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  • Summary: Playing as the Toa, Toa Nuva and finally the 7th Toa, you must explore the six elementally-themed regions of Mata Nui - a tropical paradise of high mountains, great lakes and mighty volcanoes - rescue the scattered Matoran and break the spell of darkness sent by the evil Makuta. In doing so you will face danger in equal measure from the islands many environmental hazards (including falling rocks, rainforest winds, icicles and lava falls) and the foul minions of Makuta. So whether youre a skilled player or a young gamer, the time has come to emerge from behind your mask. The fate of Mata Nui is now in your hands... Toa, you must explore the six elementally-themed. Choose any one of the six Toa characters to begin your adventure. Use the unique elemental powers of the Toa and summon 'blasts' of elemental energy to defeat your enemies. [LEGO/EA] Expand
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  1. Unlike mindless shooters, Bionicle's well-developed characters and plot give it a real sense of adventure. It's able to leave the player with the feeling of visiting a strange and mystical place while still offering fun and varied gameplay.
  2. 67
    Story aside, there's some pretty decent action here. Gameplay includes straight-up action, light puzzle solving, and fast-paced racing. The variety keeps things fresh and ensures you won't become bored.
  3. If you are a PC gamer looking for a decent third person platform title, do yourself a favor, do not pick this up and grab a console.
  4. Definitely not a purchase for mature PC gamers, but for those wanting a gaming introductory lesson for their young children, this might just be for you. Just plan on lots of patience, as this is certainly targeted toward the LEGO fans of the world.
  5. Bionicle's horrible controls and confusing camera angles (which shift at inopportune times) make it a terribly frustrating experience. [Feb 2004, p.77]
  6. All the wonder of the Bionicle universe has been bled dry by a vapid design, an atrocious camera system, and one noteworthy bug.
  7. 35
    The adventure is also far too short and easy -- you can complete the entire game (100%) in less than two hours -- even while struggling with some counterintuitive (because of control) levels.
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  1. Aitbomeron
    Dec 25, 2003
    I bought this game for my boy. Great graphics,Ran well on his machine(P3, 256Ram,32mgRadeon). It was a pleasure to watch him play it. He didnt have a problem and I would recommend it to any kid. Expand
  2. Jul 13, 2014
    The bad camera and horrible controls make this game extremely frustrating. If you really want to play this game, don't buy it on PC because I can only hope that it's not as horrendous on a console. Expand