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  • Summary: Take part in the biggest Airborne operation in history! Can your British "Red Devils" seize and hold the Rhine crossings and end the war before Christmas 1944? Or can your desperate German forces resist the onslaught and eliminate this threat to the German heartland?
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  1. Computer Games Magazine
    Yes, folks, developer Panther Games has finally delivered a friendly AI worthy of the term "intelligence." [Oct 2002, p.78]
  2. PC Gamer
    I can live with a few little pissers when the overall game is so exciting, exquisitely designed, and meticulous in its historical accuracy. [Oct 2002, p.92]
  3. 84
    A top-notch effort, Airborne Assault is not only detailed, realistic, challenging, and fun, but innovative to boot.
  4. It centers on a battle with a lot of mobility, clearly defined objectives, and unique challenges for both sides. Couple this with Panther Games' innovative gameplay system and you have one of the best single-battle wargames since Atomic Games' "V for Victory" series.
  5. Computer Gaming World
    The game's genius is that it forces you to focus on the command structure as a basis for strategy in a way no wargame has done so far. [Nov 2002, p.128]
  6. Advanced strategy game fans will find Airborne Assault a true challenge and this game should not be missed.
  7. Delivers a fresh approach to the RTS genre and with its great detail, addictive gameplay and excellent replay value it is definitely worth a look for any RTS game fan.

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