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  1. Nov 25, 2012
    If AirMech were just a straightforward, updated clone of Herzog Zwei, I'd have been pleased. That it actually builds considerably on its template while incorporating some of the best elements of its descendants has me nothing short of ecstatic. It probably won't pull away, say, hardcore League of Legends players, but that's not really a shortcoming.
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  1. Apr 16, 2013
    I love strategy games and I love fast paced action games. This combines them both into a nonstop shooter where you fly mechs that transform into airplanes/helicopters/ufo's. This game took me away from SC2 and hasn't let go for almost a year AND ITS STILL IN BETA TESTING. Build tanks, create armies, lots of freedom to play your own way and still win. Multiplayer is definitely the meat of this game. Delicious, mouth watering PvP action. Full Review »
  2. Apr 16, 2013
    I don't wanna talk about the game itself so much as my experience playing it.
    This game is holding me captive for almost a full year now. I
    used to be SC fan, played all sorts of shooter games as well. AirMech is simply tailored to satisfy all my gaming appetites.
    There is no middle ground. You will eather get totally addicted or simply ignore this one.
    Ignoring it would mean not giving it a shot.
    Great community, lots of events, giveaways, streamers are just another thing that make this game even more awesome.
    I recommend everyone to give it a shot. It's not P2W kind of game, so no worries.
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  3. Dec 30, 2012
    AirMech is undoubtably inspired by the DOTA/MOBA crowd(we can pleasurably call it a crowd now) of games. The premise is that you control a single robot that can attack both in air an don the ground, and has the purpose of protecting ground assets aimed at controlled a battlefield and destroying your opponent's HQ. Original? Well, not so much. Fun, though? Yes. This game belies its heritage by providing not just strategy but also action in the form of twin-stick shooter aethetics and controls, and also giving the player a bevy of options to either have more individual firepower or the ability to change the battlefield in the form of carrying power. As a member of the beta team, I can't speak to the pay-for-play nature(most of the cool stuff was included for us beta players) of these battles except to say that very few of the options affect actual battle power; skill trumps luck here, every time. The graphics are adequate to good and the controls precise. Notably, the transformation graphics for the mechs are very nice, on par with various animes and other games out there. Try it out, if the F2P otpions don't excite you, most likely the rest of the game won't. The excitement of each battle really is hair-raising, and the learning curve is complemented by the ample bot training provided, so if you like action games or strategy, this really is the game for you. Full Review »