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  • Summary: Rise to meet new challenges as you battle eight new Civilizations and Leaders in the exciting follow-up to the game that many consider the greatest of all time! With exciting new single player and multiplayer features and scenarios, Civilization III: Play the World pits you against the best Civilization players from all corners of the earth. With new online modes of play, the battle for the ultimate in bragging rights will be intense! Also included is a powerful Scenario Editor, giving you access to scenarios created by the thousands of members of the Civilization III: Play the World community. Play scenarios created by others, or build your own - replayability is now truly limitless with this new benchmark in strategy gaming! [Infogrames] Expand
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  1. Positive: 3 out of 11
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  1. 84
    There are plenty of changes that make the game different enough that it's a must have for any Civ fan(atic).
  2. Yes, to the casual user it feels little different – and not that much faster – to the original game; but frankly, no one can criticise Firaxis for giving Civ junkies the multiplayer hit they’ve been demanding for the last year.
  3. Great in theory, and with each patch will become better, stronger, and faster. It’s a bargain at twenty bucks, if you ask me. The programmers just need a little longer to iron out those online kinks.
  4. Delivers just about everything except what it's supposed to: a satisfying multiplayer experience. [Feb 2003, p.64]
  5. 54
    A borderline disaster. I say "borderline" because there are a few things which save the expansion from being a total flop, but they are few and far between.
  6. Unfortunately, the multiplayer is also an unmitigated disaster.
  7. The worst implementation of multiplayer gaming in recent memory... An utter debacle. [Feb 2003, p.91]

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