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  1. Sep 11, 2013
    I'm one of the few who didn't care for the first Amnesia. I played it all the way through but didn't find it scary, creepy, or fun. I just felt empty at the end. This second Amnesia for me is an improvement. It was creepy and fun. Especially the first two hours. It had a really good story build up and flow. I wish it stayed like that the whole way through, but the second half of the game really began to get bogged down by endless puzzles that just felt like a nuisance. The game really seemed to drag on near the end. Overall, though, I felt it was a decent horror game and it made me get goosebumps, so it succeeded on the creepy factor. The voice acting was well done and the atmosphere was good. The graphics were also pretty good. I liked how the game was more linear this time around. There is still a good amount of exploring to do. Try it out if you are a horror fan or in the mood for a dark tale. Expand
  2. Oct 15, 2013
    Interesting story condiluded by bad writing and an unclear narrative structure. It is too easy to miss important parts of the story. Gameplay has been to simplified and their are next to no monster encounters or scares. Its a boring ride most of the way, and i feel that this story would have been better told as a novel or movie. Anyone who gives this game over a 6 is either a fanboy or just hasnt played the original. Amnesia the dark descent is incredible and more worth your money than this. Sadly disappointed by AMFP. Expand
  3. Jan 22, 2014
    Es un juego muy absorbente que te mantiene en constante tensión y enganchado a la trama. Sus puntos fuertes son, sobretodo los sobresaltos, la ambientación (bestial) y la trama (bastante mejor que la primera entrega). Sus puntos débiles serían: no es de terror (al menos no da la sensación total que yo buscaba), que no estuviera doblado en español (sepa o no ingles, me gusta enterarme bien de la trama con mi lenguaje materno) y por último que a pesar de ser corto en algunos tramos el juego se vuelve absurdo en el sentido de que no sabes a veces porque estas haciendo esto y aquello. En conclusión, Amnesia 2 es un gran juego de tensión y sobresaltos, pero que no llega a satisfacer lo suficiente, igualmente lo recomiendo mas que el primer amnesia. Expand
  4. Nov 2, 2013
    Definitely worse than the first Amnesia game. You just run thru endless dark rooms and collect some notes. No gameplay whatsoever. Oh, you can throw chairs around. To the game's credit, there is some artistic style and classic music playing at some places, but this doesn't compensate for the global boredom this game brings. I just wonder why anyone would want to make like this, after seeing such great examples like Fallout or Deus Ex which came 10-15 years before. The person who designed this piece of junk definitely has nothing to do with games and doesn't know the word "gameplay". Gee, this so-called game would be worthless even if it were free. Expand
  5. Sep 11, 2013
    Perhaps I'm just not a fan of the work that The Chinese Room does. What was supposed to be an 'interactive horror story' is really nothing more than a walk through dark and empty maps with nothing to do and not much to be scared of. By the last hour I found myself running through the rest of it wondering when it would be over because I was starting to get bored. I generally like the idea behind this game, the story, the setting, the enemies, it's cool and all but the short length and few enemy encounters, and all the mechanics they took away from the first amnesia really left me scratching my head. It feels incomplete to me, is the best way I can describe it. Expand
  6. Oct 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Concept: Tell another moody and atmospheric story about terror, tremors, and horrors of the factorial industrial period.

    Graphics: When it gets dark, pull out your lantern, because otherwise there is nothing much to be seen. When the lantern comes out however, it gets beautifully dark as can be.

    Sound: Between the rip roaring of machinery and the screaming and howling of monsters, you'll have your hands full with disseminating and distinguishing between what can hurt you and what can't. It's all terrifying however, and quite unexpected.

    Playability: Choosing between using a keyboard or a controller makes this experience easier on more players, but I would definitely prefer the classic layout of the original, and played through with that choice set-up.

    Entertainment: A truly scary and thought-provoking experience, as the first was. Not necessarily a step up, but not a giant step down either.

    Replay Value: Moderate.

    Overall Score: 8.25
  7. Sep 11, 2013
    Wow. I found this game very disappointing. Many of the interesting and intuitive gameplay elements from the previous game have been forcefully stripped away, and only the bare bones of gameplay mechanics exist.

    It doesn't even come close to The Dark Descent. I don't want to say this game is downright horrible, but it's not very good either. You get some good scares and interesting
    moments sprinkled in, but apart from that, it's a pretty dull game with a sloppy, rushed plot. Not worth $20. Wait for it to go on sale or something. Expand
  8. Aug 11, 2014
    Why a pigs machine, it's not supposed to be an ordinary puzzle game. It is okay but I'm afraid the developers have already shown everything they have in The Dark Descent.
  9. Sep 19, 2013
    It aspires to be an interactive story without an inventory or sanity effects and without the intimidating enemy's of the first the best the game can do to horrify is flicker the lights shake the camera and abuse the audio.

    The simple and obvious fact is the amnesia devs sold out and outsourced large portions of the game to the dev team of dear esther, an interactive story can be great,
    but that's not what amnesia was and it's not what was promised.

    Please skip this game, don't reward this kind of behavior grab outlast instead it has faults but it stays very true to the genre and brims with the passion and care of it's team.
  10. Sep 12, 2013
    Amnesia A machine for pigs is a whole new experience compare to its previous version. it is not always fair to criticize a game in according to what the overall product used to be. Amnesia AMFP does take out somethings and does bring some new things in in comparison to its previous title but reviewing a game is not always about comparing, it is about its current state in the market as well and how developers have crafted the game.
    In terms of story I should say AMFP has nothing less than the the dark descent. The story is wonderfully written, undoubtedly it is not cliche like outlast, as you progress into the world of the game in search for your lost daughters you will come across record pieces which will tell you what has happened before the game starts and as well beautifully story presents itself through the game instead of taking place into the boring cut scenes and it tells its story visually as well which is an interesting and praising point for an indie title. I will not spoil the story further but i should say the concept of the story and its metaphor and references are quiet interesting if you have the enough knowledge.
    Amnesia has never been entirely based upon sudden fears, its about the tension in the environment and atmosphere. Remember how we used to be scared all the time while we were playing Silent hill 1,2,3 which did not have any particular sudden fears? Amensia AMFP delivers the same mechanism through its awesome sound effects, very well done soundtracks and the creepy crafted environment which takes place in London. I think choosing the setting as London has good preferences built into it in order to present the story. The gamed does terrifies you, it is divided through the different sections throughout the 6-8 hour of game play and each section delivers a different kind of fear in them. Although I should mention some of the mechanisms have been dated in terms of predictability specially for those who have played the previous title. But still I do like how the game forces people to imagine the monsters rather than facing and killing them.
    Gameplay takes in varied environments through out the game and it does have interesting stuff to be seen and to be faced with. Puzzle parts are fairly remained same but I like how it is more advanced and scripted (technically and story) in comparison to other titles like Outlast. Some of the elements of previous game are removed which does not make much difference, only the sanity meter has affected the gameplay much. I imagine how it could be with sanity meter of course could make the gameplay and the action much more engaging and exciting.
    Finally in terms of graphics, the game has fairly remained same, but as the matter of fact the art direction is much better than it used to be. I like the concept art works built into game and I really enjoyed how much detail is crafted in the game world in various sections. It has made the areas much more believable and real to me.
    In the end, i Do understand some of the fans (Even myself) might find the changes in this game to be weird or not interesting but overall I really enjoyed the game because in the current market we do not see many horror games with a non cliche story and a heavy atmosphere.
    I am pretty sure the developers will take the feedback into the next game and will combine what has been presented in both titles in terms of gameplay mechanism and other stuff so as considering it is an indie title, i should say overall it is a very awesome product
  11. Oct 20, 2013
    A cerebral and spooky sequel that expands on the franchise’s story and themes, while slightly dialing down the terror. This is a good, and well made horror game, whats with all the criticism. I would recommend, you buy this if you are a horror game fan.
  12. Sep 13, 2013
    I like many others was expecting an experience much like the original Amnesia. I didn't think it would be as scary or as memorable as the first considering it was being developed by TCR, but I expected a good, solid game that would scare me good. While a constant sense of dread and tension is built throughout the game, the suspense never really climaxes into something truly terrifying, and by the second hour in, the flickering lights and pig monsters almost lose their fear factor entirely. I wouldn't call this game scary. Creepy, disturbing and suspenseful are more accurate descriptions I think. The removal of some gameplay elements and also the inexhaustible lantern that also acts as a monster detector probably contributes to the lack of fear as well.

    Graphics wise, it's a small improvement over the first Amnesia but still looks a bit outdated. The lighting in particular often looks rather strange, with low res textures here and there. Sound design however is phenomenal and TCR use it brilliantly to create a really fleshed out atmosphere. Soundtrack and voice acting is top notch as well. If you really immerse yourself into the game, the story is not too bad either. Writing is generally very poetic and descriptive and you might find it difficult to grasp what's going on behind all the metaphorical language. The story is generally quite good though.

    To sum up the game, AAMFP is mostly like Dear Esther with some Amnesia sprinkled on top. I was somewhat disappointed after finishing the game, but I've learnt to appreciate the unique experience that TCR have created. In terms of length, think Penumbra: BP, around 4-6 hours.
  13. Sep 20, 2013
    Tis game... this game... The story was presented wonderfully but the problems out weigh many of the great story moments and gameplay "improvements" It was just lacking the pure fear that you felt playing the dark descent, it lost the survival aspect. I felt safer and less scared in this game than any other "survival horror" game i have ever played. The game is still worth playing however...
  14. Oct 13, 2013
    Kontynuacja najstraszniejszego horroru ostatnich lat wychodzi dobrze, ale tylko pod względem fabuły. Pomimo tego że pierwsza część strasznie wciągała jeżeli chodzi o fabułę. Chęć czytania listów, notatek i dowiadywania się kolejnych rzeczy aby wreszcie zrozumieć o co w tym wszystkim chodzi nadawała grze świetnego klimatu. Tutaj jednak twórcy postawili na fabułę jeszcze bardziej. Zresztą musieli, oprócz fabuły nic ma tutaj prawie nic ciekawego. Twórcy zrezygnowali z większość pomysłów narzuconych w pierwszej części. Nie ma ekwipunki, nie ma strachu przed ciemnością. Szkoda, te elementy naprawdę narzucały straszny, specyficzny klimat Amensii. Graficznie gra wygląda jak sprzed dekady. Dziwne że twórcy użyli tego samego silnika tylko lekko go ulepszając. Gra do tego jest za krótka, straszy o wiele mniej(pomimo wprowadzonej większej ilości scryptów) do tego jest zbugowana i nie dopracowana. Aczkolwiek, ze względu na fabułę warto zagrać. Moja ocena 7/10 Expand
  15. Sep 13, 2013
    Everyone IS right that this game is different from The Dark Descent.
    And it's different in a bad way.
    The environments look nice, the graphics are okay for a game for it's time and the sound design is flawless.
    The first few levels seem to throw you into this sort of 'look everywhere, explore and leave no stone unturned' mentality. After an hour of play, as you continue down into The
    Machine, the game gets linear, loud and boring. Jump-scares, screen-shaking and loud noises are the main 'scares' in the game.
    Not to mention that the game seems to have degraded in terms of gameplay. There's no more inventory interaction, the only objects that you can use for the 'AMAZINGLY POLISHED PHYSICS ENGINE' are chairs, closets and big boxes you have to push. The physics are extremely buggy and you can get ragdolls stuck inside of things, including walls and small crevices.
    The monsters seem to be really well-made though and the soundtrack is top notch.
    I honestly think The Chinese Room should stick to no-gameplay 'hipster art' games. Dear Esther was great, but this game is horrible. After playing Dear Esther, I expected the developers to turn the Amnesia game into a horror thriller with shiny graphics and an amazing narrative.
    Sadly, only the narrative catched on. The unique writing for the game did not save it's horrible gameplay and linearity.
    This game is a huge let-down considering I have waited long for it. Frictional Games, I have no idea why you let a few indie developers famous for beautiful games develop a game that has to have actual horror and atmosphere in it.
  16. Sep 10, 2013
    I'm not sure how Frictional could have been satisfied with releasing this game. Maybe it was The Chinese Room's influence?

    First of all, it removes a lot of the mechanics of The Dark Descent e.g. lantern with limited fuel, tinders, inventory, sanity, picking up most objects, HIDING IN CABINETS... In return, we get nothing. Typically when a company develops another game in a series they
    remove some features but add new ones that are supposed to be better. Not this time, apparently. The limited light fuel in TDD was great because it added another layer of suspense (the fear that you would run out of light and be stuck in the horrifying dark with monsters). Hiding in the cabinets was awesome.... I was expecting all of these old suspenseful features plus, ya know, NEW ones. Not the removal of the good stuff.

    Second, the game is NOT SCARY... When you see the first pig monster, you may think it is going to be frightening. Until you actually see it up close. WTF? Isn't this supposed to be a horror game? Then why did they take what looks like an undead dog with a pig head attached to it and call it a monster? There was so much freaky concept art out there with a lot of potential... The monsters also move slowly and behave predictably. They're not scary, just annoying to maneuver around.

    Last, it runs like crap. I can run nearly any game maxed out on my rig with no issues but Machine was giving me limitless problems (screen tearing, stuttering, etc). When I turned the graphics down, it got worse and ended up looking like the original Doom.

    The only positive things I have to say about Machine for Pigs are that the plot is somewhat interesting and that they (mostly) removed that blinding white light that kept flashing across the screen in The Dark Descent (which was hard on the eyes in the dark).

    Music is also nice. Kudos to the composer.

    Overall, not worthy of being called an Amnesia game.
  17. Sep 16, 2013
    Lacks the same flavour and taste that made the original so great while also being less accessible with fewer scares. Mediocre graphics that look a complete step down from the original and frustrating long load times dont help either.
  18. Sep 10, 2013
    After hour of playing i can definitely say that this is far from amnesia dark descent, horror element is almost completely gone from this game. They also have removed sanity and health meter.
    Enemies are stupid looking and not frightening one bit, i sure would like to know what happened to this game and how it became like this. I cannot recommend you to waste your money on this s***.
  19. Sep 10, 2013
    i'm sad to say this game was incredibly boring. no puzzles, no scares, a few chases?
    just felt like you walk around pulling levers and interacting minimally, picking up notes to read, and just making your way to the next section.

    the environment was pretty cool but the game was devoid of substance.
    the story was there but it doesn't really make up for removal of all the other elements
    amnesia had previously. the story was ok, but very short.

    i really enjoyed the first amnesia, penumbra games, and even found outlast way more fun than this.

    what a bummer.
  20. Sep 21, 2013
    I finished the game, the problem is not that it's "different", the game is flawed on nearly all concepts.

    The asset re-utilization is awful. The first time you see a painting you think it's a nice touch, but when it's the 40th time you see the same plastered all over the game, it lose its style. Same thing for most objects. Most rooms (level design) are completely implausible in size
    and architecture and don't feel real at all.
    On the other hand, the level of detail is quite good and better than most game (geometry/texturing).

    Contrarily to Penumbra series where you had some very clever puzzle to solve, Amnesia: MFP only have a few "move objects from point A to point B" gameplay elements, and it don't get more that than.

    There is a SINGLE other moving entity type in the game (appear 4-5 times along the way) and it's a PIG! How can they be serious? You have to run away from a PIG! You can't even fight back. Is that supposed to be scary or funny?

    The story in itself is not enough to save the game, the story is kinda simple and a lot of elementary students could come up with a better one. Also, it's probably delivered in the worst way unimaginable. Instead of integrating the storytelling elements into the gameplay (in cut-scenes or when the player have control) they just plastered written "notes" all over and phones with "audio log" type of message. Even worse, as soon as one of these audio log start playing, the player movement lower to about 10% of his speed and the screen becomes blurry to the point you need to wait until it's finished to continue moving.

    A lot of bad reviews say it's too linear. There's nothing wrong with a linear game, when linearity actually help to support an story with eventful scripted scenes and nice transitions between rooms. In the case of Amnesia, it's just running into empty long corridors where nothing happen and only 1/10 doors are unlocked along the way.

    A lot of bad review say the game is much too short. While it is short (around 5hours), it's not that of a problem.
  21. Sep 10, 2013
    Handing this off to The Chinese Room was a HUGE mistake, and I hope Frictional never repeats it. Dear Esther was awful- one of the worst gaming experiences of my life- so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that their sequel to The Dark Descent isn't much better. Points about the butchering of the gameplay mechanics and the failure to even come close to matching the depth and emotional impact of the original Amnesia's story have been covered by other irate users, so I won't go there. I'd just like to express how profoundly disappointed I am by A Machine for Pigs (terrible, terrible title by the way- that should have been our first indication of how crappy this game would be.) The Dark Descent was my favorite game of the last decade. I'm just going to pretend like this game doesn't exist. All I can say is that Amnesia 2 better be developed by Frictional, and it better be really, really effing good. Expand
  22. Xon
    Sep 16, 2013
    The game is good, but since it is an Amnesia sequel many would feel disappointed because it is almost entirely a different genre of game. But the atmosphere is brilliant, the world painstakingly detailed and the sounds realistic and eery.
  23. Sep 11, 2013
    They took out the inventory and sanity meter, you don't have to worry about oil, and you can hardy interact with ANYTHING.
    They removed everything that made Amnesia, Amnesia. Now it's virtually Dear Esther with Amnesia slapped in the title.
    What do you know, The Chinese Room has made another flop. Working with them was a HUGE mistake and I hope Frictional Games doesn't do it again.
  24. Sep 10, 2013
    Takes boring to a whole new level. There is no gameplay, you walk and sometimes turn a valve. You almost never encounter enemies. You can complete it in under 3 hours. You must sprint everywhere because you walk so slow. There is a very liner confusing story that you don't care about. The pace is the slowest I've ever encountered. This is literately a walking simulator. Keep your money (and yourself) as far away from this as possible. Expand
  25. Sep 10, 2013
    I was'nt this disappointed for years. No Inventory. Low level puzzles. Barely horror. You can't even put out your lantern. It is'nt scary anymore.
    Buy Outlast. Or play the first game. Those are two good horrorgames!
  26. Sep 15, 2013
    This being all about the atmosphere, I find myself missing the puzzles and monsters from the first game.The skill and money going into this game has focused on creating a range of spooky atmospheres. You have a creepy old house, a church, sewers, etc. With headphones on and in a darkened room this game is definitely creepy. The storyline is great and the game allows you to explore the areas you travel through. However you simply don't DO much in this sequel. There are puzzles in this game but to be honest none of them are particularly challenging nor interesting. There are monsters too but they are not as unique and original as in the first game. So if you like creepy atmopsheres and a good horror storyline you should enjoy this sequel, that is the focus of the game. If you want challenging and interesting puzzles in addition to that I am not so sure you will enjoy it. 'A Machine for Pigs' is not a bad horror game by any means but it doesn't live up to the original, it feels 'average'. In fact my favourite horror game so far in 2013 is 'Outlast', it was far more interesting and unique than 'A Machine for Pigs'. Expand
  27. Sep 17, 2013
    A little lackluster considering its great predecessor. The graphic quality has not advanced, and the game follows the same formula of the previous Amnesia, but unfortunately, it's not as scary. Still pretty horrifying when compared with any other survival horror. Its low price makes it a good deal.
  28. Nov 16, 2013
    Despite that this sequel denies some mechanics of the predecessor, it shows a scary atmosphere with an interesting story. It's not a "perfect sequel", but will satisfy you. VIRTUALINN.IT
  29. Sep 11, 2013
    If you're looking for Amnesia with more stuff, you won't find it here. AMFP is a different game, with its own strengths and weaknesses.

    Pros: Very atmospheric, excellent soundtrack and sound in general, good voice acting, some of the puzzles are well thought out and you have to be observant and manipulate the environment correctly to solve them. Also, the story is in my opinion better
    than the first game, although the villain's motivation is grade-school levels of simplistic (people suck, let's kill everyone), but at least it's well presented and comprehensible.

    Cons: Highly annoying blue tint glow makes the game tiring to the eyes, it is stripped of all gameplay elements apart from puzzles and a couple of chases, the new lantern lights about 2 feet ahead of you so it doesn't really do much and makes it hard to even look at a lot of the artwork that the devs clearly put a lot of work in, which is a shame. The game is about 3/4 as long as the first one, it is also not very scary.

    AMFP won't please everyone and is rather short, but it's enjoyable while it lasts, it's very atmospheric, well presented, polished and presents its story well enough. It's not extraordinary, but worth the price in my opinion, and it's waaaaaay better than embarrassing trash like Slender.
  30. Dec 30, 2013
    Without going into long detail, i'll just say a few things. This game barely feels like an Amnesia game. I was disappointed with the enemies, of which there is a hilariously low number of encounters with. The game is short. I beat it in 4 hours.

    However, the story, gameplay (besides enemies), and environments were very good. I would recommend this at a discounted price. It was
    definitely not worth $16.

    To conclude, don't expect the true sequel to Amnesia: TDD. Instead, think of it as an experiment with questionable results.
  31. Sep 10, 2013
    OMG are you serious? as expected it sucked. only with that hilarious name ''a machine for pigs'' what the hell were they thinking? i didn't like it at all i almost killed myself and just a few moments i got scared.
  32. Sep 17, 2013
    my previous comment is pending to be revised sooner or later. my previous comment is pending to be revised sooner or later. my previous comment is pending to be revised sooner or later.
  33. Sep 12, 2013
    I never played the original Amnesia so I can't compare this game to the first. But I can say that this game isn't horrible. I thought the setting and sounds were really very well done. I thought the creatures could have been perhaps a little scarier or at least more persistent. This game is basically a visual book. The interactivity with objects is very limited and becomes almost non existent later in the game. Which I couldn't complain about because tediously opening drawers on a single desk in hopes of finding a note wasn't terribly rewarding.

    This type of genre would thrive off of increased interactivity. If you could throw objects in front of enemies chasing you and slide desks to block off doors or even just brace against a door while you try to think of a plan to escape. But this game doesn't take hold of the potential that is there. In a game with no guns to use or bullets and explosion physics to figure out I would hope the developers would take the time to actually make a world that is highly interactive. The only things I recall being able to interact with in the game are doors, some windows, chairs, and puzzle specific objects. Including levers, wheels, and fuses/canisters.

    As much as I like the atmosphere, it was difficult to figure out what was going on or what happened. Sometimes something is explained in a note you found or a voice you remember but generally, especially near the end of the game, inexplicable things start happening that just made me think "what is going on? Why is that there?" Was Mandus hallucinating? I don't know.

    I feel like I bought an expensive book. I wish the game were longer, the enemies were smarter, and that I could interact with and move almost anything around in the game that isn't bolted to the floor. On another note I wish you could see your characters hands and body as well when you looked down and did stuff. I decided to pick amnesia: A Machine for Pigs over Outlast, due to how popular the first amnesia seemed to be, but I'm fairly disappointed with the result.
  34. Sep 10, 2013
    The worst sequel I have ever played. It hugely lacks of horror, inventory like Amnesia,inventory...They hadnt changed the graphics, just made it even worst and physics are still worst...Dont buy this game, get Outlast, heck the Amnesia fanboys reviewers..
  35. Jan 12, 2014
    short game,stupid few puzzles,only about 8 monsters that you gonna see,no sanity,no tinderboxes,no INVENTROY,only one place in the game that scared me and the game is not f**kin SCARY.
    and i can not call it Amnesia either.
    all i have to do now is continue playing the awesome first amnesia and hope for the game to come back to its roots.
  36. Sep 16, 2013
    Simply put, this is the exact median between Dear Esther and The Dark Decent. I went into this game expecting a campy storyline with some great scares, but what I got instead was the most unsettling game I have ever played. Surprisingly enough, for how amazing of a plot this game has (as pretentiously metaphorical it can be sometimes), there's very few plot holes and the level design is near perfect despite it being so incredibly linear. I have no problem with that, as I know that linear gameplay is the best way to tell a story. The writing is great, the voice acting is top notch (despite some cheap sound effects), and the atmosphere is PERFECT. The graphics are also fantastic despite having indie origins. The plot lays out like Bioshock, which also means it has pacing issues. Also, the inconsistency of the enemy encounters is noticeably annoying, but the encounters it does have are BLISTERINGLY intense. Way more frightening than anything in the first game. Expand
  37. Sep 24, 2013
    This game is not what i was expecting. It so predictable and not so scary, even the puzzles are easy and the game helps the player through them. But its not all bad. Its not an "Amnesia" game, its a totally different one but still enjoyable. The atmosphere its better and improved, soundtrack the best i ever heard and the graphics also improved despite some minor insignificant bugs but what i really like is the story which i say Congratulations to The Chinese Room for possibly the best story ever in a video game, even had a few scares. So for all the people who say this game is i strongly advise to play it again and absorb its story and its atmosphere and then we will talk. Expand
  38. Sep 11, 2013
    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is the follow up to the absolutely incredible and terrifying Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Developed mostly by Thechineseroom as opposed to Frictional, AMFP is ultimately a good game...but ultimately it is a disappointing follow up, as well.

    The moral here is that sometimes cutting too much fat just ruins the bacon

    Thechineseroom, makers of the environmental
    "game" Dear Esther were granted the opportunity to develope AMFP with Frictional's help. While their forte seems to be creating immaculate environments, unfortunately Thechineseroom's narrative theory also drifted into the most recent Amnesia game as well.

    Their approach to narrative seems to be more trying to create a "game based story" rather than a "story based game" and Thechineseroom unfortunately falls a bit flat, failing to acknowledge the one element that makes games a unique medium for storytelling: interactivity.

    Why Thechineseroom feels that good narration requires less interactivity with the environment, I do not know. I feel it's somewhat condescending, though; as if they fear the player will get too distracted to pay attention to the story that they wrote. In Dear Esther, the player was restricting to navigation alone, and in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs much of the interactive nature of The Dark Descent has also been scrapped. There is very little to interact with other than absolutely tedious lever puzzles. This lack of 'stuff' makes the world feel a bit empty, and aside from the occasional written note on a table, there's really not a lot of need to explore the well designed environments.

    In The Dark Descent, there were also lots of segments with voice acted notes, and fully voiced interludes Daniel would hear when his memory started to come back. In AMFP, there is almost none of this. Rarely you will hear the voice of your children, or Mandus himself or one of his antagonistic cohorts...but aside from Mandus himself, every other character serves to further complete Mandus' story. None of the notes you find are voiced, and even the ones written by his children are written in jarring english like they were all written by the same 20-something Victorian gentleman.

    The scares also aren't as potent here. Staring at a pig monster until it goes away isn't as creepy as being forced to look away from the grunt breathing heavily near you in the dark. Still, there are moments that are eerie, disturbing, and tense. Overall, AMFP is still a step above other horror titles out there. It's just a shame it's not as good as it's predecessor.

    The bottom line is that AMFP is still pretty decent, regardless of theThechineseroom's apparent need to restrict player interaction with the environment. Though a lot of what was in the original isn't intact, for better or for worse, the game is still disturbing and fun regardless of the awful puzzles and linear thinking that went into some of the design choices here.

    I still recommend it, wholeheartedly...yet, at the same time I hope that Thechineseroom does not manage to further piggy-back onto Frictional's most promising franchise.
  39. Sep 16, 2013
    Game is unfortunately woefully undercooked. The story backdrop is intriguing, but for a game that clocks in at around 4 hours, oddly somehow manages to outstay it's welcome in record time. I guess that's the next thing to mention: to call this game 'a short experience' is a gross understatement. The locale should lend itself to more intriguing environments than ATDD, yet somehow really fails to capitalize on this. I think part of this is simply 'level' design. There is no exploration to take advantage of as the player is herded down abbreviated corridors from door A to B, stripping the player of any feeling of discovery. This design also deflates another Amnesia staple: the cat and mouse. Enemies by nature of the level (read: tunnel) design, must spawn/monster box the player from behind. The player then just continues down the predetermined path he was already on to begin with... Players are not even trusted with an escape mechanic (figuring out how to manipulate something or block a door to prevent the adversary's advance. Either a gate inexplicably falls preventing the monster's advancement, or the door itself activates a loading screen. Now, as there are essentially no game mechanics, there is only the story for the player. Does it deliver? Despite some nicely written pages revealing the grim industry of the machine, No. The central mystery that kicks off the tale and provides impetus for the character's decent, will be seen through immediately upon it's introduction and it's continuous method of delivery. As grating as grinding your way towards this reveal is, the secondary plot reveal is thinly veiled as well and is EXACTLY the central twist in a much more popular and successful game. Expand
  40. Sep 12, 2013
    And finally, here she is, the spiritual successor to the mighty Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the horror survival that over half of its own fans did not even complete. So, along comes A Machine For Pigs, and what mighty big boots it has to fill. Honestly, how does one go about topping the game that may have single handedly saved the survival horror genre, as well as boosted independent gaming, saved Frictional Games from going under, got many of us to download the PC revolution that is Steam, all while quite possibly being the scariest game of all time? Well I suppose one way to go about this is too simple just not top it, which almost seems to be what A Machine For Pigs has intentionally done here. I am sorry folks who were squealing to get their hooves into this one, but this successor admits defeat from its predecessor from the word "go". But is it bad? Is it worth the bacon? Could it still send us screaming "wee wee wee" all the way home, and under our beds? Well The Dark Descent raised the bar so high, that anything capable of biting at its heels is still going to be pretty terrifying, and that is where "Pigs" shines. Yes, it is a great survival horror experience, and should be played, and can be enjoyed by anyone who is open minded enough to accept it for what it is. In many ways, this game feels like it should have been the first Amnesia, and Dark Descent should have been its bigger sequel. "Pigs" feels almost like a really big piece of DLC more than a sequel, as it is far shorter, has had no graphic enhancements, features the exact same mechanics, and is far less interactive. It is simplified to the point of disappointment, and no longer will you scrounge in the dark for answers to puzzles, and what few "puzzles" there are, are solved mere feet away from the solution with no thought. No longer do you need to open drawers or explore, unless you are hunting documents to look further into the back story, and no longer do you need to search for tinderboxes as light does nothing for you this time around. In fact light is more harmful in this one as it attracts enemies. You are given a lantern this time that does not feed off of oil, which is a huge departure from Dark Descents signature terror. You are free to run and skip about with that lantern on all the night long if you wish, but not without a price. My disappointment of this feature became a gleeful burden in the games latter half when I realized the dang thing was going to get me killed, and much of my journey became lurking in the dark, as I barely even saw my lantern in the final chapters. The biggest departure and most shocking decision in the entire game, is as follows, there is no sanity meter. Developers The Chinese Room under publishing of Frictional Games has done away with the original Amnesia's sanity meter, which was the games identity in many ways. It was what separated the scares in other games from itself, and having complete both games, I am still not sure if this was a good decision or not. Luckily this did not take away from my fear when I found myself face to face with the creatures that were more pleased to see me dead than alive. Though, without insanity bringing me down, escape was not difficult. In fact it was easy. Little did I know at the time, but getting away was not hard, and never did I need to block doors, or climb into a chifferobe, for usually ducking behind something, or even standing in a dark corner often worked. I hate to say it, but I did not die one single time in my playthrough, something I cannot say about the original. My only other gripe with this journey is the overuse of journal entrees, none which are narrated. It is not that I mind reading, but you will be constantly pulled out of the terror to read the thoughts of our protagonist Mandus, and I do mean constantly. So, why give an oink about this game? Because it is a damn good time, and is damn frightening, peppered with intriguing story telling to boot. Sure the light is eternal, but brings forth the enemy, sure the sanity meter is gone, but the "machine" aspect of the game is startling to the audio enough and will pierce the ear drum probably twice as much as the original sanity meter. The story is enough to pull you through, but it fumbles in its third act and becomes bloated, but overall gets the job done, at least as much as expected. "Pigs" is worth playing, if you are a horror junkie, it is a must. It was never intended to out due Dark Descent, so take it for what it is, be open minded, and enjoy the talent behind it. It is dark, mean, scary, and what the gaming community needs more of, and if not for the original's standards there would be nothing disappointing. If Dark Descent was a great horror novel, then A Machine For Pigs is a great camp fire story, not as grand nor bold, but fun and worth its weight in memories. So, If you wanted more punishment after your dark descent into insanity, hop aboard this machine, its a damn good swine, mhm, time. Expand
  41. Sep 11, 2013
    I've been super excited for this game for a long time now...sadly it was just barely a game (at least this time we could interact a little unlike with the Chinese Rooms Dear Esther) and instead felt more like an interactive story with bits of horror if you could even call them that (what the hell happened to having an enjoyable fun experience like one normally does in games with challenging puzzles and mechanics that force you to move carefully, use resources sparingly and to crap in your pants at the slightest shadow flicker in the distance?).

    I would seriously rather recommend that you replay Amnesia: The Dark Descent instead of buying this especially at full price.
  42. Sep 11, 2013
    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is a masterpiece. A masterpiece of storytelling, a masterpiece of atmosphere, and a masterpiece of thematic depth and cohesion.

    What it is not, though, is a masterpiece of game design, simply because it's not a "game." No mechanical skill or special mental acuity are required to succeed. There are no choices to be made that affect the story or its conclusion.
    This is very much a spiritual successor to Dear Esther (it was designed by the same studio), with only superficial similarities to Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

    At its core, The Dark Descent was an old school adventure game, something which I actually didn't like about it. It was incredibly atmospheric, scary, and downright disturbing, but to me the puzzles served as a frequently annoying distraction from exploring the grim and compelling world laid before me.

    A Machine for Pigs almost entirely forgoes these game elements and transitions completely to the interactive fiction genre. And what a work of interactive fiction it is. Dear Esther was an extraordinarily well-crafted and moving experience, but AMfP improves on it in every way. The writing is masterful, weaving together themes of guilt, original sin, the duality of man, religion, and socio-political philosophy. The visuals are superb and nearly flawless, although I did find myself frustrated by the lack of reflecting mirrors and more naturalistic fog effects. Minor complaints to be sure, but ever so slightly immersion-breaking nonetheless.

    I must also shower composer Jessica Curry with the highest praise. Her work in Dear Esther was breathtaking and here we find her again practicing at the pinnacle of her art. Music is absolutely integral to the success of AMfP. Not only does Curry manage to underscore the emotional significance of each section perfectly, but every cue is also a brilliantly original composition in its own right. Search out Mors Praematura online to hear exactly what I'm talking about. At the risk of sounding overly effusive I'd have to say that this is soundtrack of the year (or decade!) material.

    In closing, I think Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is a spectacular creative achievement and deserves to be experienced by almost everyone. Yes, it is unusual and is most definitely not a game, nor is it anything like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. As long as you are aware of these facts going in and are able to re-calibrate your expectations early on I guarantee that you're in for a deep, thought-provoking and one of a kind experience.
  43. Apr 9, 2014
    I only want to say a few things about this: 1) My vocabulary was increased whilst playing this game. Thanks Frictional, I learned a bunch of new words, yay me! 2) And all you need to know, is I have never played a single player game and wanted it to end so badly and for so long - only to have it drag on for hours as I began my sprint to the finish far too soon. Just not even CLOSE to A Dark Descent. Expand
  44. Nov 2, 2013
    A technical failure for me. With all the supposed fixes out there nothing helped with my stuttering and freeze's. I pushed through all that to see what this game is like. All of the game-play that made Dark Descent is stripped away. There is no sanity meter, tinderboxes for candles, limited oil for lantern, and no inventory. It is mostly just a linear walk in the park type game. Thank god I got the torrent of this game first. Otherwise, I would have been pissed about the money I spent. Expand
  45. Sep 10, 2013
    After completing the game in just 4 hours I have mixed feelings about it.

    Let's start with the game's strong points. First of all, even though the graphics might not be the best, the atmosphere is overwhelming, like it should be in a horror game, but apart from that there are only a few moments in the game that you get scared and most of the time they don't last for a long time (it's
    either a sudden loud noise, or a door slamming in your face). The story is well written, even though I personally didn't like it that much, so I guess that's a plus as well. Finally, the soundtrack is really really nice and it's probably what I enjoyed the most in my playthrough.

    While the above are probably enough reasons for somebody to buy the game, allow me to mention its main weaknesses. First of all there is barely any "gameplay". Apart from a couple of fairly easy puzzles (like moving an object from 1 place to another and activating some switches) there is not much more you do in the game. Personally, I remember maybe 2 instances that I actually had to sneak past a pigman and about 2-3 more that I got chased by some larger enemies and actually took some damage. That is all. The adventure element isn't exactly there either. You don't even have an inventory, so it's more like an exploration game interactive story, which this makes it an easy game with no real replayability.

    Overall, I wouldn't say that the game is really bad or really good. Some people will love it, some people won't like it at all. My rating would be a 6.5 if I could give that, since the weak gameplay kinda ruins it for me.
  46. Sep 21, 2013
    This game took very little effort and time, so little time in fact that I can't imagine paying more than 10$ Let alone 20$. -1 Not nearly scary as the first, not as grim or dark its literally lit everywhere -1 Way short less than 4 hours of game play and I finished it just a moment ago in 2 hours 30 minutes -1 No threats, I died once on purpose, that was all -1 Puzzles not puzzling at all, everything you need is located right next to you and journal tells you how
    -1 Very confusing story and as you progress it gets boring and some of it makes no sense
    -1 Ending, climax of the story was weak, very very weak and predictable
    -1 No inventory, no combining, no oil no limited resources
    +1 Awesome voice acting
    +1 Amazing sound track
    +1 Bacon! Couple of throwbacks to the first game

    As a fan of Frictional's Penumbra series and Amnesia the lacking of puzzles and the shortness makes this less of a game an more of a mod on the old engine. You can't interact with 90% of the boxes and items like you could in the first and the paths are all straight forward.
  47. Nov 1, 2013
    Not what you expected. It lingers very far from the origins of Amnesia, less focused on horror and more focused on detailed story-telling. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it makes me question why this game was under the Amnesia name all this time. The non-scripted horror interactions are minimal, the overall ability to interact with the world around you is minimal, and there's no sort of inventory or loot system. It's not like the first Amnesia, in many bad ways, but at the same time it feels like it manages to do well enough of a job on its own right as its own game.

    It's a good game, but it's not a good Amnesia game. If you expected a true successor to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you won't find it here. If you're looking for a similar, but different experience, then definitely pick this up.
  48. Sep 11, 2013
    I expected so much more from this title but this was just a cash in. This was not scary, but rather boring. The enemies were lame looking and you could just walk right through them if cornered, the graphics were just the same as tdd nothing special, interaction throughout the world has almost been completely taken away, the puzzles were child's play. This game was meant to be a step forward but has turned into another letdown in the gaming industry. disappointing... Expand
  49. Sep 26, 2013
    This game was one of the biggest disappointments lately. What made the original so memorable is not sustained in this installment, instead there is a game of walking through large, uninteresting areas and doing simple puzzles. The soundtrack for this game was very immerse and matched the style of the game perfectly, but it felt like most of the game was spent in an awkward silence. I have played many games that a silent soundtrack for most of the game works in its favor, but this isn't one of them. This entire game just feels empty. All of the areas have no one else in them except for the occasional enemy that you can simply run past with no challenge, and I found myself asking "Where is everyone?"

    This game does do some things right, such as the absolutely dreadful atmosphere, with the added immersion from the soundtrack and the excellent voice acting. It is a game similar to Dear Esther, with about the same amount of immersion, but without the memorable visuals and the interesting and original areas like in Dear Esther.

    Anything that might have been hard to program for the developers is left out, such as the inventory system, sanity system, depleting light source, extra items to interact with other than the immediate next thing to do, and other things that would have made the game more interesting. This game is way too short and way too easy, only around 3.5-4 hours with no replay value and no multiplayer, which is unacceptable for a game priced higher than better indie games such as Fez or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It's extremely lazy, and just a cash-in on the success of the first game.
  50. Oct 27, 2013
    This game is better and worst than The Dark Descent.
    The story it's very good but hard to understand,but no accidentally,the creators made the story be spelled in some lately parts,and in the other they concentrate on game play.
    The scare factor is made by the atmosphere and the monsters that appear at some times.
    I personally didn't like that they limited what you can hold,so you can
    tell this game is for no brain-ers,because it simply tells you that you can use that but not that.
    The ending was a bit obscure and mysterious,and i didn't understand everything.
    I don't think someone will waste his time with a custom story,because it's no inventory,no sanity and no oil,the notes are too long and some of them are useless.
    But cool game if you like puzzle adventure with a bit of horror.
  51. Sep 11, 2013
    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is completely different from his great predecessor and from the Penumbra series. The gameplay has been greatly simplified, the interaction with the environment has been reduced and the scary atmosphere is less intense than in The Dark Descent.

    Personally I don't like the vision which has The Chinese Room of a game as a "walking adventure"... And unfortunately
    that's what A Machine for Pigs really is.

    The game is way too easy for being a survival horror game, and the enemies AI is worse than what we have seen in The Dark Descent. The gameplay has not been improved during this three years of development, resulting in a slow and boring gaming experience.

    However, the soundtrack composed by Jessica Curry is simply great and it blends perfectly with the story which is quite engaging, even though I have found it way too complicated and pretentious.
  52. Sep 10, 2013
    One has to acknowledge that this game was produced by a different studio with only Frictional Games finishing the game off (tweaks, polish etc) so of course there is going to be a lot of differences. Just because it has the same name doesn't mean you have to then expect it to play exactly the same.

    I like the new direction myself as I feel it is more realistic (No lantern in the world
    uses up all its oil in a space of a few minutes) and why should the dark make you go insane exactly (the noises and breathing are enough)? It just makes more sense to get rid of those game fillers and to concentrate more on the journey through this world without having to fumble about searching for some more oil because you are about to run out.

    I've played for an hour and if you immerse yourself into this world you can have a lot of fun. Always curious about what is behind the next door, or through a secret passage. I will update as I go, but so far I think it is a solid game that has a lot of good qualities that certainly outweigh the negatives and therefore gets my recommendation! Must be played in the dark with a good pair of headphones!
  53. Sep 20, 2013
    I loved Amnesia: The Dark Descent!

    it was probably the first commercially succesful "survival-horror" game and it instantly became the benchmark for the genre...
    it's mechanics were great and very innovative, hiding in closets, a constant search for matches and lamp-oil and above all, keeping an eye on your "sanity metre", which became too high whenever you were in the dark for too
    long all these were simply GREAT! innovative (for the most) and refreshingly different from everything we've had seen to that point.

    to make a long story short: "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" is a fantastic game, it's innovative gameplay-mechanics were simply wonderful and the game was full of suspense, thrills, a reasonable amount of jump-scares.
    an almost perfect game, a truely perfect survival-horror game!

    so, when I heard about the sequel and saw the trailer to "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs", I was looking forward to it.

    all those great gameplay-mechanics I've mentioned above GONE!


    the story is decent, sure, but that is in no way, shape or form enough to make a halway decent game.
    apart from the well-written story, "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs" is just boring.
    the athmosphere is quite tense, but the comical "monsters" do not look threatening or scary at all. you can outrun them easily, so there wouldn't even be the need to hide in a closet... unfortunately.

    the developers "The Chinese Room" have proven once again (and hopefully for all and ever!) that an interesting story is NOT ENOUGH to make a good game!
    I wanted to like this game, I really did(!), but the lack of gameplay is the scariest thing this piece of game has to offer.

    retrospectively, I am really glad I didn't buy or even pre-order this game.
    since "demos" have disappeared, I found a solution I can live with: I PIRATE everything I am interested in! then I play it, I "test" whether I want to buy and own a game or not. and guess what, after I decided whether I like it or not, I BUY or delete the games I pirated before.

    and if anybody doesn't believe me, you can have my steam name and take a look at my +200 games steam-library!

    I feel really sorry for everybody who spent money on this game... story and a semi-frightening athmosphere are NOT enough to make a game I truely hope "The Chinese Room" realizes this, before they release another game.

    as much as Iwanted to like "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs", it simply isn't good enough and the fact that "The Chinese Room" took ALL mechanics that made "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" so great OUT OF the sequel is a shame! A SHAME!

    1 point for a decent story, which unfortuantely wasn't immersive enough for me and didn't make me goosebumps once.

    A SHAME! (gosh, this game really pissed me off! I LOVED the first one and I came to realize, I HATE "The Chinese Room" hopefully, someone burns the down! another game that doesn't sell, like this one and that "room" will be boarded-up)
  54. Sep 11, 2013
    A great story couldn't help this game from leaving me unimpressed.

    I'll make my review short. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs does many things right, especially in terms of atmosphere and the story it tells is intriguing. However, this is almost where it stops, because, as for the gameplay a lot of the core mechanics from The Dark Descent are gone, such include the Sanity meter, inventory,
    lamp-oil, tinderboxes and health. Now don't get this wrong, you can still die, but you life regenerates instead of you having to use Laudanum like you should in The Dark Descent.

    But to my surprise, halfway into the game I had stopped thinking about this as an issue because the story is very compelling if a little hard to grasp at times. You can definitely feel that this game was idealized by The Chinese Room.

    Don't worry though, there will be puzzles, and there will be suspense leading to scares like in The Dark Descent, but unfortunately the latter seems only about half as effective this time around and this is mostly because of the lack of the inventory menu. Most puzzles are ready to be solved as you find them and even though there is more than one main type of enemy that can kill you, the graphical design for any of them just isn't disturbing enough. When you get a good look at the monsters you're not afraid anymore.

    The question you have to ask yourself before you consider playing this Amnesia however is whether you liked The Dark Descent because of the scares or the gameplay or whether it was because you liked the story it told.

    In my own opinion there isn't much to like in Machine for Pigs if you simply don't care for storytelling in games. It's a very streamlined Amnesia and the experience suffers from it for those who expected this to be a true sequel that was gonna be bigger and badder than the original. But if you do like good storytelling you should definitely play this.

  55. Nov 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Overall this game had a pretty good atmosphere, but there were aspects that I felt it was missing that I enjoyed from the first Amnesia. There is no sanity meter, and there is no inventory. This means that there is no way to light up various areas other than the use of your lamp. It also means that there is no need to explore, as there is no running out of important tools, and there is very little that you have to look for. The Dark Descent definitely hit the nail on the head in terms of scare and suspense, and I think that MFP came up a little bit lacking, as there is none of the "How many tinderboxes do I have? Will I be able to make it through this area in the dark, while my sanity slowly goes down?". The game still has its moments, but there are fewer enemies on the map, and once you come to this realization, the game becomes less frightening. The ending of the games gives players something to think about as it has some insight into how our world may actually be, but I'll let you play it to find that out.

    Overall a good experience, but it was lacking some of the aspects that made Amnesia: The Dark Descent so good.
  56. Sep 12, 2013
    They took a "Survival Horror" game, and removed the 'survival' aspect, and the game wasn't even scary so it loses its title of 'horror' as well.

    So what are we left with? Certainly not a game (thanks Chinese Room!), but rather a mediocre, interactive story.
  57. Sep 26, 2013
    Not a bad game, but not nearly as good as Dark Descent was. Too straightforward and not even that scary. There is little to interact with the environment, basically only those imperative items could be picked up, unlike in Dark Descent where you could pick up pretty much everything. All in all, a bit of a let down.
  58. Sep 11, 2013
    loved the story pacing and acting, took me a while to get into the game but once i did i couldn't stop playing. if you are getting this just for scary bits then you will probably be disappointed but if you play a game for story and atmosphere you will love it
  59. Sep 10, 2013
    What people are saying is true for the most part...the "gameplay" factor is just not there.. This game has that feel of Gone Home to it and is not really that enjoyable.. I was a huge fan of Dark Decent I had sky high hopes for this game but was let down so bad.. If i would have known that this game was going to be more of a visual novel and not a video game I would have passed on it..

    During the first 45 minutes I loved the atmosphere and was actually enjoying myself alot, But after awhile I kept waiting for it to get better (it never did) The game had amazing potential!! But it just seemed the more you dug into it the worse it got. I felt like i was playing a watered down version of TDD minus the fun..If you are going to buy I would 100% recommend waiting for a sale, could not insist anyone to pay $20 for this.
  60. Sep 10, 2013
    Do yourselves a favour and just skip this game, from the few negative votes I've seen here, I must agree with them. If you are expecting a bigger badder sequel to the highly acclaimed Amnesia: The Dark Descent, this isn't it.

    The first half of the game was actually filled with tension, and thinking 'What is going to happen in here; I do not like this room'. But when you see what you're
    trying to hide from without fear of losing sanity by viewing the creature, it just becomes a game of 'Okay it goes this route, so I'll go another'. In all honesty, I think all that fear comes from expecting this game to be like the first, in which later on you'll find it doesn't even come close to.

    Last half of the game got me to a point of 'This isn't even scarey anymore and isn't even trying to be.' I died once not because I was scared and messed up, it was because I couldn't care less if the creature got to me before I had to flip a switch.

    I think this lost a lot of what made Amnesia scarey; insanity as a means to prevent you from just remotely observing a monster added a lot of what made the game scarey.

    Adding lots of places to hide in the first made it a very viable option to jump into a room and close yourself in a closet; waiting for the monster to go away as you whimper and hope it never saw you jump in there. Most encounters you have in this game has absolutely nothing but 'run the opposite direction' and they just poof out of existence. There is no lingering fear or dread of a monster still being around and you only delaying the inevitable.

    You will not get the Amnesia experience with this one unfortunately... It looks really pretty though.
  61. Sep 10, 2013
    Very disappointing, the removed several features without adding a single one! Yes! They are is no new gameplay mechanics! In-fact, there is no gameplay at all. This is what happens when you give creative control of a sequel to a beloved horror game to the 'Dear Esther team'; what where Frictional thinking! The horror relies on jump scares, shaking the screen, and making loud noises, something The Dark Decent never had to resort to. Very disappointed. The only thing notable in this 'game' is the story and atmosphere; Oh liked picking literally anything up in TTD? The only thing you can interact with in AMFP is chairs and drawers.

    The Chinese Room; stop making games, please, go make art-house films. Everyone will look back and scoff once technology advances and your 'art games' look like Banjo Kazooie.
  62. Sep 29, 2013
    Great horror game. Dark atmosphere. This game is maybe for the lesser-hardcore horror freaks, as i've enjoyed A Machine for Pigs much more than the dark descent. It's maybe because it's not as spooky, but still very, very dark.
  63. Sep 10, 2013
    By removing insanity mechanic and management of your light source (lamp oil, tinderboxes) and not replacing either with anything equivalent makes this version of Amnesia very dull and boring. There is no more insanity which provided a sense of urgency and no pressure to make progress anymore makes this version of Amnesia nothing more than a boring stroll; the horror element evaporates as well. The Dark Descent was great Machine for Pigs was very disappointing. Expand
  64. Sep 11, 2013
    What the hell happened here? I have been looking forward to this game for AGES, and it was probably one of the most disappointing games I've played this year.

    This game had the potential to be the scariest game this year, what were the developers thinking?!? There are no new features in this game, it actually downgraded from the previous game Amnesia: the dark decent. Did they add 1st
    person full body awareness? NOPE. Did they add 1st person interactive animations with doors and objects? NOPE. What about jumpscares? NOPE, lets just make the entire place shake every 30 seconds, that'll scare the shiet out of them. Why don't we add some terrifying creatures? NAH BRO LETS ADD A PIG MAN that doesnt even look terrifying.

    This game isn't even a survival horror game anymore, no more tinderboxes, which is understandable because of the time of plot being in the 1800's where electricity started to develop. Yeah ofcourse you get a latern, but it will stay lit for an infinite amount of time! WOW what a good idea, the lantern will start flickering whenever enemies are nearby, meaning that you will never be surprised by monsters being in the area. What a way to go. It should be mentioned that you don't even have to use the lantern, because areas are so lit up even if the brightness is on its lowest.

    And also, you don't see other people in the game, it's as if they all just dissapeared! you'd expect with a better budget that they would add some additional characters that can acompany you in your journey. You hear people talking and screaming, but they are placed in cages with a big cloth over them so you cant even see them.

    You can't interact with each object individually, it's like they are glued to everything, where as in the previous game you can pick up any loose object and toss it around, in this game that is very limited to only "quest items". That being said, there is no inventory system, that got completely removed as well. The sanity system also got removed as well as the health system. You can't even open most doors or drawers anymore because they have locks on them that prevent them from being open. When you pick up documents and diaries, there are no more voice overs to read it for you. So basically they removed EVERYTHING that made Amnesia Amnesia!

    -No more health system or Sanity system
    -Rooms and areas are so lit up the lantern is useless
    -No jumpscares
    -Very limited objects to be interacted with
    -All doors and drawers are conveniently locked, that shouldn't be.
    -Same old things from the previous game, no added 1st person animations
    -Terrible character development, you dont even care about the guy you play as.

    This game is a rushed piece of cash in, your game is bad! and you should feel bad! I expected something better than this you could have done way better!
  65. Sep 11, 2013
    Dear Esther 2 aka Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. What an waste of potential. If this would be made same way as the original, but with its own layout, it would be a big hit. Unfortunately thechineseroom have no visions of pleasing loyal fans of original Amnesia and Penumbras. It seems that they didn't even want to make spiritual successor to original one. Frictional Games has put itself in place similar to as when down syndrome child gives you painting, you are just not allowed to say, that it's piece of This game should not have anything to do with Amnesia brand. One point for partially improved visuals. Expand
  66. Sep 27, 2013
    I like to think of the Amnesia games as an Anthology, each will be quite different (If they make more). A Machine for Pigs is by far very different from the Dark Descent. I rate this game so highly because of the way it plays out. Yes there were some game mechanics that I did not understand. However they're not important. I think most people didn't like this game because it is a different kind of horror. The story is very hard to pick up if you are not careful to detail and if you don't read the notes. This game wants you to try and understand what's going on, it isn't a game for people who want to run through and get a bunch of jump scares (Which is what the general non-horror game loving public thinks modern horror games are all about...Slender is over with people not every game is going to be a Boo! and Run! game!!) I think the graphics were amazing, however I had issues with crashing but fixed it with a little computer knowledge. Apparently Frictional doesn't like Intel graphics cards. I thought it had great atmosphere and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE MUSIC. I thought about giving this game a 9/10 since I enjoyed The Dark Descent a hair more (probably because The Dark Descent was way more disturbing) but this game deserves a higher score so I'm giving it a 10/10 because it really is a good sequel to a series that brings a lot to the table! Expand
  67. Sep 10, 2013
    If you want a horror game or a sequel to Dark Descent, this is not it. Use your $20 on Outlast.
    If you want a darker version of Dear Esther, then A Machine for Pigs is pretty entertaining but get it when it's on sale for $5.

    When Frictional games had set out to make Dark Descent they used their experience with the Penumbra series to make gold. They built on what worked in the 3
    Penumbra games and dropped what didn't. It was like a lab for creating the perfect monster.
    The problem with A Machine for Pigs is that the devs at the Chinese Room did not have this experience and it shows, hard. This game has some jumps but you will not feel fear while playing it. If you see someone really scared while playing this on youtube, they are hamming it up for the camera to get ad revenue. The game tried to evoke disgust, not fear.
    The Chinese Room also dropped many of the mechanics that make Dark Descent so good, which is probably one of biggest and most confusing mistakes imaginable. Everything was in place, why drop what worked? For example...
    1) The insanity meter is gone. In Dark Descent this meter helped ensure that you couldn't look directly at the monsters and this kept them scary throughout the game. The pigs here will not scare you after you get a good look at them.
    2) Puzzles are gone. Puzzles are challenging and rewarding when you solve them. A Machine for Pigs is not challenging in the slightest. A Machine for Pigs is also highly scripted and as on the rails as you can get (a la Dear Esther). There's little in the way of exploration, you are essentially moving forward on a linear path turning wheels and hitting switches as you bump into them. In Dark Descent you had to have some idea of why you were doing these things, not here.
    3) Your torch lasts forever. Having to limit your use of the lantern in Dark Descent game the game a sense of urgency and impending doom (aka if I run out of light I am dead).

    The things that made this game enjoyable are also what made Dear Esther kinda fun. Good voice acting and music. Excellent visuals (albeit on a dated engine) and visually distinct areas made for nice variety. The story is also cool. So it's a nicely packaged visual story but don't expect anything remotely related to your experience during Dark Descent.
  68. Sep 11, 2013
    Amnesia: A Loading Screen for $20 combines an interesting (if not creative) and overall well-written horror story with gameplay that does not do it justice, and is disappointing compared to the original amnesia. With no sanity meter, you're free to look at the enemies, and when you do you'll notice that they aren't scary.

    I'd give it a 5 (roughly an 8 for the story and a 2 for the
    incorporation of gameplay.)

    Also, there are very long loading screens every 15-20 minutes.
  69. Sep 30, 2013
    Amnesia 2 is like taking good parts out of your computer, and replacing it with parts, that can't produce the same effects, or just barely can do those, that the previous parts done greatly.

    It was a twisted journey, with a lot of interesting thoughts, but it was like the developers praised they great words in the game. Wanted too much poetry, but drowned in it.
    Overally, it was a
    mediocre storyline, with some lights.
    The puzzles were too simplistic, and unvariable.
    The music and the art of it were wonderful things, but I wanted to see more of the facility.
  70. Sep 13, 2013
    I went in with full expectations for a game very different from the first game and an hour in I thought it was going to be brilliant. When I finished the game I was mostly disappointed. The horror related to surviving the world is virtually non-existent. The monsters in the game invoke a sense of sadness, not of dread. The story had amazing potential that was mostly squandered before the mid-game by revealing too much of the plot too early and then just forcing the player to plod on through the locales, knowing all there is to know about the story. The puzzles are non-existent and are simply interactive spots, not puzzles per se.

    The biggest letdown was probably the pacing and contents of the story one presented somewhat clumsily and unveiled too early on, one that never culminates into any significant revelation. The people claiming this is very much Dear Esther 2 are right to a large degree. Both games ended in a very similar way and the feelings they invoked in me were very similar.

    The game would have done a lot better without promising me the "darkest, most horrific tale ever told in a videogame" and without the Amnesia logo. If this was a standalone release from the Chinese Room, I would have rated this a lot higher because the story was FINE. It was just depressing and very very sad, not horrific, and there was a severe lack of visuals to support the purportedly 'psychological slow burn horror' the game went for. I cannot be scared by a story just because its makers tell me it's dark and twisted, games as a medium should use their full range of tools to convey those feelings and the game failed in that department. While it would have been a fine novel, AMFP generally fails at being a good game, despite its intriguing plot.
  71. Sep 14, 2013
    Not such a disaster that many are complaining BUT it is true that many good old features were replaced with nothing and that the game is pretty linear.
    But still this game is pretty average indie-horror game although not nearly as good as Dark descent.. We also have to remember that this game was not from the original amnesia developers.
  72. Sep 10, 2013
    i've been looking forward to this game for years, and in the first hour it was very fun and creepy, but then it got so linier and was not even worth playing. i seriously just wanted to complete the damn game, and move on in my life. biggest disappointment in years! oh and it only takes 5 hours to complete
  73. Sep 24, 2013
    The beggining of game is really and i was though that this game became a real piece of but then when i started to hear those wonderful soundtracks and interesting storyline, i changed my mind. Bassicilly i would give 7,5 but to rise a bit the score i give 10.
  74. Sep 26, 2013
    Slooooooooooow motion... Too much of it is used, wearing out my middle finger, but I have to continue, holding down w forever to walk down the corridors of this boring waste of money... Piggies... So scary... Not.
  75. Oct 4, 2013
    Ok so first lets get all of this out of the way, its definitely not the first game and not as scary. I was rather disappointed when I got my hands on this game. for all the people who are pissed at this game it was made by different developers so of course it would be different. but really I had some fun with the game even though it was way more about puzzles than scares. people saying the game is boring or its amazing are wrong now this is just my opinion and a honest review the graphics could of been better it basically looked like a texture pack. The game was made by a small group of people who also mad custom stories for the first game and those stories and maps were fun and really scary. but they did this series a injustice so much hype for so little I don't now if this is just me but I finished it in about 3 hours I almost died once through out the entire game. I give it a 5/10 it6 was scary about 5% of the time if you wont to play a descent horror game than pick it up but I you have to choose buy the first one. Expand
  76. Nov 8, 2013
    I hesitated a little while giving this game a 10. I had eagerly waited for this game for about 1.6 years and I had no experience on what chineseroom was master at. The first part of Amnesia-series, 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent', was frictionalgame's way into the world of Amnesia. Chineseroom's way is more of a storytelling one. It's not gameplay, but the aesthetics they had created. The background story is incredible, but due to the missing feeling the first Amnesia-game was famous of, this game is a bit different. It's not as challenging, scary, disturbing or brutal as the first part. Therefore a rating of 7 should do well, because though it's a good game for my personal experience, it doesn't honor the first part of the Amnesia-series. Expand
  77. Sep 10, 2013
    Okay, first off. All the bad reviews.....everyone, click the users names. It's their only review, 80% of the time. Outlast fan boys or stupid kids who play cod all day. Second, is it better than the original? Well thats up to you. I personally thought, while it was scary, and had great atmosphere and beautiful textures and designs it wasn't as scary as the original. BUT. it is still as great horror game. Better than Outlast, Better than Penumbra. It's laughable to see all the bad reviews...and then figure out, that it's probably the same little freak, making new accounts and reviewing the game over and over and over again. Stop it little children. This is a great horror title, and don't let anyone tell you other wise. I recommend you pick up The original first, it's better and the same price. But give this one a try to, great game. Expand
  78. Sep 15, 2013
    "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs" is the sequel to" Amnesia: The Dark Descent", but doesn't really feel like that. The graphics and the atmosphere are definetly awesome, but the gameplay is heavily reduced.

    The inventory sytem is missing, you don't have to refill the lantern and you can't move as many objects as you could in "The Dark Descent".

    The monsters in "A Machine For Pigs" are
    looking scarier than the monsters in "The Dark Descent", but don't really seem to be a real threat to me, mainly because the chasing noise doesn't appear anymore.

    The puzzles aren't as challenging as the ones in "The Dark Descent", which isn't exactly a bad thing, because you don't use so much time on finding and combining stuff anymore.

    "A Machine For Pigs" is a bit short, but I felt satisfied in the end. The story confused me and I still don't really know what was going on, but I didn't have the feeling I had after games like "Outlast" where the ending was just bad to me.

    "A Machine For Pigs" is definetly a good game, but the fact that it is the sequel to one of the scariest games ever created makes it seem a bit bad. If you would take the "Amnesia" out of the name and would just call it "A Machine For Pigs" it would seem way better because one doesn't compare it to "The Dark Descent" anymore.
  79. Sep 19, 2013
    A huge disappointment, I should've known that when the Chinese Room got involved they'd strip out the elements that actually make it a game and turn it into another failure like Dear Esther. It barely qualifies as a game and definitely doesn't quality as a good one. Your money is better spent elsewhere.
  80. Oct 24, 2013
    This game is disappointing for reasons which a lot of reviews have stated: This is NOT an Amnesia game.

    If one were to look at this title from this perspective it makes the game look better: This is essentially a REALLY good community mod for Amnesia: Dark Descent. Which in this case it almost is. There are no major overhauls on the visual end of things.

    In terms of gameplay though,
    things have actually been pruned back. There is no interaction with the world, and less linearity to the story (no alternative endings, less notes to pick up). The amount of tension in the atmosphere is significantly reduced, and for me this also reduced the immersion.

    The story goes a long way to redeeming this game. It's philosophical, intelligent, and gets you thinking. Unfortunately it's not interesting enough to me to ever consider playing it again.
  81. Nov 28, 2013
    Different, yes, but still a damn fine game. Easily more disturbing than the first game, and the gameplay operates well. And holy f*ck, the manpigs...

    It's easy to become immersed in this game, and I admit I don't mind the lack of oil, tinderboxes and sanity being gone. Overall, it is excellent. I love it.
  82. Dec 29, 2013
    This biggest mistake was putting "Amnesia" in the title. Though it did begin as just a custom story for Amnesia: The Dark Decent, it does not uphold to the standard The Dark Decent put in place. I feel I put unfair expectations on A Machine for Pigs simply because of "Amnesia". With that it mind, it does have it's own charm.

    With the removal of the inventory menu and a few other
    mechanics, AMFP focuses very much more on story than it's predecessor. Where it failed to scare me, it's interesting story and world had me absorbed throughout the entire game. Enough to where I played it all nonstop in one sitting. It is short and, as far as I know, lacks the custom story option on the main menu that DD had, but I feel that it's setting and story excuses that. I would recommend this game to someone who was too scared to play the first Amnesia game, but still wants to try. And to those who were Dark Decent fans, please approach this game with an open mind you would have with a stand alone game or custom story. Expand
  83. Nov 29, 2013
    Absolutely brilliant game which is completely underrated.

    First off players need to set their expectations. This is more of a physiological thriller and dark mystery with tons of symbolism and history rolled up into it. It's not going to give you the sense of terror and helplessness that the Dark Descent gave you, but it's still a fantastic game, and extremely well thought out. The
    atmosphere and soundtrack are stunning, and the dreadful, melancholy sense of "wtf are these people doing?" prevails throughout the game.

    Yes the monsters are easy and so are the puzzles, but the story here was so good I personally appreciated that as I did not want to waste time and wanted to advance the story line. Speaking of which it has a few twists and turns along the way which was a welcome surprise.

    I think the problem alot of the negative reviews are having is they had a different expectation of the game, as if it were to be the Dark Descent part 2. This game reminds me alot of when the movie Sixth Sense came out, then was followed up by another brilliant movie Unbreakable. Two completely different movies but some fans wanted to see another Sixth Sense. Vanilla and chocolate, both great flavors and we can enjoy both.

    Finally if you were a fan of Dear Esther, you will absolutely love this game. What I liked about this and Dear Esther were the emotional responses they drew, and the physiological metaphors embedded throughout the story.

    Not sure how many caught it but that subliminal pig head that barely flashed on the screen for a second, as you went into one of the lifts, was freakin awesome.

    I hope that Frictional continues with the Amnesia franchise, as these games have to be some of the most well-written ever. A Machine for Pigs is a solid contribution to the series.
  84. Sep 10, 2013
    Sad to say as an Amnesia fan, but this was terrible.Felt so dry and unfamiliar.Every element of a survival horror has been replaced by a Dear Esther story book. The core of the game has been removed with just the name that reminds.Best words to describe this is the final scene in Pleant of the Apes, "You manics,you killed it,you blew it up....etc"I so looked forward for this game.Hey Chinese Room, stay printings pictures in museums and like Fictional do their thing. Expand
  85. Nov 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Never have I been so disappointed in such a finely made game. Yes, you've read correctly. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs from an aesthetic standpoint is well done. The artwork, with the exception of some bland or dodgy areas for certain locations, is wonderfully done. The sound design is excellent, easily one of the best among indie titles. The score, while having bombastic, clumsy instances, fits the depressing tone that Machine for Pigs aims for. The voice work is strong, though some may complain about the obnoxious children. And lets be honest here, what child isn't obnoxious? What's wrong with Machine for Pigs is not the design. No, the problem goes much deeper than that. It seems after hours of touching up decour, writing scripts, designing loading screens, banging metallic things together in a foley studio, they forgot to design an actual GAME around the project. In fact, it seems as if fleshing out the gameplay was the last thing on the developers' priority list. It's akin to devoting several days to wrapping a present. You pick the right wrapping paper, make sure the fold is perfect, put bows, strings, glitter, and whatever fancy crap on it. But when the recipient finally unwraps everything, they're left with a pet rock. The game played like a disappointment because it starts out promising. Amnesia? Check. Nihilistic, depressing story? Check. Journal Entries/Backstory? Check. Motivation? Check. Intriguing mystery? Check. What could go wrong? Well, everything. First off, the game is at its best when you know absolutely nothing. You're wandering around your mansion, strange things are happening, and you have no idea what answers are in store for you. The mansion too is one of the best looking locations in the game, which is kind of unfortunate as some locations are bland by comparison. As you start to get deeper into the machine and story, the answers to the supposed mystery become more and more disappointing. You'll find yourself asking why they chose to make the story flow in such an obvious fashion. It was almost like there was absolutely no twist or curve ball you couldn't guess hours before it was officially stated in the context of the narrative. "Durrr, you mean my kids aren't still alive, trapped in a machine?" "Durrr, you mean I killed the kids myself?" "Durrr, you mean the machine feeds on people?" "Durrr, you mean I was the saboteur all along?" And just when you thought it couldn't get any more obvious, it becomes ridiculous. Moments after discovering that you were the saboteur, undoing what you had intended to do initially, you immediately return to becoming the saboteur again... but for reals this time! Then you... magically teleport from one location to another, and encounter pigmen who happen to have the exact same ability. Not that teleporting pigmen actually inconvenience you in the slightest. Then you... have pretentious hallucinations about your kids, rife with symbolism and obnoxious score. It's like something straight out of a bad arthouse film. At this point in the game, I felt that it was no longer trying to hold my interest or attention. It was like Machine for Pigs thought its core message was so profound and meaningful that it had to jerk itself off a little and bathe in its own perceived afterglow. I was buying none of that and slogged my way to the predictably disappointing ending. The whole experience left a sour taste in my mouth. Oh, and I didn't even mention the game aspect of this gold encrusted turd. You have a lamp with an endless supply of oil, no health or sanity to manage, no inventory, minimal puzzle solving, and laughable monster interactions. I must have died once my entire playthough and it was entirely inconsequential. I spawned near where I died and the monster was no where in sight. Completely contradictory to the first Amnesia, where any death hindered progress. The monsters are also a disappointment. Not only are they not frightening in the slightest, there are points in the game where you can view them in isolation, allowing the player to see them for prolonged periods of time without danger. I understand that the whole idea of the scene in question was to allow for the player to sympathize with the creatures but that's not something that you do in a game where you're supposed to be afraid of the unknown menace lurking around in the darkness. So, congratulations The Chinese Room: You have managed to create a beautiful, anti-horror, anti-game, psychological horror... experience! If you care at all about the Amnesia series, play this one if it goes on sale just keep the expectations to a minimum if you want to complete it. Otherwise, I suggest you only play Amnesia: The Dark Descent or any of the Penumbra titles. Expand
  86. Sep 10, 2013
    They took out everything that I loved in first Amnesia. I was waiting for this release long time ago.. and now I feel empty, cheated and disappointed. I even enjoyed in Dear Esther, but this...this...what they did with machine for pigs, it is just not a good combination, a wrong move. It is an average game with cool atmosphere...nothing else, and nothing special.
  87. Sep 10, 2013
    I like a good story, and apparently The Chinese room does as well, the difference is however is that i like video games also. Before I get into A Machine for Pigs I insist on bringing up Dear Esther, the "non-game, game". As implied, their game "Dear Esther' isn't really a game, because games have game-play and 'Dear Esther' did not. You walked for about 50 minutes on an island while a story was being told to you in randomized bits.

    Now, to get to the actual game 'A Machine For Pigs', I was worried about how the game would turn out, due to the developers track record so far, but I decided to give it a shot since 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' is my favorite horror game of all time. Unfortunately, my concerns were validated: they screwed up.

    The developers focus too much on story and not enough on actual game-play; It is as if they are pained to create anything that requires interaction and only have little in the game because Frictional was over their shoulders giving them menacing looks. There is no inventory menu, or sanity gauge, and hell you don't even have to worry about resources.

    In short when criticizing this game, I'm really criticizing The Chinese Room as developers. They seem like a talented group of people, but people who should be making films instead of video games.
  88. Sep 13, 2013
    This is not Amnesia. The trailer for this game was a complete lie and showed Amnesia type gameplay. This game is nothing like the trailer. Someone decided to make a quick buck by taking the Amnesia title and slap it on their own product, or Frictional decided to sell their title and let someone slap it onto a different game.
  89. Sep 11, 2013
    Being a huge fan of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I couldn't help myself from playing this game. At first glance I had been a little worried about the changes The Chinese Room had to include, but I had expected it. After finishing the game I can certainly say its a very different experience compared to The Dark Descent. Although there are some things I had missed from The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs had some things new to throw on the table that weren't quite there in the first game.

    A Machine for Pigs offers a lot less jump scares and instead, has an incredibly chilling environment. Through reading notes and exploring the machine, players can sink deeper into the atmosphere of the game. In my opinion, I feel that this wasn't as well done in the first game and I am glad The Chinese Room could improve on it.

    I read through other reviews and I see people complaining about no inventory system, or no health bar. I believe this argument is folly, considering these things had little to offer in the first game. A person would use their inventory to either use an item or drink a potion, both of which took about 5-10 seconds. As for the health bar, there is no use in having one. Each enemy encounter is spread out and you are guaranteed to go down in about 2 hits.

    Even though I felt less moments of terror and fear as The Dark Descent, I felt much more disturbed or uncomfortable. Although Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is much less 'shock and terror' it brings about fantastic writing and design to make the game horrifying in a much different way. This may rub some people the wrong way as they may not have expected these changes, which I understand may be why this game is getting so much flak. A Machine for Pigs is a must play for anyone who can appreciate good design and good horror.
  90. Sep 11, 2013
    I hardly understand the bad critics on that game. I personally loved the game, one of the best 20$ I spend on a game.

    I think you will love the game if you like the genre. That new episode is not as scary as dark descend or the outcast, but he have much and much better story telling, it target Cleary an adult audience.

    Finally to give you a good example about what kind of bad review
    the game received..
    "Very short, you have to read to understand the story, invisible archenemy, stupid monsters..."

    I really like the part "you have to read to understand the story". OK so if you don't want to read, this game is not for you. You probably better suited playing COD
  91. Sep 10, 2013
    This game isn't even near to amnesia the dark descent...but this is still an great example how to make a horror game. Atmosphere is creepy(of course) and story in this is quite great compared to the dark descent. Only one thing that annoys me is that a machine for pigs is missing a lot of little stuff that made dark descent one of the greatest horror games ever.
  92. Jul 20, 2014
    Te first Amesia took the atmosphere of the first Alone in the dark with a modern gameplay, it was a good mix of action and story. This one is really boring, excluding the first part with nice earthquakes effect really scary thanks to the really good sound effects. After that the game become BORING with 4 or 5 monsters in the whole game resembling BEbop from ninja turtles grunting at you. The graphic is really bad also for a 10 year old game, i can accept lowpoly model but not so many lowres textures.
    There is no exploration part, you can walk around only to find few notes or sometimes a mechanic part for a stupid puzzle.
    The only good news is the sounds and musics create most of the scary atmosphere in the game.
    Next time could be better if The CHinese Room doesn't break the balls and makes his own crappy games.
  93. Sep 27, 2013
    If i could describe this game with 1 word, it would definetly be failure or disappointment.

    I shall start by saying that I was truly looking forward to this game... However with the first 30 minutes, i realised how it took a turn to the worst... They eliminated the survival aspect of the game... they decided that it would be far more interesting to focus on the story (which in my
    opinion is really pretentious) and forget that this is a sequel to an awesome horror game...

    Seriously... this game is neither a horror game nor an action/adventure game... its a sh%$ walk through type of game where everything is handed to you on a platter and you just press W and some clicks to see the bad pretentious story unfold... are you FU%$I*# serious???? is this what i waited anxiously to play???

    Let me make it clear that Outlast came out 6 days before this game... and i only bought it lol as a warmup to this game... FAIL. because outlast is a clear 8... this game however is barely half of that score...

    No scary enemies...
    No jumps...
    3 patrolling enemies.....
    No survival aspect... (no tinder, batteries or anything that forces you to explore)
    no tough puzzles...
    lots of non-interactable objects and doors... (WHY??)
    and... 4 hours long... 4 hours.... thats not even enough for a damn dlc...

    i could go on rumbling about how trash this game is. How big of a disappointment it is.. but instead i shall go beg Redbarrel to make Outlast 2 and forget amnesia series exist...
  94. Sep 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Honestly I had very high hopes for an Amnesia sequel, but A Machine for Pigs was very disappointing. I don't want to impugn the hard work of the wonderful developers who worked on the project, but the game felt like it was half-assed, for which there is no excuse given that the release date kept getting pushed back. My biggest complaint is that this game is barely even 30% as scary as The Dark Descent mainly because they removed the insanity mechanic. The Dark Descent was so terrifying because you were FORCED into the darkness at the cost of your character's sanity in order to survive and make progress, relying only on your finite lantern oil and finite tinderboxes to keep you on the right track.

    This game also lacks any kind of puzzles worth mentioning, making it feel dull and easy if there's nothing to use your brain on then why not just have the player walk through the entire game?

    Elimination of the inventory screen was also a big mistake. Having items for the player to collect: whether they're vital pieces of some puzzle down the road or precious vials of laudanum or lantern oil entices the player to explore dark areas they might otherwise just walk by. The inventory screen also gives players the option of having and using tools to solve puzzles or break through impassable areas, giving another dimension of creativity to making progress.

    The enemy design in this game is uninspired to say the least. Given there is no "insanity penalty" for looking at the monsters it allows the player to study them closely and see just how unthreatening they are. The enemies encountered in the Dark Descent by contrast are nothing less than the stuff of nightmares: I've played through thousands of hours of zombie games in my lifetime and I've yet to encounter anything even remotely as terrifying as the Servant-Gatherers from the Dark Descent (honorable mention: Pyramid Head but he STILL doesn't strike fear into the heart of the player like Mr. Face screaming towards you in a dark corridor).

    Finally, the storytelling elements in this game fall flat over so many omitted details. The journal entries were just words on the screen (in a hard-to-read font) rather than the outstanding voice-acting and ambiance-of-terror music of its predecessor. A Machine for Pigs had none of the dramatic irony through music, well-placed flashbacks, hallucinations of screaming victims, or other unsettling events which make a horror story feel authentic. While the music composed for this game wasn't bad, it didn't go far enough and there wasn't enough of it. Silence through corridors isn't spooky it just seems lazy. Attention to every little detail of the experience is why I've recommended Amnesia: The Dark Descent to just about everybody I know, purely on artistic grounds alone to say nothing of being the single most terrifying work of media I've ever encountered.

    I thank the developers for their hard work on this entry into the Amnesia series, and I hope they will return to and build upon the original formula of The Dark Descent in making a third Amnesia game.
  95. Jan 28, 2014
    Not even scary... A huge disappoitment for me. This game has lots of bugs and one of them was that in one part of the game when the watermonster was chasing me. It wasn't in water but was still able to chase me. Then the pigs just look stupid and walk like idiots. only scary thing about this game was the noises that pigs made. The thing i hated most was the place where i had to find 3 strange bottle things and put them in to strange machine... But i was able to put only one of them and i was stuck because i was supposed to not find all of those bottle things. YEAH that wasn't the thing you were supposed to do. After you have placed one of them in to that machine there suddently just appears path somewhere. How was i supposed to know that? Expand
  96. Jun 23, 2014
    It was enjoyable, but it was missing a lot of the constant, changing scares that The Dark Descent had. It starts out VERY slow, with some very basic scares that barely tend to scare you. This game excels in creepy atmosphere, however. And the monsters do come around before the middle of the game, at least. Which is good. I thought this game was excellent but certainly wasn't the best that Frictional normally puts out, like Penumbra (which is still my scariest game personally) and The Dark Descent. I'd still recommend a buy. Expand
  97. Sep 10, 2013
    More Dear Esther than Amnesia... not for everyone's tastes, slow paced and atmospheric with great reliance on written story (notes, journal etc...). Some will love it, others will hate it but most of all... you will never know by reading a review... It's just not the type of game that even the most objective review would be worth taking for granted. I love it, it's a work of art... and I'll rate it accordingly Expand
  98. Sep 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. j'ai vraiment était déçu par ce nouvel Amnesia, que dire si ce n'est que je me suis ennuyé quasiment tout du long, je m'attendais a chié dans mon froc, et au finale rien du tout le jeu ressemble plus a un jeu d’énigme qu'a un jeu sensé faire peur, très linaire et énigme facile, des tonnes et des tonnes de note a lire, qui en deviens lassant et que l'on fini par zapper. graphiquement il s'agit du même moteur que le 1er du nom, rien n'a était amélioré et déjà a l'époque le moteur graphique faisait sont age, alors a l'heure d'aujourd'hui je ne vous raconte même pas, la bande son quand a elle est pas mal, elle relève un peu le niveau, et quand a la duré de vie il ne m'a fallu que 3h pour finir le jeu, c'est court certes, mais déjà bien assez long, tant on s'ennuie et qu'il nous tarde de finir ce jeu pour passé a autre chose. Un conseil, si vous chercher un jeu ou votre caleçon s'en souviendra foncé sur "OUTLAST" bien meilleur a tout niveau. Expand
  99. Sep 10, 2013
    I think Amnesia A Machine For Pigs is very good sequel for the Amnesia The Dark Descent, but it isn't as great as Dark Descent. A Machine For Pigs is still really scary but not as scary as Dark Descent, why? Because they did remove loads of things from it. There's no sanity(almost at all) and the lantern has infinite oil which makes it less scarier. Another thing missing is inventory so you cant pick up anything to your inventory, if you need to take something you need to carry it around which is good, I think it makes the game bit scarier. The story telling is pretty good and maybe better than in Dark Descent, but I'm missing that when character reads you everything in his diary pages. Expand
  100. HD3
    Oct 4, 2013
    The game play is significantly simplified over the Dark Descent which will put some people off but it's every bit as scary and horrific as the original. The narrative is much stronger and well written and the environments are beautifully detailed. Cast performances are universally fantastic. Would recommend.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 59
  2. Negative: 1 out of 59
  1. Dec 12, 2013
    A Machine for Pigs is a well made and impressive game with a thorough thematic design and atmosphere. As a horror game it is rather spartan yet brilliant in that it let’s your brain conjure most of its horrors. Unfortunately it comes with a rather numbing effect that makes later parts of the game feel more formulaic and not as scary.
  2. Nov 5, 2013
    With problematic pacing and a complete lack of the horror element -that was the highlight of the first game- A Machine for Pigs didn't meet our expectations.
  3. 80
    A perfect clash of Dear Esther and Amnesia, focused on straining your nerves while easing - perhaps a tad too much - on the interaction and gameplay. [Issue#234]