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  1. Feb 13, 2014
    This game was supposed to be an elite mix of all things FPS. I got it out of hopes of getting to experience an amazing game. After actually playing it:

    A multiplayer simulator is the campaign, there is no decent way to truly hook you.

    The free-running is an awesome feature but in this game it is nothing more than a gimmick simply from the lack of content. I seriously pictured one
    amazing story to play through an experience but what I got was just a bunch of multiplayer simulations with Crap-tastic AI that attempts to create the illusion of progress, and absolutely no true single player beauty. Sure the multiplayer is neat and all, but that's multiplayer a separate mode! You don't mix multiplayer into single player that just creates a boring game with no meat to enjoy, no reason to adventure, no point in getting immersed. Yeah sure call your friends over (Or set up a server to play with them), but when you can't enjoy the game alone, why would you even try to play with your friends if you cant have fun with it right off the bat.

    Weapons are vast, but when every kind of MG feels the same, you tend to realize that there is only 1 Shotgun, 1 SMG, 1 Battle Rile, 1 Sniper Rifle, and a Grenade Launcher all cloned several times to create the illusion of a vast arsenal.

    If you wanted to get this game to sell, you should have turned it into a Free-to-Play MMO, but then again, 9 story simulations is more than enough to tell you that even the developers knew they messed up.

    Graphically the game is excellent, but I guess that's the only thing you actually paid for, the graphics.
  2. Dec 6, 2013
    A buggy Mess with a NetCode from Hell, On paper this Game sound awesome. Reality is the complete opposite. Everyone who give this a 10 is a liar. The Netcode is so horrible that you will lag so bad, it will feel like teleporting. Sound is sometimes missing complete. Parcour System dont work like it should. After some hours i had to delete this Game.
  3. May 5, 2013
    One of the worst games I have ever played; brink fails in so much of what it should be. The A.I that you have to depend on for all solo aspects of this games is like playing with your little sister; they run around hopelessly trying to do something but ending up failing. The maps are twisted to the point that shotguns and grenades can quickly kill the entire other team or leaving you to run from the other side of the map every 10 seconds trying to get a objective. The graphics show in all the movies don't compare to the graphics in game; the in game graphics go from 1080p to 320. The multiplayer is so awful; I was playing with one guy and the game ran like a old playstation game. I was constantly runing into walls; shooting at npcs as they disappeared into think air. I looked forward to this game and was let down completely; I can't believe that a company like Bethesda put its name on the box. Expand
  4. Mar 16, 2013
    It makes me sad that Brink's metascore is 70. A game with terrible bugs and glitches, an unimaginably story that is so dull and boring you'd rather cut your eyes out with a butterknife, and the controls are nothing but very mediocre. This game is mostly unplayable, and the parts were it's playable are executed so bad that no other game out there can match its disappointment. This is the perfect example of modern-day art: a splash of paint of a white canvas and calling it a finished product. Terrible terrible game, do not waste a cent on this. Expand
  5. Feb 2, 2013
    Brink has an amazing concept, full of creative and incredible ideas. However, the game itself is laggy which ruined the whole game for me. I found the singleplayer was incredibly weak despite it's concept. The multiplayer is a definite improvement, but is far from TF2 or Halo or anything like that. Graphics are alright, but certainly no Crysis. Brink could've been amazing, but the concept was executed so poorly, that it's really not Expand
  6. Dec 17, 2012
    Brink is what happens when you put more money into marketing than development. Single player "campaign" is just multiplayer with (bad AI) bots. Multiplayer is repetitive and dull because of the objective-based maps. Character customization and the unique graphical style are the only positives about this game. There's tons of guns to play with but many feel the same and it's hard to tell them apart. Not worth your time or money. Expand
  7. Aug 1, 2012
    For the first time, I taught that the conception was great, but then I tried the game...
    I made my character (and the character creation was really awesome!) and I tried the game in single player. Now seriously, WHAT IS THIS? I couldn't even play through one match, because it was so boring for me. I don't like playing multiplayer shooters like Team Fortress 2 or Counter Strike.
    And you
    can choose if you'd like small,medium or heavy built character, but it makes no difference. Using heavy, you can't parkour, but your defense is high... There's no point in using tiny characters, because you dont need the parkour system (SMART system, I think...?).
    The best choice is medium built character, so that you can use parkour and you dont die so easily
  8. Apr 28, 2012
    Do you want a textbook example of a videogame failure? This game. Why? Because Splash Damage has learn absolutely nothing from Quake Wars' failures, and included all of them in this game. This game isn't worth the screen real estate the name is printed on. The only thing I cant figure out is why was Bethesda behind it. Who knows.
  9. Mar 28, 2012
    Simply not worth playing strictly for the single player. Grenade spam is awful, performance sucks, no i see why this got scorched when it came out.
  10. Feb 18, 2012
    This game is so confusing it is unreal.
    WTF do i do in this game? this is the point im making, you load it up the 1st time then make a character on whichever side it is you choose, then your in some world that is so dull it needs a light bulb to play.
    I dont see the point of this game, and i have never gotten past that same damn 1st map??? why is that??? yet we win and yet we dont
    Pile of crap.
  11. Dec 2, 2011
    How this game was ever released (and with a $60.00 price tag) is beyond my level of understanding. It is, by far and away, the laggiest multiplayer FPS I've ever played. Your movement is slow and floaty, as if you're commandeering an automatic vacuum cleaner instead of a human being. It's just as unresponsive in singleplayer as it is online. Animations are broken and jittery, resulting in people skipping steps and suddenly appearing in places. And the lag...good God, the lag. Whatever great ideas this game has are thrown away when you can't move or aim fluidly to save your life. It's unbearable to play, and frankly embarrassing for a multiplayer developer as reputable as Splash Damage and a producer as enormous as Bethesda to not release a patch that addresses these issues. This game isn't worth the $5 it's going for right now on Steam. It's not even worth playing the free weekend. It's just downright terrible, which is sad because hidden underneath so much failure are a lot of good ideas just begging to be implemented into a functional product. But ambition doesn't make a game; gameplay does, and there is no "play" in this "game." Expand
  12. Dec 1, 2011
    This review is to offset Specious71's score of 10 as he meant to give the rating a 6. I think he hit the nail on the head pretty accurately. We both played the co op all the way through with 2 other friends...we really tried to like just felt like a mild title at best. Best of luck to those who like it...which we presume are the console-only kiddies :-) People cried so much about how other games were hard like UT and Quake etc. that they had to dumb the movement down to accommodate those with less skill...all well and good if you love being mediocre in life :-) ok got my quota of words in. Collapse
  13. Nov 29, 2011
    Brink promised a lot and delivered very little. Its as if someone took Call of Duty, cloned it, put a new name on it and shipped it out the door.

    The best part of the game was the teaser videos. If brink would have been anything like the videos, it would have probably been a great game.

    The maps are bland, the weapons look like they were ripped from other games,,, there is just not
    good to say about Brink. Expand
  14. Nov 15, 2011
    this is the worst crap ive ever played. i got it since release and it was full of bugs, now i played it again for a few minutes, after several patches, its still a fu**ing piece of ****
  15. Sep 24, 2011
    Brink is an "intresting" mix between awesome artstyle, bad design choices and countless technical issues. I liked the locations, background story, music, amount of various skills and character creation, but thats all about it. Lets get to the lacking aspects, which are plenty by the way. First of all, the whole reasons for the conflict seems to be forced, just for the sake of having two hostile factions fighting each other, that are reason for this game to exist. In reality they could get along very easily, but i dont want to put spoilers here so lets skip that. The leveling system is unfair, it would be ok if all it gave you was cosmetic stuff like new costumes (which it does), but it also makes your character have more abilities or stronger abilities, which gives you an advantage over players with lower level. There are f***loads of bugs, ranging from the harmless ones, like text errors or wrong messages (says you have to defend, when you really have to attack etc) to those annoying and gamebreaking, like game suddenly losing sound, crashing or you cannot see other players. The netcode is really terrible too. You will lagg even with a decent internet connection, even if you wont, the game will still run so clunky that you will feel as you did. With slow internet, forget about multiplayer, the game will be unplayable, stick to playing with bots. But dont worry, you wont loose much, because even in the multi you will meet more AI bots than real players. And the AI in this game stand for Artifical Idiocy. Its as if they was purposedly coded to be so dumb, so that you can easily tell its a bot, and not a person with a brain. Talking about stupid, lets talk about the whole S.M.A.R.T. thing, which is basically climbing and jumping over fences. Sure thats cool, because it gives you more movement freedom than most games, but you wont use it that often anyway, except to gett from spawn point to the battlefield. First of all, you almost cant do any of this stuff with heavy body (which is the most efficient in combat), second, you cant shoot when doing all those tricks, making you an easy target, and thrid, the maps are not really designed for this, as you mostly fight indoors, but even on streetfights you wont be able to climp on a building and jump over roofs (like in the trailer). Also the weapons in the game are really boring, all you have are machineguns with diffirent skin and slightly diffirent stats. There are also few otherweapon types but they seem to be significantly weaker than the machineguns, so everyone just uses machineguns (which i personally hate). Overall, Brink is a game that looks good and promising, but has so many flaws that i just can't give it anything close to a positive rating, even if i wanted to. Expand
  16. Aug 7, 2011
    I was excited about trying out brink during the 1 day trial over the weekend. The trailer looked interesting the graphics looked amazing and the gameplay looked fun. After downloading and playing for a couple of hours I realized the game was horrible. Gameplay where shooting someone doesn't hurt them enough to kill them seems really fake. While running the wiggling gun in front of me and the interface that showed up on the screen made me think somehow I was driving a mechwarrior of somekind that didn't function very good. I had very little sense of danger and yet I kept getting knocked down by bullets to be revived again by my team or respawn at the respawn. Progress in the game was like an illusion because guys flashed in up down and around me there was no continuity in their actions. Dying was about as bad as living. I'm so glad I didn't buy this game it is horrible. I'd rather play Counterstrike forever than this game for an hour. What a hoax do not buy it. You will be very disappointed if you've played another shooter before. Expand
  17. Aug 7, 2011
    No, this game is horrible. Don't bother wasting your money on it. It's a typical shooter with decent graphics, and lackluster missions (holding a button to accomplish objectives). I don't see how other gamers can give this game such a high score, honestly. There are many bugs in this game, it takes and infuriatingly long time to kill someone, it takes almost two clips to drop someone, and the story is unbelievably bad. This is by far the worst video game I've played this summer, and I've played many. If you want a couple hours of FPS fun, then give this game a shot. Otherwise, after the first few hours, the repetitiveness of the game play and mediocre shooting mechanics will set in, and you'll want to opt for a more fun shooter, like Team Fortress 2! Expand
  18. Aug 6, 2011
    Lack of subtitles has turned me away from playing this game. Thank you Steam for the free weekend. Thanks to Steam, I can legally play the game for free only to discover that there is no subititles at all. Also the menu system is extremely confusing. How about a simple "single player", Multiplayer, options, exit and not the messy menu they have now?

    I'm a TF2 player (with the TF2 CC mod)
    so I know what MP is all about. Expand
  19. Aug 6, 2011
    The inbred cross-breed of Modern Warfare 2 and M.A.G, utilizing the "best" aspects of both, and failing at them terribly. A useless reward system and XP given for simply doing what you are supposed to. Firefights which basically involve you standing five feet away from your opponent, aiming at their upper body, spraying, reloading, and spraying their corpse. Annoying, jagged, boring gameplay at best. It feels like you are grinding -- in a first person shooter. Supposedly the entire world revolves around an area called "The Ark", a megacity the size of Manhattan, contained within three square miles or so. Usual communist backstory about how there is an uprising. You get to choose your faction with an extremely vague: "Save The Ark, Escape The Ark". That's pretty much all the depth you are going to get in terms of backstory, and that is extrapolated from a series of very uninspired cutscenes, barring the inital introduction with clay figurines. Do not spend your money or encourage Bethesda to continue producing absolute garbage like this. The entire game is basically an extremely expensive "Look, we can do it too!" by Bethesda. I seriously can't believe they bought ID Software. You know, the guys that gave birth to the genre, and perhaps the entire PC gaming industry. Doom, Quake, ring a bell? Yeah. They're owned by Bethesda now. Expand
  20. Aug 5, 2011
    its just not a good game, the textures are really crappy, the gameplay is horribly imbalanced in favour of defence, loads of pointless guns, pointless weight classes. I really find it hard to believe that this is made by the same people as ET:W and ET:QW two absolutely awesome games and this is just garbage, if they made the objectives at least feel worthwhile it may have been better but as it is it is just very very bland. Expand
  21. Aug 5, 2011
    Brink is the type of game that makes you so mad you smash your keyboard and never play it again. The shooting mechanics are rubbish, the hit detection is even worse, and the AI is SO STUPID it's infuriating. Oh, and the level design is horrible and the overall graphics are a mess. And the jumping parkour stuff doesn't work half the time. I tried Brink over the Steam free weekend, but trust me, free is still too much to pay. I love FPS games but Brink is TOTAL RUBBISH. Haven't played a game this bad in ages...never again, never again. I give it a 2 because it at least doesn't crash... Expand
  22. Aug 4, 2011
    Well, lets begin with the good things. The character creation is just fantastic, beautiful. And that was the good point. So the bad points are: Classes:You don't have a specific class, ok, somewhere you have, but it are always the same weapons! and the i have a stupid blue screen EVERYTIME i play online. Even many times offline. I don't know or it was becouse i played BRINK in the free weekend of steam.
    But in my eyes, this game is one of the most worthless games i've ever played.
  23. Jul 25, 2011
    I was very excited for this game and was dissapointed when it released.however they were on to something with the ideas they had the whole game felt broken.the multiplayer was constanly leggy,the bots were not fully functioning and the whole free running thing did not work.however at some points the multiplayer would be fun and the character custamization was cool.every gun almost felt the same to me witch i did not like.i would not reccomend playing this game but if they could fix all these problems the game could be very fun but that may take a whole new game to do that. Expand
  24. Jun 27, 2011
    How do i get my money back ?

    Ouch..... i feel like i was scammed into this game by a dumb friend ... ewww

    graphics might of been okay but the game play was boring and felt like it had all been done before.
  25. Jun 25, 2011
    Single player is essentially nonexistent. The only single player are essentially bot matches, but they also do a good job of portraying the story even when you're playing multiplayer. I generally play FPS for the multiplayer aspect anyway. Brink isn't very special. While I'm glad that it's an objective-based team game, many times it feels like there's nothing that you can do to help your team win and stalemates often turn into team deathmatch (without kills being worth anything). I bought this game on a whim and I regret spending every penny. It's not a horrid game by any means, but it doesn't refresh the FPS genre like it claims to. The character editing is pretty cool I guess, but has no real effect on gameplay and is simply an aesthetic ploy for your money. Expand
  26. Jun 24, 2011
    The developers of Brink, Splash Damage - have tried to create a game in which rewards teamwork, selfless play, and co-ordination. Social class actions like handing out ammo, buffing a team-mates health and increasing players weapon damage are ways in which players can ensure their team-mates have an advantage in combat. To further accentuate team-play, Splash Damage have put a clamp on all the skill based aspects of shooters in Brink. What this essentially means is that as a player, you cannot shoot your way out of trouble.. You cannot carry your team with Kobe Bryant like shooting skills, because if there was room for skill-full play - there would not be any reliance on team-mates. So how have they lowered skill ceiling? They have introduced ridiculous spread and recoil values to all their weapons. Each weapon's clip is reduced to the point where there is only enough ammo for killing one player at full health. On top of that, as mentioned in the first paragraph - if a player has a weapon damage buff and you dont - the player with the buff is likely to come out on top. As a result of the design, combat becomes an insipid part of this shooter.

    To conclude - Brink is a lovely game in theory, however in practice when the rose coloured glasses are taken off, its clear that it fails to deliver.
  27. Jun 23, 2011
    Releasing an unfinished game, too many bugs, bad ping from one player can cause the whole team to lag. Not even close to being good enough for competitive play. Wasted 50â
  28. Jun 19, 2011
    Brink is a game I wanted to love so much. Pre-ordered it on Steam. How I wish I haven't. IF YOU HAVE AN ATI CARD, FORGET ABOUT THIS GAME.. Or at least, I, among many ATI owners, are currently suffering with this game. I advise you not to pick it up, at least not for now.. I envy you Deific since you seems to be among the rare gamers running it smooth.. FYI, I own a 5870.. Even with driver hotfix 11.5a,b,11.6 and latest game patch, the game still suffers considerably when it comes to frame rates, having sharp decreases and increases for no reason.. Engine feels unfinished. (mind you my system played Crysis 2 & Buletstorm at 1080p high fidelity without any significant problem) The graphics are weak, very weak. Art style is amazing only. Gameplay? shooting is dull (no recoil?), guns feel all the same, objectives are "classic", boring and repetitive and your character runs awkwardly. SMART system is forgettable and not really cleverly implemented.. Gunplay, again, doesn't feel as tight as it should feel. Offline gameplay is dull. This is interesting for online coop only. I didn't really have the experience to invest plenty of hours in the game (~5 hours) since it's barely playable but what a disappointment in the couple of hours I have played. I dont want to mention the nightmare when it comes to online gaming: lag, sound issue, matchmaking etc. So much hype, so much noise, so much style.. Shame, the game couldn't follow.. Expand
  29. Jun 11, 2011
    Terrible. Worst game purchase I've ever made. I've played for 2 hours and can't muster any interest to play for any longer. There are so many flaws I can't even list them. But that all said, this is a love or hate game and I can see how certain gamers would love it. But I hated it :)
  30. Jun 10, 2011
    Brink started out great fun, but somehow became buggier the more I played. Enemies disappearing, sound entirely not working on some levels. A few patches on and nothing had really improved and last check only 2000 people playing on Steam at peak times. Feels dead right out the gates.
  31. Jun 7, 2011
    the opening video is the only interesting part of the game, everything else is just boring, boring, boring sole less arena styled crap. Cell shaded graphics that run horribly on the PC?? What are they thinking with these shallow consollised crap games. I'm not buying it thats for damn sure.
  32. Jun 1, 2011
    The narrow corridors and choke-points completely ruin this game. Just sitting there buffing each other, getting off a few shots at the enemy, but don't really hurt him. 5 clips later you down an enemy then you get downed, the enemy gets revived, then you get revived. Repeat. That's the whole game in a nutshell.
  33. Jun 1, 2011
    I had high hopes for this game to turn out to be something great. The idea was there, and the hype behind it had me quenching for more. During the first couple of hours in game play however I was sorely disappointed. The movement in the game feels rather clunky, which is something I didn't expect watching the movement system in action in their videos. The guns don't feel unique much at all. They're all pretty much Sub-Machine Guns and using anything other than that is just masochism. I was also quite disappointed with the customization of the character, though it wasn't too bad. I was a bit saddened by the simple fact that you couldn't make the face how you wanted it, you had an option between about 9 and it ultimately decided between those 9 what race you were. Sure you could change the tones, but only to a more tan/pale white guy, or a dark/caramel black guy. Overall I was very displeased. Those that say this game is 'just like' Team Fortress 2, have never played Team Fortress 2 (I'm sad TF2 sold out though..) Expand
  34. May 31, 2011
    If you liked Enemy Territory, avoid this game.

    I don't know what it wants to be but it certainly isn't working for pub playing. I spent 100s of hours in ET playing pub-only and had so much fun, but every single design decision in Brink seems to try to destroy pub playing. It SEEMS like anything and everything revolves around teamplay. That might be really great for clan players and
    competitive league gaming but it simply isn't working with 15 strangers on a server.

    The problem is if your team is bad, you won't have fun. There is no way to move something as a single player. Why is that? Because the game pretty much keeps you alive as long as possible.

    The weapons feel like a joke. If you loved the arcade-y feel of ET, don't play Brink. Unless you have all the powerups there are, command posts and the enemy has nothing, you don't really deal damage. It frequently takes more than a clip to kill someone. There is almost zero chance for you to win a gun fight vs. two people. That means a strong player can't really turn the tide. The guns feel incredibly weak most of the time. The recoil is horrible and random, I don't see how you can adapt to the pattern and get better (even when burst firing, mind you!) over time because there just is no way to predict the crosshair movement. Iron sighting or crouching doesn't seem to really affect the "precision" if you may even call it that.

    All explosives are NOT meant to deal deadly blows. The regular nades or molotovs deal damage but it won't kill anyone, they rather get knocked down.

    Talking about knockdown. You'd think sneaking up on an enemy and knocking him down gives you an edge but it rarely is. It feels like the enemie's crosshair immediatly jumps to you once you knock him down. Combine that with the low damage and even knocking an enemy down usually comes to a coin flip of who wins. Most of the time it's better to start firing right away.

    The classes are mostly fun on their own but thanks to the fantastic design decision of not being able to change characters, you mostly can't adapt to the game. A lvl20 character has barely enough points to cover 2 classes. Another point that destroys pub gaming. In ET I was constantly switching classes to adapt, because it was fun AND helping my team. If you don't have a lvl20 soldier, you still can switch to that class but lack all the skills. No problem in clan play with designated classes, but it breaks pub gaming.

    SMART was marketed as being awesome and fresh and stuff like that. In reality, it's boring, clumsy and slow. You won't avoid any battle using SMART moves because the time alone it takes you to pull up somewhere gets you almost killed off. Enemy Territory and almost any other id engine based game had way better trickjumping and it wasn't intentional nor was it marketed as such.

    Right now we're on the 3rd (or 4th, I don't remember) patch since release. The game itself was unplayable in its release state and while most of the performance problems have gone, gameplay-wise nothing has really changed.

    I could go on and on about the big and small flaws of Brink but my overall point is: This probably isn't the game you want to buy. If you loved Enemy Territory, ET:QW (from what I read, I haven't played it myself) - don't buy Brink, it's frustratingly worse than this simple, free game I used to enjoy.

    The future of Brink doesn't look too good. There is a free DLC coming out soon, but at the time of writing, there were only about half a dozen servers with good ping and players on it, early evening. Most of the early adopters have already moved on and I really doubt the situation is going to be better.
  35. May 30, 2011
    I just signed up to this site JUST so I could Warn/Explain what a terrible game this is. I have never felt so disappointed about a game in my life. It's times like these I wish steam would offer refunds. At $90, it is a high price to pay for an unfinished, clunky FPS that offers nothing new, or extra for the world of gaming. On launch day this game was unplayable. Broken menus, freezing, save game loss no servers available on-line to play MP.
    But, I gave it a chance, a good 2 - 3 weeks in fact. The game was patched, but it was too late. Most PC players have given up on this game. Even if you find a server, chances are it will be empty or contain only one other person, desperately trying to force themselves to like this game.
    So, why not play single player you ask?
    Single player is simply multiplayer with AI, however. This is the worst AI I have ever seen!! Unless you constantly switch rolls to actually do all the objectives yourself. The AI might as well not even be there. They just wonder around aimlessly, dying. They don't help AT ALL, It makes the single player mode completely pointless and frustrating.
    With titles such as Battle Field (bad company), Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Call of Duty. All these games listed are half the price, if not cheaper! (Sometimes on special for $8). Why would you bother with such a boring, broken game.
    You want to dress your character up? Go out and buy TF2 and put some hats on him.
    Because what you are spending money on ladies and gentlemen is a $90 dress-up simulator with a terrible FPS attached to it.

    You don't want a hardcore competitive game like Call Of Duty, I get that. But go out and spend your money on Team Fortress or Left 4 Dead instead. In fact you could buy both at the cost of Brink.

    People rating this game positive either have never experienced a casual FPS outside of this game. Or are convincing themselves they actually enjoy this because it cost them so much money.

    Next time, I won't fall for clever marketing.

    Brink, more like Stink.
  36. May 30, 2011
    Brink is an exercise in how not to release a game. PC Gamers have waited through a year of delays only to be greeted with weapon and class imbalance, poor tutorials, shoddy AI, and unclear objectives. Game-breaking technical issues kept the game unplayable on literally half the systems trying to run it for the first few weeks. Those who were unfortunate enough to put down money to buy this game at launch have been frantically trying to defend it and justify the gameplay since they're stuck with it, but this is a game that would have been returned to stores in mass quantities if most major retailers were still offering refunds on open merchandise.

    On the upside, the game has a slick design and very distinctive art style, which will please most people from afar for quite some time as it sits in the bargain bin this holiday season after the community abandons it to play better shooters.
  37. May 29, 2011
    Joined purely to write up that Brink is rubbish... Splash Damage should have waited till it at least tested properly before releasing this game. Anyone one who buys this should not expect to be able to play MP as the servers are mostly empty now due to many people giving up already - patches are too late and obviously they never worked with the GPU manufactures as even a high end card runs relatively poorly. The team play is forced as you spend so much time buffing instead of shooting and capturing objectives. Having side objects doesn't work IMHO as you seem to need to cap the main obj and its done. Killing an opponent does takes an amazing about of ammo so you constantly have to be buffed with ammo - lame! I can see how the selection of characters appeals to the barbie set (people how like to play dress-ups with dolls). I suggest that perhaps less time should have been spent on that side of the game and more on testing. Expand
  38. May 28, 2011
    False marketing of "innovation" and "blending online-offline-single-and-multiplayer" leaves a bad aftertaste.

    Unlike what the advertisement promises, there is no campaign or single-player modes; only matches with bots and the "blending" constitutes of showing cutscenes in multi-player and single-player alike. That's it.

    The game is plagued by connectivity issues and an objective system
    that punishes creativity by penalising completing objectives without selecting them first on the objective wheel. Teamwork outside of the predetermined roles is thus punished with an XP penalty; or not given an award at all! Quite a hindrance when levelling is so important in the game.

    The game promised to do away with "one-shot-kills" and endless camping, but dying from one or five shots within a 1.5 second timeframe makes no difference at all. Camping remains the most solid tactic, in particular since escort missions of very slow moving objectives are so common.

    You have to specialise in a class to be effective, and that completely negates the idea of being able to change classes on the fly. You loose a level by respeccing, which is a terrible price to pay and not at all worth it if your into competitive play. At the higher levels, they take a very long time to regain.

    The weapons lack tangible differentiation, despite behaving quite differently. Another issue is that you can only decide what weapon suits you by trying them all. Some are utterly useless, while others are similar enough to each other that it simply becomes a matter of preference. Then there are a few that seem to be entirely predominant online; those with highest damage and stability scores.

    The system of unlocks is tedious and punishes new players. You have to unlock necessary upgrades to be competetive by completing tedious and often outright boring Challenges; particularly egregious since you have to complete each of the four missions TWICE in order to attain those important ammo and scope upgrades. They also more or less have to be completed on early levels, since attempting them online will quickly prove frustrating and the difficulty is such at higher levels that the tedium becomes too much to bear. Starting a new character is because of all this a very unattractive prospect.

    The server browser is absolutely horrible, with no way of discerning what rules the match you are entering has if it doesn't conform to some limited preset of rules; a clear majority of servers are simply listed as "custom", which can mean just about anything. Are you going up against rank 5 (the most advanced skills) specialists that will pwn you over and over unless you have a solid team, is friendly fire on or off, and so on. Coupled with the incessant disconnects, despite rock solid performance in every other game I play, that sometimes gives you marginal XP and sometimes none at all, this provides a frustrating and quickly tiring online experience. As a team based multiplayer shooter, it is average; not as punishing as Counter-Strike, but neither as rewarding, not as difficult to learn as Team Fortress 2, but neither as dynamic.

    The SMART system works as a cool replacement for rocket-jumping and the likes, but the utility of the Light body type that can do wall jumps and more advanced manoeuvres is very much in doubt. The levels have a only few places where the Light type can pull off some cool stunts, but the only real gain is that you arrive faster at your destination by using those shortcuts; most often that means leaving your team behind and thus a quick death when you arrive at the enemy camp. Had the servers supported more than 8 players on each team, perhaps a strike team of Lights could do something useful, but as it stands those slots are needed for the core team to be able to complete objectives. All in all, I found Brink to be worth about 20hrs of gameplay, after which it became stale and restrictive. For a multiplayer shooter, that's appallingly short in terms of longevity.

    Releasing an unplayable game is also not acceptable, which was the state the game was in when my pre-order copy arrived. That's why it gets a '4' and not the '5' I would rate it as in its current state.
  39. May 24, 2011
    Come on brothers, lets do this! First thing I do as a XP addict is watch the tutorial that tells me to hold tab to see and choose objectives.
    I start the campaign and immediately I get all confused about wtf to do. I hold tab.....i see no objectives. i hold tab again. no objectives instead I see a nice scoreboard. WTF do i want a scoreboard for in SINGLEPLAYER???? i don't care about the
    bots stats!!!!! I do care about the new SMART system though. Good idea if your maps where up4 the challenge. And omg the goddamn medics running around throwing syringes everwhere geezeez I just emptied 2 full mags in his head and all it takes for him to ress is 2 secs? srsly I have now uninstalled and when this is done im returning this piece of donkey **** they chose to call a game :) have nice day- witcher2 plz dont suck this bad!!! plz Expand
  40. May 23, 2011
    Just terrible. Boring game if i wanted to play team fortress 2 then ill just play team fortress 2! Sure the sliding is cool but the game just lacks any fun imo.
  41. May 22, 2011
    From Steam: Brink's advanced player customization offers a near-endless combination of looks for your character (unless you are a woman) â
  42. May 19, 2011
    The depth of my disappointment with the game cannot be overstated, but neither can its flaws. The primary issues are ones that relate to the elemental parts of a good FPS game. In these ways, Brink scores below average when compared to the benchmarks across the FPS pantheon (Planetside, Quake 2, Counter-Strike, Battlefield 2142 and BC2, TF2). Weapon Balance: Poor. There are two runaway favorites - the CARB SMG and the Revolver. Because their accuracy, operating range and damage are only barely worse than the next tiers of weapons (and because combat happens at close range most of the time), these two guns are the most common seen and the most effective. There are no appreciable advantages to the Assault Rifles or Heavy weapons. The rest of the SMGs are, simply put, worse than the CARB. Don't bother. Class Balance: If some maps didn't require Operatives and Soldiers then you'd never seen them. Medic and Engineer are very well rounded and their buffing abilities outshine whatever skills the other two classes have. This, keep in mind, with the Engineer's turrets almost entirely crippled by incredibly slow target acquisition. The body types are visual candy at best; the differences in health are negligible in firefights, leading more to choose the Light type due to its mobility. Note that the Light can use both of the superior weapons above. The twitchiness of aiming and movement make it possible to tank damage simply by moving quickly.

    Map Design: Consider that one map has no sound, another glitches all player models into invisibility and a third can have one team's spawn locked down within 30 seconds and you'll see why the map design is disappointing. There are no CTF or Capture Point modes (near-requirements in the FPS space), instead relying on repeated objective-based tasks governed by timers and checkpoints. These are poorly balanced, with the defending team almost always at an advantage. Controls and Movement: Possibly the worst part of the gameplay. Yes, you can jump over barricades and slide into corners, but your character will also get tripped up on ground debris (breaking sprint - argh!), twitch uncontrollably when up against cover and mercilessly hesitate when transitioning between postures, aiming and sprinting. The complete lack of polish in control ruins the authenticity of the gameplay and makes you feel more like a ghoul clumsily floating over the landscape, occasionally snagging your pants, rather than a mongoose-like soldier weaving your way through a battle.

    There are too many controls given what you can actually do with them. For example, two keys are required to deploy your base ability - one for self-use and one for other-use. In a game where you can express intent by aiming your crosshairs, you simply don't need two buttons. Press the key - are you looking at something? Act on that. No? Act on yourself. Brink is only vaguely molded and not-at-all polished. There's probably a good game lurking somewhere in the design documents, but the just-barely-thought-out customization and gameplay design choices all smack of trying to do too much. What concerns me most are the issues at the core levels of gameplay, specifically movement, ballistics and game modes. These are hard things to resolve with patches, yet the game desperately needs help in those areas and more. It's hard to walk away from the glitz of different colored shirts and a few parkour moves, but I recommend you do. Check back in a year - if there are still people on the already-near-empty servers, the price has fallen and the game cleaned is cleaned up in the ways that matter then, well, you might be in for a treat. Apologists will predictably quip, "I'm having a ton of fun; if you don't like it then don't play it" and "You just don't understand what kind of game it is; go back to CoD." To which I reply, "Just because you think it's fun does not mean it's good."
  43. May 17, 2011
    Only lasted 3 hours with this. New levels of repetition for me. Its a console game and I suspect designed for a younger gamer than me to be fair. I like games with a bit of depth. Really bothered me that the environment is more or less completely indestructible too.

    I liked Bethesda a lot until I bought this. This game has made me nervous that they have lost their edge and I fear for
    Skyrim when its released later in the year as that is probably my most anticipated game ever. Fingers crossed they dont make another shallow one weekend unit shifter out of that one too. Expand
  44. May 17, 2011
    This game is not at all fun. There is nothing to do, all the mission are quite same and other then killing a bunch of soldiers there nothing else. i enjoyed the character creation more than the mission. i think the only good and different thing in this game is the character creation, other than that this game is useless and quite boring. i just started playing this game and after a couple of minutes i bored. I think they could have really made is game much better. Expand
  45. May 17, 2011
    The premise of a waterworld with bothers is certainly an enticing idea and certainly had me interested. Once immersed the game play I quickly realized that the staying power would be short lived. Personally I love precision shooting with high twitch elements. I do genuinely think some people will enjoy the game immensely. Especially once a patch fixes some of its graphical glitches.

    think in terms of overall gameplay, TF2 is a better game over Brink. Expand
  46. May 16, 2011
    Brink will appeal to a very certain type of PC gamer.

    Above all, it will be the type of gamer that cares only about multiplayer, because despite it's claims to provide an 'innovative' mix of single-player, co-op, and multiplayer, BRINK simply reuses the multiplayer maps for single-player and co-op whilst adding bots into the mix. Unfortunately, with crippling AI shortcomings, these bots
    provide a single player and co-op experience that is frustrating, tedious, but (mercifully) short. The game contains in total 8 maps, less than many budget games, and though these are accompanied by some attractive cutscenes and an interesting premise, they ultimately boil down to charging through one of two choke points to an objective, or defending these chokepoints against the opposing team.

    Secondly, it will be the type of gamer that likes the idea of teamwork, but dislikes engaging their brain too much. Teamplay in BRINK is achieved by spamming buffs, rather than careful positioning or depth of strategy. If you do take the risk of engaging your brain for a second, you might be taken aback by how incredibly patronising the game is in its desperate attempts to force you to focus heavily on buff spam - this is a game that literally rewards standing at your spawn buffing freshly spawned players more than running off and single-handedly obliterating the enemy team. Proponents of BRINK might be quick to discount people who are more interested in killing the opposing team as people who don't understand the true value of teamplay; however, when a major objective of said teamplay is to kill the enemy team, the bizarre way in which BRINK rewards the most trivial actions over the most significant ones makes it extremely difficult to identify the good players from the bad.

    BRINK is the equivalent of your manager grabbing you by the neck and slapping you in the face repeatedly screaming "BE MORE OF A TEAM PLAYER!". Subtle it certainly isn't in its efforts to get you to stop thinking about the fun of trying to rack up kills, and get back to your key role of pressing "F" and "X". You'll certainly be pressing these keys a lot, because you need to rebuff yourself every time you die (it's not fun in an MMO, and turns out it's even less fun in an FPS). The same goes for your teammates, who'll also need buffing constantly, and the objectives you'll be zerging to stand near and press "F".

    So, thirdly, BRINK's appeal is also limited to FPS players who aren't huge fans of, or very good at, the actual running and shooting part. Running is handled by a SMART system which allows you to hold a key to automatically jump/vault as appropriate, eliminating any need to carefully time jumps. Unfortunately, the parkour-based fun that might ensue is limited by the 8 maps that really don't allow the system to shine. Shooting is facilitated by a wide selection of broadly similar weapons, whose killing power is often affected more by the randomness of their huge bullet spread than the actual accuracy or tap-fire ability of the user. Aim is still required, and it would be wrong to suggest there isn't a degree of twitch-based action in BRINK, and I'm sure there are many subtle differences in the weapons, but it's still a game where the outcome of a firefight is mostly down to the number of people you bring to it, rather than their individual skill. A Call of Duty-style XP unlock system allows weapon upgrades and perks to be unlocked, but you'll get through this in about 10 hours of play, so it's yet another way for the developers to continue to hammer in the "TEAMWORK! TEAMWORK!" mantra by forcing you to complete the trivial team actions the XP system so richly rewards.

    Finally, BRINK will only appeal to the type of gamer who doesn't own an ATI card or care about 3D Vision support, since neither of these work with BRINK at time of writing. This is another buggy release, less so than the Xbox360 version, but still fraught with issues - a surprise given that this game treads no new ground in its graphics, netcode, or gameplay.

    Despite all this negativity, if you fit all these criteria, chances are you will at least like, though perhaps not love, BRINK. It doesn't innovate half as much as the hype might have you believe, but if you loved TF2, you'll find more of the same here. Yet these is one final proviso - BRINK is incredibly overpriced given the omission of true single player or co-op gameplay, and a meagre 8 (similar) multiplayer maps. As a result, Splash and Bethesda deserve poor reviews for pushing out so little content at a premium price tag. At $15 BRINK's peers would be Killing Floor, Section 8, and Breach, and it's comparable to all of these. At $50 it can only be expected to be compared to the big boys of the FPS genre, and it's far from their league.
  47. May 16, 2011
    This game has probably had the worse launch I have seen in my life. It shipped with major bugs, slow loading textures, incompatible with ATI graphics cards, issues with gameplay balance and game breaking lag. The game was removed from the UK Steam store on launch and is still unavailable today (16/5/11).

    I cant recommend this game right now, with it being shipped as a broken product.
    Wait for the dust to settle and bugs to be ironed out then give it a try because right now there isnt an experience to be had Expand
  48. MB_
    May 16, 2011
    Bugged to high heaven and when you finally get the game working, and configured correctly it's still not worth playing. It's like a dumbed down, closed in and awkward little brother of Quake Wars and I tired of that years ago.

    Basically it's team death match only. Really.

    So if you don't have seven dedicated players who are good communicators you are going to have a miserable time in the
    long run. Even if you do, you have to enjoy slow constrained movement, tiny maps and the same tired missions you've been playing since original Counterstrike.

    With the trailers I was expecting a story, but frankly there isn't one, theres a setting but its just a backdrop for tired old missions being re-run yet again.

    Try before you buy, or rather, try and don't bother buying.
  49. May 15, 2011
    I keep waiting them to patch this game, the fun seems to be broken. I keep trying and trying to get the fun working correctly, but it is just not fun. Aside from that I am getting very tired of game crashing every 15mins and randomly deleting my save games. I would very much like my $50 back. If the price ever falls to the $15 range it might be worth it. Overall I give this game a big fat fail...
  50. May 15, 2011
    This game is a piece of s*** I was playing for one hour and I got enough. Nothing new, just next shoot em all. Single player game is with retarded AIs and you cant control them.Multi player is better, but still fail. If you want waste fifty buck then you're welcome. But if you want good game, don't buy it after all.
  51. May 15, 2011
    The PC gameplay is terrible. Running is clunky and unrealistic, the parkour content is terrible and very counter productive. The weapons are cartoonish in their handling. Grenades trajectory is frustrating. Map design funnels you, resulting in camp sessions were both teams just sit killing one another until time runs out. You cant refine server searches. Map design isn't balanced and the heights allow a distinct advantage to camp opposing sides at different points. You can change weapons, but not perks during gameplay, so you have to log out of the server, to take advantage of upgrades, etc earnt during play. This is one of the games I have been most looking forward too this year, I've been following it since its announcement, yet I'm totally let down. Not worth playing yet. Need too much polishing. I dont believe this game had beta testing. Its just too clunky, and not intuitive enough to have gone through a proper beta test... Expand
  52. May 14, 2011
    Simply over-hyped and does not deliver the fun you'd expect. Laggy, hardware issues that make you doubt it has been tested and too focused on online modes.
  53. May 14, 2011
    What can I say, I bought into the hype machine surrounding this game and I regret it. If I could only choose one word to describe this game it would be mediocre. The S.M.A.R.T. system is borderline maddening. Everything you see can and will get you killed when you jump over it trying to run by it. Do you want to fall while sprinting? Too bad! Enjoy your pull-up session as an enemy mows you down. Grenades fly through the air with all the grace of a brick. Good luck getting them to go where you want. There are numerous, game breaking bugs such as the "how did I suddenly go deaf" loss of almost ALL audio. Hands down the worst thing I ever spent $50 on, and I once LOST $50 by dropping it. Expand
  54. sum
    May 14, 2011
    Over hyped and underwhelming. This is the anti-FPS FPS. There's nothing really new here, just a bunch of things inspired by other games. Character customization (no female model!), weak weapons, and cartoony characters from Team Fortress 2. The parkour system is just a revamp of COD4's climb system bound to the run key, along with the default melee key being "V" like in COD4 (which this game was supposedly trying to move away from). Plus the Parkour system goes into effect in the worst places at the worst times, and doesn't work in the best places and the best times. It's more like a "this is to help the console gamers do what the big kids do on the PC".
    Graphics would be unimpressive for a 2008 game, but this is 2011 and it's very underwhelming. Could have looked okay if it had been released back in 2005 or so.

    Oh wait, they didn't beta-test and you can tell. You lose sound consistently on one map, and you have to wonder how they released it with such a glaringly obvious problem. Oh wait, it's because they released it a week early. That's a week they could have used to finish developing it, or testing it for problems before release. The choice in weapons are lackluster, with poor handling and crap damage. This game is the bastard child that would have been born if Team Fortress 2, COD4, and Borderlands had a gang-bang and managed to give group birth into one form: getting all the recessive genes and being born retarded. Have I mentioned that the cut-scenes are cheap, and poorly done?

    The menus are not intuitive. The server browser is laggy and clunky.
    The whole thing is amateurish, like Punkbuster. If you're going to drop $50 on something, go buy a better game, have a nice dinner, or better yet, keep it for upcoming games like Battlefield 3 or Guild Wars 2. At least those two games had people lining up for it for real at PAX, instead of having the developers claim people were lining up for it.
  55. May 14, 2011
    This game is good at nothing.
    Parkour game where you can't jump (or can jump 1 feet high)? Is this some kind of a sick joke? The gameplay feels clumsy in every way, the camera is shaking all time, there are MILLIONS of bugs, and... you can't shoot while you run. All character types are soooooooooooooooooooooooo slow, and sprinting is useless while fighting. "Move more than you shoot" more
    like "Move and you'll get shot" . Also, you don't really feel like you're killing somebody when they just fall on the ground, and the weapons feel not powerful at all. parkouring, moving over obstacles is slower than running past them. The only thing I give this game 2 is the smoothness of the menus, and the solid level up system. This game doesn't do anything better than some other game. Expand
  56. May 14, 2011
    After playing Brink non-stop I'm starting to feel disappointed mostly on the terrible map design. The AI is like something of a joke and the overall feeling you get when playing a really good game isnâ
  57. May 13, 2011
    Worst game I have ever played hands down! I wasted $50 on this game. Tf2 was actually fun and exciting this game is lack luster and boring. After a few hrs you have done all you can do in this game so it really has no bring back playability. Do not buy this game til its $20 its not worth that either but if your curious. This game will be dead in 6-9 months.
  58. May 13, 2011
    First of all this is the machine I am playing this game on: Phenom II 965 BE, 8GB 1600 DDR3 RAM, HD5770x2 Crossfire, it is a brand spanking new PC that has 42 other games currently installed all running extremely well. None of my components is damaged, all were previously tested before assembly. Ok, so this game performs badly, and the graphics are heavy, laggy and sluggish. First order of business, updated the driver, so framerate issue was fixed, yet it was still laggy! it was running at 70-90 fps and the game still looks like its running at 10-15fps!. Second of all it doesn't keep my graphics settings. For example I would click for high quality post processing or anti aliasing or even soft particles, I would exit the graphics menu, then go into the game...problem?game still looks the same. I go back into the video settings only to find out that the video settings are not sticking. I try to change them several times, even tried rebooting the game, graphical settings still do not stick! Look, I understand that this is an OpenGl game, but for gods sake why would you use it knowing that there are incompatibilities with hardware that uses directx for everything!! Most hardware out there is directx at its core, why use OpenGL?, I have absolutely no idea, but it was a bad decision. Ok so on to the game...the only plot in this game is you are trapped in an island city with no way out, that's about it. Single player is horrible, it's supposed to be like a cooperative as in Left4Dead, but greatly fails because you can't control your team and it doesn't help you. You die every second with 1 or two shots, while you have to empty 5-10 full clips of ammo into them to kill them! When you are down you just sit there and nobody revives you, medics are off doing their thing, at that point I exit the mission and just restart it because there's no point in just sitting there doing nothing and unable to move. For the SMART button all you do is hit space bar, there you go, spacebar to jump over almost everything. The problem is, it really doesn't help you do anything other than jump over everything, enemies still kill you with one shot anyway. Also the music in this game is horrible, someone with a piano sat down and put the soundtrack together in about 30 minutes, horrible. Plot is shady at best, there are no character intros, there is no background, there are no protagonists or antagonists, nothing to help you identify the game at all or where the plot or the story is going. This game deserves all these negative reviews and more, this game utterly fails at everything. There is no good thing I can say about it at this point, hopefully I do find something good, but from the looks of it, I am probably not. Save your money, and if you don't believe me, there is no demo, but there is The Pirate Bay. Expand
  59. May 13, 2011
    I had to wait several days before I felt I could give this game a fair review. The reason for this was due to the very large amount of hype Bethesda and Splash Damage attached to this game to the extent that in Brink's facebook page they heavily exaggerated the amount of interest in Brink at PAX East (I was there, which is why I know they weren't telling the truth) and the large fanboy following which is evident in many of the games positive reviews on here (the wording of the reviews, not the fact that they have positive reviews). The simple truth about this game is that even if you put aside the fact that there are serious lag and connection issues in multiplayer the game itself is barely mediocre and frankly wouldn't be one of the top games if it were released in 2004 let alone 2011. The ID tech4 engine (which was released in 2004) looks abysmally outdated even despite the changes they made to it for this game. The developers highly touted use of parkour for traversing terrain using their SMART (Smooth Movement Around Random Terrain) system would be an imaginative addition if the maps weren't so bland and simple. The weapons feel like blunt instruments not precision ballistics and the nades are an absolute joke, their trajectory doesn't look remotely bound by any rules of physics and the explosions are laughably bad. The plot and voice acting for the single players game and the multiplayers characters feels like something from a cheesy low budget 80s sci-fi movie. In multiplayer there are lag issues and issues where every player on a server will lose sound all at once (happens on multiple servers). I could go on but there's no need for me to completely bury this game. Without the multiplayer problems this game is no better than a 4, with those issues this game is a 2 but I'll give it a 3 under the assumption that future updates will fix the multiplayer bugs. A highly disappointing game. Expand
  60. May 13, 2011
    Great potential, but i don't know what's happened with the engine - there must be something gone horribly wrong. I like the multiplayer aspect with buffing mates, missions, storyline in multiplayer wich grants more xp than just killing stuff. The character class customization options are very good, the range of possible speccs makes this game a long-term fun. Many Weapons, "perks", (IMHO) good balanced maps, graphics with a unique atmosphere, well made interface for multiplayer action.
    But back to the Engine. All drivers up2date, gtx580 and i7 980x - and it's stuttering like hell. The FPS are good but every second it feels like it's freezing. Laggy as hell, too, but not as bad as PS3 and XBOX360 Players are reporting.

    For me it's definitely not playable, i hope there is a patch very soon. Don't buy it before someone reports the bugs as fixed. Save money and many frustrating minutes.
  61. May 12, 2011
    Thought about getting this game, so I started watching a stream. The game lagged all over the place and just looked horrible to me, I was disappointed as I was hoping this game would be amazing. Off to play TF2 I guess.
  62. May 12, 2011
    Its great as a tech demo.
    As a game, its useless, for anyone older than 12 years. Strip away the graphics and its good old high speed, no point shooter. Quasi-macho style is nothing new. Still pitiful tho.
  63. May 11, 2011
    Not impressed at all. Terrible performance issues with ATI card users make the game almost unplayable. Also, several common resolutions aren't even supported. The graphics are pretty good but more importantly, the gameplay is nothing special and gets old quick. The character customization is fun in the menu but in-game, its useless as it's an first-person shooter and you rarely see your own character. I would not recommend this game in the slightest. Thorough disappointment. Expand
  64. May 11, 2011
    Brink is fail. I rate it 3/10. The only reason it isn't a 2 is because of it's potential. Sadly, splash did a royal job of pooping on our faces. So much for innovation. Brink is nowhere near what they advertised it to be. Personally I do not feel character customization belongs in an FPS, but since they put it there ill talk about it.Customization is horrid. You get like a dozen shirts, pants and jackets and a few hair styles and they call that customization? yea you get a few pre-made faces and you choose skin color... woopee. Didn't they have character customization at the level of choosing entire body structure like... forever ago?
    Gun customization is another story, but even sadder. I LOVE customizing gun's in FPS's that offer the option. It allows for multiple ways to play. Sadly, there are almost no options. They try and hide it by giving you 4 red dots but the dot is THE SAME, they even state so when choosing. its all preference? How is it preference if it looks the same when aiming? And for the front, all you get are 6 exactly the same acting muzzle brakes with different flash area's and a silencer? k wait, you also get a forgrip or speed sling, and YAY you get drum extended or duct tape.... nice customizing... NOT. Don't even get me started on the point system. I agree with game pro. A headshot should ALWAYS be a 1 hit kill in an FPS. Shooting people sucks. There is no power in any of these guns. The medic revive isn't bad, Bad Co 2 had a revive system, the only difference is, YOU DIE IN 2-3 bullets if not 1 from a head shot. Its realistic. So many times, i will spend 2 full magazine's to kill some stupid heavy, then he gets revived. Not to mention medics have an invincibility buff and a self revive? really? Guns just don't like they should. If you enter a room and get the drop on 3-4 people, it should take 2 seconds max to gun them all down. Not 30 seconds of running around grabbing their asses to kill them. This game is horrid. Flanking options are bad and can easily be protected by a couple engineers laying down their mines. I have never felt so disapointed in my life than when i bought brink.
  65. May 11, 2011
    1 for insult this game is a steaming pile of **** I bought hoping it would be a fun MP experience instead I got a laggy buggy game that can't run past 20 fps on one of the latest ATI graphics chipset (RADEON HD6950) great potential terrible execution sits there in my steam account to remind me that I wasted 54 bones.
  66. May 11, 2011
    If you're looking for fun, play something else. The campaign mode is annoying on solo, you can't command your fellow fighters to do anything and don't expect them to cover you, follow you, or assist in any manner...they do their own thing while you get shot, sometimes they will toss you a revive shot. The SMART system they talk about is no big deal, wow one buttons lets me jump and climb...that's worth 50$. The unlockable weapon upgrades don't do much; like a drum magazine increases the ammo capacity from 23 to 45...seriously?!? How about 100 round drums, that's what they are modeled after. Why do red dot sights reduce the equip speed? Enemies can incapacitate you with one melee hit, while you can't do the same. Oh and good luck finding a server to play on.

    Run here while shooting, run there while shootin, press and hold F while getting shot, run here, run there, escort this, escort that, press and hold F. There is what you will be doing on every mission.

    If you want a fun pvp game play TF2, this game fails big.
  67. May 11, 2011
    First the good: it's a good fps game. Sure there are bugs, but I will ignore them for now and take the developers at their word on the patches coming down the line. Overall, it is smooth movement with nice interfaces. Group game play is promoted and in keeping with the original design philosophy. That part certain performs as the developers intended.

    The Bad: What's the point of
    parkour movement when you can't even see yourself pull off the moves? The reason why Assassin's Creed is so popular is because of how cool it looked when your character pulls off a neat stunt or combination. My problem with the mechanic is that I don't feel any different playing this game than any other FPS. I understand the SMART system is supposed to be revolutionary, but in the first person perspective, I just don't feel any different from other games within the same genre. Secondly, one button? That's it? No skill required, just hold down this one button? Couldn't they have at least made an attempt and making the player hit the button in a certain sequence. I mean, why bother having the button at all and just leave the feature turned on all the time? Think of it this way, I used to love playing Tony Hawk skateboarding games. Half the fun was in pulling of difficult stunts and getting to hard to reach places. The stunts required timing and several buttons hit in a certain sequence to pull off. I like to think of parkour in much the same way that I do skating. There is a difficulty involved that just is not reflected in the games controls.

    The game fails because it's touted gimmick is so unbelievably boring. Not worth $50.
  68. May 11, 2011
    well, this game is not as good as i expected.
    the first problem i encountered was the game engine itself: the idtech 4 is so outdated that this game has mobile phone quality graphics, and super low framerates. if you can get past this, you'll be pissed off by the fact that this game is only in english and that there are no subtitles. that may not be a problem if you speak english very
    well, but if you're like me and it takes you a long time to concentrate on what the characters are saying in order to understand the story of the game, subtitles, or localization are a needed.
    apart from this **** the game is decent, but not too original, it's just a regular shooter with classes and abilities.
    **** this **** what a waste of money
  69. May 10, 2011
    The game had tons of potential. You can see the free-running of Mirror's Edge, the class system of Team Fortress 2, the unlock system of Modern Warfare, and the gameplay of Killzone 2. Sadly, Bethesda has not fully utilized what they had. The juxtaposition of these elements is harsh and it just doesn't come together well. The game feels like it really belongs on a console and was ported to the PC as an afterthought. It even keeps the tutorial videos from the console version of the game. That being said, it still feels rushed over. The AI is mindless; the only thing that makes it difficult is the never ending spawning which supposedly is to make it feel more balanced. The campaign feels like there was no care in telling the story of the Arc which really disappointed me (especially when it comes from a company like Bethesda). It is a game that looks like it has plenty of potential and just never got completed. I would hope that Bethesda would become Valve-esque and release updates to make this game better, but I highly doubt that they will.
    It has it's redeeming features, such as the customization and the parkour, but that does not make up for it's flaws. It is a purchase that I regret.
    It doesn't feel completed. The campaign is laughable. It feels like it doesn't belong on PC.
  70. May 10, 2011
    Most disappointing launch since STO. Terrible weapons system. Clunky controls. Worst map design ever. No incremental spawning. Rubberband lag so bad it's unplayable. One of the worst games i've ever played. Typical match: sprint to spawn while holding "f" to buff players. Firefight while one guy holds "f" in place for a minute, everyone dies in 20 seconds, respawn at other end of map, sprint to objective/only bottleneck in map, firefight 20 seconds, die, spawn, sprint, repeat ad nauseum. EXCELLENT art, everything else is **** Expand
  71. May 10, 2011
    So launch day there is a bug where theres no sound for entire servers so im gonna judge this game as presented. A game with no sound that isn't a horror game with a hearing impaired person is unacceptable. Im sick and tired of all these producers launching beta's as finished products. class balancing leaves a few things to be desired I.E operatives have no innate point generation like all the other classes. Really this is a par game with nothing new probably a 5 or 6 but with no sound its a 1. Expand
  72. May 10, 2011
    This game's terrible. I will never pre-order another splash damage game. I should have known better after they ruined the q3f mod for quake 3 back when. cons ===== - Terrible textures - Clunky movement - Gun sounds suck - Level design is bland - Horrible UI menu looks like its from 1995 - gain points for doing jack squat - thought the objectives would be more interactive, but they're not... boring - frequent server connection problems - frame rate issues between single player and multi player for no apparent reason. SP tells me I'm running at 60 fps yet it feels like 20. - SP is non-existant - horrible AI and the list goes on.... DONT BUY THIS GAME. Save your money. Collapse Expand
  73. May 10, 2011
    Summing it up: A disappointment. Pros: Movement is very fluid. The players look pretty dynamic, fluid, and natural. Appears to be a wide variety of guns, along with gun attachments reminiscent of the COD Modern Warfare series. Meh: Environment isn't all it's played out to be. Climbing over things is fun, but you don't really get to monkey around obstacles as shown in many of the sneak peek videos that were released. The class options are sure interesting, but as long as you're a medic you're good to go in terms of points and XP grinding. Cons: Hmmm... Lots of these. The gameplay is barely acceptable. The damage is little or next to nothing. Headshots certainly do exist, but it seems mostly to be spray and pray, and this is coming from someone who has played CS for over ten years, and CSS since it was released, in addition to the COD series. It's not just me I swear. The multiplayer campaign idea, while different, is lacking. For some reason, the action just doesn't feel exciting. There's no comparison to a CS massive kill streak, or a good MW2 flank when you've gone around the enemy team and kicked some serious butt. You simply don't have enough bullets and don't do enough damage to make anything like that happen. While the game totes the 'freedom' of movement, players are too restricted by the campaign. If there's one thing this game is in DIRE need of, it's Team Deathmatch. Come ON! How can you make a multiplayer online FPS and not have a TD mode? The leveling up and the new perks, videos, and abilities don't really alter gameplay that greatly, unlike the abilities did in the COD series. It feels exactly like what it is: a grind! I am bored after a few hours, and probably won't pick up this game again. Expand
  74. May 10, 2011
    Horrid. Far to simple and key-presses are nowhere near what they should be. Too simple, had potential but fell flat. If the game had improved key presses and general gameplay, this game would be great. Though, the gameplay is horrid,
  75. May 10, 2011
    Another rushed, half-hearted port of a console game. Gameplay that doesn't know if it wants to be Call of Duty with team based objectives or Team Fortress 2 with modern weaponry. Either way it fails spectacularly in trying to be either. Add in a boat load of bugs from the rush job this game has become and you have a recipe for nerd tears.

    Is there a good game underneath all the issues?
    Maybe, but with all the issues who is willing to pay money to go digging for it when a solid FPS experience is already available in so many other games Expand
  76. May 10, 2011
    Yawn. Nothing but a poor TF2 clone here with no originality. Cel shaded graphics are just a cover up for the poor bland textures and lack of art designer. There is no variabiton from character to character at all...using a shotgun feels just like using an assualt rifile. Objective based matches just turn into a clustered mess due to poor map design and just overall bad game design mechanics. The game oozes genericness in every way. Not even a rent. Expand
  77. May 10, 2011
    I think this game is an ant farming simulator? Wrong game, you say? Well then why the freck are there so many bugs? The level of generic and uninspiredness rivals that of Black OPs. There is one gun total in the game. Well, there are multiple skins for the gun, but make no mistake, they all feel like the exact same gun. The "artistic" graphics are just a cover for "we didn't want to be bothered to make actual textures or a lighting engine". A "smart" button? Can it get me more dumbed and casualized than that? Why even have us hit buttons at all? Just make the whole game autopilot and we can sit back and watch. Bethesda obviously weren't watching Bioware's mistakes with Dragon Age 2, else they would have known that dumbed down "1 button=cool stuff whoa omg!" gameplay does not make for great games. Make no mistake, this game is a piece of hipster trash designed to cash in on the TF2 popularity. It is generic. It is ugly. It is repetitive. It is unfun. Expand
  78. May 10, 2011
    Day 1 and they already got game destroying bugs, wow. Apparently they didn't even bother to test their servers/steams servers/whoever runs the servers for the game (based on the games forum), pretty much everyone is having a "Server Not Responding." issue when trying to join a game with a friend (coop), from what I've seen/heard, the support for this issue is "Deal with it". The "120,432,530,020" ways to customize your character was obviously a lie (who thought that was true?), it's really just about ten suits you can customize the color of and about 30-40 guns in total that can have parts swapped around on (aka, different sights, magazines, grips, etc) I've played through the first six missions in about... 3 hours, completed all the "challenges" that unlock extra scopes, magazines, all that stuff, and I'm fairly sure that its campaign is made up for 8 maps that get played from both factions perspective based on what side you choose. Slightly confusing at first if you come from FPS games that you can kill someone in one or two bullets - you need about half a clip in this one, maybe it's just because almost every gun is a submachine gun *cough* --- If you've ever played Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (another splashdamage game), you honestly don't need to buy this, ET:QW is far cheaper. BRINK is NOT WORTH 49.99, maybe 20, 30 if you're desperate for something new, not really anything new though... "SMART" system is interesting and annoying at the same time, it's so angle dependent on whether it activates or not that it may get you killed in a split-second-choice situation. It's actual "campaign" really is a copy of ET:QW, it gives you a 20-30 second intro movie for each map, then drops you into the game and tells you to go change to X class, go assault/defend/destroy/hack/whatever Y, rinse & repeat for the entire "campaign". The games AI is generally poor in terms of Support, Combat Effectiveness is lacking, None of them actually complete objectives (none of the AI on your team, that is). After so many horrible FPS releases the past few years, I wanted BRINK to be able to restore some faith in such games. I question if FPS games are even worth having hopes for anymore. Expand
  79. Dec 1, 2011
    This review is to offset Specious71's score of 10 as he meant to give the rating a 6. I think he hit the nail on the head pretty accurately. We both played the co op all the way through with 2 other friends...we really tried to like just felt like a mild title at best. Best of luck to those who like it...which we presume are the console-only kiddies :-) People cried so much about how other games were hard like UT and Quake etc. that they had to dumb the movement down to accommodate those with less skill...all well and good if you love being mediocre in life :-) ok got my quota of words in. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 38
  2. Negative: 2 out of 38
  1. Oct 19, 2011
    Brink is destined to be a cult classic (on PC), for us fans of Quake Wars. Has no single player value but high entry difficulty due to tight team focus and sprawling maps. Good, but not nearly as damn good as Quake Wars. I like Brink but it is no wonder that most gamers don't. [June 2011]
  2. Jul 26, 2011
    Who would have thought that this highly ambitious concept would turn out to be such a bland game?
  3. Jun 24, 2011
    Brink's unique visual style and great customization options save the day. Although its core gameplay needs some polishing, it's a solid multiplayer-only experience nevertheless. [July 2011, p.81]