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  • Summary: The upgrade only version updates your product to the 2009 edition and includes the following new features: Update of economic, politic, military data as of January 2009: e.g. economic figures, demographics, growth rates, newly elected presidents, share of political parties, update on geographical regions (e.g. Kosovo), number of soldiers and weapons. 10 new scenarios and missions for 2009: "2009, the big recession": the player will have to avoid the economic recession in his country. Along other tasks, he will have to save weakened industry sectors (e.g. the automobile sector), control inflation, boost trade with foreign countries, and reduce unemployment. "A new President for the USA": On January 20th, 2009, Inauguration Day, the new US president starts his 4-year mandate. He has to apply Democratic party policies and will be facing several challenges including: financial crisis, unemployment, introducing new social laws in health, education, and labor, sending home US troops that are in Irak, just to name a few tasks ... 8 other new missions of varying difficulty and on different themes (military, secret service, politics, legislation, economy, diplomacy, and environment). improved AI engines: macroeconomics simulation engine, military AI engines, diplomatic engine have been improved with better balancing, accuracy and speed optimization; in-game music: new background music plays during the game; wide-screen mode: now supports native 16/10 or 16/9 screen ratios on laptops; personalities custom kits import/export: to allow faster and easier construction of custom kits, we have included an Excel or OpenOffice CSV file export/import option. [Eversim] Expand
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  1. Commander in Chief tries to give you a feeling of running a world power, but instead feels like a lame duck presidency.
  2. 45
    It's difficult to take this as a serious simulation of global politics.
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  1. JM
    Feb 17, 2009
    Detailed game that will be unforgiving If you severely mess with the population. The first whole day was a wreck but later I found the key to succeeding in this game is small tweeks to the system and slowly rise towards the overall goal you wish to achieve. I would say they need a patch to improve some bugs but other than that It definitely is better than other wannabe games like superpower(sp was fun but lacking alot)My first run I only achieved 200 points and was going to uninstall but after I gave another shot and did things right I easily achieved 38,000 points from one term in office. I am interested in seeing more scenarios and downloadable kits to be available as well as some more online interaction. Expand
  2. JohnM
    Jan 17, 2010
    Detailed game, but horribly implemented. I cannot simulate more than a month without the entire world spiraling into retardation. The events are completely random, such as China randomly invading a country in South America (makes no sense). Collapse