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  • Summary: As journalist Jonathan Danter, you discover that a ten year old murder is somehow part of a greater mystery that could destroy humanity itself. Filled with baffling plot twists and conspiracy theories, you must uncover the mystery that reaches back through history from 1194 A.D. to the time Judas received 30 pieces of silver to betray Christ. Travel to exotic locations throughout Europe including: London, Venice, Rome and the Vatican, to uncover skeletons hidden deep within the closets of some of the most powerful leaders around the World. Play as 3 different characters throughout the game to solve the mystery. Find lost ancient manuscripts and decipher mind-boggling codes and symbols. Explore stunning environments and incredibly re-created historic locations. Strong action/adventure storyline creates a compelling gameplay experience. Use the memories and thoughts of the intriguing cast of characters to solve puzzles and expose dark mysteries. Game based on historical events though the story is pure fiction. Easy to navigate 3rd person point & click interface using the Virtools engine. [Lighthouse Interactive] Expand
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  1. So what we have is a professionally made game with all the right pieces in all the right places, but with enough imperfection to prevent an “A” rating.
  2. The gameplay is easy and straightforward, there are no mind-numbing puzzles. It is also a short game. However, it’s fun enough while it lasts for those who like these types of stories.
  3. It could have been a fantastic adventure game with the intriguing idea of using multiple characters simultaneously and its engaging story. However, the many flaws, including its glitch-riddled graphics, short length, and lack of direction, keep it from the adventure gaming hall of fame.
  4. These design flaws--along with some pedestrian puzzles and those aforementioned protagonist miscues--ultimately turn Belief & Betrayal into a servicable but largely forgettable European church tour. [Oct 2008, p.70]
  5. Every aspect of the game design has been mishandled in some way or another.
  6. Belief & Betrayal is a paint-by-numbers adventure that amounts to little more than a lame rip-off of the Da Vinci Code.
  7. Matters are made worse by the pre-2003 3D models, the atrocious voice acting, and the shocking writing. [Sept 2008, p.77]

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  1. PaddyS.
    Jul 5, 2008
    The game is not soo good.