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  1. Apr 19, 2012
    Another masterpiece from Amanita Design. Great visuals and stylization with breathtaking sounds and music from DVA band and funny puzzles. I am glad for preordering.
  2. Apr 22, 2012
    Endless joy and a micro world full of wonders awaits you on an adorable adventure to save mother nature's life. Do not even think about missing this outstanding piece of art! Well done, amanita and thank you so much.
  3. Apr 22, 2012
    There is more joy per line of code in Botanicula than just about any other game ive played. Its truly wonderful. Already one of my favorite games of the year. Im a big Machinarium fan.... and i think Botanicula might be better. Its more accessible, and even more charming (a feat which i thought was not possible). Everybody should buy it.
  4. Apr 19, 2012
    One of the best indie games to come out this year. I recommend playing with headphones in order to drown out all other sound and get completely immersed in Botanicula's masterfully created world. The music is perfect for the game, as are the sound effects. A joy to play for sure!
  5. Apr 19, 2012
    This game is great! when I bought it I did expect an artistic experience, filled to the brim with great graphics, music, atmosphere and art. This I got with the addition of a great and truly unique game to boot! An absolute purchase
  6. Apr 20, 2012
    This game definitely doesn't hold any of the magic of Machinarium. The scenery is way more repetitive, the world in general has less details and the map is confusing.

    The puzzles are basically pixel hunting taken to the extreme consequences, you'll just look for your hotspot and pray that is the right sequence. There also some basic drag and drop events and some basic environmental
    puzzle. The inventory management is close to non existent and you are never explicitly told where to go if you have missed an item; that is pretty annoying since later levels are pretty vast. The minor arcade sequences are also unpolished, but what annoyed me the most is that you can't interact with anything while a cutscene relative to another interaction is ongoing. The uniqueness of the 5 playing characters is basically unuseful since, in the scenes where you need them to act alone, you'll basically select them randomly until you find the correct one.

    On the good side, it's likely you'd enjoy the soundtrack and enjoy this game if you are a fan of hidden object games or of Samorost series, which also had a similar bare-bones structure. The game has also a length that justifies the pricetag and some extra beast catalogue that collects all the creatures you've run into; some require going back to some places so that may hold a minor replay value.

    Personally, a huge disappointment, especially knowing what this studio would be capable of.
  7. Feb 5, 2013
    What is this beauty, these colors, this world, these creatures, everything in this game is incredibly amazing. Botanicula is full of surprises. You will never expect what will happen next to be shocked by something beautiful that you have not seen before.
  8. dak
    Apr 19, 2012
    A beautiful world with a soul, where the group of several adorable friends are trying to do something good together. We can learn from them. Giving it 10/10, because I can not find a single reason to take even one point from it's score. Personally, I would be glad to have more of such games.
  9. Aug 23, 2012
    Samorost 1 and 2 were fun puzzle games but the puzzles themselves were a bit shallow then they released Machinarium which I found extremely entertaining with puzzles that made you think rather than know what to do right when you see it. Finally comes Botanicula, which I feel has regressed back to the shallow gameplay of their earlier titles. The puzzles were boring, if you can even call them puzzles considering for half of them all you have to do is click on the different party members til you find the right one. I also personally liked the art of all the previous titles more than Botanicula's as well. Each location in Machinarium felt as if I were standing in a painting whereas with Botanicula all I see is green. Overall not very impressive, I hope they plan on making another samorost or Machinarium title next. Expand
  10. Apr 20, 2012
    I'm feeling sorprised, this year is the year of the PC, have much excellent games this year (Tribes: Ascend, Legend of Grimrock for example), and Botanicula is no exception, is excellent, funny, addictive, nice, colorful, etc. The gameplay is simple but addictive, tha graphics yeah again simple but beautiful. Amanita Desing create other excellent game.
  11. Feb 13, 2013
    Since the release of the Samorost series and Machinarium, Amanita Design held a special place in my hear for being able to convey a profoundly sensible experience without relying on dialogue. This made their game appealing on a totally different level. Like many, my expectations for Botanicula were consequently very high and all that big tree idea was very compelling until... I actually played the game. To give credit where credit is due: you can feel that there's been an incredible effort to make the game look alive; literally, every pixel seems to be animated by a life of it's own and all of which is enclosed in a rich sonic ambiance that soothes the mind. But the greatness ends there. Your interactions with this rich and beautiful world are as tantalizing as they are passive. There is a reason why games have puzzles or challenging opponents for when you try to defeat them, you are engaged with the game and sadly, this is where Botanicula fails completely. The "puzzles" are so simplistic and naive that you could have solved them by clicking at random on anything that moves or shines (in no way can they be compared to what Machinarium had to offer). Not only the puzzles are simplistic and naive, there's not even enough content to the game to keep you occupied more than 2 or 3 hours. One could argue that a game does not need to have a challenging game-play to be fun; citing The Walking Dead for instance but The Walking Dead is a whole different story for, to the point, it has an amazing story and a very peculiar way to drag you into it while Botanicula simply has no story, nada. Aside from the ever changing animations, I really can't see what is this game's appeal. Fortunately, Amanita makes no false claim about this game as they call it a "toy-game" (what more unfortunate though, is that they intend to make Samorost 3 a toy-game too!). To be fair, perhaps I'm not the right audience for this game; I like a lot of stuff that's somewhat intended for children (any Hayao Miyazaki's movies for instance) but perhaps this is a game that really is for children. In brief, if you're the kind of person that deeply enjoyed the Myst series, or something like Portal, run away like hell. If on the other hand you loved Samorost I and II, maybe you'll like this game and if you loved Machinarium, just know that this is NO Machinarium at all. Expand
  12. Apr 26, 2012
    Really fun and super cute. The scenes are less diverse than in other Amanita games, but the characters visuals, and music are as charming as ever.
  13. Sep 23, 2012
    I can honestly say, that I had high expectations for this game, and that I wasn't disappointed. Even though it's a bit short, it's still a wonderful Point-and-Click adventure game that is sure to delight. This game offers stunning visuals, with beautiful microscopic landscapes, funny, imaginative characters, and simple gameplay that makes it a great, casual gaming experience. If you ever get the chance, buy it. If you're not a big fan of Point-and-Click games, at least wait for a Steam Sale. Or, just go for it. I can guarantee that most of you will not be disappointed. I give it an 8/10. Expand
  14. Apr 28, 2012
    In an industry increasingly saturated with derivative, soulless clones engineered only for profit, experiments like Botanicula shine like a beacon of light in the dark. A pleasure for the senses, and a journey very much worth experiencing at a very humble price without ads or insulting the player intelligence.
  15. Jul 23, 2012
    This game, more than any other one I've played in the recent years, has reminded me that people are supposed to have fun while playing. If your idea of fun does not consist mainly of headshotting virtual avatars, getting somewhere in the shortest time possible or butchering hordes of evil minions, consider giving this game a try. If you like to think, make sense of things or solve puzzles/mysteries/whatever needs to be solved and if you enjoy weird humour, trippy sounds and visuals or absurd surprises, you'll love this game. If you like easter eggs or just clicking on things to see what happens, this is a MUST for you. I've spent maybe half the time clicking on the environment to see what happens and deliberately not progressing through the game and I got not only quite a lot of good laughs out of it, but the game even rewarded me for having fun by a few fun surprises at the end. Which is telling, because the developes themselves clearly had a lot of fun making this game. From the quaint yet charming story and weird yet gorgeous visuals to the wonderfully trippy sound effects, all of which consist of either voices or musical instruments. From the introductory animation the game invites you to have FUN. Which I certainly did. Expand
  16. May 24, 2012
    Machinarium sucks you in its world and story. Your goal is clear in every scene, but not in Botanicula. You know you have to collect 5 keys, save 3 kids, whatever, but you don't know how do those relate to your final goal. Music was a great part of it, but I'd like to see more variations on the same theme, or better yet, make other themes.

    I would have given it a 7, but 9 bucks for 2.5
    hours of gameplay just isn't good enough. Expand
  17. May 6, 2012
    This is a positively delightful game! I've never played a game that's simultaneously so: 1) Visually appealing; 2) Aurally appealing; 3) Relaxing; 4) Smile-provoking; and 5) Engaging Botanicula is. Other games have certainly mastered one or more of these traits, but I've never seen them all in the same place like this, before. Even Amanita's other games (Machinarium, Samorost 2, etc.) haven't quite "hit the nail on the head" like this one does. (They're all quite enjoyable, though, for those who haven't yet tried them.)

    Additionally, Botanicula has a killer sound track that's completely unlike anything I've ever heard before. I purchased this game from Humble Indie Bundle ( 2012 bundle), and it came with access to a DRM-free download of the complete soundtrack (plus a bunch of other great games, a feature-length indie film, Steam keys, etc.).

    Finally, I had an issue with being "stuck" in a section, and having read/watched walkthroughs for the section, came to the conclusion that it was probably a bug. I contacted Amanita Design via their web page and explained the situation, and after a few days of troubleshooting, they showed me what I needed to do to keep going. (The person I talked to had to do some figuring of his own, and got back to me as soon as he solved it.) I don't quite know if it was actually a bug, or if the solution was intentionally idiosyncratic (and other people hadn't noticed), or if I just happened to screw something up; but the level of prompt, one-on-one, back-and-forth problem solving that the developers were willing to engage in definitely places them in "star customer service" territory, in my "book."

    The one thing I could see people complaining about with this game is that it's only 4 hours long (the way I played, anyway). Still, this level of mastery is basically a "Shakespearean sonnet" of gaming, so I don't consider this a fault at all, as I would in lesser titles.

    Bottom line: BUY THIS GAME! Even if you're not into puzzle(/adventure) games (as I'm generally not), I can pretty much guarantee you'll enjoy this one immensely; and for the price--at,, or elsewhere--there's no denying that you'll be "making out like a bandit"--which is just the way I like it. :-) It even runs on Mac, Linux, and Android, too!
  18. Jun 18, 2012
    now about the game, well it's artistic and original, creative, never know what to expect, will be always wow'ed. Exploring it is awesome. However the gameplay is pure **** Literally. This isn't for a die hard gameplay guy. If you can enjoy a game masterfully pleasant to watch, this is just for you, and let me tell you, I have enjoyed this game. This game hereby earns 6 jim faces out of 10.
  19. Aug 1, 2012
    This game is pure amazing. Aside from portal 1 and 2, this is the only game that has made me actually laugh out loud. I feel happy while playing this game and yearn to see whats next around the corner for the group of freinds. Amanita Design keeps one upping itself with its games from that first one (forgot name) which was a great little adventure with great art, to machinarium which is still one of my all time favorite games due to its charming story and excellent art style and the way the story is told, and now with Botanicula, its greatest game yet. The story is told perfectly through small blurbs from other creatures, the puzzles are not too challenging which is perfect for this game, there is a lot of variety in the actions you take and the options you have for a point and click game, but most of all, the MUSIC AND ART ARE SIMPLY AMAZING. Perfect color scheme, perfect x2 music and an amazing story make this game of of the most enjoyable experiences Ive ever had gaming and you should really purchase this game to support Amanita Design so they can keep one upping themselves. Awesome job. Expand
  20. Dec 20, 2012
    Major WTF! Super original, nothing you've ever played before. Just warm milk you sip and enjoy at every click. Proves that golden era of 80s video games is not dead: games that were not just based on graphics but on substance and originality. Don't copy, create. Bravo!
  21. Dec 24, 2012
    A real masterpiece of poetic video gaming! A great game that should be tried by every fan of great art, atmosphere and puzzles! Congratulations to Amanita Design!
  22. Dec 31, 2012
    This is one of the most imaginative, sweet, and endearing games I've ever played. It's not that much of a challenge, but the enjoyment of this game, for me, was in the exploration and interaction with the beautiful environments.
  23. May 18, 2012
    Anyone who bad talks this game obviously hasn't played it. Once again this Indie company has blown my socks off, and I am one critical cynical bastard when it comes to PC games. *Beautiful art and story
    *I smiled countless times because of the clever compositions *Just as amazing as Machinarium (Obvious differences-You can't compare a mechanical and gritty world to a biological one)
    and exciting puzzles
    *Smooth & brilliant sounds as well animations
    *Challenging, but not impossible to a point where one is burned out

    Any trolls that give this review anything below an 9+ have no soul!
  24. Jun 5, 2012
    Botanicula may look like your average point-and-click adventure game on the surface, but the outstanding artistic design, the fantastic music and the heartwarming story and its mere charm make it a gem amongst its genre.
  25. Aug 26, 2012
    first off. i would call my self a full time gamer. i play stuff like hardcore shooter 5 and boring 50 copies sold simulator 3. the last thing i would have expected to enjoy is this game. Or is it Art?
    IT truly looks beautiful, it sounds perfect (the creature sounds are blatantly a guy making noises, but thats adds to charm) and the actuual gameplay is rarther solid.

    it constantly keeps
    you on your toes, building great memory skills. while it may have no spoken word or any subtitles, anyone can instantly understand the story and get reeled in.

    i found it extremely enjoyable, and dear enthusiast1973. by all means, let your toddler play this game if you want them evermore to have nightmares. this game takes a sudden turn, and even i was freaked out slightly (not that thats too hard (my sister making me fight a boss in silent hill freaked me out so much i had to squint and turn the sound off. urgh))
  26. Jul 26, 2012
    Best point and click game since Monkey Island in my opinion, all the details are amazing, best game for 10 dollars ever. Another Masterpiece from Amanita design, perfect game from adults, childrens everyone. totally worth it.
  27. May 7, 2012
    I found Botanicula's whimsical take on biology absolutely enchanting. Five unlikely heroes wander through the forest attempting to banish the evil parasites, and meet many fantastical and adorable creatures along the way. Learn enough about a new creature and you will receive a collectible card. This adds a lot of replayability as it's fun to try to collect all the cards.

    The visuals and
    sound are superb and fit perfectly with the overall feel of the game. Expand
  28. May 13, 2012
    Everything about this game was perfect. The graphics are well drawn, the sound effects (probably made by someone's mouth) are astonishingly cute, and the story was really moving. I liked this better than the already perfect Machinarium.

    And the idea of collecting cards about anything you see was really nice although I won't play it again just to collect them all. But if you are the kind
    of guy who tries to get all the "achievements" then this is for you. Expand
  29. May 22, 2012
    Rarely does a game hold any type of facination, Botanicula is simply amazing, its so original and so unique its hard to put into words, the sound effects are excellent, the visuals are inspiring to say the least, the gameplay is point and click (some may or may not like this). I was just in awe the whole way through this game, never knowing whats comming next, never really understanding what im doing, but i dont think the 5 friends knew either, its a journey of uncertainty...its all so strange, but intrigueing at the same time....10 bucks for this game is a steal, if you like point and click games this is a MUST! Expand
  30. Oct 17, 2013
    I'm not sure if what I just played was an interactive ambient music video, a game or something that defies classification. Either way it was a lovely experience.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    Botanicula can't hide its shortcomings, mostly the short duration (about three hours for completion), the non-existent replay value and the tiresome transitions between riddles in the hub. However, its magic atmosphere, the surrealistic portrayal of nature and the happy disposition that sips through from this strange world, compile a unique title, true to the standards of its Czech developers. [July 2012]
  2. Jun 29, 2012
    Botanicula is a wonderful tale in which one loves getting lost; a real puzzler to have fun with; and a genuine visual and sound art piece.
  3. Jun 12, 2012
    A different kind of adventure, in a very different kind of world that wastes no time before growing on you.