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  1. Jun 21, 2013
    i increased my score a couple point to try to offset the trolls and griefers that wrongfully malign this otherwise great game. and while its not worth a 10 its definitively not a 0!. i would say about a 7 and with all the stuff on perhaps an 8!

    please understand that this game has a bit of history. over 4 years ago a small company named monte cristo developed and released it as massively multiuser online game. unfortunately less than a year after they went broke due to low subscription rate and were unable to finish the game. soon after focus acquired the writes and reworked it as a single player offline game and released it. since then making minor fixes and about once a year they have been releasing new content dlcs.

    as you can imagine the people who originally purchased and subscribed to cities xl unlimited edition, the mmo version from the now bankrupt developer, are pissed off that they got stuck with a dead game after only being able to play with it for such a short time.

    so they troll steam forums and even this site complaining about the long defunct developers and about long ago fixed bugs and basically spooking people away from buying the game.

    many do not even own or play this game, they just own the other game and since the servers have all been shutdown for that game long ago can't no longer play it. yet they refuse to upgrade to this game, basically wanting the new developers to basically give them the new game.

    here check out the facts for yourself

    i own and play just about every city sims/builders that is out there

    this is great game, loads of fun, runs great, have played it for hundreds of hours.

    even better if you go to you will find hundreds of mods for it, everything imaginable and a very active community over 40,000 members!

    i also want to say that there is no serious memory leak or programming issue like some people are posting. what issue that people are having is that the game allows you to build huge i mean huge cities, ive seen some with population over 90M and basically they do not set limits other than the hardware you have. so as you add more and more buildings and roads and the cities get larger and more complex sure its going to use more and more memory until you run out of memory and until your cpu/gpu cant handle the size of the cities and complexity and the framerate goes down. It's hard to put in words just how large and complex your cities can get, they can look so real that you can't distinguish screenshots from real world images of some of the worlds largest cities. in fact i cant think of a real world single city that has a population of over 90M. so what you have a people with low end hardware trying to build cities they can't support. and since its a 32-bit application, like most games, the cities can only get so large and complex before you hit the 2-3gb limit that windows imposes. the trick is to balance city size and complexity and not try to build cities that don't make sense and would not be practical even in real life.

    so yes the game is a 32-bit game with the game logic running in a single thread, but most other games out there have the same limitations. the only difference between those games and this game is that this game does not impose limits on you like simcity or tropico or anno does. also this games lets u pack the density of the cities to real world levels and beyond. in this way its more a city builder than a sim i would say.

    having said that the game, like all other games and software, does have bugs and issues, but luckily they are for minor and can easily be ignore of worked around.
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  2. Feb 14, 2013
    I am brand new to the Cities XL franchise. I was interested in the prior iterations but had seen there were some kinks, but when I saw this on Steam I was quite interested and figured that this new version must be a good update.
    This game has SOOOO much potential, but it is broken. i know people have "work arounds" but they don't always help. Sometimes the building descriptions are just a code, often times special buildings don't do anything. And it lags up super bad (probably the notorious memory leak). It appears that the new revisions are essentially expansion packs on the old game (i.e. new buildings). To sum it up: great idea, missed potential, broken game.
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  3. Jul 15, 2013
    Cities XL has been running for quite a while longer than its 'Platinum' update. This review will focus on the game itself, and less on the issues surrounding the actual Platinum release. There is one simple reason for this: many issues have been solved, and the game has been improved, by an active mod community.

    To start, Cities XL Platinum should not be played without mods. The mod community found at has created workarounds and additions to the game that help it overcome its flaws.

    CitiesXL had every potential to be the greatest and most detailed City Sim on the market. It offers a staggering range of build options and a build menu that seems to expand to infinity. With all that, the game still has a pleasant learning curve and introduces the new options slowly as cities grow. This is a major achievement, something similar games like Sim City have not managed to do on a similar scale.

    The freedom in terms of construction is stunning the placement grid is so incredibly fine, that everything can be placed pretty much anywhere on the map. And the map, in general, is massive, allowing for cities with millions of inhabitants. As the game progresses further, world monuments and other iconic buildings (called 'Megastructures') enter the arena, and prove to be massive, cost-intensive projects that force you to open trade with neighbouring cities. This trade system is slightly sub-par, but usable and has been modded so that it no longer poses a serious strain on gameplay.

    All this freedom in placement and construction also comes with some drawbacks. One major issue the game has, is that it suffers from serious performance drops when games last for longer than a few hours. Large cities require some pretty serious PC horsepower, too. But even on high-end machines, this game will slow down to a crawl in terms of FPS after a while. A game restart will alleviate the issue, but the framedrop will return. This issue has not been solved, but one can still play the game fine if an occasional restart is not seen as a problem.

    Overall, CitiesXL offers the largest scale City Sim you can find. It is very healthy to treat CitiesXL like an Alpha of a game that you play with the knowledge not everything works perfectly well. Save at regular intervals, and mod the game to your liking, and CitiesXL becomes brilliant.
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