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  1. Apr 6, 2013
    Absolute triumph of smart and deep storytelling, which is beatifully, masterfully made and pure fun to play... seems like candidate for game of the decade!
  2. Mar 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I got this game free with a new AMD card I bought in January but I will try to review it as if I had paid full price for it.... First off, some people have said that the graphics look dated well then it must be their PCs that are dated because with everything on Ultra it looks pretty amazing to me! As for the game itself, if you liked Bioshock 1+2 then you might have to consider that this is pretty much disjointed in comparison and is pretty much a different "license" as the story and gameplay doesn't fit in with its predecessors............One stand out feature for me is the audio. The soundtrack and the ambient sounds are second to none and I found myself giggling at some of the "remade" tracks, especially the Cyndi Lauper song at the beach (sorry for the spoiler). Being a child of the 70s/80s helps with some of the references during the course of the game.......Overall, I don't think the game is earth shattering, but the storyline and thought processes that have gone into this game will likely render it as a major Game of the Year contender commercially, and amongst gamers. I can't give it 10/10 as there are a few niggles with the AI here and there, but it's a definate and solid 9/10 in my books Expand
  3. Jan 27, 2014
    Bioshock Infinite must be one of the most cleverly designed games I’ve ever played. All design decisions made by the developers subtly direct the player towards interesting themes that keep reverberating throughout the story. This Bioshock game takes place in a different utopia that floats in the sky. Infinite’s gameworld, Columbia, is given incredible detail and is probably the most vibrant and dynamic city portrayed in gaming. Irrational Games designed characters that exude lively animations and personalities that, for the first time in the franchise, provoked genuine emotional reactions out of me. You play as an ex-Pinkerton agent assigned with a rather simple task that gets complicated quickly. Throughout your adventure in Columbia, the player is presented with some of the most uncomfortable and controversial game moments and takes a new approach with choice and morality. However, these segments are beautifully tied into the story’s theme and portrayed with such narrative finesse that the player’s discomfort is also accompanied with awe and amazement.

    While Bioshock Infinite doesn’t have the incredible level design its predecessors had, the game has extremely balanced gameplay that struggles between exploration, combat, and story. All details of Infinite are so carefully considered, it would be silly to assume that Irrational Games got lazy when designing the combat. If the combat system became any more complicated with extra secondary goals and additional exploration, it would disrupt the balance between the narrative and ultimately force the player to focus less on the story. While I would prefer that my Booker DeWitt had the ability to carry all accessible weapons with him, the two-weapon system doesn’t necessary bother me. Almost all weapons are very well balanced and merely cater to different gameplay styles without offering noticeable advantages in combat. In addition, I found that Vigors are a much more appealing magic system than the Plasmids in Rapture. The various Vigors react with each other differently and offer much more depth to the gameplay if you decide to experiment with them. The defensive Vigors, such as Return to Sender and an upgraded Charge, can become life savers on higher difficulties. It’s incredibly rewarding when the player perseveres through a challenging combat situation by cleverly utilizing their Vigor arsenal. Bioshock Infinite is one of the most colorful games ever crafted and steers the shooter genre in a new direction with its fluid gameplay and remarkable narration.
  4. Apr 3, 2013
    lets forget about the score........i dont even played this game yet...its about feeling and moods...alcohal drugs and hate....a word called love..............and long lost ...whatever........10 means its all good forever and i agree :).....................i must provide a score i said 10 then :P
  5. May 30, 2013
    This game is simply incredible. My words cannot do it justice. Best game I have played in a long time. Story telling at it's very best with great graphics and some of the most satisfying combat in any game I have ever played. Loads to see and do here and a game I will play through many times. I don't understand why this game has had negative reviews but I guess you cannot please everyone. I normally buy my games in the sales on steam; however I paid full price for this game and was not disappointed....worth every penny. Expand
  6. Apr 5, 2013
    Last of the greats in this generation of gaming. I can only hope for there to be another Bioshock. I can go on about it's superb story, visuals, and gameplay; but I'm sure you've seen enough praise.
  7. Mar 31, 2013
    All I can say about this game is WOW! The game starts amazing the player in its initial moments and does not let. The visuals are great and while the plasmids from the early Bioshock games return the added elevation and skyrail mechanics really add to the combat. The game is very linear, which plays wonderfully into the games story with it's many twists and turns that I only began to start to figure out just as the reveal was coming. Also, I know that there are many things I have missed on my first playthrough that are embedded into the games ascetics revealing more story. Worthy of all the 10/10 scores? Game mechanics wise maybe not but story wise? Absolutely. Expand
  8. Aug 20, 2014
    Though not as gritty as the previous two installments, Bioshock Infinate still boasts a brilliant cohesive storyline with well drawn-out characters and a setting that is visually impressive. The graphics are great, the voice acting is great, the ending is convoluted and confusing but its the score that helped me get through the game. The score is none-short of amazing.

    Overall the game
    isn't as good as the previous two but it's still a fantastic game with vast improvements and a great AI system where the AI actually help you out and not get in the way of thing. Expand
  9. Mar 27, 2013
    This game is nothing short but amazing. It's story will impact you for years to come, as it goes so deep into the human spirit that it is destined to leave a mark.
  10. Apr 8, 2013
    Amazing story, fun mechanics, terrific art design but after all is said and done, it's a straighforward, primrose-path shooter, and a not very original one at that. For those of us "old-timers" who were wowed by the pacing, edge-of-your-seat action, problem solving and mechanics of System Shock 2 and Deus Ex, this game is certainly wanting. When I pay $50 for a video game, I expect an interactive, dynamic experience what I got was an amusment park tour with some button mashing. Next time I'll watch a good movie or read a book if I want a similar experience to Bioshock Infinite. Props, however, for the creators of the story and their uncompromising vision. Expand
  11. Mar 30, 2013
    Gorgeous scenery, amazing music, satisfying combat, and superb voice acting. Infinite is a well put together game, that feels as though it was meant to be something else. I've followed Infinite for a very long time, since rumors broke about it. It's hard to play the game and not hear Ken Levine's early words, about the morality system, interactions with Songbird, and ideas of how the story was meant to evolve. You can even see how the game was originally going to be during the first chapter, and then it slowly fades away. That 'longing' aside, the story is still a bit lacking. It feels cheap and convoluted, at best. Especially towards the end. Overall a fun experience, that feels a bit shallow and pieced together. Expand
  12. Mar 27, 2013
    I just finishend is and. Maybe one of the endings in video game history. Both gameplay and story wise. Even if some things doesnt make sense yet. Guess that's what drives a good story if people can speculate about it. Gameplay was amazing, best shooter in years. No cover mechanic or health regen. Just bare gameplay. "Plasmids" aka Vigors where somewhat unecessary but that doesnt change the fact that this is one of the best games i ever played in my life. Expand
  13. Mar 30, 2013
    So many thoughts, and so many emotions, and often its impossible to discern one from another. I don't know how to describe it, but video games aren't known to make you feel this way. Then again, BioShock was never known from taking the well-traveled road. Be glad it doesn't.
  14. Oct 19, 2013
    THE MOST OVERRATED GAME OF THE LAST 5 YEARS - Pretentious writing and story telling - Out of date visuals, looks like a game from 7 years ago [Not surprising considering it was built for consoles and their tiny little amount of power] - Clunky and outdated gameplay. - Consolitis infected UI - Consolitis infected control scheme - Consolitis zoomed in FoV - Consolitis "Cant save when you want, we tell you when your game is saved" system. Sometimes you are forced to play for 30 minutes almost without your game saving. Really cool if you need to leave for work or another issue yeah? But that's typical of console gaming.

    Complete waste of time and %100 tripe from Ken "I sold out to consoles" Levine

    Lol at the other reviewer who said the graphics are "mesmerizing". I guess the last graphics he looked at was a console game in 1998
  15. Mar 30, 2013
    It has been far far too long that the gaming industry has creating a game with such an excellent story and characters. If fact, it has probably been since HL2. The graphics are great and the gameplay is very fun and fast but the real magic lies in the art, story, music and unforgettable characters that creates probably one of if not the best game of the decade. I am usually quite harsh with games since it has been a common practice for developers to shove out the same garbage year after year with little to no creativity or ingenuity but this game is one of those rare gems that surface every once in a blue moon. While not overly long it is still in my opinion a perfect length. I found myself not wanting to go to fast because I wanted to savor the story! Elisabeth is one of the most engaging female characters I have encountered since Alex Vance. There are few games that deserve a 10/10 but this is absolutely one of them. Expand
  16. Feb 16, 2014
    Where to start. Just another mediocre shooter, without any "fun while playing" without any gameplay inovations!. But this game has something different. Something more deep. The story, the music, game design, the overall feeling. I had deep artistic and mind blowing experience after the finishing the game. The story is one of the best stories in games...and that ending..... masterpiece..
  17. Mar 30, 2013
    I never invested much time in the original BioShock games, so I came to BioShock Infinite with some what mild expectations and was half hopeful it would keep me entertained one afternoon. The game delivered that and much, much more. The story is a bit of a mind-twister, but adds to the allure that few if any games ever accomplishes. The gameplay is a roller coaster ride, and while I say that almost literally, there is so much going on that kept me entertained for hours on end. The graphics, while some might argue are outdone by other games in the FPS genre, are in my opinion, still freaking brilliant. The characters are also quite lively, especially Elizabeth, of whom probably belongs on some list for the best female NPCs ever made. While I hate to do this in a review, I simply cannot resist giving this game a 10/10. It is awesome! Expand
  18. Mar 29, 2013
    probably THE best game i played in my life its not the game of the year its the game of the decade.
    This game is a masterpiece something that will last for life.
  19. Jul 7, 2013
    Easily one of the best stories in gaming, with a beautifully designed world and strong voice acting... but, its over-hyped. This is not the greatest game of the generation, because as a game, it isn't fantastic. The gameplay is fun enough to go through the story, but it not an improvement on the original Bioshock formula, in fact I preferred the first game much more. The vigors and guns don't match well, and it doesn't help that you are restricted to two guns, which takes out some of the strategic elements of the game. A boss is reused three times, and besides that enemy variety is only average, with the handymen managing to actually be annoying rather than challenging. All in all this game as a game is decent but nothing special, a 6 or a 7 maybe, but its graphics and story bump it up to an 8. Expand
  20. Apr 1, 2013
    I made a mistake. I originally gave this a 6/10. What a mistake. I apologise to all concerned.
    Engaging central characters, and a flawlessly constructed world make this a thrilling game to play.
    What lets it down slightly is the less than exciting special skills, the fact that you can only carry 2 guns at a time, and the 2 dimensional NPC'S. The storyline also teeters on the edge of
    falling into philosophical babble, but all this is small detail and in no way detracts from the overall scope and vision of this game.
    Having played through this title twice now, It gave me the same thrill as playing the original Bioshock, but by the end Bioshock infinite comes out on top.
    Really this is an 8.5/10 game
  21. Dec 26, 2013
    Meh, I didn't like this game as much as I hoped I would. The story was really confusing and I didn't like ending. I'm one of the people who couldn't wait to finish this game and I am very glad it was a short one, only 15 hours.
    I did enjoy the help from Elizabeth, she was sweet and I began to get quite fond of her but every other character in the story had limited appeal. It wasn't a game
    I felt immersed or invested in. Lots of copy and pasted people too. Lazy. Not sure why the big hype but my husband said he loved it so there you go, different strokes for different folks. Expand
  22. Apr 2, 2013
    Was there a problem with this game? Yes. TOO SHORT!

    This game is absolutely wonderful. One of the few games that I have played straight through. Graphics are excellent. Gameplay is strategic. City is great fun to explore. Science fiction elements of the game are nicely integrated. You definitely won't go wrong to play this title. I liked it much better than Bioshock 1 & 2.
  23. Apr 18, 2013
    The Bad: DON'T think too hard about the plot or you WILL be disappointed! They throw out so many interesting plot threads and potentially deep societal commentary that it draws you in. I was hooked! I had to know what happens! Then what could have been woven into a fine tapestry turned into a couple of threads hot glued together at the end. It became a job just to finish the thing once this dawned on me.

    The Vigors seem a little unbalanced and you are likely to only focus on a few.

    NO HACKING! None.

    The Gear you find, which doubles as your customizable character traits,  is completely randomized. If you reload a checkpoint, the item changes. (This could be good or bad really.)


    The Good:

    The Art design is fantastic! Most areas have something new to look at and explore and even the disturbing areas can be visually appealing. It feels like the art took up most of the games budget and it shows. Very memorable visuals around almost every corner, some are subtle, so stop and take it in!

    Combat, especially when leaping on and off the rails into melee, is often quite a lot of fun. You'll almost never run out of ammo or Salts once you join up with Elizabeth.

    They did very good research on the era they are portraying. From the dialect to the billboard adds, it really feels like you’re in the early 1900s. (Minus the floating city aspect. lol.)



    A deeply flawed and over hyped game that really did try to tell a good story, but ends up a frustrating and empty mess of a plot with great visuals and decent game play.
  24. Mar 29, 2013
    I don't love awarding games a Ten out of Ten. But this game is masterful. It is a first person shooter with an incredible setting, wonderful story, great protagonists and fun gameplay. The shooting might not be the best ever, but the awesome set design combined with the Vigor Power Ups create some of the best combat you'll ever experience. Furthermore, you play a true character! Booker DeWitt talks, a lot actually. Elizabeth is the best AI partner I've ever seen. She may not fight in the combat, but she is responsive, never glitches, and feels natural. Also, she is super helpful! But she is not just great AI, she's one of the best characters in gaming. You care for her, and yes, you care for Booker as well. The story is crazy. Even when you think it will become cliche, it doesn't. And the ending is unprecedented. It's told in the best way ever, No video game ending made me this emotional. I'm not even a Bioshock fanboy! I didn't play the first one until I finished this one (which is another great game). Overall, get this game. Any one giving it bad scores is not justified. It's okay if you feel it's not revolutionary like most of us. But don't say stuff that doesn't make sense just to sound justified. Whatever. I loved it, and a 9.1 user score shows that not even MetaTrolls will taint this great game like they did with ME3( I give that a 8/10, was disappointed, but still respect it). Bioshock Infinite is not perfect. Why can't we hold more than two weapons? Why can't we upgrade how many vigors we can hold? Why do we have to look at a specific place to attach to a skyline? Still, these little nibbles are excusable. This is right there with the classics. Oh, and definitely, the story here is one of the best you will ever experience (books, films, or gaming). 10/10 for sure. Expand
  25. Apr 4, 2013
    The thing that I love most about Infinite is it brings back classic gameplay while still innovating, sure you may not like the backtracking or the lack of hand holding, but this game was not made for casual players. This game was a masterpiece from start to finish, it clued you in to certain events subtly while providing additional details in the hidden collectibles. It pushed you to go out of your way if you wanted to discover all the pieces of the puzzle. The gameplay had you make choices constantly and hard or 1999 mode flying around the battlefield picking up any weapon you could get your hands on. A game that makes you think yet challenges your every decision, that is what makes this a perfect game.

    P.S. I would go into the fantastic voice acting, breathtaking environments, game defining companion, and the absolutely sensational soundtrack, not to mention THAT ending, but I need to finish 1999 mode. Do yourself a favor and play this game at some point because it will change the way you think about games.
  26. Mar 27, 2013
    Amazing game first one i have playing in years that i didn't want to end. i took my time playing the game as i wanted to see all the details it had to offer and loved listening to what the people had to say in the world. Graphics/Art Style are perfect and it has the game play to match. Story great as well you end up caring what happens to the characters in the game. If you going to play it start on hard as it not that challenging. Expand
  27. Mar 30, 2013
    This game is awesome! I can't say anything about the story without spoiling it, so I won't. But the graphic is very good on PC maxed out (on i7 2600k, HD6970 2GB), while it's not Crysis 3 level, it's still pushing the UE3 to it's limits. Elizabeth's character is well written, and the dialogs you have with her throughout the game drives the story without feeling like an information dump. The combat is a step up from the Bioshock 1/2's combat, having the sky-hook rail is fun. Having the flying city as a backdrop makes the battles feel surreal. Overall, it's a must play! Expand
  28. Apr 4, 2013
    It feels like you are playing a movie but three times longer and better. Amazing graphics, Amazing story. Not a single game out there made me care more a bout a certain character than bioshock infinate did. Masterpiece
  29. Mar 30, 2013
    Believe the hype. Bioshock Infinite is a masterpiece. The developers at Irrational Games have managed to provide yet another masterpiece to the gaming community, and this one will be talked about for years to come. It's a visually stunning accomplishment with an excellent narrative that challenges you to question the nature of life, death, and ultimately, your own reality
  30. Apr 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I almost wanted to give this game an 8, but then I remembered that I had so much fun playing it that I wanted to play it again right away! The thing about this game is that I loved it for the gameplay and characters, but it falls short in a big way for me personally. This was a fun game, but the story is somewhat flawed. Now I'll say right now, and admit right now, that in a game like this there are automatically going to be things that you have to take as is. In a fantasy/sci fi/surreal game or whatever you can call this insane game, you have to accept that there are things that there are no explanation for. Which is fine because there's no reason to spend hours explaining how the skyhooks actually work, and how you can jump from a skyline 50 meters onto the ground and take not a lick of damage. It's pointless, as Shakespeare said, "Brevity is the soul of wit", the game doesn't need to explain little things like this because it detracts from the story. But the problem is that character reactions are often... I would say confusing. >spoilers< First of all when you find Elizabeth and break her out, after she sees that she's been watched, she starts asking "What am I!?" First of all, Elizabeth is probably the best thing about the game, but the dialogue in the first part of the game is actually kind of silly. Why would she ask "what am I?" You find out almost instantly that she spent all of her time trapped in the tower reading books, that's how she knows how to lockpick, read geographical coordinates, and that crap. Yet even with all that reading she doesn't find it weird that she can open doors to other dimensions? Nothing even hinted to her that this wasn't normal? I was actually kind of surprised personally that she didn't catch on. There's a lot to be asked about her in general. Basically we are told songbird took care of her while she was in the tower, but that leads me to wonder why she can even talk or read in the first place. She acts like a refined citizen, even more strangely speaking like she's from the year 2000 (as if that is a humans default speaking tone), no old style accent or cadence like booker. The problem here is twofold; she is a fully grown, well groomed female with exceptional vocal skills yet she acts like she has no idea about things outside the tower. She seems to have a comprehensive knowledge of columbia sometimes, and other times not at all. Examples like not knowing what cotton candy are, or why there are two different bathrooms for racial types seem like pretty weird things. Especially the bathroom thing, racial separation is a pretty big thing in columbia. Beyond the strange behavior of the characters which often raises more questions than anything, the fact is Elizabeth is the most impressive AI character to ever follow you around in a first person shooter. Her facial expressions reflect the mood of the level, when you stand around she'll often go lean on something or look at an object on the ground. She will be shocked when you mutilate someone with the skyhook, on top of all of this she's about as strong as she looks aka not very. It's nice to see a female character in a video game that isn't the typical "feminist opinionated butch chick". Elizabeth is probably the most impressive part of this game besides some of the visuals that have been put together. Lastly the story. The story is a little more jumbled than the first bioshock, it still seems to make sense at first, but the later half of the game starts to get a little bit well, stupid. The closer the game seems to get to the core of all the WHY questions that have been put in your head the less it seems it's going to reveal them. The writing is the typical bioshock style. By which I mean psuedo intellectual philosophical crap. It's all the same as the first bioshock, a lot of stuff that sounds cool, but in the end could mean a million different things to different people, and ultimately fails to deliver a message that results in a conclusion. By the end of the game you wonder why you should even do anything because the longer the game goes on the more Elizabeth seems to know but can't explain to you. Eventually I felt like I was just following her around hoping for the best. In the end that's really how the game ends. With you following Elizabeth around, hoping for an answer to why and how any of what happened happened. But it doesn't quite get there. Even with all of that crap in the story though, the ending is definitely not bad and the story is definitely not boring. Albeit silly and often cryptically pointless. In conclusion great game, ambiguous but interesting story, and fantastic character personality. Expand
  31. Mar 30, 2013
    You've undoubtedly heard many praises surrounding this game, and it's my opinion that it lives up to the hype. The only thing i took issue with, was the somewhat "rigid" aiming system. It's not a impediment to enjoying gameplay, but as is, can be annoying at times. Graphics and voice work is excellent and although some people might disapprove of the "comic" inspired character designs, i enjoyed it. The story and character development is very well done, the details of which you'll have to find out yourselves. It's a welcome and worthy addition to the franchise, especially after the disappointment that was Bioshock 2. Expand
  32. Feb 15, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've played all of the BioShock series leading up to this and I don't know what this is. It seems that some BioShock elements were used to develop a limited, hokey shooter with silly elements added to it that have nothing to do with BioShock 1 and 2.

    Furthermore, the context of the story is unnecessary and unappreciated (racism...really?). It actually sheds some negative connotations on our founding fathers and the history of the United States albeit in some "attempted" humorous fashion.

    To sum it all up; if you're looking for a continuation of the epic BioShock 1 and 2 series, this isn't it. It's a rip-off from the coattails of the former two. Much like a horrible "part 3" of an otherwise fantastic movie series that wasn't written or directed by the team of the first two. The only reason I'm playing through this is because I bought it...thankfully on sale.
  33. Mar 29, 2013
    This game is absolutely incredible. The story, the voice acting, the character development is all there. The animation and visuals in general are a work of beauty, although I will say that the foliage doesn't look so pretty up close, but it's a nice effect from a distance. This game is all about atmosphere. You feel like you are part of this world. The combat I feel has been vastly improved from the previous games, and the UI is much simpler and more accessible. Expand
  34. Mar 29, 2013
    Great gameplay mechanics... challenging without being punishing (unless you want it to be) stunning visuals and hilarious voiceover quips throughout and in the end the storyline will leave you laughing out loud, saying "Whhhaaaattttt??!!!" as they take it somewhere amazing... all in all, amazingly well done... /golfclap to the whole development team
  35. Mar 30, 2013
    Fantastic game. The twist in the story alone is worth the price of admission, and when the last secrets of Bioshock Infinite emerged unexpectedly, my jaw literally hit the floor. Beautiful graphics and excellent use of the unreal engine. The gameplay while a little stripped down from the original dosnt diminish the quality present in the game and the skyhook you get to utilize later on in the game is intense and fun to use. Elisabeth is an awesome character and by far my favourite female game character hands down. A ten out of ten in my opinion there really is nothing to complain about in this game. Expand
  36. May 16, 2013
    Bioshock infinite is a work of art. If you play it how it is meant to be played- by taking your time and exploring the game is extremely satisfying. The combat is fast paced and exciting but the best part is the story. The same level as a movie such as Inception. The game is beautiful and captivating.
  37. Apr 10, 2013
    People who think this game is overrated are probably either not honest did not take the time to play the games correctly ,Or have too much expectation of what a game should be TAKE YOU TIME ENJOY THE SHOW .

    This is a very funky and cool game Of course the story was not written by Charles Dickens or Tolkien give them a break, come on !

    The graphics are simply fabulous the blend
    of Disney type and digital graphics is amazing the heroes and characters are credible and you get found of them the voice acting is perfect .

    I am proud to have purchased this games and in the same time encouraged the peoples who have worked so hard on it !

    I can describe the game as being an interactive cinematic story telling shooting gallery type EASY FUN AND BEAUTIFUL. A nice way to get out of the daily routine .

    the games that i have loved Monkey island Half-life serie Fall-out 3 and LAS Vegas Titan quest Dead island Civilization
  38. Apr 21, 2013
    Utterly gorgeous, but way too glitchy. First the controls were defaulted to XBox 360 and mouse/keyboard simply didn't work (I just spun in place). Once I google'd that problem down I ended up hitting another glitch in the carnival games entirely unable to continue this is only a few minutes in to the game, so I'm calling the rest of it as not worth trying.
  39. Apr 5, 2013
    There is no denying that Bioshock: Infinite is a very well made game. The story is superb, the voice acting is great, and environments are spectacular. This game does everything possible to immerse you into a wonderful story.

    The gameplay however, did not live up to my expectations. The presence of Elizabeth constantly handing you ammo and salts trivialized the otherwise frantic hunt
    for ammo and the need to try new weapons based on what was available. The enemy types also felt painfully repetitive and the "founder" enemy type with the machine guns felt very over used. Also, there was no need to try out any of the vigors as I progressed. Based on the descriptions, some of the first few vigors in the game (Shock Jockey, Devil's Kiss, and Murder of Crows to be exact) seemed like the best 3 vigors in the game. Same thing with the gear the first four items I found were never replaced because they seemed like the best gear I could have equipped leaving no real sense of progression throughout the campaign other than the occasional weapon upgrade.

    The campaign was great but I do feel that some sections were unnecessarily elongated. During the middle of the campaign when you are searching for machines to make weapons and traveling back and forth between dimensions in the same area I did not feel any real sense of purpose and felt like I was aimlessly wandering. Additionally some aspects of the plot, while very interesting, felt overly complicated and it almost requires outside research to understand everything.

    After beating the campaign, I felt no real desire to replay it. Most of the fun involved getting to the end and having everything explained to you to tie the story together. After knowing how it ends, playing the campaign again, ever on a harder difficulty, just seems like it wouldn't be as fun.
  40. Apr 3, 2013
    Wasn't what I was hoping it would be. Would've been better if everyone was a lunatic like in the other bioshock's. The NPC act like drones no character to them. Also I HATE SIDE KICKS! I don't know why this side kick was necessary. Was some survey taken and 9 out of 10 boy scouts agreed that side kicks are awesome? At least this side kick isn't constantly trying to kill itself. Would've been better if you could've told the side kick to back off or stay here or go away Ill call you if I think I need a side kick. Expand
  41. Oct 17, 2013
    Sublime, fascinating setting, lovely rich complex plot, great game mechanics, fantastic varied weapons which are balanced incredibly well, sumptuous graphics, amazing sound including period covers of modern pop songs which have been realized perfectly. I mean.... Come on people, what do you want?
  42. Apr 9, 2013
    This game has a really somber story, which is definitely not something that i like, but I do approve of it on a more technical level. The writing is some of the most intricate I've ever witnessed, and everything is a 'logical' progression of events that you can follow if you're not trying to finish the game at 4 AM. I have a love/hate relationship with Bioshock Infinite, but I also have to respect it, because what it did; it did near perfectly. Expand
  43. Apr 18, 2013
    It's a good game, but vastly over rated. People claiming that this is game of the year, 10 out of 10... give me a break. The story is fantastic, the presentation is eye candy and the combat is fun... that's about it. My main concern is the lack of content in the game compared to other action adventure games out today: single player is too short, few types of weapons/abilities, no variety of enemies and just not a lot of things to explore(I explored every corner and opened most locked doors). The movie clips you find throughout Columbia are just lackluster and pointless. It tries to add to the story, but it's just a lazy addition that most people just end up skipping.

    People are going to argue that the story is so amazing that it compensates for the lack of content, but it's a video game... not a book. Of course you have to take into a count the contents. Honestly this game seems much more simplified compared to the other Bioshock games. And of course like most game developers today they are going to charge people for extra content in DLCs instead of putting it in the base game. I would have gave this game a 8, but people are over rating it way too much.
  44. Apr 5, 2013
    So, this is a great game, the story is amazing, the visuals are fantastic and the world was beautiful and immersive. However I did not like the combat (played on Hard and 1999 mode). Apart from the heavy hitters there was not enough variety or tactical challenge. The vigors added some depth to the combat but frankly I didn't need to use most of them and it felt a little tacked on. However the narrative and characters totally washed this away and I do think this will be a strong contender for game of the year. Expand
  45. Apr 4, 2013
    An outstanding game with an exciting and engaging story, a beautiful, detailed environment, and a unique combat system. The exploration alone makes the game worth buying. The story and pacing are both done extremely well, without any nonsense moral decisions tacked on. The only reason to dislike this game is if it falls outside your personal tastes. This game is about the story and the ability to explore every corner and rooftop of the immersive environment of Columbia. Players who can appreciate these things will not be disappointed. In addition, elements like tears and skylines give a fresh new take on combat this is enjoyable and a break from the repetitive nature of most new shooters these days. Overall, an excellent game. Stop reading and go play it. Expand
  46. Mar 29, 2013
    I knew Bioshock Infinite was going to be good, but an unrivaled masterpiece I didn't expect. A new standard not just for FPSs, but for all genres of gaming! Thank you Irrational Games and 2K for creating/publishing a game that's beyond reality as we know it!
  47. Apr 8, 2013
    Ok, so the game play is fantastic, i think we can all agree on that. The addition of Elizabeth to the combat system really kept things going at a nice pace, opening tears, deciding to open a cover tear or a turret tear, giving you the option of healing yourself or replenishing your plasmids (salts) on your own or letting Elizabeth do it for you. Overall, the aiming and shooting mechanic where spot on, so where the new plasmids introduced like the crows and water tentacle. Being able to carry only 2 weapons at a time was bothersome at first, until i found my ideal set up and just leveled them up. The skylines were great fun too, however i feel that they were not used to their fullest potential. Only real problem i had with it was that it was WAY to linear in comparison to older entries in the series. But yeah, over all, fantastic game play, best in the series by far.
    Presentation, the game looks stunning, really, even on my mid range PC, running this on very high it felt like a dream. It looks amazingly good. So much detail was put into everything you just have to stop and look at everything the game has to offer. Elizabeth is beautiful by the way, this goes without saying. The amount of love and care put into her character is very noticeable, from her facial expressions to the way she moves, she feels like straight out of a Pixar movie (An adult rated one mind you).
    Music, while not the best in the series (mainly due to the fact that the soundtrack is TOO SHORT), still offers up enough to satisfy my tastes. And what it lacks in quantity it sure makes up for in quality. BOY are there some fine pieces of music in this game: From classic-style versions of "new" songs to frenetic violin and strings in combat. Voice acting is top notch, i have talked a lot bout Elizabeth so far, but the main hero, who you play as, Booker Dewyt, was performed FANTASTICLY by the great Troy Baker, who has become an icon in the voice acting business by now. Everyone else were great as well, not a single voice feels out of place in the world of Columbia.
    Finaly, the story. OH BOY OH BOY. A fantastic narrative that was presented through great exposition without shoving too much info down your throat. Through the environments and character, it weaves an emotional tale without ever resorting to cut scenes or having to leave the perspective of Booker. Although i must admit, i hated the ending at first. It all felt like it was coming down to an amazing climax that left me not only sad but confused. This was partially my fault however, since i powered through the game in about 8 hours without paying too much attention to the story. However, after playing it a second time, paying close attention to the story and the world around me, i finaly understood the ending which i will not spoil, but DAMN, WATCH AFTER THE CREDITS PEOPLE, ITS WORTH IT. That being said, the tale that Irrational games have put together is breathtakingly good. Really, once i understood what the was going on by my second play through, i fell in love with it. The best advice i could give you is to not power through the game like i did, take your time, examine your surroundings, pay close attention to what is being said and you will really come to appreciate this fine work of art that is Bioshock Infinite. There are some problems, like the fact that its WAY too linear, short (if you power through it like i did) and confusing if you're not paying attention. But these are MINOR complaints, and this game deserves nothing less than a perfect score from me. 10/10
  48. Apr 17, 2013
    In what is sure to be a title reviled by critics and fans alike, the third game in the BioShock series, BioShock Infinite, breaks away from the underwater setting of the first two games to take players into the floating city of Columbia. BioShock Infinite was heralded by some as an overhaul of the first person shooter genre, but with an overly familiar first person viewpoint and the clichéd inclusion of firearms in the game, Irrational Games have failed to create a product capable of holding a candle to undeniably superior genre titans Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This game has made many attempts to shake up the formula with a number of departures from previous titles. With the staggering improvement of changing the name of the ‘plasmids’ to ‘figures’, and the slight redesign of the Big Daddys (now dubbed ‘Handy Boys’), Infinite is sure to be the target of criticism for a lack of imagination and gameplay that appears to have been directly copied from the founder of the FPS genre, Call of Duty. It seems altogether unfair, however, to compare this unmitigated failure to the shining bastion of innovation that Infinity Ward and Treyarch have created.
    Firstly, while Call of Duty has managed to fundamentally alter the formula of the game each year, Infinite will, unlike Call of Duty, be unable to avoid well-founded complaints that the game has not changed since the release of BioShock 2 in 2010. The question must be asked: if the game’s sky city setting is a significant change, why have the developers re-used boats as a lazy attempt at creativity? While the Call of Duty series has shown an unprecedented dedication to historical accuracy and realism, Irrational Games have clearly dispensed with ‘inconveniences’ such as credibility and integrity, by creating a completely fictional city in the sky as the setting for the entire story. Having consulted the history books, this reviewer is satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that Irrational Games are guilty of the tort of rape against the plaintiff, history. The only thing to be said in support of the setting is that Irrational Games allowed the game to take place on Earth, thus not committing as grievous an offence as the appalling Mass Effect series. Disgusting anachronisms abound, such as the inclusion of the Beach Boys song God Only Knows, a track released almost 50 years after the game is set. It is particularly curious that a game which has its head up in the clouds (both literally and in terms of design) would select a song written by a clearly beach-oriented group, a stark contrast to stylistically faultless Call of Duty: Black Ops and its inclusion of the Rolling Stones song Sympathy For the Devil. Finally, the HUD is both ugly and unoriginal, failing to display necessary information, such as killstreak rewards and in-game chat.
    Regrettably, BioShock Infinite fares no better when considering its storyline and character development. The player controls lowlife ruffian Booker Dewitt, (a simple copy of Soap MacTavish from the Modern Warfare series) a white supremacist and implied rapist of the secondary character, Elizabeth, a thoroughly uninteresting individual whose origin story has clearly been sourced directly (without adequate referencing techniques to boot) from the tale of Rapunzel. The skyline movement system seems, at first glance, to provide a satisfactory and interesting way to navigate the environment. This would be a feature to be commended, had it not been clearly taken from the Call of Duty multiplayer map Kowloon, which included a zipline function, led to the widespread production of ziplines in the real world, and unfortunately in copycat game worlds such as the world of BioShock Infinite. The storyline is convoluted and difficult to follow for even the most astute of gamers, with each plot point inducing either a groan of disappointment or a frustrated exclamation of confusion from players who frankly deserve better.
    A litany of technical issues plague BioShock Infinite, preventing it from fulfilling the lofty expectations projected by its developers, chief of which being the discrepancies between the PC and console versions. Even with the most advanced gaming rig, PC gamers will be frustrated to learn that Irrational Games have been (understandably) unable to bring the fidelity of the Xbox 360 to the dated hardware of the PC. BioShock Infinite is another reminder that PCs are simply incapable of functioning as a gaming platform on the level of the Xbox or its most immediate competitor, the iPhone 5.
    Failing to deliver on the gameplay, story and stylistic promises made by the developers, this game isn’t worth a moment of your time, let alone a cent of your money. Gamers of all sorts would be better served by an anthology of Call of Duty releases, on their Xbox, iPhone or Mac platforms of course.
  49. Mar 27, 2013
    MASTERPIECE FLAWLESS, REMARKABLE, BREATHTAKING, UNTHINKABLE, DIVINE, PERFECTION. I can muster a thousand words that try to accomplish what this game entitles. But only you can experience what it beholds. To say a must buy would only tarnish it's beauty. To say it's plot would only corrupt it's experience. To say it replay-ability is an unknown to what presents in quantity. The reality is this, that I of a gamer, have never written a review that I could not forsake a flaw that I identified in game play. For my wish is to find an error, but such a circumstance I cannot find. Irrational Games is the holy grail of life, the one I always wished to find. Now I have the experience to witness at least it's mortality of beauty. Thank Irrational Game, you have made my gaming experience, not for a decade, but a life time of gaming memories...................

  50. Apr 7, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite definitely has its flaws. It's extremely linear, poor enemy AI, a seeming infinite amount of supplies and money from Elizabeth, enemies not very challenging (even on hard), and the game holds your hand the entire way through, it's too short, upgrades are virtually worthless, the waves of enemies & violence really detract from the violence, and there are numerous questions that are never addressed. However the game is so well done in terms of narrative and art that it really pulls you in, the characters are wonderfully scripted and the way Elizabeth runs ahead of you and makes these little comments made me impressed. The ending, of course, is also crazy.

    The game is good, but not the best of a decade like I've seen it been called. Definitely over-hyped and not worth the 95 metacritic score. Though, it could be as others suggested, it's just the best out of recently mediocre releases.
  51. Mar 30, 2013
    I can say the graphics re amazing or the soundtrack was stellar. Both of which are true. But for me it was the story that made this game. Peeling back the layers to figure out what's going on. And it ends on a note that just left me speechless.

    The negatives are no way to manually save. Because frankly some cutscenes are just so impressive I want to experience them again. And the game
    does lull a bit in the middle. Where you're running back and forth doing similar fights. Many parts of the story at this part could have been streamlined. But to the games credit this isn't something I actually realized until i finished the game. At the moment I was too busy soaking in the experience. Expand
  52. Apr 21, 2013
    Poorly designed first-person-shooter with useless spells called vigors that are made redundant by overpowered guns you are constantly being fed ammo for. Not only that but there are automated sentries littered throughout the game you can activate to play the game for you. The plot is just a build-up to an epic twist and it is essentially a 10 hour escort mission with a typical damsel running in front of your gun and whining. Expand
  53. Apr 5, 2013
    I know my opinion doesn't really matter and that I am probably "beating on a dead horse" here, but I cannot rest until I post my opinion of this masterpiece called Bioshock Infinite. I'd post it before, but I was too busy so far playing the game and trophy hunting. Anyway, if you trouble yourself checking out my other reviews for other games, you'll notice two things: 1) this isn't a puppet account, created for the sole purpose of inflating the score of a certain game, and 2) the game has to be darn good for me to give it a high score. That said, consider my score truly genuine: Bioshock Infinite REALLY kicks posteriors. The storyline, the gameplay, the voice acting, the graphics... I mean, absolutely everything in this game is amazing. I ain't gonna write loads about it, I'm just gonna say: get this game if you can, or live to regret it if you don't. Ken Levine, Irrational & company: please keep the amazing stuff coming! Oh, and haters? Would you kindly go get stepped on by a Bid Daddy? Thanks. (I know the preceding sentence is BS1 reference, but meh... it fits the purpose). EDIT: (just had to do this...) Are you a Duke? Or a Dimwit? When a really good game comes out, Duke stands up and happily applaud the people who went through so much trouble to make it. As for Dimwit, he just says: "Meh... the graphics look rubbish on my $200 laptop, and it doesn't play like CoD!". Remember boys and girls, don't be a Dimwit!" Expand
  54. May 16, 2013
    A gorgeous world and intriguing story, inspired by utopian/dystopian fiction and American history. Expertly-crafted and beautiful game-world with enough stop-and-stare moments to fill your hat. Very polished and technically almost perfect. However, I would agree with some of the comments here that the gameplay just isnt' quite as good. The shooting is a fun experience, but nothing that stands out. You won't remember the game for its gunfight action, but you will be mesmerised and propelled along by the sheer craft of the world, characters and unfolding story. If they had this world, mixed in with the kind of multi-choice gameplay dynamic of something like Dishonored, then the game could have got top marks. I'll certainly go back and play through again in the future a solid 8-8.5. Thanks Irrational! Expand
  55. May 24, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite takes everything we know about linear gameplay and does it all right. With an unrivalled plot, the likes of which overwhelm all but the 'A-est' of the A-list Hollywood movies, The most compelling efforts of the writers is to convey the underlying themes that don't become apparent until late on in the story and with a beautifully devious twist of an ending, it certainly leaves the player wanting to get on the wiki site ti learn more. Bioshock Infinite is certainly one to be remembered, and with the nourishing level of detail, forgetting the beauty (and ensuing chaos) of Columbia will prove difficult for any gamer. With the physics engines and graphics cards of 2013, Infinite leaves us thinking "Damn, if only Rapture had looked this good."

    If anything could be said against the game, it would be Irrational's lack of effort towards creating a fully function AI society. Whilst the player is indeed submerged in a city with non-aggressive AI to bolster the feeling that you are in a real human settlement and not just a war zone, Irrational struggles to do this improvement over the game's predecessors any real justice with the lack of interaction between the AI and the player itself. One finds themself questioning the difference between taking stuff from a chest of drawers and taking stuff from a chest of drawers with the word 'steal' at the bottom of the screen, demonstrating the scripted incidents carried out by the competely robotic artificial intelligence.
  56. Mar 27, 2013
    For me, this game is Portal 2 all over again. As a game compared to universal standards it's awesome, but compared to its predecessor (I only acknowledge the first), it falls short. But it certainly goes pretty far to meet the bar set by the original Bioshock. The beginning is an atmospheric masterpiece, but after a minor complication with your first escape attempt the plot loses some steam. Later in the game, the plot turns upside down in typical Bioshock fashion, and though it's well executed I didn't much care for it. As always, the ending is mindblowing and anyone who uploads a video of it should be shot on sight. Graphics aren't earth-shattering, but the lip-syching and voice acting are phenomenal. Probably the best part of the whole game is the interactions between Booker and Elizabeth as their relationship changes throughout the story. Conversations are believable with just the right amount of ambiguity to keep you guessing about the story, and Elizabeth is by far the best videogame support character in history, barely nudging out Alyx Vance of the Half-Life series. This game should never be sold for less than $50, but I do take issue with the "pre-purchase DLC" scam they've got going on on Steam. Expand
  57. May 5, 2013
    I would give this game a 10 for plot and emotional impact, but I have to take off a point for gratuitous violence and the extremely annoying display of the 2K brand each time you play. The plot is more sophisticated than any other game I've played and the lead NPC is more engaging than I've previously experienced. If you don't mind fountains of blood and some extremely hectic moments, this game will sharpen your reactions and stretch your ability to improvise under pressure. Most people will finish with the question "What just happened?" Fortunately, there is a good explanation available online for those who struggle to comprehend, as I did. I have to ask, why waste so much talent on an environment and story, only to pitch this adventure to the lowest common denominator of blood-and-guts adolescents? Expand
  58. Apr 5, 2013
    wow. just wow. video game as art? look no further. this is as close to art as you'll see

    the last hurrah of the old consoles--they couldnt ask for a better send off
  59. Aug 23, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is a refreshing break from the bland genre that the modern FPS has become. The setting and atmosphere of Columbia really fit the time period and make for a cohesive feeling universe. The city buildings and residents fit the period with enemies and the Vox giving that "bioshock" flavor. Also really enjoyed the original music and the modern songs redone old style and a capella. The story is well written, structured, has good pacing and kept me interested. The mechanics of the skyline in combination with the weapons and skills allow for some interesting combinations. There are a few faults such as some uneven difficulty, some under/overpowered weapons & skills and AI lacking smart strategy (mostly just pursue and attack). Overall though its a fantastic game. Expand
  60. Mar 30, 2013
    You already know what to do. Don't think. Buy. A world to live in, combat system to indulge in, and a sequence of events without wasted space. A masterpiece of synthesis. Join myself and the elite few who have bested 1999 mode and be at peace.
  61. Apr 18, 2013
    logically i would put 9 out of 10 for this masterpiece, but all in all, i am in too much disappointment i'm a fan of the series. It began when I played the Bioshock2, following the first, and waiting years for sequel.
    So, i have waited for almost a month to buy this gem, held myself from reading spoilers from internet.
    Basically i'm astonished and amazed by the design of the levels, so
    much details. yet the atmosphere is somewhat bland. At first. i was expecting some kind of dark atmosphere, horror and mysterious city of Columbia a remedy of the first and the 2nd Bioshck, or some sort, but there isn't. Maybe, the story will develop there, so I thought. But following the story, there was no horror. no eerie feeling after bloodshed, while corpses piling up, but it was no new sight in games.

    the gameplay, is somewhat linear, no revolution from the previous game. It's awesome though, the blast explosion, effect, the game engine works out wonderful. It expect us to experiment with variety of powers and guns. but encounters are predictable and filled with "meh, them again?" situation. walking through new levels, then suddenly music changes. enemies show up from nowhere. but none of the encounters really memorable nor exciting, not even the bossfight. The so called Vigors are scattered around the city, and stores, but none of the enemies using it, the AI have been given the variety of guns, but they only overwhelming when surrounding you. i'm expecting to fight the Songbird, but what just play the whistler and he will be your pet, i was like, "just damn".

    the characters besides Elizabeth are not really memorable either, NPCs are copypasted here and there. Fitzroy really doesn't have strong appearance. NPC design models are good.not great. citizens are scripted to walk in predicted path, bump 'em and nothing happen. Elizabeth partially useful, yes she's pretty, i wont say stupid, but often blocking path in a narrow hallway.

    the overall philosophy of the story is clever, complex, but morbid. the game is antagonizing an ultranationalist-racist-religious zealot character comstock. I dont feel sympathy to the antagonists, but not really empathy to Booker either. from the first playthrough, the game filled with insult, and not the kind of insult that funny to follow. then comes the use of physics references, e.g quantum mechanics. basically it's fine, most games using it. but the ending is on half part logical, and distressing as a whole. I already thought that elizabeth is Booker's daughter, the time she demonstrate the ability of tearing the energy barrier between harmonic universe. what if booker fall for her before the siphon destroyed? Booker will be, "Holy i almost f***d my own daughter". The game itself doesnt really describe the social connection between the two. In bioshock 2 eleanor called Atlas "big daddy" as Dad, and it describe the connection. but Bioshock infinite didn't. In the process of the play through we are expected to be attached emotionally to the game, to the story and atmosphere, to elizabeth, but in the end she drowned me so she could save some other billions universe i don't give a okay that's rich, but not satisfactory why games these days always wanted the player to kill himself? really? why?? as a religious and a physics major, the overall concept story in this game is a real troll. worse is, there was no alternate ending. I'd rather vouch for farcry 3 for "not killing my gilrfriend" moments.

    overall, design is complex and uniqueness 8 points. combat 6. story 7. moral lesson -1.
  62. Mar 27, 2013
    16 hours, (smelling all the roses, one play-through half on hard half on medium difficulties) Now I go to watch lets play's from my favourite commentators and scarer Youtube and the "internets" for anything trivially connected to BioShock (including playing Dishonored from Bethesda!) I don't want to be done with BioShock, I want more. A position which most story tellers would want their patrons to be in. Now to critique the game. The Good I feel that much of the game's developers deserves awards big time! The sound and art in particular the composers, designers, artists. Did one almighty polish of this game. The best thing about most AAA computer games experience these days is that they are separate from Hollywood, in this case better too. In the future I have no doubt this will be even more prominent.

    The Bad Balance. For a polished game being over budget and over developed the balance and combat design is far sub-par of the rest of the experience. Partially understandable, since in a lot of places the combat takes a back seat to the overall experience (within context). This combat is suppose to be largely about vigor's, whilst there was nods to it, there were no large NPC emphasis. I can count on one hand the NPC's that used vigor's. I guess it was slightly better then constant quick time events. This by far was the weakest of the overall BioShock experience, though forgiveable given the rest of the experience. Some people would say lack of manual save games, i would agree. Performance was a little gluey in some areas. The sky line. I would of preferred a little more use of it. There is a certain upgrade that makes you invulnerable jumping on and off it, that was a bit of a balance cheat, however its upto the patron to want to do that or use another character upgrade. The Ugly Character modelling was sub-par, I don't think this cities was meant to be about clones [maybe it was] I can't tell if that was a short-cut, a convenience or a limitation or if it made sense once you get most of the story. Too much of the textures were basic 3d meshes, not sure if that was intentional.
  63. Mar 27, 2013
    Overall, the experience of Bioshock Infinite is a muddled one that can't seem to decide what it is. Is it a social commentary piece? It is an action movie filled with stunning vistas? Is it a study in the morality of player choice? Is it a cosmic horror story? Is it a story of redemption and sacrifice? In the end, Bioshock Infinite is none of these things. It is, instead, the story of Ken Levine trying to recapture the surprise and innovation of the original Bioshock and falling short, delivering a strictly average game that ends with a whimper, instead of a bang. Expand
  64. Apr 4, 2013
    B-R-U-T-A-L Así, con mayúsculas y guiones... El uno me encanto, el dos me enamoro y esta ya... pues me ha violado. La duración, no es excesivamente largo, pero tampoco es corto, me ha durado lo suyo dándole caña. La ambientación fantásticamente exagerada. Como ya nos traía Rapture, Columbia es la megalomanía llevada al limite de forma magistral. (ojo a según que paisajes, de gozo)

    Los gráficos lucen bastante bien en una configuración media-alta (teniendo en cuenta las características de mi portátil) sin sombras dinámicas, mención especial para las visiones de la ciudad en su esplendor, fantástico.
    Casi siempre superando los treinta con holgura excepto casos sangrantes de bajada de FPSs sin razón aparente (pocos pero existentes)... El resto perfecto.

    A nivel de jugabilidad... Bueno, no añade demasiado; quizás habría que hablar de los Aero railes, interesante pero no va muy allá. Mantiene el nivel de los anteriores, osease, alto.

    Música, pues al son de la ambientación, a medida.

    La Historia merece un aparte. Interesante, enrevesada... Me he sorprendido muy gratamente. Le he cogido cariño a Elisabeth, "mira per on".
  65. Mar 30, 2013
    Undoubtedly one of the greatest games I have played in a long time. A must buy for anyone and everyone. If you have doubts about this game, don't, your purchase is justified. However, try to play the game knowing as little as possible to get the full experience
  66. Mar 30, 2013
    I've known about this game for at least two years prior to its release. I suspect that Irrational began working on this one right after they released the first game of the series. The atmosphere and narrative in this game are unique and immersing, and make it stand out amongst other run-of-the-mill zombie, WWII, or 21st century-based shooters. It's clear that Irrational put massive time and effort into this game's development. The game-play does echo that of the first Bioshock in some ways. Vigors are like Plasmids, and Salts are like Eve. Each gun and Vigor is upgradeable, and there are plenty of vending machines from which you can purchase supplies and said upgrades. My only real complaint about this game you can only carry up to two guns at a time. Fans of Halo or Crysis are probably used to this, but I'd personally like to have at least an additional weapon slot or two. Still, this doesn't hinder overall game-play too much. I like the fact that you don't have to babysit Elizabeth like you did Ashley from Resident Evil 4. She knows her way around a fight and knows how to assist Dewitt, even though she remains unarmed. But she never feels like a burden. Also, you don't have some Irishman asking if "you would kindly" be his errand boy every five minutes over a comm radio. You pretty much explore the world on your own as you would a Metroid game, though Elizabeth does drop hints on occasion as guidance. Though I've beaten this game once, it feels like one of those movies that has to be watched a second time in order to understand it better. Maybe I have to play through it a second time to better understand the story. Overall though, this is one of those rare moments where the game lives up to the hype, like Half-Life 2 did in 2004. The ratings, both by Critics and Users, are no joke. Try this game at least once in life. Expand
  67. Apr 7, 2013
    As it always happens with this franchise, the new bioshock title is a must have. The story is intelligent and full of impresive twists, the graphics are great and the flawless music is probably going to recieve a lot of awards. I won't give it a 10 however, because of its reduced duration, and because, while fantastic, it's not as brilliant as the first one.
  68. Mar 29, 2013
    A beautifully crafted and well-written game with some... ambitious combat that is unfortunately dragged down from perfection by a sluggish and only sparsely interesting middle. Memorable and well worth the money, to be sure, but not without its faults! The middle part of the game is a bit of a slog and once you figure out a gun/vigor combination that works for you there's little reason to ever deviate, even on the higher difficulties. That being said, you're not likely to play another game with such jaw-dropping setpieces and captivating storytelling this year. Even the original Bioshock doesn't quite stand up. Expand
  69. Feb 3, 2014
    Not bad. Decent graphics, good voice acting, boring but solid FPS combat. Worth it for the eye candy perhaps, but I won't be playing it again.

    This could have been something special: setting is very impressive and stylish with lots of attention to detail, and the developers were obviously trying to say something intelligent. Instead - the usual move forwards and kill, repeat, repeat.
    Why? Because a guy who I hear speaking sometimes is evil.

    There's more to it than that, but if you want to find out what happens at the end you need to rack up an enormous bodycount first. The other Bioshocks and System Shock had puzzles and exploring; Infinite is just about shooting everything and then finding the exit to the next area.

    Cool characters that might become Booker's allies manage to find bizarre ways of becoming his enemy so they can be added to the death toll. The sheer amount of meaningless killing (Booker pulls the trigger and Elizabeth throws him more ammo) makes situations like Booker stopping to tell Elizabeth that stealing from a tomb is wrong ("Think about what you're doing!"), unintentionally hilarious.

    The moral of the story? Gunning down hundreds of people is fine as long as they are evil, but racism is very very very bad.
  70. Mar 31, 2013
    Absolutly outstanding game, A deserved 10 and GOTY 2013. Show your support for the videogame industry and purchase this game, if you don't reward something good they might disapear. Think about it.
  71. Mar 27, 2013
    If one day, the developers of Assassin's Creeed, BioShock and The Elder Scroll meet to make a game, the outcome could be:
    - a total disaster
    - the first real interactive experience worth this name in history
  72. May 9, 2013
    Let's be honest, the gameplay itself it's mediocre, normal shooter with some special powers BUT the story and climate of this game are just perfect. The way the story is told, and it's construction leave player open-mouthed and shocked. The graphics aren't as flashy as Far Cry 3 graphics but artistically they stand on a very high level, the music is very subtle and perfectly adjusted to what's happening on screen. Hands down for me it's gonna GotY in FPS category. Expand
  73. Mar 29, 2013
    Mechanically, I think BioShock Infinite is actually superior to BioShock. I found the first game to involve a considerable amount of shooting the same baddie, to the point of tedium. In Infinite, this happens occasionally, but normally it makes more sense. There aren't any tiny mobs which just take hours to kill.

    Story-wise, it's pretty strong, the inclusion of a focus character, and
    the inclusion of lots of random people walking the streets make the world feel alive, and the characterisation's generally pretty good. I get the feeling that the plot in Infinite, although engaging, isn't quite as well thought out as in the first one. All in all, this is an excellent game, which after about 7 hours, I'm enjoying far more than I did BioShock. Well worth buying, especially if you like the other games in the series. Expand
  74. Apr 6, 2013
    I absolutely loved this game, up until the bosses. Why do you have to f_ck up a game with boring clichés? Level-boss-level-boss... So damn obtuse and narrow-minded. I played it on hard and it was really easy, but for the bosses. They made the same mistake as Deus Ex HR did. You can finish the game mostly with using your head and without superfluous button smashing, then the bosses try to compensate. I replayed Bioshock 1-2 not to long time ago and I can't remember hating boss-fights (yes there were too) as much as here. In Infinite it didn't work, after a few tries I switched to easy to get on with it... Nothing kept me there. In Dishonored there were no bosses and I loved it for that.
    I enjoyed it in every other aspect (except the erroneous collision zones... and the "you jump 2m high, than get blocked by a pile of rugs..."). One other thing I hated is the checkpoint system. Bioshock was a pc game. Why did they have screw BI with the hated console shame, the checkpoint. You lose up to 10-15 minutes of advancement if you have to stop and reload later. The spreading console virus on the pc is a shame...

    The story was very good except some forced elements like racism. I expected it to go somewhere, to say something, but in the end it was just as the glow on the textures trying to hide the low-poly models (that I don't mind if the game is good). I never felt anything forced or made up in Bioshock 1.
    This year we started up to this point with 2 "almost got there" games (TR & Bioshock Inf). Both very good, enjoyable games, but not perfect ones. Mind you I've listed mostly the stuff I didn't like, every thing else was great! It would cost me a few hours to list the elements I liked/loved. It is a very good game, but in the end it left me with a bad taste in the mouth it could HAVE BEEN so GREAT!
  75. Mar 29, 2013
    I was skeptical of Bioshock Infinite at first, but I'll admit most of that was from getting my hopes up for Aliens Colonial Marines, but this game absolutely blew me away. WOW! Simply stunning. It feels like its been forever since such an absolutely rock solid ENVELOPING game has hit ANY system! I enjoyed Bioshock, I really enjoyed Bioshock 2, but since I picked it up on Wednesday night, this game has completely entranced me. The last time a game had this effect on me was when Fallout 3 came out, and I started playing right after work, only to look at my watch (what felt like an hour later) and realize I had to get up and go to work in 2 hours. This game is absolute gold, and I added an extra half point for the decision to NOT include multiplayer.

    Everything about this game is top notch. The voice acting, the solid responsive controls, the graphics (which numerous times took my breath away.... on XBOX360 even), the sound. The weapons are all satisfying, upgradable, and feel like they do appropriate damage (I CHALLENGE you not to shout YEAH!! the first time you perform a melee execution). The beloved Plasmids have been cast aside in exchange for Vigors, which are actually even more satisfying to use (setting a group of badguys ablaze and then shooting a murder of crows at them is wildly fun) Everything was given exactly the right amount of attention. What really steals the show however is the story line. In the first two installments we had atheism and science gone awry. Now it is the Tea Party gone wild in 1912 draped in glorious retro/futuristic visuals. Instead of deep in the ocean however, someone turned the damned lights on, and now we're soaring in the clouds. This is what worried me initially since the first two games just dripped atmosphere, but here Irrational Games knocked it out of the park, blending bright airy open spaces with genuinely creepy interiors, all populated by strikingly well designed badguys. On top of all of this, they've removed most of the water from the game, which Im sure had some purists like myself wondering how it would be pulled off.... the answer is that instead of water, you can tear open the fabric of space and time, and cross dimensions, which repeatedly left me mindblown throughout the course of the game. This feeling again though reminded me of how completely immersed I was in the game, and how fully they'd suspended my disbelief. Um cons. Lets see. I had a graphics glitch at one point where a big red line appeared across the top of my screen. That is all. Yes. this game IS that good. It is seriously one of the best games I've ever played, an absolutely magnificent work of art.
  76. Apr 5, 2013
    I can't ask for anything more in a game. Fantastic story told right. Absolutely gorgeous ambientation. Well written characters. "Just-right" pace and mechanics. A game that lasts long enough and still leave you wanting more.

    What it gets right completely make it up for the game`s forgettable flaws. If I have to complain about something i would say that the story is a little too focused
    on the main characters leaving some important side characters without a strong sense of purpose. (but even that kind of makes sense by the end)

    Strongly recommended! games don't get much better than this. That is... story focused games don`t get much better than this. If you are all about casual games and online multiplayer this may leave you wanting more.
  77. Apr 1, 2013
    Another fantastic title in the BioShock franchise, if you loved any of the other BioShock games, you'll love Infinite. Much like all of the other BioShock games, you do not need to play one, to understand the others, as they all have their own independent story line and characters. The game looks wonderful and plays wonderful.

    I took two points off of BioShock Infinite, the first being
    there is way, way, way too much combat in the game. Every 10 seconds it's room after room of enemy swarms, flooding the room, attacking you. I found myself enjoying the more peaceful missions better then cutting through hordes of people.

    The second reason why I deducted a point was simply how linear the game was. I feel as though it could have been a little bit more open ended. I know we cannot expect this of the BioShock franchise, but a more open world would have been greatly appreciated. In a floating city driven by rail based travel, the world is fairly closed and basically pushes you through the entire story, almost as if down a hallway. All in all, it's exactly what you'd come to expect from a BioShock game, it looks good, plays good and sounds good. As always the story and characters are compelling and interesting. I am sure this will be a game of the year FPS in 2013.
  78. Apr 2, 2013
    I feel like it'd be a little pointless to go into detail about why this game is so good as there are already hundreds of other reviews saying the same thing. It's a really fun steampunk adventure with a nice combat system that's easy to control yet tough to master, takes place in one of the most imaginative locations I've ever seen in a game, and it's all tied together with a surprisingly deep plot that warrents a second or even a third playthrough to fully grasp. I've played it twice and was surprised how much I picked up on that I didn't notice the first time. It's an incredible game. However there are a few crtiticisms I have for it, nothing that really hinders the experience but things that could have made it even better. The weapon upgrades are shallow compared to bio 1 and 2, most of them are either minor damage or clip size upgrades, would have liked to see more variation in that department. Also I don't like how in bioshock games, dying doesn't really have any penalty beyond respawning out of the battle area. They did add a few penalties such as enemies getting some of their health back, but overall I would have preferred they scrapped this idea for the sake of a more balanced health system. Lastly and most importantly, I really would have liked to see them do more with the boys of silence, they only show up in one section toward the end and their role seemed pretty underdeveloped. But beyond those things I highly recommend this game. Expand
  79. Apr 4, 2013
    Really, it is a wonderful game with a great story and unforgettable gameplay i reccomend this game to everyone. The only thing i miss is the co-operative and a various endings but, i hope, it will come in DLC. Great job 2K and Irrational!
  80. Apr 21, 2013
    To begin, the environment and setting of Bioshock Infinite is absolutely breathtaking. Certain elements of the story are mind-bending and impressive. However, it suffers from several fatal flaws that make it less than stellar.

    The Good
    As previously stated, the environment of Columbia is beautiful. The setting is amazing. Irrational Games went through extensive lengths to make the
    world a believable retro-scifi environment. The technology, sights, and sounds of the era are everywhere and feel like they belong. This world could have easily been imagined at the beginning of the 20th Century and that's a good thing.

    Additionally, Elizabeth and Booker, the protagonists, are amazingly complex and fleshed out characters. You can't help but feel attached to Elizabeth nor can you avoid feeling sorry for Booker as he tries to makeup for his sins.

    The gun play is quite well done. Weapons seem responsive and aiming was not a chore. Ammo seemed to always be just a bit short which may have been intended, but was at times annoying. The environment requires quick thinking. Booker is human, not super human, and requires you to periodically duck and seek cover. This is a positive. You have to think about moving into the line of fire and how long you stay there. Altogether positive experience with the controls.

    The Bad
    The bad lies in the fact that you have no choice in how the game ends or what your character does. In fact, Irrational Games makes several taunts throughout at this little fact. You can of course travel down certain paths do a few side quests, but the story is very linear. You will always end the same way. No exceptions. You have no control about what path you take, and in-fact many of the scripted scenes force you to choose only one choice.

    In addition, there are a ton of quick time events that leave you with the illusion of having control over your character where you have to do certain things within them, but you quickly realize the most decisive choices in the game are predetermined. This is no Mass Effect, and the game developers seem to revel in this repeatedly having characters in the game remind you that no matter what choice you make, it will always end the same.

    Additionally, the very ending of this game leaves the player shocked, disturbed, and more importantly, severely disappointed. There is little to no resolution of the last 25 hours of game play and it raises more questions than answers; none of which you're going to be able to answer because the game doesn't explain it to you. As far as story writing goes, this is a no-no.

    If this weren't enough, once you discover the statement the game was making, if you're a person of faith, especially a Christian, you can't help but feel personally attacked.

    It's been almost 24 hours since I finished Bioshock Infinite and I still can't get the bad taste out of my mouth. The plot has similar qualities to many science fiction and dark fantasy (i.e., horror) short stories. The kind of stories that at the end leave you asking "What the heck?" and leave a dirty, gritty feeling. Thankfully, those short stories usually only involve investing an hour of your life, not twenty. This leaves you ample time to wash the taste out of your mouth without feeling like you've wasted too much of your life.

    Bioshock Infinite doesn't give you that luxury. You invest nearly a day of total gameplay only to be kicked in the stomach and then told to "deal with it."

    I still feel like I'm scrubbing my tongue to get the taste out. Does someone have a steel wool scrubby?

    In Conclusion

    The game has an amazingly imagined and executed world with a fascinating story that will keep you glued to your seat until the end. The characters are well-rounded, believable, and complex. If you don't feel something for Booker, Elizabeth, and maybe even Comstock by the end, something is probably wrong with you. Unfortunately, these close attachments are stomped on and spit on by design.

    The ending punches you in the stomach, rips the rug out from under you, and kicks you a few times for good measures. The raw dirty feeling doesn't go away. If you happen to be a pro-American, Conservative, and/or Christian then the ending will sting even more.

    The beautiful world, amazing characters, and fluid game play keep this from being a terrible game, but the ending erases almost all of the good points. I'm glad I didn't have to drop $60 to play this. I can't not recommend this game because it has beautiful experiences, but I can't recommend it either.
  81. Apr 3, 2013
    Few games affect me enough to where I am literally slack-jawed in awe; but Bioshock Infinite accomplished this in me. The story is absolutely not to be missed. Sure, I didn't adore all of the combat; but once you were able to strike a balance of Gunplay versus Vigors, it was actually a lot of fun to set up elaborate chains and combos. Regardless of gameplay, again, the story is 100% absolutely worth seeing through to the end I am still mesmerized by it.

    Play this game, it is an instant classic.
  82. Mar 28, 2013
    I really enjoyed playing through the game. The praises well there is so much buzz around this game that I'm sure you know the good bits. There were a few irritants, though ...

    1) The enemies aren't fantastic. I don't fault the AI as much as other people; the enemies just weren't as fantastic or varied as in past Bioshock games. It's aggravating that there were even commercials
    featuring the Boys of Silence enemy type, because they really do anything. The majority of the fights are between you, cops, street rabble, and a handful of robots. Combat itself is kind of boring, too, attacking with maybe a third of the available weapon types and only 1 type of enemy using anything resembling a vigor.

    2) Level interaction was weird and limited. Sometimes, I could walk off the city and die. Other times, I couldn't jump over a handrail to fight in the street.

    3) Most weapons and powers felt like a waste of time. The vigors seemed to be tailored to really specific situations, mostly, with a couple of them appropriate for general applications. The same with the guns.
  83. Apr 15, 2013
    It's a good game and it's fun, but it's not a great game and it will not have a lasting appeal. This game is also fairly short. $60 for ~6-9 hours of game-play is a little steep.

    Think of this game as the action adventure version of BioShock. Unfortunately the shooter mechanics are not good enough to stand on their own(like other BioShock games) and there is not enough other stuff to
    fall back on. The plasmid replacements don't seem to add much to the game and the weapons aren't very interesting so combat is very repetitive. There really isn't much in the way of enemy variety and very few enemies have unique mechanics. This causes the action to get a little stale sometimes. Most of the time combat involves killing a wave of mooks and then moving two rooms down a linear path and killing another wave of mooks who will sometimes be accompanied by a generic miniboss that you have already seen a couple times.

    The story is decent but it really isn't self consistent, which might bother people.(it bothered me a little bit) The environment is also less interesting than in previous BioShock games. The areas are very linear, with linear branches that go to optional equipment or lore. It doesn't give the same sense of exploration as previous BioShock games.

    Overall it's definitely not a bad game and it is worth playing, but it has it's fault and is generally over-hyped.
  84. Mar 30, 2013
    A magnificent game that truly does justice to the concept of video games as an art form. The amount of attention to detail and the quality of workmanship shines through and through.
  85. May 13, 2013
    helloarty gave this game a 0, and said that it was just another call of duty clone. this dumbass retard clearly never played bioshock infinite. it is not even remotely close to the gameplay, story and art of call of duty. helloartty should go get aids. please do the world a favor.
  86. May 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The start of the game was a blast. The visuals and the art are really awesome and it does a great job on introducing the player into the world of the game.

    But after one hour playing, all the colorful illusion starts to fall apart. At the beginning, I got extremely excited with the non-regenerative health bar thinking that I would need to look after my health and keep always exploring that epic city looking for health items, but a dozen battles later, somebody throws me a bucket of cold water when I am forced to pick a power-up that gives me a Halo-ish regenerative shield.
    The gunplay is terrible. All guns fells weak, looks bad, have wimpy sounds, and can't kill unless you hit the head. Enemies are very static. You can hit them in the leg, in the arm, from behind, it doesn't matters. They will never react differently to your attacks. They look like motionless robots.

    There are cool melee executions, but the system to perform them is broken. I think it has a 3/4 chance of failing at it and killing the enemy with a regular melee attack. This is extremely frustrating.
    And, I can't forget to mention the extremely boring, unmemorable, and uninspired soundtrack.

    The game has some very good points. Very good visuals, Elizabeth is an excellent companion, good narrative, but I think these points are not enough to justify the aforementioned problems, and are not enough for saving this game from falling into the "generic shooter" category.
  87. Mar 30, 2013
    I rarely write reviews but Bioshock Infinite is one of those very few games which live up to the mark, honestly speaking this is a game i have really enjoyed after Half-Life 2, perhaps i can confidently say its the best game made in the past 6-7 years. It is better than Bioshock in a number of ways as the narrative is very deep and twisted, at the end of the game you will be all blank and shocked. Graphically the game is a visual treat as Colombia looks stunningly fresh and vivid, a perfect feel of a city floating in the sky midst of clouds and the bright shiny sun rays scattered all across the things you can possibly see, it really feels believable and real, as far as the gameplay goes its exactly what bioshock is meant to do, and this time you can use your weapons and vigors together just like in bioshock 2 which completely changes the combat system and every vigor has an alternative fire which can be used for tactical gameplay, especially on hard because the game really felt difficult. Sound design is also very good and the art direction is very strong, despite of the unreal engine showing its age now there is never a moment where i felt that the game was lacking a graphical use, the dev's managed to pull it off in a beautiful way. But graphics are really not that important in this game as its more dependent on its plot, narration and gameplay, Elizabeth is beyond the conventional AI partner that we have seen in past video games, she literally interacts with the environment in a variety of ways, helps during combat it feels like a human is controlling her, its more like an invention sort of a thing which is one of the most strongest points in the game. Its clear that Bioshock Infinite is a game made for intellectuals and a necessity for the generation to realize the definition of a stellar game, performance is also ace on the PC, even on a core 2 duo and HD 5670 i managed to pull it off using ultra textures and everything set to high along with AA, got good frames, im glad they decided to optimize it for the PC as i have read in reviews that its not so good on the consoles. This game is stellar and im happy to say my faith in gaming is restored,

    Thanks Ken and Irrational!!! This is surely a FLAWLESS MASTERPIECE!
  88. Jul 30, 2013
    Enchanting. Top notch game experience. The developers built an amazing world, and told an interesting story. YOU MUST PLAY THIS.

    One of the best games I ever played.
  89. Apr 7, 2013
    BioShock Infinite provides a blueprint for engaging players in a meaningful story and captivating their imaginations. Although it struggles in some respects, such as less than stellar boss fights, it manages to mitigate those struggles with excellent pacing and storytelling. This game has incredible production values. Everything from the atmosphere to the environments to the set-pieces will astonish both old and new players. In many ways, this doesn't feel like a BioShock game. This is not the cramped, dark, and overtly tense game that was the original. This is a much more subtle and dare I say refined sort of tension one where you're unsure of the motives of any given person, including yourself. The climax and ending of the game are worth asking price alone. If you found yourself disappointed with the conclusion of the original, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised after you set down your keyboard and mouse, sit back from the monitor aghast, and begin filling your mind with the infinite. Expand
  90. Jul 1, 2013
    There are plenty of things this game did right, and plenty that it did wrong. The plot twists and story were interesting and kept me wondering what was to come in the next sequence of the game. The setting was great and very original, at least to my knowledge. But the story is its most worth feature and is what makes the game shine to most people.

    Taking a look at the characters made me
    frown a little bit, seeing as Elizabeth is the only redeeming character in the entire game. Most of the others had very bland dialogue and boring backgrounds that had no influence to the plot what-so-ever. The only thing that made some of the characters stories interesting were there relations with Elizabeth.

    Some of the poorly done things in Bioshock Infinite include the game play above anything else. While I enjoyed the game I felt bored from time to time. The vigors were a good attempt at keeping things interesting but I felt little use for them. There are too few enemies in this game, and the special enemies only make rare appearances. The majority of enemy encounters in this game include armed men carrying Rifle's and Shotguns, making nearly every fighting sequence a long distance 'duck and cover' battle. For its time, the gameplay is very stale and needs some serious improvement.

    All in all I enjoyed the game for its practical elements like the story. It just lacked in so many other things and I feel if these things could be improved upon, Bioshock Infinite would be a much better game.
  91. Mar 30, 2013
    Now THIS is a video game. The prime and shining example of an incredible story that CANNOT be told through any other media. It has the gameplay, it has the visuals but its the brilliant storytelling that will truly set this masterpiece apart from any other game created this generation. Bioshock Infinite stands (almost)alone in stark contrast to the stale rehashes, reboots and sequels we gamers keep on receiving. This game raises the bar not just for the other FPS's, but for the entire industry as a whole, not only all gamers, but everyone in the gaming industry needs to sit up and take notice.... this is how its done. Expand
  92. Apr 14, 2013
    its a good game but its no way a 9 or 10. the shooting elements are good imo. im not really a fps player but i enjoyed the gameplay. the story is good if you into inception kinda stuff.. the problem is if you are playing you wont understand a lot. in the last 30 min you will get all informations. good game but overrated imo. best game ever? no its just a good game
  93. Mar 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was a pretty big fan of the original Bioshock though I never played Bioshock 2. I came into this game having not really payed attention to press releases other than the trailers, not really having any specific expectations for the gameplay, and not really knowing what was or was not promised. I'm going to try and review it from that perspective since it seems the most negativity I see is aimed at the lack of things apparently promised in pre-release hype. I'm also going to analyze the plot a bit so their will be spoilers. I am also going to review this from the point of view of a person who is not a huge FPS fan in general as I really am not. Gameplay: In terms of gameplay, Bioshock Infinite is not really as innovative as apparently a lot of people expected, but from my perspective, while not everything it does works perfectly, it works well enough to at least be very fun and engaging. The gameplay is less revolutionary and more like an evolution or crossbreeding of ideas from other games before it (but then again crossbreeding ideas is the cornerstone of the creative process). It has both a regenerating shield and a health bar that needs to be maintained, it has something like the Plasmids from the first game (but they really only serve to give you more options on how to approach the challenges presented to you rather than being entirely crucial to winning, and some of them are basically useless), and it has the two-guns at a time mechanic popularized by Halo so many years ago, though not all the guns are of equal usefulness. The gameplay also revolves more around larger, more open air battlefield style areas than the original Bioshock did while retaining the emphasis on making use of what is in the environment strategically, including mechanics to add and remove key elements from the environment. If you do or do not like the gameplay decisions they made will really depend on your taste in FPS gameplay mechanics in general. I personally love the more narrative focused FPS games in general over the multiplayer-focused ones and many of the design decisions here are apparently made for the sake of making the action and narrative more of the focus with a constant-flow without any sort of story-pausing abrupt interrupts, hence the tendency towards linearity, the lack of hacking mechanics and the reduction of lock picking mechanics to a single button command. I like that kind of gameplay, you may not. Story While Bioshock was already pretty heavily story driven, Bioshock Infinite is even more so, in a way, narrative is what this game is all about. The game takes place in a fantastical setting designed to spark the imagination in that unique way that has made steampunk so popular. The game is thematically very similar to the original Bioshock: It has a false utopia brimming with internal conflict upon which an outsider with an apparent connection to the place is lead to by circumstances where they get caught up in that conflict (in this case, they witness the collapse rather than arrive after it happened). Like the original bioshock, the false utopia is built upon a historical political ideology, in this case, the flying city of Columbia is based on late 19th century American Exceptionalism taken to a excessive, religious extreme. This has tended to lead to a fairly touchy matter. A number of negative reviews I have seen from users here seem to express offense at the seeming negative commentary the game is making of religious conservatives. But the thing is, no opinion from the developers is ever explicitly stated, what is implied is ambiguous and open to interpretation as there really is only one character who does not (at first) exist in a moral grey-area, and the story isn't even *about* the social commentary made anyway. The story *really* is about two outsiders caught in a conflict between two radically different and very opposite political philosophies (that are both essentially depicted negatively) and, by the second half, becoming enemies to *both* sides, and their story is really about exploring themes of fate and destiny, self-knowledge and identity, guilt and redemption, abandonment and reunion. But mostly the story is all about character, particularly the main female character of Elisabeth, much of the story focuses on *her* development as a character from a relatively innocent idealistic character to a mature, wiser, more sober character by the end. In many ways, she is the real main character, being the the catalyst for everything that happens in the game.

    To sun it up Great narrative, fantastic setting, gameplay elements that work well but do not break the game when they do not. I reccomend giving it a playthrough. I'm going to give this game a score of "generally favorable" which means I have to give it an 8 since, apparently, a 7 is like an "F" for most video game reviews and all other numbers below that are basically meaningless.
  94. Apr 10, 2013
    Combat was alright. Choices didn't really matter. BUT THE STORY IS SOOOO GOOD. Play this game. It is like a long movie that really is worth GOTY. Buy this game now.
  95. Mar 29, 2013
    This game is truly something... it had been a long time since a game hooked me enough to make me play it from start to finish in just one sitting.. i installed the game just to "try it out" and ended up playing for 10 hours in a row minus eating and going to the bathroom.. this game is astonishing! The character design is superb and it accomplishes something most games can't even begin to do, it makes you care for the characters, care about what happens to them. Now, the graphics, the graphics have been an hot topic here because some people say they are superb some say they suck... Well, they certainly do NOT suck.. yes, we are not talking about crysis here, but if you're making that comparison you're missing the point! This game is not hyper realistic and it doesn't try to be but what is astounding is the art direction.. the graphics are not about realism, i'm certainly not the right person to explain this but to be honest i had as many if not more "wow" moments while playing this game than while playing crysis and those "wow" moments were for completely different reasons, on crysis i'm surprised that it seems so real, here, i'm surprised it seems so beautiful! On to gameplay! Gameplay isn't phenomenal and i'd say it's the weakest part of the game, that's not to say it's bad, no! not by any stretch of imagination, it just doesn't manage to keep up with the rest of the game, gameplay is entertaining but nothing more.... The story, the story is phenomenal, the settings, and the way you interact with elizabeth, they're all exceptionally good! overall this game is a masterpiece and in my opinion will be one the defining games this gen... i was mesmerized by this game and i'll go through it again for sure!

    Note: don't want to spoil anything but the ending is awesome :D
  96. Apr 16, 2013
    Summary: Game is an enjoyable play through, a must play for heavy gamers, but that does not mean it is without holes.

    -Stock graphics. While other games may be better on high end systems and modded out Bioshocks stock graphics are good and enjoyable wit a different art style
    -Detailed game world. There are details everywhere that immerse you in the game, if you stop by people
    they have conversations, if you stop by a table your companion will look at the items instead of staring off. The way the story builds throughout in minor pieces is good.

    -Guns. You can only carry 2 guns at a time which is a big problem to me. I dont have a problem with only 2 but there is no way to switch out. you just have to randomly pick up guns as you go. While you can use the carry load excuse it doesnt help when you can carrpy as much as ammo as you want (up to a max) the variety in weapons also isnt great and you will just use the OP sniper most of time as the enemies just sit back.
    -Not many battles. There are maybe only 10 real shooting scenes in the game. and when you have the last one you don't even know its the last and isn't special at all.
  97. Apr 6, 2013
    That game was awesome, and it's story was like Steven Moffat slapped Bioshock 2 for being bad so hard it flew past Inception, into the stratosphere and became a Planeswalker.
  98. Mar 16, 2014
    This is one great experiences, and surely one of the best of last-gen. BioShock Infinite has a unique artistic style and a highly detailed world to go along with a good story. There are parts where it feels like there's just too much combat, but the fact that the combat is fun, and the story is good, you just want to keep pushing through to see what happens next. Although it's not as great as the original, it's still a game that deserves to be played. Expand
  99. Apr 14, 2013
    This is my first Bioshock experience and I am underwhealmed. The graphics are nice but sloppy in places. The game itself is muddled and way too easy. There are reviewers stating this is a revolutionary FPS experience. That blows my mind!! The two games I previously completed Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 2 were both far superior to this in gameplay and complexity. I did like the quantum physics aspect to the plot but they don't explain enough. And like I said the game world and environments are decent. Overall just an average shooter. Expand
  100. Mar 27, 2013
    I really cannot see how anybody can say anything bad about this game. It is, without a doubt, the best FPS game I have played since the time when Halo 3 was the king of FPS games. While Halo 3 still sits upon the throne as the best FPS game I've played ever; BioShock Infinite is the closest a game has ever come to dethroning Halo 3. This game comes as close to perfection as you can get. It tells you a story that doesn't seem to make much sense, at first but becomes more and more clear as you near the conclusion (which is a good thing). The gameplay never felt stale with 8 different vigors and an impressive arsenal of firearms. Elizabeth is an NPC companion that is actually very useful which is very rare in games lately (need I remind anybody of Sheva from RE5 or Ashley from RE4?). The only two MINOR problems I do have with this game that keep it from utter perfection is: No new game mode and you can only have two guns equipped. The problem with only having two guns at a time is all the guns are amazing and having to chose which two you want, at times, can be a very difficult choice to make. In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed BioShock Infinite and will be playing through again and again until I find absolutely everything this game has to offer. Expand

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    Play BSI slowly, relish the moments and don’t rush to the end. It’s certain that you will have lived one of the richest gaming experiences that, as far as narration, lyricism and story are concerned, will take a lot of time to forget! [May 2013]
  2. May 7, 2013
    A very solid, but not revolutionary shooter in an amazing setting, with a story that struggles to convey its authors’ ambitions and is only seemingly complex. The vision is less focused than in previous Bioshocks and it does a worse job on binding the plot with gameplay. [CD-Action 05/2013, p.46]
  3. May 1, 2013
    Problematic plotting and excessive amounts of poorly balanced combat apply friction to what is otherwise one hell of a rollercoaster. [May 2013, p.80]