Mixed or average reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 33
  2. Negative: 2 out of 33
  1. If you like the single player part of Red Alert 3 that you will love Uprising. New missions, units and a brand new Commander's Challenge offer plenty hours of gameplay. If you love the multiplayer part of Red Alert 3 than there isn't much to be loved in Uprising. Because there isn't any. You'll just have to wait until the inevitable multiplayer add-on.
  2. Uprising's decent value at £15, but without any multiplayer features it lacks longevity and feels at odds with the original game. It introduces some nice new units and successfully makes a move into the dungeon crawl arena, but ultimately it's an underwhelming experience that never hits the spectacular heights of the game that fathered it.
  3. Yuriko's heroic experiments in mass carnage do not entirely save this from being a rather underwhelming offering: she's just three large levels. The rest of the game might be dressed up in FMV spangles, but it's simply not produced to the high standards of the original game.
  4. No multiplayer, brief campaigns, same old factions and anemic AI.
  5. If you enjoyed Red Alert 3 and are looking for a little more, then Uprising certainly fits the bill.
  6. 80
    If you're the Command & Conquer fan who can't get enough, or feel like your skills haven't properly been tested, then Uprising was made for you. There's plenty of single-player gameplay to churn through, and no one tops the series' blend of live-action cinematics and candy-colored, fun gameplay.
  7. I’m a fan of the Red Alert series, warts and all. It’s just too much fun for me, whether playing with people through the co-op campaign of Red Alert 3 or the single-player aspects of Uprising, it’s all goofy fun. And that’s mainly what I want from my games: fun.
  8. A great expansion pack. It adds new units that everyone is sure to love. The only bad thing is the lack of multiplayer and co-op that made the original so fun. After players get through all the single-player missions and the challenge mode there is nothing left, and that is a true shame.
  9. The question is: Is the new material of the add-on really enough? Yes, for about 20 euros it is…. But could be more.
  10. Uprising, as the first expansion of Red Alert 3, achieves an interesting result by breaking its gameplay standards. Its budget cost and the Red Alert feeling could get more fans by offering a more compelling campaign mode, and an on-line multiplayer.
  11. I have to say that I was hoping that Uprising would have been the third Real Time Strategy game which I could absolutely love this year but it has left a bitter taste in my mouth. This is an expansion only for those who are die hard Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 fans who are looking for more single player fun but do not expect the same level of quality as the original Red Alert 3 had.
  12. The first expansion for Red Alert 3 comes without a multiplayer mode. Producer Amer Ajani said there was need to care about game balance in single player missions. But in Uprising, some missions are highly frustrating and unfair, mainly because of the starting conditions and scripted encounters, others are almost boring. EA has gone too far disregarding game balance.
  13. Because Uprising doesn’t lack a certain charm, but even the people it addresses – devoted fans – will have to be very tolerant towards what the game can offer.
  14. 70
    Although even with its problems I still found myself having fun, trying to figure out your plan of attack when the enemy could drop a satellite on you at any moment, or freeze half your base, and watching those oh so iconic Tesla coils charge up and fry some poor soul who walked just a little too close is always fun.
  15. Totally uninspired gameplay, technical bugs, design flaws – everything just for the sake of showing off some fancy new units. Uprising is EA’s guide to self-adulation. Whoever seeks an enthralling game with innovation: Look somewhere else.
  16. 68
    When it's all added up, Uprising is a generous package. Not as extensive as Kane's Wrath, but released at half the price, it offers you about a third of the original game. It's not remarkable, by any means, and though it's never dull it also never escapes the feeling of being an expansion by numbers.
  17. Uprising is the first expansion for Red Alert 3 and does a good job following the patterns that made the original a good game. Featuring a new set of mini-campaigns, new units and a special gameplay mode for the Japanese girl Yuriko Omega, this expansion is a good choice for those who liked the universe and the humour of Red Alert 3. On the darker side, a repetitive gameplay, not very solid AI and unbalanced armies can break the whole experience a bit.
  18. In all their sincerest efforts to perk up the single-player, the developers obviously haven't spent much time in optimizing the AI code.
  19. Red Alert 3: Uprising has a budget priced label, which is a good thing, but we've seen better Command & Conquer expansions. The Yuriko campaign was a good idea, but fails. The other campaigns aren't interesting, the new units are boring and only the Commander's Challenge is a feature that will save the game from a bad grade.
  20. Uprising is Red Alert 3 sans its already weak merits. Cinematics with nice-looking aides and a few great tunes by Frank Klepacki and James Hannigan are not worth $20. It’s silly to expect much from a cheap DLC, but Uprising makes Kane’s Wrath look like a fine expansion, while Firestorm and Yuri’s Revenge are blockbusters compared to it.
  21. This misguided expansion pack does the unthinkable: It makes Red Alert 3 boring.
  22. If you did enjoy Red Alert 3’s single player missions, then Uprising is more of the same and you’ll want to give this a look. Everyone else will be left a little underwhelmed, particularly if you believe the series has gone downhill since the 1996 original.
  23. 60
    Despite Uprising's many strengths in unit and map design, imbalanced units and lackluster AI mean it misses the mark.
  24. In other words, Uprising does nothing to lift Red Alert 3 or move it in any really interesting direction.
  25. 50
    This expansion pack is not for every fan of the series, and therein is Uprising's biggest flaw.
  26. This standalone expansion doesn’t have the wherewithal to pull itself up by its own bootstraps, let alone incite an uprising.
  27. Play (Poland)
    It's not recommended for the beginners, who will likely get stuck very early on, but the C&C veterans will fall in love with it. It has new cool units, but the most delightful part is the mini campaign in which you get to play as the insane and hot Yuriko. [May 2009]
  28. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Worthwhile, datapack brings four new campaigns, extra mode and one angry, little girl. Lack of multiplayer is one of the greatest disappointments in Uprising. [Apr 2009]
  29. PC Zone UK
    Challenging, but not infuriating. [June 2009, p.70]
  30. PC Gamer UK
    Fun, but frustratingly contrived. [May 2009, p.62]
  31. The heart of RTS games is all in the maps and how well your enemy plays them.
  32. It is nice to see that gamers don't need to own the original in order to play the expansion. However, the campaigns from the original aren't playable in Uprising, so if you're at all interested in the single-player, buying the original is a necessity, despite the laughably short "recap video" that you can watch.
  33. Ultimately, Uprising’s existence is something of a mystery. Its single player campaigns (created due to the demands of Red Alert fans, according to EA) make for a diverting - though not particularly tactical - few hours, but the inability to play any of its new missions with a friend, or use any of its additional units in a multiplayer battle will severely limit its appeal.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 88 Ratings

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  1. JimP.
    Jun 13, 2009
    This expansion was something I was curious about at first but after spending the $30 to buy it, I have to say I should never have wasted This expansion was something I was curious about at first but after spending the $30 to buy it, I have to say I should never have wasted money on it in the first place. It starts out by adding a sleek new Japanese song to the introduction and showing a decisive lack of Multiplayer options. This was okay for me since I don't generally play RTS games online, since I suck so bad at them. However, I started getting into the campaign just to see that each campaign was "blacked out" until you played the first Soviet mission. I proceeded to play the campaign and although it was horrendously short, it was slightly challenging and gave for good gameplay. I then came upon the last mission, which borders on the near impossible, even when playing easy. If you're worried about spoilers, skip this part and go to the next paragraph. The "FutureTech" corporation, a monstrous defense contractor working for the Allies, has begun development of several superweapons which will help keep the Allies dominant on the battlefield and advance their own hidden agenda, which is completely left vague... The end mission consists of you assaulting the superweapon of FutureTech, the Sigma Harmonizer, which stops time for a short span of time. If this was not infuriating enough, the AI sends 4 insanely difficult and massively destructive Supertanks at you, which shoot small shots that expand and do massive damage to everything in sight. Its preferred tactic, go right into the middle of your base, shoot the beam until the whole thing is leveled. Setting up defenses doesn't work because they blow through them in a couple of shots. Massing units to bring it down doesn't work, since it kills them in a couple of shots, and trying hit and run tactics doesn't work either since it just goes to the middle of your base and shoots, ignoring the other units and causing horrendous destruction in its wake. Not only that, the AI sends land units, sea units, and air units to pummel your base into submission. I tried several times alternating units, tactics, and strategies and nothing worked. Oh yeah, forget about air units since an inaccessible airbase is somehow dominating the airspace on the map. I ended up rage-quitting and I'm not sure when I'm going to bother to pick the damn thing up again. They also added a new Yuriko campaign, which briefly explains how Yuriko came into being and what happened to her after the campaign. It was pointless to include it in the campaign. Like the other campaigns, it was short, and it explained little. Although seeing a more powerful Yuriko was slightly fun, it ended up just being incredibly boring and easy. While I really haven't seen all of the new units, particularly the Japanese ones, I have to say the expansion disappointed me severely. Some say Kane's Wrath was a terrible expansion, but I don't agree. Uprising, however, really sparks my anger, frustration, and rage mainly at the fact that I was willing to spend money on it the first place. Full Review »
  2. Aug 7, 2013
    There are quite a few new units in this and a new story to each faction and as you can guess, it's under the assumption that the allies won,There are quite a few new units in this and a new story to each faction and as you can guess, it's under the assumption that the allies won, oh joy.

    Anyway, there are 4 campaigns to choose, allies, soviets, empire and yuriko which is a personal story about the special unit the empire have, Yuriko Omega. You have to play the soviets first though a mission or two to unlock the others and the only two stories I like in this one is the soviets and Yuriko's because I could understand why they want to do stuff, but the other two is merely a grab for power and such.

    Alll in all, nice new units, but the campaigns are a bit short so it's a okey buy and you don't need red alert 3 to run so maybe buy it when it's on sale like I did, I believe. Unless you are a HUGE fan of C&C.

    Also having completed it I have discovered the challenge mode. This is where you get to play as any of the three groups, however you have limited tech and the only way to get it is by defeating your opponent. For instance, the first test match is against an Allied general who uses only dogs (attack dogs being for first unlock) so the best way to win is just to build up basic tanks and bulldoze the place to nothing. Easy right? Until you look at the other missions involving far more advanced technology and it gets worse later when the generals have ALL their tech and you only have what you've unlocked. Quite addictive though and requires more stratey as some maps even have unique units too like the bears map has giant bears that can actually destroy vehicles.

    Certainly not the worst C&C game, but it really is just a expansion to Red Alert 3 even though it's seporate and the challenges are fun. It's pretty fun and okay with a interesting story surrounding Yuriko Omega, but atleast it isn't C&C 4.
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  3. Nov 13, 2011
    This game was pretty okay. I like the new units, but I feel that some of them are way over powered, especially the new Empire units. With thatThis game was pretty okay. I like the new units, but I feel that some of them are way over powered, especially the new Empire units. With that said longer campaigns and less focus on Miltiplayer would have been good.

    I really liked the new soundtrack for this game though. I'd have to say it's one of the best in the C&C Series so far.

    Is it worth a full £30? .... no it isn't. Any Die hard C&C fan will get this.
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