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  • Summary: Call of Duty: United Offensive's single player campaign allows gamers to experience more of WWII's most crucial and legendary conflicts, including The Battle of the Bulge, The Battle of Kursk and the invasion of Sicily, as they fight through more than ten intense all-new maps. The game features new weapons, character abilities, weather effects and explosions, adding even more realism to the chaotic battlefields. Additionally, Call of Duty: United Offensive expands on the popular multiplayer experience of Call of Duty, offering new multiplayer maps that set the stage for tank combat, as well as tank-and-foot-soldier combined arms action, providing the ultimate battle of Axis vs. Allies. Fans will also enjoy three new multiplayer gameplay modes, including Tank Battle, Capture the Flag and Domination - where squads must take control of key locations while preventing enemy troops from advancing. [Activision] Expand
Score distribution:
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  1. 100
    Call of Duty: United Offensive's white-knuckle WWII scenarios will blow away even jaded FPS veterans. And that's no small achievement, especially for a mere expansion pack. [Dec 2004, p.126]
  2. The scope and magnitude of Call of Duty and particularly this expansion are most important. Gray Matter Studios did upgrade the engine a bit as explosions and other particle effects (like smoke and dirt) are more vivid this time around.
  3. Sometimes it's so fast that it can get a bit draining. If it weren't for the cinematic feel of the game, and all the side attractions of the game, it might even seem to be a repeat of every other WWII FPS out there. The new levels and the game play changes in the multiplayer experience make up for the relatively short single player campaigns.
  4. One of the most impressive and rewarding expansion packs of recent years, matching and occasionally even outstripping the quality of its outstanding parent. But it could be a fully immersive VR porn sim for all you care - you'll still buy "Doom 3" instead.
  5. Sure, the game is still a little short and the AI could use work, but the relatively expanded scope of the battles (thanks to the often overwhelming odds you'll face) gives you a better sense of being a part of a greater event, and the continually swirling action around you makes you really feel like you're in danger for a majority of the time.
  6. 82
    Incredible audio work. Bullets ricochet, tanks are heard as they approach from the distance, soldiers holler out commands to advance position -and general gunfire hasn’t been crafted this magnificently since Saving Private Ryan.
  7. Acceptable, but like a photo of the Mona Lisa rather than the real thing. [Nov 2004]

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  2. Negative: 1 out of 32
  1. Nov 13, 2011
    This game is the probably the best game since doom. I bet some people are saying "Its not enough like Black-ops!" Well i can tell you one thing. Shut up, seriously I'm not trying to be mean but its not supposed to.
    All games are not supposed to be the same, honestly. From the battle at bastogne to every other battle in the game. I mean the graphics, there awesome for there time. Don't say "oh there horrible!" because that was top of the line. And also, mods. Oh i love making mods, its my favorite. I've made a Civil war mod, and a GI Joe mod. Both of them very fun. thank you Grey Matter!
  2. Nov 23, 2012
    This game has all new weapons and multyplayer maps that add more realism. And new multiplayer modes This game is intense
  3. BaljotB.
    Sep 20, 2004
    This game is truly great, and a great example of what one can do with an aging graphics engine. The game, even though it does look good, shows that graphics cannot, absolutely cannot, make up for bad gameplay. The gameplay in this game is probably the best. Some areas are so tense and taut that you will forget that you are playing a game. My only small complaint is that it's a little short, but that can be easily beaten with the even harder difficulties, and the incredible multiplayer, which I am hooked on right now. Stop the German attacks, and put up a United Offensive. NOTE: Those who didn't like the British missions in Call of Duty will be pleasantly surprised here: they are a lot of fun. Expand
  4. AaronW.
    Sep 21, 2005
    This is the best game I ever played. It is perfect. I think that game RUUULLLEEEESSS. It is so much better than the original.I hope you like it.
  5. JoeyDeA.
    Sep 20, 2004
    It should go without saying that anyone who liked Call of Duty should buy this. The multiplayer's been beefed up and ALL of the single player missions are now squad based (unlike the stupid Dam level in the original!), and most importantly, they're all fun. Expand
  6. ZackO.
    Oct 2, 2004
    Excellent. The multiplayer alone is worth the buy. all the new weapons and vehicles in MP are a blast, and you can return to the game's roots in maps like arnhem. The vehicle system brings an entire new way of thinking to the game. The new additions and game modes require more strategy than the original. the original multiplayer battles were usually won by running and gunning, but this new MP is won by smart strategic moves. the single player is what brings my score down to a 9. sometimes it feels to linear and repetative, especially in the american campaign, which was the worst. The british ground missions were so awesome, especially when you are in the tree and the guys come and rescue you. The british air mission builds up alot of excitement and tension before the fighting begins, with the pilots chattering with eachother and the flak starting to rip through the planes. when fighters came in, a chill ran down my spine. The russian campaign had good spots and bad spots. The first Kursk battle was FANTASTIC! i thought it was better than stalingrad! the most exciting part was when the commisars get you on the truck, and you go to your trench position. the few moments before the battle starts are so incredibly tense. the artillery bombardment is a tease, and it doesnt last long. then there is a brief moment of silence, and then you hear the whistles in the distance, and legions of germans come charging over the hill! it was the most exciting part of the game! after the first trench battle, you do some run of the mill missions like the village invasion. The cool part is , you make "friends" with some of your comrades. they follow you and help you reach your objectives. The final assault on Ponyri is pretty awesome. the factory assault is exciting when you first get there, and all the russian squads are advancing from the front, and the german machine guns are raining down from the windows. After the factory, the final mission is to assault the train station. i didnt think this was as good as it could have been, the amount of enemies is overwhelming, and the stukas become very annoying and repetative. almost all of the russian forces are ovverun, and towards the end, i found myself hiding under the train hoping that i could stay alive till the reinforcements came. it was so overwhelming that i couldnt get myself to get up and start shooting, becuase i would have been instantly killed. The end cinematic is excellent, the train arrives and hundreds of russians pour out and trample the germans(literally!) i thought this was a good end to the game. Overall, the entire game is fabulous, with the exception of a few american missions. Expand
  7. Sep 28, 2013
    The worst COD ive ever played. Its sells like money, bad, i want to cry, and kill myself, if i think about this piece of garbage. The game is NOT HARD. It's a massive chaos! The mindless enemy spawning its just ridicolous, there is no real reason to play the game. You dont have to shoot, because doesnt matter if you kill someone. If an enemy die, he well respawn 5 sec after, in the same place. The game came out in 2004. I dont care about graphics, i dont care about the year when it came out, this is just a simply bad expansion pack. I want my money back. Doesnt matter it was cheap. 2 CD...two hell. One of the worst FPS experience ive ever played. The original Call of Duty one is a masterpiece, but this is a facef*cked crap, and smells like poop. Expand

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