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  1. Dec 25, 2013
    Yes, the game has its flaws. But if you like vampire games you will enjoy this one too. The characters are likable, the story is cool and the music adds to the atmosphere. The controls take some getting used to, but in the end aren't bad. This game reminded me of Vampire Redemption and I'd like to see more. One thing I wasn't happy about is that the game only has co-op, not multiplayer, so you'll need an XBox controller if you want to play this on pc. Expand
  2. Apr 11, 2014
    The first time /i played it, the controls are a bit awkward and the camera strange. But after playing several hours I understand the controls.

    Automatic fixed Camera angles turning.
    The game creators chose for fixed camera angles to hide certain secrets a bit. As you walk past certain areas you might just see the secret items. Because of the automatic fixed angles, I can play without
    to keep turning the camera myself and can focus on the battle. In certain maps they could have changed the angles a bit, like in the city. Then you walk towards the player but the camera is still looking in the opposite way your game character is walking. Because of the camera choice, it plays more like an arcade game. Not to many controls and let you focus on the action.

    Aiming weapons
    I had to find out how to aim. By turning the mouse around the player, you aim. The game has some auto aim, that is handy for the enemies that are far away. Althought it does not always work well. The aiming angle and actual shooting direction is sometimes off by some degrees. But that is not very bad. It's ok, if you know it. The game does not require you to do head shots accurately. So that is fine.

    Weapon diversity
    The two weapon types are crossbows and swords. The player can control the girl or the man. You can swap character in the middle of the fight. Some areas require arrows to solve the puzzles. Other areas require swordfight to overcome the hordes of enemies. You need to use both characters.

    Character abilities
    They both have special abilities like fire arrow, suck blood to heal, jump and crash down attack (male) and hits all enemies around, etc

    They require some tactics, but is more arcade.

    Armour and weapons loot
    Both characters will find items from chests (some hidden). The items will change the apearance of the female or male character. Flaming/ electricity swords and bows.

    Bug found that is not so nice.
    If you have multiple monitor, it's possible that it will minimize the game, because you pressed the mouse outside the game window.

    It's enjoying t play. And has replay value. It has 3 endings: Pro vampire, neutral and pro human.
  3. Mar 17, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Although "Blood Knights" may seem like an uninspired mediocre vampire game at first glance, it presents quite a few interesting concepts. Unfortunately none of them were developed well and as a result the whole game feels unfinished and loosely cobbled together. The combat system isn't anything special, but there are actually points, where switching to the other character helps a lot, which I thought was a nice touch,since it adds at least a little bit of strategy to an otherwise shallow system. I didn't really experience much trouble with the controls, except for controlling your jumps, which felt very unnatural (probably as a result of poor animation). Now this wouldn't be such a problem if the game didn't constantly throw these unneeded platforming sections at you and in almost any case falling means certain death, which sends you back to the next checkpoint. The critics really seem to point out this checkpoint system as one of the game's main problems, it didn't bother me much, though, as the annoying platforming sections were thankfully almost always right after a save point. These sections were probably made for padding out the game,as it is quite short (around 5 hours with all side activities done). This and the linear level design is a clear sign that Deck 13 cut the development cycle prematurely,which is a real shame,as I was actually quite impressed by the dark,stylish look the game had, despite the sub par quality of the textures and lighting effects. I'm guessing they originally planned to give you much more freedom, as there are some side quests throughout the game, but no quest log to track them (you wont need one,navigation isn't really a problem). There is also a world map,but it basically restricts you to travelling between the current mission location and the base town,where you can access the trader.He would have been another good element to add more depth to the game,but unfortunately he is nearly useless. He only sells items from the current tier (which you will pick up as loot anyway) plus two ultimate weapons, which you will probably have enough gold to buy near the end of the game. And since they are better than anything you can loot, they are the only thing worth buying from him. There is also another trader, but she sells completely useless garbage. The story actually piqued my interest quite a bit. Mainly because of your main character, Jeremy, who at the start of the game kills vampires with extreme prejudice, but later himself becomes what he hates the most. The developers were trying to make him a conflicted and troubled man and this is reflected by the choices you can make as the game progresses.This was quite a pleasant surprise as these choices were not always purely "pro human" or "pro vampire". Then there is your companion, Alysa, a vampire bound to you by a magic ritual. I'm guessing it was the developers intention to have you bond with here throughout the course of the story. And of course,there's Batholomew, a priest and your close friend who feels regret for what happened to you,but at the same time hates what you have become. Unfortunately non of this works as the developers intended it to, mainly because of the atrocious voice acting (almost as bad as "Two Worlds" or "Ride to Hell: Retribution" and the game's short length, which did not allow for extensive character development. In the end "Blood Knights" feels like a rushed unfinished game,that really could have been improved in so many ways. So why am I giving it a 6/10 after pointing out so many negative aspects? Because the developers actually had good ideas and tried putting at least some effort into this project. And despite it's numerous flaws I still find the game quite enjoyable. It was entertaining and after all,isn't that the main purpose of video games? Plus it doesn't ask for much, only 20$ on steam, unlike many budget games who are much worse and cost nearly full price ("Rambo: The Video Game") Expand
  4. Nov 14, 2013
    beautiful game the graphic is nice and the music also i like the gameplay and the level up not to complex than other rpg with a lot of attribute and power up to choose.... it's not diablo but for the price i spent a lot of good playtime hope to see a following thanks deck13

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  1. Feb 6, 2014
    Blood Knights is the kind of game that excels at being annoying rather than entertaining.
  2. Nov 29, 2013
    Unfortunately for Blood Knights, taking established systems and watering them down just leaves you with a diluted mix that tastes nothing like what it's trying to imitate.
  3. Nov 20, 2013
    There are plenty of good hack’n’slash games out there, many involving vampires, and this isn’t one of them.