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  • Summary: Beasts of Prey - a new survival sandbox MMOFPS. Hunt Dinosaurs, craft items, build massive structures and create your own empire in a procedual generated game-world that grows with server population.
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  1. Jun 28, 2014
    This game - although early access, has a horrible problem. For those who like to play with inverted Y-Axis mouse control, you're out of luck here.

    The option has been promised, but the game is nearly unplayable for me right now. Also, the graphics and animations are so bad it is laughable, and the performance is worse. I can play games like Battlefield 4 and War Thunder with all visual settings maxed out on my computer, but this game stutters and pops and pauses every few seconds. I understand it's very early, but the way things look at the moment I doubt this game will amount to much.

    The premise is awesome, I really want to enjoy the game, but right now it CANNOT be recommended.

    Also, you'll be lucky to see a dinosaur - after two hours of play I saw just ONE. It disappeared into the mountains yet somehow it killed me - a huge bug that hopefully will be addressed.

    Overall, avoid avoid avoid.
  2. Jun 20, 2014
    Although this game released as pre-alpha on Steam for a nominal charge, it is clearly not ready for any kind of release. With one public server, the small terrain map quickly fills with buildings built by others to the point that there is room for more. How is this going to work. I mean a building every few feet doesn't make sense since this a wilderness survival with dinosaurs roaming around type game.

    Many of the game mechanics work but aren't fully implemented. What's the use in building anything if it can't be placed anywhere because all the terrain is being used by someone else.

    This game maybe ready for the public in a couple of years if the developers don't abandon the project. As it is now, don't waste your money. If you do you will be very disappointed. If Steam provided refunds for digital downloads I would pursue getting my money back.