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  1. [Games Radar Rating = Direct Hit] AvP2 isn't a revolutionary game, but a collection of previously-seen elements, all put together seamlessly and balanced so well that it emerges as a rather beautiful Frankenstein's Monster.
  2. The most intense experience by far comes from the Marine plotline...The subtle musical score, accompanied by extended periods of pulse-pounding suspense, are punctuated by frenzied moments of sheer terror as you fight to stay alive. [Jan 2002, p.92]
  3. If you're looking for a great action game that has an extremely intense feeling to it and 30+ hours of gameplay (excluding multiplayer), then this game is for you.
  4. An intense, action-packed game that captures the spirit of the first-person shooter genre in heart-pounding fashion. It is a visual delight – if the blood and gore doesn’t bother you – and a real treat for the ears.
  5. The intriguing, interwoven campaign games are excellent, and give the game a different feel when played from the different perspectives of the three races featured in the game. They may be a little on the short side.
  6. 90
    The utterly perfect soundtrack delivers exactly the mood you want, from the smooth coolness of the Predator’s snarl to the eerie silence of the Marine’s pinging motion tracker.
  7. It captures the atmosphere of the Aliens and Predator films perfectly, from the spot-on sound effects right through to the genuine feeling of actually being one of the starring species (pretentious as that may sound).
  8. There are a multitude of play modes, but even the straightforward deathmatch and team deathmatch games are a blast, thanks to the species structure. [Feb 2002, p.85]
  9. A solid shooter, certain to entertain any gamer looking for immersive gameplay, interesting characters and fluid action.
  10. Visually, the LithTech engine does a good job in powering the alien's claustrophobic wall-crawling movement and does a great job rendering the predator's many modes of vision.
  11. Yes, AVP2 lets you save anywhere...It's better than the original "Aliens vs. Predator," and it's one of the best action games released so far this year.
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  1. Mar 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. It's been more than ten years since the game's release. It's been really a while, but it seems as if just yesterday I put AVP 2 in my CD-ROM. Being disappointed with the first game but having hoped that sequel would be better I started playing I don't remember as who The storyline was again divided into 3 lines for different creatures. And believe me, each line could be a standalone game for number of reasons. Different approach of gameplay, different stages, different thinking made me enjoy every minute of the game. Developers allowed players to save at any moment, so a gamer could explore each level without fear of being suddenly killed. Level design was at its best. Playing as Alien you could climb the walls, practise jumps, feel yourself as a beast after all. Alien could be played starting with a facehugger. First level ended by finding a sleeping human who's face you are willing to jump on, second started with breaking human's chest and finding more "food" to get strength. Basically a gamer had opportunity to play in all forms of alien creatures. Some levels for alien storyline were just huge and it was easy to forget that you were not in an openworld game.
    Predator had more gadgets and weapons that allowed to have more various gameplay. Somehow the most memorable moment was the one where predator was captured and everything was taken from it. It was difficult not to feel naked without regular staff. Marine missions were more dramatic that in an original game. The arsenal was significantly expanded and it gave original well balanced guns that allowed you to enjoy the game even more. Playing as marine you start alone on a level that has no enemies. But until you know it, you will be scared of every sound (you do remember the pipe's steam, don't you?). Later on the game marine is put in a prison cell and having only a knife in the world of powerful beasts will make everyone scared to death. Final mission allows you to pick up weaponry in any amount and lets you to stand against a horde of enemies, the scene that stuck in my mind as one of the most challenging.
    Story was easy to get in and difficult to forget. Even now I have a sense of guilt because there was a woman character left behind at the end of the game.
    It seemes that singleplayer accomplishes to give opportunity to be in any situation possible that was shown in the movies or that you could imagine. Multiplayer is not a part of game that a gamer like me usually appreciates. But given it a try, it kept both me and my friends playing for hours. Multiplayer's gameplay required to team up with your species to provide successful game. Although some levels were not well balanced and playing as a marine was a nightmare it was difficult not to enjoy the game. Different types could be selected for each species. Predators had different armor, aliens were also various (even facehugger made everyone scared), marines could select spawn weapon set to make hell around. There were four of us usually playing, me as a predator, one alien and two marines on garage map that gave us tons of fun.
    In conclusion it must be said, that the game is not innovative anyhow, but it is still perfect.
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  2. Mar 1, 2014
    A masterpiece; there is no game like AVP2! The landscapes, characters, direction, everything...specially the arsenal against the most terrible enemies ever. After 10 years Tomiko's death still breaks my heart. Being an alien is like being inside Franz Kafka book! This game deserves a remaking. Who are the persons who produced it? Full Review »
  3. Feb 2, 2014
    Still have it with the original box sadly Sierra dropped the servers so i pretty much forgot about it. But having recently played the never ones of the series i realized how well this game was actually made. You can play as Arny, Predator and Alien. Everyone with their unique approach to the game. Thus the marine having the longest playtrough the others are also refreshing to play. Its an gem among the pc games. Full Review »