Overwhelming dislike - based on 5 Critics

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  3. Negative: 5 out of 5
  1. If you hate someone, and I mean HATE someone, give them this game as a gift, in the hopes that they’ll play it, because that way you can say to them, “haha, you’re an idiot who plays Big Rigs!” I wish I could think of some redeeming factors for the game, but there simply aren’t any.
  2. So astoundingly bad that it manages to transcend nearly every boundary put forth by some of gaming's absolute worst of the worst and easily makes it into that dubiously extraordinary category of being one of the most atrocious games ever published.
  3. Imagine a game that would make "Smokey and the Bandit" look like Gilbert and Sullivan. I know it's difficult to imagine but Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is so pathetic it makes a sandpaper-and-vinegar enema sound positively delightful. Not that I would know.
  4. 0
    Since there are absolutely NO categories that this game can claim to have completed, it gets a 0. In everything. Gameplay is a 0 because those goal you have in the game isn't really a goal. With no competition, and no cargo, it's degenerated into 3D connect the dots. With no clipping, the Graphics score a 0. There's no audio, and with no gameplay, there's no replay. It's an aboslute failure in all departments of what a game should be.
  5. 0
    This is hands-down, the worst videogame to ever see the light of day. Really.
User Score

Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 762 Ratings

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  1. paulb
    Apr 2, 2010
    way ahead of its time, big rigs revolutionized what racing is all about. its is so mesmerizing that even the AI is unable to begin the race because its in awe of the visual backgrounds presented in this game. Please buy this game and hope stellar stone releases a sequel to this amazing off road rampage! Full Review »
  2. KyleWibrig
    Jan 18, 2006
    This game is awesome. I used to be a total loser, but after Big Rigs I feel so much more winner! Why can't I vote more than 10 for this life changing game/ Full Review »
  3. Aug 25, 2011
    This game should be archived as the sole representation of our entire existence and cast out into the cold reaches of space to show all life in the universe what mankind was created to make, which is a masterpiece thousands of years in the making combining all of our collective knowledge and resources to make this game. It is so great of an achievement of mankind that I call it a game only for the lack of a word that would properly describe this gift from god. Full Review »