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  • Summary: As everyone knows a game should be exciting and interesting and that means MMORPG as well. Well built battle/skill systems, clear quest systems and spectacular battle moves are the basic contents of an interesting game as well as fabulous 3D graphics and a high level of animation which bear a close resemblance to the real world. Even though it was difficult to achieve, the end result for the user is worth it. Within the game environment you should be the hero. After solving puzzles, tricks, traps,and beating tough bosses, you should feel fulfilment and delight. After all that look for new adventures and challenges. But the online gaming world means there are endless stories and infinite competitions. You become the hero and it is not easy to feel moved by the game. But, CABAL Online will make you a hero; we will give you your very own story. [Games-Masters] Expand
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  1. Unlike World of Warcraft, the majority of a characters statistics are determined by his or her level, rather than equipment, which should be attractive to casual gamers.
  2. Mindblowingly generic. [Nov 2006, p.86]
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  1. Jun 27, 2012
    Ever since they relaunched this game after it shut down, they had polished the game and made it much easier to play and there is a ton more stuff to do.. The graphics are fine and I love all the skills, all classes are great and are balanced perfectly.. and gear grinding isn't too bad and if it does get repetitive just take a break and a few hours later it's fun all over again. Expand

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