• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Jun 25, 2013
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  1. Jul 30, 2013
    The single player campaign representing the Eastern front is nothing but a bunch of myths, cliches and barefaced lie about USSR and Soviet army.

    The game forces the player to kill his own soldiers and civilians all the game long, supporting all that with actors commentaries about severity of the headquarters. The script of the scenarios and missions is a compilation of juggling with
    facts, leaving all other information (that would deny the whole ideas proposed by authors of the game) unrepresented. People who did that are either uneducated or deliberate liars.

    Eventually, the honor and efforts of Soviet army and USSR those were the only prevailing factors helped win this war (over 14 millions of USSR civilians were killed, not talking about soldiers which is way more than the loss of all the Allies) are substituted by abomination invented by game authors who are trying to show the Soviet army as a bunch of cowards and fools.

    Even the multiplayer aspect of the game cannot outbalance this spit in the face of all the veterans of CIS countries who took part in WW2 along with the people who are young and remember the sacrifice made by their ancestors in the sake of their children and people so that they can survive and live in peace.
  2. Jul 30, 2013
    One of the commandments of Goebbels states propaganda should not entertain, and be a means of achieving political goals. Therefore, entertainment is the mortal enemy of her success. Oh how wrong he was. Poor gameplay and a ton of lies.
  3. Jul 31, 2013
    Tries rewrite history and shows USSR's people like deminics
    So i hope what this game is not wisit world gamer's computer and do not shows his lies and other bad stuff.
  4. Jul 31, 2013
    The game takes the history of the Soviet Union in a perverted form. This is an insult to the citizens of this country, these games should not be. Such games and distort the perception of Russian culture, the politics of war.
  5. Aug 1, 2013
    Shame on the nazi and Goebbels fan who designed this game. Shame. Completely "true" USSR history. Even German people has shame of that year and what you do?
  6. Aug 1, 2013
    This game was made by people with inferiority complex. The people who hate Russia but can't do anything but developing anti-Russian games which openly liyng.
    We won't stop just by expressing our opinion. We will write petitions for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and for the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.
    When its over there will be no Relic Entertainment.
  7. Aug 2, 2013
    This game is a big Lie about history of Second World War. Our ancestors were a heroes who save the world from the fascist plague and defend our country. But in this game there is no difference between Russians and Nazi. Russians are showed as a bloodthirsty maniacs. That is Lie. Paul Joseph Goebbels applaud to creator of this game. Stop selling of this game!!!!
  8. Aug 2, 2013
    Played a few campaign missions. This game is disgusting and insulting. I demand my money back and do not want to buy Relic games any more. I am very disappointed
  9. Aug 3, 2013
    addon made by Nazi sympathizers. The worst bang for your buck.
    This peace of crap should cost 5$ (even at that price I can't recommend it to anyone).
  10. Aug 3, 2013
    The game is full of unbelievable It's really hard to say so many lies in the plot, it's awful AU with terrible characters, illogical actions, wrong quotes... I don't know how this was written, I don't know...
  11. Aug 5, 2013
    Trash game. Paul Joseph Goebbels: Wir suchen nicht die Wahrheit, und die Wirkung. Wenn Sie eine Lüge groß genug und sprechen wird es wiederholen, werden die Leute schließlich glauben.
  12. Aug 3, 2013
    This game is a fail in most aspects, except of racial discrimination.
    Bad graphic, stupid AI, little boring maps, few and unbalanced units, but a lot of disgusting cliches about Russians.
    Shame on you, Relic!
  13. Aug 2, 2013
    Experimental stimulus FAILURE: This is not the 1980's why on earth is there political anti-Russian propaganda so thickly applied, and not even hidden perceived at all it's blatant and offensive. Battlefield 3 is on the same boat as you now. Anti-Russian wave is quite horridly impassible. Have you companies not tried approaching history in a alien point of view? Dijksterhuis & Nordgren would laugh in the face of Relic and EA for this failure in trying to change peoples behaviors and personalities. People are NOT this easily controlled. Expand
  14. Jun 30, 2013
    I really enjoy this game. I played the first CoH and I think CoH2 is very similar just everything is more balanced and more enhanced. I like this RTS because i am not a crazy fast 120 clicks per minute type of person and I still have to time use all my abilities and strategy. It is really about reading your opponents styles and countering them with the men you have. This is my favorite RTS.
  15. Jun 26, 2013
    - Nope maintain a list of servers. Auto-match looks random opponents, a random card and the same condition for the victory;
    - Monotonous commanders. Total on each side by 5 teams, the others have been added since the release of the shuffled capacity already available in the beta version, which does not introduce variety in the game;
    - In the campaign, a lot of anti-Soviet
    propaganda. If developers do not like communism, why create a game about them? In the campaign, a lot of false, propaganda activities against the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany is shown with a humane side.
    - Treadmill multiplayer. In multiplayer, the lack of the set of equipment and weapons, and therefore the same battle quickly bored. For example, do not have as many defenses as in the first part
    - Lack of balance sides. The Soviet Union is weak and expensive heavy machinery, while the German infantry monotonous.
    - Bad Game optimization
  16. Jun 27, 2013
    Briefly about myself: I am one of the largest long-time commentators of the Company of Heroes series on YouTube.

    My Background: I have been playing Company of Heroes since 2007 and can firmly say the game is my number one favourite. Any game that allows you to enjoy countless hours of gameplay and bring you back over and over is worthy of a high rating and rightly so CoH is rated as one
    of the highest RTSs of all-time.

    Thoughts on other reviews: Many people have been negatively reviewing the game, some even jumping the gun and giving it a 0/10. These are false reviews and should be neglected. A lot of times these people haven't even played the game and their ability to post such reviews is a problem with metacritic. Many have cited the game for Day 1 DLC, some have thrown in their own political agenda saying the game displays the Russians in a bad light.

    My review: It's a historical fact that the Russians were no good guys during World War 2. Anyone trying to say they were are ignorant. A lot of Eastern European countries suffered at their hands during and post war. However, this doesn't justify giving the game a 0/10 as a majority of the review score will be dependent on the actual gameplay.

    Company of Heroes 2 is not a revolutionary game, Company of Heroes was. However, CoH2 is an evolution of its prequel. The main features of the series are still present and defines the game as being part of the Company of Heroes series. As a sequel though, CoH 2 expands gameplay features incorporating winter weather, true sight, hoping over fences to name a few. There are all new sets of maps, new factions, new campaign, Theatre of War and so on. With these facts alone its easy to say that this game isn't a DLC nor an expansion but a new game in itself.

    During the Alpha and Beta there were a lot of doubts casted on the gameplay mainly the lack of a smoothly flowing game with a wide variety of strategies. A number of patches later and closer to release, it became clear that the developers were listening to the players. The balance of the game has changed dramatically and game flow akin to the original Company of Heroes has emerged.

    Having been a major lover of the original Company of Heroes, I'm confident in saying that COH 2 is the future of the series and a worthy sequel. Great experiences are present for both those minded in the single player and/or multiplayer.

    The only reason I'm giving this game a 9/10 rather than a solid 10 is due to being realistic. I don't think any game should have day 1 DLC or a tiered purchase system. I still bought the Collector's Edition though because I believe Relic deserves it after how much hours and enjoyment I have had from the original COH.

    I'm confident in recommending this game to anyone who loved the original COH and wants to move over to COH 2 and also anyone who has newly been introduced to the series. It's worth every bit of money spent.

    You can check out my channel for gameplay videos on COH 1 or 2:

  17. Jun 28, 2013
    Best RTS of 2013! The multiplayer is about strategy not massing troops. This game is about countering what the enemy brings to the fight. Its a constant battle back in forth, with the maps allowing many routes and paths to take to attack the enemy. Both factions are balanced, and allow for two different play styles.

    I've played well over 200 games and completed the campaign. The
    balancing is amazing and the campaign is enthralling with dark story.

    The only downside is only 2 armies to play at the moment, but as expansion come out expect more armies to play as, and more units.
  18. Jul 7, 2013
    Only RTS game in this year that can shake this is Rome 2. But, I guess, Tom Chick Mr "professional" reviewer (aka Quarter to Three) will be there to spit yet another ultra-low score to yet another great game. 20 to Halo/Civ5, 60 to The Last of Us,... Being professional troll like this, but making amateur mistake of not making his Steam profile private, where you can easily see that he hasnt a single minute of CoH2 played. But that doesnt bother him while he writes his review, it seems. And another low score of 40... Im used to see from a reviewer to take in consideration all game elements while scoring the game graphics, sound, gameplay, modes,... IS this game so broken half-product like Aliens Colonial Marines, or SimCity? Is it so bad like that miscreant Duke Nukem Forever? Dont bet on that. Its really ridiculous that some people still taking Metacritics for serious. When you see something like this from someone who has a privilege to write pro reviews what to expect from users... I saw some veteran members from CoH community writing their reviews. But for every one of them there are five trolls, with at least 2 accounts down-woting positive reviews, and submiting their zeros with nothing less than hilarious reasons. Its bad because it have campaign? Gameplay is a copy of Man of War!? Theres no annihilation mode!!? Did you tried to change victory conditions in options? Shame that Metacritics doesnt include IQ testing before someone can submit a review. Expand
  19. Jul 10, 2013
    This game looks very beautiful for an RTS! I just can't resist it. The factions are distinct and they feel unique. The voice acting adds to the great immersion of the game.
    Somehow this game has so much charme to it. The weapon sounds, the soldiers' lines and the beautiful and realistic looks of everything make this such an intense experience. Being a very impatient fellah I can even
    enjoy replays of this that's how gorgeous this game is overall! Expand
  20. Jul 29, 2013
    WORST RTS in the world. It has bad graphics, gameplay and full of lies about real history of brave man of USSR who won this war.
    Relics become a crummy USa pro- politican firm.
  21. Jul 30, 2013
    The company didn't forget politics! They just turned everything up side down, in stead of staying neutral. Won't ever buy such a... Hope you understood me.
  22. Jul 31, 2013
    Horrible campaign, bad multiplayer. The worst optimization ever! Epic fail, IMHO.
    Game developers themselves have not played it and have not tested. And about the plot even say nothing.
  23. Aug 1, 2013
    I was waiting for this game, because the other parts of the Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts was provided an excellent storyline. However, with Company of Heroes 2 I have not received what expected. This is a very strange campaign especially compared with Nazis campaign in Opposing Fronts... But multilayer is great...
  24. Aug 1, 2013
    Developers of the game is the next step to make a game where you can play a slave owner who killed blacks. Will be a lot of fun on this site a lot of trash pick up assessments. I think at least 95%. Sure everyone who plays this game long for the revival of Hitler
    Sorry for bad English for.
  25. Aug 1, 2013
    This game is full of biased anti-russian cold war propaganda. Non other game showed such ignorance terrible attitude to WWII people tragedy, courage and deaths.
  26. Aug 1, 2013
    If Relic made this pseudo-historical about American Army just imagine how could it be. To make this about USSR cowardly. Americans today don't know our history and this game is killing all Truth. If you hate Russia don't do such games. Creation is to create, and Relic is destroying many things with their "creation". This game deserves to vanish.
  27. Aug 1, 2013
    This game a Nazi propaganda. Most of all the political order, made for the purpose of the new fascism in Europe, Canada and the United States. We Russian gamers will block your game to the territory of the former Soviet Union you will pay for the insult to our dead ancestors. The Nazis!
  28. Aug 1, 2013
    If somebody this that "Metacritic is BROKEN. I have just seen over 200 user reviews clearly written by the same person." This is the reason why this start to happened?
    This is why!
  29. Aug 2, 2013
    Single-player story is telling about things that exactly happened. I heard about this from my grandpa fought in Division Totenkopf. Also i saw it in old films and read in Mr. Solzhenitsyn's books.
    This is a good game that telling a true stories. All hail Relic Entertainment!
  30. Aug 3, 2013
    The scenario of the game is very illiterate, liar and incompetent. In addition, the game is very cruel it forces the player to burn people alive.

    Thank you. Hitler would have played this game with pleasure
  31. Aug 3, 2013
    Very bad game.
    A huge racist deception, those guys who wrote the script must be totally insane to make soviets (not only russian, but ukrainian, belorusian, caucasian and middle asian peoples united by one purpose and common grief) such a monsters, and those who agreed to use it are just criminals. All that is apart from game's quality of course, but as a russiaan, I feel heavily offended
    by it and Im not going to buy this and any other game from Relic. Expand
  32. Aug 4, 2013
    It's lovely game of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. The Soviet Union is True Evil! The Nazi is Good Guys! Yep, it's true, and Relic know it's better than every else.
  33. Aug 4, 2013
    I've been shocked! Relic is Nazi Josef Goebbels sons. After that I don't like canada anymore (Yes, "C" in "canada" is a small letter from now). I very disappointed this game. And i think that it's is an insult to the whole Russian nation, not just a bad game
  34. Aug 4, 2013
    Wtf? USSR was a real savior of world. Nazy Germany was stoped by soviet heroes. Russian people, by price of their lives, give us the world without fascism and nazism, without Hitler.

    They (Reich-Relic) called the game "Company of heroes"? They had to call it "Big Lie about heroes". I will never buy any producrs of Relic. Never
  35. Aug 5, 2013
    It is a nazi game. I hate Relic. I dont buy anybody of its games. CoH 2 awful. This game is a failure on so many levels. Firstly as some of you could have guessed somebody was going to complain about, day one DLC, I don't care what anybody says content created pre-release should be in the game, especially when it is important content like commanders etc.
  36. Aug 5, 2013
    Political trash. Nothing interesting.

    -Bad AI,
    -gameplay copy from Men of War,
    -Little maps,
    -Tanks using HP.
    - Booring story
    -80€ on steam absolutely joke.
  37. Aug 5, 2013
    Developers, you simply nazi villains profaning a feat of the Soviet soldiers and officers. False nazi mongrels.
    Do not buy this game. It is not necessary to support stupid people.
  38. Aug 4, 2013
    I am not a citizen of Russia, but the story of CoH2 completely wrong. The answer of Relic on official forum "citizens of Russia see their story in good way only" incorrectly. Relic took wrong talking of history.
  39. Jun 26, 2013
    Is it better than the original? NO
    Is it a great game? YES
    Is it a worthy sequel? JUST

    Having played the original for 7 long years I must say that it has to be the longest, continuously played game of my life. 2 succeeding PC builds always had it installed. I had my doubts with Relic but this one is A-OK. The gameplay is not as unpredictable and as positively protracted as the first
    which takes away a little bit of excitement but you still get loads of fun, explosions and other good stuff in its place. Let's hope the patches improve the balance just a bit more as the high population count of units is an issue. I don't think all the negative reviews accurately portray this still good game so don't let the naysayers discourage you. If you want a very good RTS, this is definitely worth your time and money. Expand
  40. Aug 1, 2013
    This game trivializes the history of the peoples who fought to survive the bloody World War II. My great-grandfather was a machine gunner and received several wounds in the arm, but survived. And I was ashamed only imagine what his work and deeds of many soldiers simply doused with mud for the sake of material gain. People praised the game, think about this... What if this game would be about your country? Expand
  41. Jun 27, 2013
    AWESOME!!!!! This game is so awesome!!!
    The multiplayer mode is very nice. The AI is very inteligent and every game is a challange.
    So if you want a realistic and a challanging game buy it you will not regret.
  42. Jul 6, 2013
    This could have been a great game. But I think it still is a good game.

    Compared to its predecessor, Company of Heroes I, it is a step up in graphics, animation, sound and several gameplay elements, but a step down at much else. Doctrines are dumbed down. Unit weapon stats are gone. Realism has taken a turn for the worse (e.g. homing AT-nades which always hit the engine with same max
    distance as Panzerfaust or crazy tank-ramming which always hits and destroys the gun of the victim tank). Unit abilities seem half-baked. And the user interface has been messed up did Relic delegate it to an intern?

    The multiplayer ranking ladder from the predecessor is gone. Instead, we have an experience system a lá Battlefield or Call of Duty out of place and really ridiculous. Of course, matchmaking suffer because of this.

    To make matters worse, the marketing department at Sega has worked day and night to packet lots of different DLCs to maximize revenue from already paying customers, which their cherished fan-base of course must pay for, even though they obviously have been developed alongside the main product, and adding nothing really new so far (e.g a new doctrine with a new combination of already existing commander abilities).

    In conclusion, the best WW2 RTS out at the moment, a ton of fun, but with lots of improvement potential.
  43. Jul 6, 2013
    Story wise, CoH 2 captured the essence of WW2 battle between the Soviet and Germany. The battles were among the bloodiest, and there were moments where Soviet was just as bad as Germany, especially with Stalin's Order 227. Battle of Kursk, Leningrad and Stalingrad was mentioned and captured, not perfectly but enough for us just to imagine the nightmare on the Eastern Fronts. Furthermore in contrary to popular believes, the game doesn't trying to reflect Soviet as evil nations (despite there were some instances that strongly suggest one), but merely the desperation of the of war (using conscripts for example that includes every able men and women).

    The campaign has a fun gameplay although the story part of the game feels a little bit weak, however, we all knew how the story goes in all games like these Allied forces won so there isn't much use trying to put extra gimmicks by further elaborating on the story that we all pretty much knew since primary school years. Therefore, for those seeking for story, RTS genres like this game won't have much on that department and thus, stop criticising it.

    Putting that aside, another impressive feat was how much detail was given on the units, particularly the tanks. An accurate description for each unit was provided and this gives immersion to the game that is not really available for other RTS games. Although the AI might have a slight issue in path-finding, with a little micromanagement, the battles seem flawless.

    In addition, controlling a couple of Tiger IVs and VIs smashing through enemies' defences feel satisfactory. Or ordering artillery barrage using leFH 18 to soften up defences before rolling in flemmenwerfer to capture enemy territories, only to be burnt alive by Scorched Earth and barrages from Katyusha rockets. Soviet's IS-2 and T-34 tanks lived up to their names as a few that can stand against German and their panzergrupp.

    This game is not about steam-rolling. Armored division are great but without proper support from infantry, the AT (anti-tank) weapons will make a short work of the panzers, more so when entrenched behind enemy lines. Infantry also have variety between the two factions, Soviets have cheap but relatively weak infantry compared with the Germans, so different strategies are required when deploying large numbers of units. Also, Soviet's tanks are heavier and slower to fire compared to German's more agile tanks.

    The 'Theatre of War' mode fills the battles that were not covered on the campaign (by year, the first is 1941) and will continue as DLC presumably for the following 4 years until 1945. Despite what others might have said about the price, those DLCs are small price to pay for the quality of details provided by Relic.

    In short, the attention to details are what made this game worthwhile.

    +Atmosphere of Eastern Fronts
    +Accurate details
    +Theatre of War

    -Multiplayer issues (lags)
    -Some units might feel slightly underwhelming or overwhelming
    -Huge learning curve in micromanagement
  44. Jul 12, 2013
    Good RTS games are so few and between nowadays. This is a true classic that does not reinvent itself in order to appease to a bigger crowd. Stays true to its origins and fans.
    Can't wait for the first expansion to hit the stores, that's when the game will take its full shape.
  45. Jul 13, 2013
    I have over a hundred hours into this game between the beta and launch. Overall it's a fantastic game. Relic didn't waste time trying to reinvent the wheel, which is great because the original COH was near perfection. The added features like winter weather hazards, better line of site, and the ability to vault obstacles are welcome editions although the vaulting is a little more cumbersome than it should be. I like that several maps are available in winter or summer versions. The difference is interesting. The Theater of War, AI Automatch, Custom Game, and PvP AutoMatch features add a ton of depth to the game that greatly increase it's replayability. The balancing of the PvP and PvAI could use some tweeking. I find it odd that Russian units require as many resources as they do. It seems that German units should be more expensive, but much more effective. Russian units should be less effective, but much cheaper. This would reflect the reality of the conflict better, but that's not the case. It does seem like Russian units are weaker than their German counterparts, but they still cost a lot of manpower, ammunitions, and fuel. I also really wish that team crewed weapons like HMG Teams and Anti-Tank Guns would turn to face potential threats on their own. There's nothing more annoying than having an HMG team flanked because they won't reface quickly enough especially when the attacking force is clearly visible upon approach. Mortar teams turn to lob rounds at nearby enemies why not HMG Teams and Anti-Tank Guns? If you face a crew it should turn to face threats and then return to the original facing. Having to micro manage every interaction can be frustrating. The single player campaign has been pretty easy so far, but I appreciate the story and cut scenes. Unlike some of the reviews I think they portray the conflict honestly and don't degrade the Russians at all. The Germans were a brutal enemy and survival required the Russians to make huge sacrifices because at the beginning of the conflict they weren't nearly as well armed or as well trained. They basically had to throw bodies at the German war machine to even have a hope of delaying it. I think the game honors the brave sacrifice that millions of Russians made against incredible odds.

    Overall COH 2 has great graphics, lots of features, pretty solid gameplay, with some minor balance issues. It's historically accurate and tons of fun. I think it's well worth the purchase price if you're into RTS games. The multitude of features adds a lot of depth. I hope they fix some of the balancing issues and adjust the facing issue with crewed weapons. I also hope they create additional DLC. I could use some more multiplayer maps! Great job Relic!
  46. Jul 31, 2013
    It would seem the Relic company is involved in rigging the reviews, ..look at all the 10 marks, and unsubstantiated claims, and then look at bad grades and markes and how wonderfully articulated they are.. its clear Relic is in the business of not only falsifying Russian and WW2 history but also the reviews))lol..CoH2 is bad,if we look at the game,graphic wise,AI wise,variety wise of units,tactics,its just horrible excuse of an addon for CoH1..When you add insult to injury in the form of anti-russian propaganda is just criminal in my opinion. I'm not a russian, i'm european and its disgusting to see a campaign that doesn't EVEN MENTION that Nazis murdered up to 20 MILLION civilians in East.that is 20 MILLION children,women, old men..civilians..brutally slain, raped, dismembered, buried in mass graves ALIVE!!.. all the campaign talks about is how russians are evil and for some reason don't want to fight for their families and children who will die from nazis, so you need stalin the evil man to kill russians so bad russia can kill good hearted germans who only want to bring peace to mother earth..but russia so bad, so evil,they just kill germans for no reason..insulting is not big word enough for this criminal crappy piece of game.. if you want a-political game with serious fun and attention to detail and tank warfare look at Men of War:Assault Squad.. it beats Coh1 100 times over, and Coh2 can't even rank..AVOID this crap if you care for your money.. i mean 60 euros? are they crazy? i wouldn't play this if somebody paid me money, i watched my friend buy it, then curse it for loosing 60 euros on this fuming pile of crap..AVOID this disgusting anti-Russia propaganda.. Expand
  47. Aug 1, 2013
    If you want the best Company of Heroes game, get CoH Tales of Valor. Besides snow, this full price game adds hardly anything, again go with ToV or Men of War Assault Squad
  48. Aug 1, 2013
    Such a pitch of idiocy, slop and lies have not seen for a long time. I can see why the company has not been made for the Nazis "nasty Communists" must remain not shaded. Goebbels standing ovation.
  49. Roe
    Aug 1, 2013
    Well, i'm big fan of first Coh. I bought Coh2 and what i saw? This game is disgusting and Relic don't know anything about REAL war history. Don't buy it! First coh is better than this
  50. Aug 4, 2013
    This game is warped history (not just ours, but the whole the world). The script Company of Heroes 2 complete nonsense, lies, and the desecration of the memory of Soviet soldiers.
  51. Aug 3, 2013
    Shame on creators. There is no truth in a game. Lie, lie and lie again. Never by this!
    I hope Relic will hear their gamers and take actions. Otherwise we take actions.
  52. Aug 5, 2013
    "The game can cause cardiac arrest and death of the WW2 veteran who fought on the side of the red army!
    Game is designed to teach children from an early age hatred for the Russian-speaking population of the planet... the Game is designed for nurturing a generation of people in the West who hate Russian people and ready to kill them for what they were born in Russia! Also, the game is
    propaganda of fascism and in every way to justify the crimes of Nazi troops including shifting responsibility on Red army! Canadian developers have demonstrated their slavish loyalty to the international terrorist USA and their skills fascist propaganda. So the game can cause cardiac arrest veteran of the great Patriotic War and is not recommended for sales on the CIS territory!
    Also I would like to check the authors of the scenario on the possible involvement of the army of Hitler! Perhaps they former guards Konzentrationslager Auschwitz! You should also immediately dismiss the writers of the game and it would not be bad to arrange a drift on the tank tiger on the hands of the authors of the scenario of the game! To script writers in their own skin have felt the brunt of the victory over Hitler!"

    I agree
  53. Aug 5, 2013
    This game is a fraud, based on Goebbels propaganda, rather than any kind of historic sources. The monstrous Russian beasts vs poor German heroes (who killed 25 million civilians in USSR.. 25 million is 4 times more the Holocaust, you see..)

    Any kind of historic sources the guys been using, are absolute BS.

    For example myth about "General frost". when Germans were advancing the
    average monthly December temp was -12 C degrees. (not -50) And Russians had a supply shortage of warm things as well. The myth myth was created by German generals justifying their defeat from Russian forces.

    About the machineguns shooting the backs of soldiers.. that never happened. Squads, stationed some 10 km from the front lines, overseen logistics returned 400 000 deserters to the battlefield.. and 10 000 were shot down only 2-3% of deserters... Such squads existed in every army since 1914.

    And so on and so forth about just every aspect of the plot.
  54. Aug 5, 2013
    This game is made by and for fascists and Nazis. Full of terrible lie, with idiotic "his"story. Dr J. Goebbels would be proud for his successors in Relic Games.
  55. Aug 5, 2013
    This game is a DO NOT BUY. Shallow content. CoH1 was far superior. Few maps, few units. Its as if they took our beloved original and consolized it. Performs poorly, maps are very uninspired and boring. Like city maps, sorry. This is a cash grab game and people that really know the first one will be sickened by this attempt.
  56. Aug 5, 2013
    This game is an anti-Soviet and Russophobian character. It smears my story, my grandfathers, who saved the world from the plague of fascism. Authors of this stuff decent receivers Goebbels. It is believed they will finish about the same.
  57. Jun 25, 2013
    I never have technical issues with games. My computer is middle of the road, NVIDIA GTX 560 Windows 7 64 bit etc. However, this game would not start for me initially. Resolution was reduced to 800x600 (or less) the screen update was choppy. Figured out it would not go into fullscreen mode. So the first 3 hours were frustrating to say the least. From what I have seen of game play it looks ok. It is a shame that they released something that does not appear (from my perspective) to be quite ready. Expand
  58. Jul 31, 2013
    Metacritic is BROKEN. I have just seen over 200 user reviews clearly written by the same person.
    I have no doubt that this is the case these hundreds of reviews. All taking about what a terrible war WWII was, how the writers family suffered etc. Many of them contain the exact same spelling mistake. All of them go on about "Russian suffereing" and hardly ever mention the game. Either one
    person using a bot to create accounts (very VERY simple) and post gazillions of reviews (very VERY simple using UBot 4.1 and some proxies). THis devalues Metacrtic and shows the arrogance of someone who thinks that their opinion in worth that of hundreds of other people and must be artificially aplified to ensure his will pervails. The sort of arrogance and method Stalin might have used if he were alive or Hitler! The game IS crap however. How on earth the magazones give it 8+ is beyond me. It's not a "0" though maybe a 3 but it is a very poor game. Terrible AI, poorly optimized, nerfed in terms of strategy from the original. Not very good at all. Just wish it could have earned this low score naturally rather then having someone so obviously force the issue with voting bots. Expand
  59. Aug 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Shame of Relic for the release of such games ,Distortion of historical data is a crime and violation of the law .
    I do not have nothing against the game itself, but the story line is terrible to tears it's disrespect of war veterans, Relic hurt not only Russia but also Ukraine and Belarus
  60. Aug 4, 2013
    One big pile of lies and distortions. This game turns hisstory inside out, its creators deserve severe punishment! If you have a conscience do not buy this product!
  61. Jul 3, 2013
    Company of Heroes2 is a worthy successor to the first game.

    don't be foolled by the negative reviews (0/10) because "the Russians are evil" they are just not objective.

    if you are looking for intense multiplayer matches with destructible terrain, coversystem, flanking, true sight system, commander abilities and ways to customize your play style THIS is where its at. if you prefer to
    decide the battles with few but good orders instead of "out-clicking" your opponent play company of heroes 2.

    the only thing this game needs to get the (10/10) is a better singleplayer campaign, but since the "theater of war" mode is filling this gap over the next years, providing challenges and missions from german side this might very well happen over time.

    coop missions and challenges exist, but only a few so far. (at release)

    at the very least the singleplayer teaches you what you need to know to join the multiplayer fun.
    if you dont invest a little time to learn the basics about the countersystem prepare to lose a lot.
  62. Jul 31, 2013
    Learn how to play hockey and not play dirty, if you lose a Russian! Then to not do all the that I saw in your game and learn to do normal, true game based on historical facts, characteristics of equipment and weapons. Better do your fantasy I now understand why the us does not like Canada.

    Yes and it is better not to come to Russia. My grandfather still has a lot of health to shove
    trophy German bayonet you in the ass, for all the dirt and the lie that you wrote and presented as truth. Expand
  63. Jul 30, 2013
    Its good game for The Nazis by The Nazis. It is a shame for the Relics. Nazis killed millions of people, they are good. Soviet union, Russian, all multynational people had stopped them together, had saved the World, they are bad. This game is a big, bad, political, russophobe
  64. Aug 2, 2013
    unfinished game,imbalance between factions at the release of the game and 1 month after Those things removed the fun of the game. A cooperative mode very poor.
    The multiplayer consist of spaming the same units and it's boring after 4/5 games, the game contains few map some are great but there is 0 map in a city like Stalingrad, leningrad or others, it's very disappointing. Maybe they'll
    add them later but it could be nice to see at least 1 map in a city when the game was released because all the maps are the same for now.
    The AI is terrible, for example when we tell our squad to retreat they retreat and go near the ennemy formations rather than not approaching the ennemy or take an other road.

    I don't know how they screwed up the game, it has the same bases as Company of Heroes 1 and only 2 factions and 15 units for each factions.
  65. Aug 3, 2013
    I felt like I threw my money in the wind, CoH1 was so much better.
    First of all BUGS. Literally hundreds of them. Major one that pushed me to give this game 0 inability to connect to the Relic's servers. I payed around 30$ for this and I what did I get? I wasn't able to play online more than a month. A MONTH! Because they didn't feel like fixing this issue.
    Next, balance. It's broken
    as hell. Nazi side is OP as all hell and it seems there no intention of nerfing them.
    And last, story. Of all people I didn't expect Relic to stick to the untasteful stereotypes and idiotic chiche's. If they truly wanted to make something different, how about heroic USSR? But no, I guess 'MURICA doesn't accept that kind of thing.

    Rating: Not worth the money. Buy CoH1 and download Eastern Front mod. It's much better.
  66. Aug 3, 2013
    While beta was nice, racist feelings against russians are unacceptable, u made one of main winner of WW2 look like a herd of stupid cowards, Goebbels applause for this pack of propaganda
  67. Aug 4, 2013
    To make for Sega game about the bombing of Hiroshima, they will like it. You are good at it. Historically, earn money and your ranking among the Nazis raise.
  68. Aug 4, 2013
    This is Nazism, and not a game! (I'm from Russia, I'm so sorry, just Sorry) olserhnbo tonbasoeti njiamtpiasnousjtjnohbaiktnaejohbndrtnsetjnazdgtnarmanaant This is my reaction to this game!!
  69. Aug 5, 2013
    I have been waiting for this game for so long! And whoa! got a sh*tload of stupid western propaganda right in the face. Relic was a lighthouse once but now it's only a bunch of liers and fools.
  70. Aug 5, 2013
    Is totaly bad game. Wrong history facts. Developers liars. I will never buy any game from this developers. Also developers dont know history and making historical facts from crazy minds of scenarists.
  71. Jun 27, 2013
    This game is a good one, but it's far from being a great one. Mechanic didn't change much since the first CoH, but sometimes it's better to stick to the roots than to change everything over, and this game is the example of good-old mechanic which works. Graphics are nice, and online multiplayer is tough and action-packed. But the game is far from being great, what works well in multiplayer, doesn't work in the campaign mode just as well. Next issue I've got with this game is its historical accuracy, and it's a big one, If you don't mind it, just buy a game, for a person who's not concerned with history this can be easily an 8-9 out of ten. For those who are however, it delivers story in a classic cold-war era fashion, with a horribly disgusting portrayal of soviets, some details of the story so focused on "anti-Russian" propaganda that they don't make any sense, like burning your own people alive, and soldier saying something like "We will fight to the death!" and another replies sarcastically "Like we have any choice", what choice is he talking about? Surrender to become Nazi slave? You've got your usual "bad red" package, firing squads, penal divisions, murder of POWs and so on. It is an ok game, but politics held it from becoming a great one, first CoH was absolutely politically neutral, but this one is the real blast from the past, with all cold-war stereotypes in place. Sad-sad-sad. Expand
  72. Jul 1, 2013
    Best game in the Year. Good Campaign is good, not to short, but the focus is in the MULTIPLAYER, MULTIPLAYER is awesome!!! The game in early stage now, but Relic works for more new maps, skins, commander, etc. I love it!
  73. Jul 24, 2013
    I thoroughly enjoy this game online. There may be a few balance issues... well rather some units being so good that other units become less relevant which causes some units to be overused by both factions while other units are neglected. But all in all the game is heading in a good direction since Relic said they'll take care of Strafe and OpelBlitz. Can't wait
  74. Aug 3, 2013
    Game as if created of Goebbels fans for Nazis fans.
    Political trash.
    The Eastern Front mod for COH1 was better than this.

    With best regards from Russia.
  75. Aug 4, 2013
    It's a piece of lies. Developers showed only the bad side of the Soviet Army and made the focus on this. It looks as if the Soviet army was worse than the Nazis. Even Hitler would not have developed the game worse than the Company of Heroes 2.
  76. Aug 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. relic Do not play with the history !
  77. Aug 4, 2013
    A terrible game and untrue. The aim of the developers was to desecrate the memory of soldiers who died for peace on this planet. Otherwise schedule weak, uninteresting and dull missions. Game slag and waste of time. In the next version of the developers hope will not suffer garbage and make a decent product without hypocrisy and lies. Either the Germans back, and burn them in the camps.
  78. Aug 4, 2013
    The game is ABSOLUTELY BAD. Bad graphics, high price, terrible AI. And the story... Bloody hell, It cannot even be called a story! Stupid collection of anti-Russian cliché. I bet no one from Relic has ever been to Russia! Their reading of Russian history is insulting, the game is full of lies. Do not buy COH2.
  79. Aug 5, 2013
    Few innovations in comparison with the previous part. This is enough to add-on, but not for a new game.
    Not balanced and complete lack of historical accuracy in single play.
  80. Aug 5, 2013
    Well, the game stuffs us a load of about Soviet Union, who was actually great country. I think that this approach deserves 0 of 10 score. This humiliation attempt should be banned everywhere from distribution.
  81. Aug 5, 2013
    Oh my God! Relic WTF?!

    Relic, what is the alternative story about the evil Russian? This piece of crap is not only unrealistic but also insulting and deceitful. It is unrealistic to anti-Russian Defiles the story for me brotherly country.
  82. Aug 5, 2013
    Freaking ugly trash from people who never learned history. Poor storyline crossed all gameplay experience. FAIL!
    Very disapointing, uses the same graphics engine, the graphics look very similar but it brings my 3770K and 680GTX to a halt. IT has very few improvements over the first game. This just screams cash in to me, Stick with the oringal CoH its much superior
  83. Aug 9, 2013
    Very, very, very injustice game. Absolutely non-historical, incorrectly game, insult all veterans. Authors don't know history or purposely twisted facts of war.
  84. Aug 9, 2013
    This game is just AWFUL. Cons:
    - Very BAD AI,
    - Little maps,
    - EXTREMELY booring story,
    - CRASHES all the time!!!!

    Definitely the W-O-R-S-T game of this year.
  85. Aug 9, 2013
    I resent how you portrayed in the game Russian soldiers. I resent how you portrayed in the game Russian soldiers. I resent how you portrayed in the game Russian soldiers. I resent how you portrayed in the game Russian soldiers. I resent how you portrayed in the game Russian soldiers. I resent how you portrayed in the game Russian soldiers.
  86. Jun 28, 2013
    I loved the original and I really like what they did with Company of Heroes 2. RTS fans should not miss this one because it involves a lot of strategy (setting traps, surviving blizzards and environmental effects I actually took out a tank by breaking the ice underneath it with a moltov grenade). This game is much more involved than an RTS like SC2 or C&C and I would have given it a 10 if it wasn't for the limited 'ways' to play multiplayer a small but legitimate weakness that can be fixed with future updates. Expand
  87. Jun 25, 2013
    Company of Heroes 2, despite what many naysayers will claim, is not a bad game. If there had never been an original Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes 2 was released on its own the game would score very well; however, it is following a very tough act.

    The remarkable innovations of the original game are still evident in Company of Heroes 2, and the game itself continues to take
    steps forwards with new and innovative features such as the ColdTech and the TrueSight mechanics. It is fun, and it is enjoyable.

    But it is not the original Company of Heroes, and I think that is what everyone is going to think when they sit down to play this game. Though all of the aspects of what made the original great are here (the game's engine is gorgeous, the audio is fantastic, gameplay is fresh and innovative, the multiplayer is balanced-ish) the game ultimately falls short of what diehard Company of Heroes players were expecting, because it is impossible to recreate the experience of the original while still making changes, which is what any development studio has to do in order to stay competitive.

    The only actual failing of the game, in my opinion, is that of the multiplayer. Though the multiplayer itself is balanced enough to be enjoyable for the moment and will become more balanced over the next four or five months, the approach to the online atmosphere seems to be directed at cooperative play and online play versus AI. The inclusion of the Theater of War mode was well-done and adds an enjoyable amount of replayability to the single-player side of the game.

    While I can understand the decision to go the Theater of War-way, as most people who played the original Company of Heroes and its subsequent expansions preferred cooperative play against AI opponents, I feel as though the more competitive side of the online community has been neglected. There are, as far as I have been able to see, no noticeable improvements in the Company of Heroes 2 automatch features, and there seems to have been no real forethought into supporting competitive online play down the road.

    All of the games in the Company of Heroes series have always been too slow paced to ever be treated as a proper e-sport, but I think that in this modern day and age when e-sports are on the cusp of becoming big, it was a serious mistake on Relic's part not to have been proactive in attempting to make Company of Heroes 2 a competitive online game.

    All in all, however, the game is a solid investment and, in spite of any personal grumblings I have about the lack of foresight on the behalf of the game's developers, the multiplayer is a solid component of the game and complements the single player campaign and theater of war aspects well.

    If you played the original and loved it, give this one some time. It is still fun, though you may experience some culture shock in adapting to this new game. If you never played the first game, but enjoy real-time strategy games, you'll find Company of Heroes 2 to be a great experience.

  88. Jun 27, 2013
    I pre-ordered the game after playing the beta. However, the final release was a disappointment, to put it mildly. This game is an all-out cash-grab with an unfinished (if compared to the quality of CoH 1) product. The campaign cutscenes feature incomlete voiceovers, and their quality is such that at one point I found my Russian commissar speaking with a German accent. The characters would better fit Warhammer 20000k universe. While CoH 1, in all the campaigns, focused on humanity first and foremost, CoH 2 has the "roofle I R in UR command chain, killing UR doods" commissar, whose orders are often so idiotic the apparent attempt at presenting him as ruthless absolutely fails. The main character (who happens to be Jewish, which made for enjoyable spectacle on the Steam boards), at least, receives some more love and attention.

    From the game-play perspective itself, there is little new. The ability to capture enemy abandoned vehicles and breaking ice are about the only notable changes, and they are, really, just gimmicks. What -is- lacking is any kind of in-game information about actual combat effectiveness of your units. Wonder about firepower of your infantry squad, or armor rating of your assault gun? Keep wondering, there is only a "flavor" description for your consideration. Even such a simple thing as additional weaponry is not fully shown you have little icons representing the extra equipment, but, again, no statistical information on their effectiveness. In the extreme case, your Russian Guard units is carrying PTRS anti-tank rifles (by default). They can be upgraded with DPS light machine guns, as well. You are also able to pick up one support weapon from the battlefield.

    However, the icon representing the weapon upgrades will only show one of them. Lost almost all your units in the squad? Keep wondering if you still have that shiny MG34 or not.

    While this isn't as apparent during the main campaign (where it helps that you do get appropriate units to handle the stituation), the two factions are in desperate need of balancing for multiplayer. The resource distribution in ANY skirmish mode (be it against other players, or AI) means that controlling the fuel high points decides the outcome of the game. In fact, in the auto-match mode, it often makes sense to forego defending Victory Point flags until you can curbstomp the enemy with armor. While playing as Germans you do have a (very, very effective) anti-armor unit, Russians will usually lose the game if German side manages to get Ostwinds or PzKpfw IVs before SU-85s are on the field (or several T-34s).

    AT guns feel lackluster even against German medium armor. They fare much better against T-34s, but that's merely because it's apparently a "light" medium tank that requires numbers to take on anything comparable on the German side. Effectively, SU-85 (which costs -more- than Panzer iV) is the only reliable Soviet anti-tank measure aside from commander doctrine abilities (which often are too expensive to use in mid-game when they CAN make a difference).

    The doctrines themselves have been "streamlined" from CoH1 to a simple line progression each commander has specific abilities, and you cannot customize them. Some are definitely better than others (the Russian Armored Assault commander made a brief appearance before being eliminated from the game without a word), and as of now there is a limited number of unique command abilities in-game.

    The multiplayer side of the game is... lacking. There are limited options for hosting specific games. The automatch features only a single game-mode, which, with competent teammates against ANY AI rating (yes, even Expert) is often too short to enjoy the heaviest toys... not to mention that it largely plays out the very same (as mentioned often in the reviews, the selection of maps to play on is really limited).

    The Theater of War gives a few more distractions, but even with pre-order "bonus" it's still limited in content. As much of the game, it's clear to have received a loving "DLC" treatment.

    One notable inclusion is the "deck" abilities that you unlock by completing certain "objectives" in-game (kill a particular number of sometimes specific units, build so many of this, or just attain particular rank). However, since you are limited to three "deck" slots, and some abilities (or combinations thereof) are clearly superior to others, I'd wager on a quick settling on particular patterns among the players.

    It also seems German Pioneers do not deserve any "deck" ability whatsoever ;)

    I won't go into actual performance issues (no multi-GPU support, for starters), since I'm running out of space.

    Basically, an unfinished game with arguably developed single-player campaign and DLC-focused remainder of it. Definitely not worth the asking price, but not a bad game in itself, either.

    I doubt for modding support, either if only based on what happened with Total War titles so don't expect fan-made fixes.
  89. Jun 27, 2013
    I absolutely love this game!! The original game was great. All those who comment about this as not being that different don't get it and are just cranky. If a game is built on a solid platform and is hailed as perfect, then drastically changing it makes no sense at all. It would have spoiled one of the best RTS game yet. As it is, Relic got it and knew to tweak a great thing, refining it to make it even better!! Expand
  90. Jun 27, 2013
    A great game that can hook any RTS fan! Gameplay is well paced, and the overall gaming experience makes this game a definite 10/10. It is almost as though you were commanding the real war! ;P
  91. Jun 27, 2013
    I have read my fair share of reviews good and bad and played Hours on this game and the Closed and open beat. i love this game! (Yes I'm a die hard COH fan) but I have found several improvements in the game. Even though yes the graphics demand a lot they have been widely improved. The campaign so far I love...Only down side is idk how to obtain some of the unique weapons and vehicles in it. Moving on I love the ability to hop over cover and capturing vehicles. Also this game has a lot of small details like on Snow maps how troops will stop moving for a second and warm up or how they react to on coming fire now. Now I do have a problem with how armor works and hopefully it is fixed. Its probably because I played a lot of the Blitzkrieg and EaW mods for COH (which are my favorites). But so far I love the game immensely! Also people seem to be complaining its a reapaet of COH 1 but that is still the highest rated strategy game of all time so why change a lot? They changes they made are great and I'm glad they kept a lot of the game the same because they were nice features. Also the leveling system is very nice and they pulled it off. Yes it has cons but they are out weighed by the Pros. But if your a big COH fan and love the game get it fast it amazingly fun. Expand
  92. Jun 27, 2013
    A great game, a proper RTS that doesn't insult your intelligence and retains all the elegance of the first title. The single player is strong, the atmosphere is great and the gameplay genuinely immersive. The only thing stopping me giving this game a 10 is that the full multiplayer functionality of the original has yet to be implemented (Relic say it will be) but having said that the MP is more stable than the original. Some of the negative reviews on here are even by people who haven't bought the game! All I can say is if you liked the first game you'll probably love this. If you didn't, and you like deep gameplay, tactics and WW2 then you'll probably love it too. Expand
  93. Jun 28, 2013
    Excellent game. With developers who will keep refining the game, new expansions arriving EVERY 90 DAYS and years worth of content ahead, Company of Heroes 2 is the perfect World War 2 RTS. I'm giving it a 10 for the fact that it is going to expand...
  94. Jun 29, 2013
    This game is fantastic. I found it totally enjoyable to play. I'm glad that Sega picked up where THQ left off. The new mechanics are fun and tactical however I can see where some people may dislike the fact it's similar to COH1 but the multilayer, campaign and all new Theater of War gamemode are fun and worthwhile. I recommend you buy this game as soon as possible!
  95. Jun 30, 2013
    It's a very good game The story is awesome the gameplay is very good It has some minor flaws but the characters are intresting. And if they focus more on the multiplayer the multiplayer might be very good
  96. Jul 1, 2013
    Great campaign............ Excellent gameplay......... amazing multi-player
    Company of heroes 2 has taken all of the good things from the first one and refined them to make even a better game
  97. Jul 19, 2013
    Great game. I preordered it and i dont regret it at all. The campaing alone is worth the money and is far better than any of the coh 1 campaings. It has some very fun maps like that tiger tank hunting with limited resources etc.. Also blizzards makes online matches more dynamic and they chance the pace of the game. I just wish they would last longer.
  98. Aug 4, 2013
    This game contains terrible lies about Soviet soldiers during the World War II. It is a blasphemy in the eyes of our veterans never ever let them brainwash you.
  99. Aug 4, 2013
    0 for the campaign story. You can't simply put your brainwashed vision of WWII in a game. Go read some history books and not your western front propaganda.
  100. Aug 4, 2013
    Game scenarists doesn't have anything like "common sense" I don't like Soviets too, but acting like that they wouldn't won that war for sure, also weather is exaggeration, and much of historic events are forgotten (to name one read about "Battle of Stalingrad" in Wiki and compare to what we see in game)
    Also, game runs SLOW (slowest game I ever tried to play for now, mostly unplayable on my PC)

Generally favorable reviews - based on 82 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 70 out of 82
  2. Negative: 2 out of 82
  1. Oct 7, 2013
    Company of Heroes 2 is curiously forgettable as single player, even though cliched horrors of war and overdose of fake accents try their best. As a multiplayer it shines, although beginners usually think otherwise. [Aug 2013]
  2. Sep 10, 2013
    Relic Entertainment cleared the hurdle the original game set as far as I'm concerned. Tweaking, remoulding and teasing out the underlying systems of the original, and then layering things like cold weather, may not set the world on fire like the original Company of Heroes did but it's still a solid strategy game and with the right support and continued release of content I can see it living on for quite some time.
  3. Aug 23, 2013
    Everything its predecessor was: an intense and enjoyable RTS that gives you the feeling of really being an armchair general. It is just unfortunate that after waiting so long for a sequel, it doesn't offer too much in the way of innovation.