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  • Summary: The 390th Bombardment Group in Tuscon, Arizona, was actually consulted on this budget-priced, arcade-style, airborne shooting gallery in which the player goes for high scores by nailing as many German planes as possible in a series of short "mission" stages.
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  1. Ultimately, despite the mission briefings and added element of switching cockpits and taking over as the bombardier, the game still gets repetitive.
  2. It is a glorified rail shooter, in the vein of Virtua Cop 2, among others.
  3. 52
    The title has some decent graphics and sound, but amazingly, is less fun to play than good old B-17 Bomber on the Intellivision. Not only that, but it's not very realistic, either.
  4. But to ask players to embark upon mission after mission of mindless gunplay and nonsensical war-fighting tactics belittles the role of the B-17 in the air war over Europe ... to say nothing of the fact that it offers nothing in the way of originality.
  5. For the very indiscriminate gamer, or those just crawling out of a 1982 bomb shelter, this would be the cat’s meow. For exactly twenty minutes.
  6. 44
    If you're looking for depth or a realistic simulation, look elsewhere. If you're looking for tense, adrenaline-pumping arcade action, you'll probably want to look elsewhere too. It's true that you might find simple glee as you blaze away with your bomber's heavy machine guns, but that wears thin in a hurry.

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