• Publisher: THQ
  • Release Date: Sep 24, 2007

Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 36
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 36
  3. Negative: 0 out of 36
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  1. 88
    With multiplayer back in full force with two brand new factions to master and a pretty robust single player campaign that provides plenty of good challenges, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts is easy to recommend to players that enjoyed the first game.
  2. Sure, games such as "Supreme Commander" push the science-fiction RTS genre in cool new directions, but the World War II RTS genre has yet to learn the lessons of Company of Heroes. With Opposing Fronts, THQ and Relic keep a great thing going.
  3. Doesn’t do anything terribly interesting outside of adding two new factions (a defensive British division and a highly mobile German counterpart). The added campaigns are very average, but will no doubt be entertaining enough to satisfy the needs of offline-focused players. By all means, grab Opposing Fronts if you simply need more CoH – just don’t expect anything particularly revolutionary here.
  4. The two new factions add enough to the multiplayer experience to make it worth the price of admission, and the extra campaign missions are just icing on an already delicious cake.
  5. If you're new to the series, you should really pick up the original first, but if you're already a dedicated fan of the game and can put up with bugs, or are willing to wait a little while, then it's a must.
  6. 80
    Veterans players with plenty of Company of Heroes combat under their belt will eagerly dig into the new expansion pack as the new armies on offer are a lot of fun and will throw plenty of new twists into multiplayer games.
  7. No other RTS provokes the feeling that you're inventing rather than enduring to defeat your foe to this extent. It's complicated and exhausting with it, and while that's exactly what an established COH player will want, I fear it ever so slightly undermines the achievements the original game made in making historical wargames appeal to a mass audience again.
  8. An excellent addition to an excellent game, and ample proof that the RTS genre can be both accessible and complex.
  9. 90
    Few expansion packs come loaded with as many new features as Relic has seen fit to put in - two entirely new sides, an equal number of expansive campaigns, and enough potential multiplayer action to keep any player occupied for months.
  10. 90
    COH's year-old Essence Engine is still the most beautiful, realistic RTS powerhouse on the market.
  11. games(TM)
    Yet further proof that real-time strategy isn’t a genre with nowhere left to go. [Dec 2007, p.120]
  12. When I think of expansion packs (despite that fact that this one can be installed independently) this is more or less exactly what I envision. It adds a significant helping of additional single player action and new playable factions that are far more than just cosmetically different from existing factions already in the game.
  13. Opposing Forces puts the player in a position of decision making and responsibility, but still offers up the visual and auditory aspects of down-in-the-trenches fighting. It rewards quick thinking and attention to detail, and punishes those that possess neither, pretty much as it should be.
  14. PC Gamer
    I cannot recommend the Company of Heroes series enough, and if you haven't tried it yet, Opposing Fronts is a perfect opportunity to join up for a tour. [Holiday 2007, p.86]
  15. When it comes down to it, Opposing Fronts delivers much of what the original did just remixed. The pair of lengthy single player campaigns and full multiplayer options makes it as valuable as the first game. Slight balance issues comes with the addition of the British and Panzer Elite factions, although it comes with the benefit of having access to two inventive new strategic styles.
  16. AceGamez
    After extensively playing Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, I realised that expansion packs just shouldn't be this good.
  17. Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts does what every expansion pack should do: take a great game and make it even better.
  18. Pelit (Finland)
    Excellent expansion for an excellent game. Panzer Elite was a little disappointing due to politically correct whining and ze germenglish. [Nov 2007]
  19. 90
    Upon playing the original, it was easy to get the sense that this was a complete package, with scarcely any room to squeeze in any innovation. Opposing Fronts clearly proves that isn't the case. Now more than ever, this is the can't-miss real time strategy game of the year.
  20. With apologies to the Combat Mission franchise, Opposing Fronts has started to encroach on the "pure sim" functions of "dice rolling" strategy games, but wrapping it all up in good looking, frenetic action make it accessible to a much wider audience.
  21. 86
    A worthy continuation to the original Company of Heroes and is every bit as enjoyable.
  22. Expansion packs don’t get much more solid than this.
  23. In the end, Opposing Fronts is an easy recommendation to any fan of RTS games.
  24. With its generous two new campaigns and refined online capabilities, there’ll certainly be no argument from us that it’s nothing less than an essential purchase.
  25. In terms of tactics, the possibilities are almost endless.
  26. PC Gamer UK
    Despite the 'semi-sequel' tag, there's as much here as the original game. This isn't like the expansion packs we knew in the past. This is World War, Too. [Dec 2007, p.64]
  27. Company of Heroes was definitely a brilliant title, and Opposing Fronts does well in adding to it.
  28. Single-player lacks the original's polish, but two diverse faction additions mean multiplayer's even more addictive than before.
  29. PC Format
    Same, but brilliantly different. [Christmas 2007, p.60]
  30. 93
    I can't imagine a better RTS being released in the foreseeable future; certainly one has never bettered it before this. Everyone, regardless of whether you enjoy RTS' or not should own a copy - you're doing yourself a massive injustice if you refrain.
  31. With a great new campaign and smooth multiplayer modes, Company of Heroes is an easy choice for RTS fans to make.
  32. PC Zone UK
    While it has its fair share of hiccups, the game's fundamental quality manages to shine through and ensure that there's plenty of entertaniment to be had. [Dec 2007, p.70]
  33. Without any huge leap forwards in the graphics or gameplay it isn't going to blow your mind, however if you enjoyed the first instalment then you will certainly not be upset with Opposing Fronts.
  34. So here’s the perfect recipe for creating an expansion-pack: sprinkle lots of new units, add a large chunk of single-player campaign and place the already excellent mutiplayer mode in the community oven that now makes it even tastier.
  35. 90
    Opposing Fronts is a damn solid expansion that is playable for total newbies, but works much better if paired with the original COH.
  36. On its own merits, Opposing Fronts is a worthy expansion to Company of Heroes. DirectX 10 shenanigans and a surprising lack of finish make the whole package less than we were promised, and had the right to expect.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 237 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 15 out of 237
  1. Nov 6, 2011
    This is quite an old game but maybe somebody will still decide to buy it know. This is THE best RTS game ever. The single player is very goodThis is quite an old game but maybe somebody will still decide to buy it know. This is THE best RTS game ever. The single player is very good but multiplayer is grand. The newer games like warhammer series may have a more detailed graphics but they fill to me more like an childish arcade game. In CoH you have by far more tactila options, there is a greater variety of different troops. I really hope that we will see a new addition to this franchise. Full Review »
  2. CarlosVasquez
    Mar 9, 2008
    El mejor juego que he jugado, pero tiene muchos parches y actualizaciones,lo mismo de windows; hacen el producto mal y despues sacan 1000El mejor juego que he jugado, pero tiene muchos parches y actualizaciones,lo mismo de windows; hacen el producto mal y despues sacan 1000 actualizaciones; es el juego con más errores que he visto en mi vida y ni se diga de poner usuario y password para jugar la campaña individual. Full Review »
  3. Dec 8, 2016

    + two factions more with cool units + a true strategy game + in the time it released,very good graphics + a lot of maps +

    + two factions more with cool units
    + a true strategy game
    + in the time it released,very good graphics
    + a lot of maps
    + good campaign
    + fun to battle others ( i still do it with my dad )
    negative points
    - multiplayer matches could be easier to set up ( like , finding somewone in multiplayer and start the match)
    but i am not gonna give it for one negative point a 9 no a 10 because this is the best strategic game ever
    Full Review »