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  • Summary: BRAINPIPE is a unique gaming experience. The ultimate objective is to transcend humanity. You do this by navigating the tunnels of your mind, exercising your hand-eye coordination while relishing in the funkadelic sights and sounds of your inner self. Collect the illuminated glyphs while avoiding the nasty obstacles. They may look all nice and shiny, even warm and inviting, but each brush with them brings you one step closer to eternal darkness!
    BRAINPIPE is also an easy game to play, hearkening back to the classic arcade games of yesteryear. A one click interface keeps you focused on the action, instead of searching for the right key to press, and is a perfect complement to the soothing audio and visuals.
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  1. May 3, 2012
    Brainpipe is an arcade-style game where you avoid obstacles and collect glyphs as you travel through a pipe. That's about it. Not much more to it. The game does get fairly challenging on the later levels, but there's really no mechanical depth to the game. How well you do will be determined by your twitch reflexes, or maybe your memory if you care enough about getting to the end.

    Brainpipe didn't hold my attention for long, for good reason. Paying $10 for this would be a complete waste. I've played many free games that were far better, so I can't recommend this one for any amount of money.
  2. Jun 12, 2013
    I could never in good conscience recommend this game to anyone for the price tag it currently holds. For $10 the amount of content is incredibly small with just 10 levels that can all end very quickly. I have games on my iPhone that I got for free which are exactly the same and have much more content to them. While it is fun for a little bit there is simply not enough in the game to justify the price unless you can pick it up in an indie bundle or something along those lines. Expand