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  • Summary: They say money can buy everything... even murder. Millionaire Robert Marvin-Jones, obsessed with the films of Hitchcock, is making a mystery movie of his very own - until his entire film crew vanishes from his estate. As Joseph Shamley, a private eye hired by Jones' fetching niece, you must lead the search for the missing crew. But are you ready to stomach the sordid truth behind the secrets? [Ubi Soft] Expand
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  1. The adventure is not on the difficult side; in fact I would only recommend it to the less experienced players.
  2. 61
    No suspense, puzzles of little interest, poor dialog, a tortuous storyline, and awkward control.
  3. I had fun though, which ultimately is what a game is about, but I did have to struggle with some annoying glitches, and a more than annoying dead end.
  4. Sure, there is a deep convoluted plotline and beautiful backdrops, but the deficiencies in interface, action sequences, and conversations are quite serious.
  5. Playing The Final Cut was a similar experience to eating my Aunt Thelma's meatloaf. It's palatable but nothing to rave over.
  6. This "nail-biting thriller" has more plod to the plot than most Agatha Christie novels, and use of the psychic abilities of the protagonist, Joseph Shamley, is sorely needed to make sense of some of the baffling leaps in continuity.
  7. 20
    What's more troubling is the absurd number of glitches littered throughout the game -- in gameplay, graphics, and sound.

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  1. GilbertM.
    Nov 19, 2002
    Eeeee this is a bad game. It's French, with - not to be xenophobic - everything it brings. They hate interactivity over there, for some reason, or so it would appear. I don't know what it is, it just IS. Expand