the very fine Gentlemen of Fortune mod when playing Age of Pirates 2. That may have affected my experience and issues I had with this game.

    This game... It's pretty amazing all things considered. The scope and options are huge, the ships range from nothing more than fishing boats to behemoths that leave you wondering just how the hell it keeps floating, much less move. The Caribbean setting is crafted just adequately (which is rather a shame), and the towns show some life.
    But eventually it all just falls apart, quite literally in my case, but more on that later. The first issue one might take with the game is the god**** DRM system which I couldn't remove from my PC without re-installing Windows. On a lighter note, however. the PIRATES skill system and the rest of customization options are a bit obtuse, but with little time spent in the menu reading what skill governs what action and it becomes quite enjoyable to work with, whether you want to create a stealthy character for sneaking into foreign ports or a veritable dreadnought with enough skill and firepower to take on forts.
    Coming back to the falling apart issue I had: the game either runs poorly on Win7 or is just poorly designed. After quite some time spent in the Caribbean I found myself fighting with the game. It was in such a state that save-scumming was the only option for me. And not because the game had become too hard - not at all. The problem was that after some 10-15 minutes of playing (half an hour, if lucky) the game would crash - and I don't mean freeze or throw you back into desktop, oh no. BSoD, dear reader. I decided not to chance my fates and got rid of the game shortly after that started happening.

    To sum up: It's a good try to make a really interesting game with a big world and many choices. The experience feels more personal than Sid Meier's Pirates or Port Royale games, it's a shame there just aren't more games designed quite like this. Where the game falls short is the bugs and BSoD to top it all of. I'm giving it a 6 just because I had a lot of fun with it, but eventually was disappointed.
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