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  1. Oct 5, 2012
    Underrated game, I would probably rate 9, usually the highest I rate, but feel a 10 would be more appropriate for it's overall score. Anyway, the game itself plays very nicely in my opinion, and I find it in many cases more enjoyable than CS:S. I realise that the game hasn't seemed to hit hard yet, but Valve are already adding new maps and features all the time, and it almost feels like the game is going to get better over-time, since they are famous for delaying games, and it is clear they wanted to satisfy the market. I would recommend that anyone that has bought the game to keep up with updates, major or minor, an in a while, we may have something even more golden for a community to start modding. Expand
  2. Sep 2, 2012
    Awesome game! A good continuation after bad CS:S. Recommend! Valve have done a great job and they keep update this game. It surely will be better soon! :)
  3. Sep 21, 2012
    As a long time player of 1.6 I was very disappointed by Counter-Strike: Source and thought that CS:GO would make the same mistakes. I was wrong. This is a good game and I hope the professional community looks at moving on from 1.6 as the Starcraft community has moved on from Broodwar.
  4. Aug 25, 2012
    Great game I love it and play just every day,of course it's worse than cod or battlefield,but that's pretty damn good.And to haters this game is awesome.
  5. Sep 7, 2012
    Lets be honest people if this was a CoD game it would be ripped apart for being the same game with new graphics. An excellent shooter, controls are tight, still fun but really it is the same as the last ones. If the internet didn't love Valve so much it would be ripped apart.
  6. Nov 8, 2012
    CS:GO is NOT an UPDATE to CS. CS:GO is an entirely new game. Spray patterns are different. Bursting is different. Hitboxes are smaller, models slightly bigger. New guns and new nades. Molotovs/Incid are naw great CC's and can change/hinder the flow of a rush. Smokes are extremely effective. This is a new counter-strike so play it as such
  7. Nov 2, 2012
    Wow! Just played the free weekend and have never been more disappointed in my life. The main upgrade we were promised was graphics but most of the textures and models have simply been reused; the cans sitting in the trash can, the computers and keyboards in Office, etc. Not only is a lot reused but the graphics actually look worse in a lot of cases. The game seems to have nerfed bullet damage and made precise aiming impossible. I came away with that same gross taste I get in my mouth after playing CoD. Many maps have been removed from the game including Assault and the physics appear to be gone completely. The character models often appear too similar making it difficult to tell friend from foe. The new weapon additions are just plain weird and don't fit in the CS world, personally the shield made more sense than a molotov **** I do appreciate it is priced low but why pay $15 for a worse experience? Expand
  8. Nov 3, 2012
    This game is a carbon copy of Call of Duty. It was unrewarding. All I saw in the game chat was a bunch of mild-mannered insults, like "Suck it b***h" and "Go play somewhere else." The gameplay was unbalanced, you would join in the middle of games that are in progress and be at a severe disadvantage. It's actually less fun than Call of Duty.
  9. Oct 14, 2013
    Looking on the positive side. This game provides an easy way to find 5v5 matches and a nice UI with different game modes and fun things you can do.
    Updated graphics, weapons and game play not least. This game looked very promising.

    However, I can't describe how awful this game is. It involves deep knowledge with the netcode within the game, and it is out of the scope for 99.9% of all
    people playing this game (and reading this for that matter).
    I can go in detail and explain everything that is wrong, and they still wouldn't understand why Global Offensive is the worst Counter-Strike game yet.

    Since the netcode still hasn't been fixed and still has the same flaws GoldSrc (Counter-Strike 1.6) had. I give this 0/10 points since these flaws ruins the entire online experience. That is, the competitive experience. For casuals, this game is fine.
  10. Nov 7, 2013
    World's leading game of cheaters.. you will find this game fine to play but believe me you will never get rid of the cheaters who are ruining this game every day..
  11. Apr 3, 2014
    This game is just terrible. What funny thing can you find there? Battlefield is good for graphic and battle with 64 players, Titanfall is interesting because of dynamic, Team Fortress 2 is great of his atmosphere, but there aren't any interesting in CS:Go
  12. Nov 4, 2012
    Counter-Strike going Call of Duty, AKA being a bunch of sell-out whores for the current generation of little peer-pressured kids with hormone problems.
  13. Nov 11, 2012
    I really love this game. The ELO team skill ranking really works and they keep making updates, so each time is better than before. Competitive mode is so nice... if u abandon 4 matches in less than a week, you get banned for 1 week. Best Counter Strike ever for only $15.

    CS:GO > CS 1.6 > CS:Source
  14. Sep 28, 2012
    I play CS all my life. Since 1.3 to CS:S. I remember when people did not like CSS. But i think css more realistic, more stable and more balanced. And now i think can say.. This not CS, this isn't even game.
  15. Jan 23, 2013
    Something for new and old CS players. The new game modes and skill-based matchmaking mean there is something for everyone, and coming into the game is not nearly as punishing as previous incarnations of CS. Already a large amount of maps and extra game-modes in the community servers in addition to Valve's official content.

    Updates coming every 2 weeks, for free!
  16. Sep 10, 2012
    Very fun game like all Valve games and definitely worth 10 euro, compared to other games like BF3 who need 100 euro to get full boring and lazy game.
  17. Nov 14, 2012
    CSGO has yet again defined how a competitive shooter should be.
    Yes, it may not have reached the standard's of 1.6, however, thanks to Valve's promises of future updates, the future of CSGO shines brightly.

    Fit for both Casual and Competitive player, as well as costing a shocking $15, it's a must buy for any fps fan.
  18. Sep 18, 2012
    Valve resurrected the old spirit with the new engine,which known as Source,making an immortal this game,absolutely the game experience is hugely expanded.the word expand here refers do a lot of things:the arm racing mode was officialized (i used to play this mode in CS and CSS,but the mode wasnt official),new weapons and new maps.i think the glory of CS is definitely gonna be continue in another body,which is this game.well they dont have a zoom scope but thats the point. Expand
  19. Sep 3, 2012
    I wish new CS 1.6.
    I don't need BF2 or COD. I need old CS with more friendly graphic and more balanced weapon.
    And i catch it!

    Big thx for Molotov **** Valve - new tactics, new degree of freedom!
  20. Sep 19, 2012
    An improvement on every level. New graphics, a mixture of old and new, refreshing maps, and more guns. MORE EVERYTHING! If there were any maps that don't exist in CS:GO, I don't complain, because the rest of the game is fantastic. If you also enjoy TF2, you will have to be more precise and efficient with your shots. I barely play Source anymore because when I play community servers, most of the servers are on a new version (CS:GO) of the game. At only 14.99, do not hesistate to buy this. You will enjoy many hours of this great game. Expand
  21. Nov 4, 2012
    With the competitive matchmaking system not working for me I found the game to be very boring.
    Good thing I tried it on the free to play weekend so I did not pay any money for it.
  22. Oct 2, 2012
    Definitely a Counter-Strike game without a doubt! Any true Counter-Strike fan will know that this is just much more than a rehashed Counter-Strike: Source with better graphics. The entire game feels incredibly fresh despite its age old formula. The graphics are definitely a major factor as well to take into consideration; the game looks fantastic! And is also incredibly well optimized for PC's [Gee, I wonder why.]
    I also must say a major point for this game to me personally was the vastly improved weapon sounds that completely obliterate the competition games. These sounds are incredibly realistic and so satisfying to hear! Overall, the game is fantastic, and is a MUST for any Counter-Strike fan. The new controller centered GUI for weapons buying may put you off slightly, but you'll get used to it pretty fast!

    Buy it!
  23. Nov 2, 2012
    Downloaded this game over the Steam free weekend, played two games, and instantly uninstalled it. Reasons why include: 1) Hit-marker disappeared 2) CoD bias (at least I'm honest) 3) Not as fun as CoD4 4) To many hackers in FPS but at least admins on CoD4 can kick and perm ban them (personal Steam dislike; Valve anti-cheat never works and that's a proven fact; Yes even after updates!) 4) There are F2P alternatives. Expand
  24. Dec 13, 2012
    Same as CS:S but with new graphics. There might be more changes under the hood but they aren't noticeable to me after hours of playing it. If you haven't played any Counter-Strike before then pick this up. Otherwise stick with what you have already because this is just consolified CS:S.
  25. Nov 16, 2012
    I've played a lot of CS in my day, some of that time was even semi pro, anyway I picked this up looking to maybe rekindle that flame, sad to say I was disappointed. This is just the same old game, same old maps, the weapons dont have anything new or different going for them - in fact - they seem less fun to use. Theres a few new modes but nothing ground breaking. There's no reason why Valve should have charged money for this, this could have easyly been a patch. I played a few hours of it and havn't looked back since, if I ever had that CS itch again, i'd play source over this. Expand
  26. Nov 21, 2012
    This absolutely is the BEST Counter-Strike, despite the predictable negative reactions from many 1.6 and Source fanatics and newcomers who understandably fail to see the greatness of CS. GO has more accurate bullet physics and hit detection than CS: Source, very nice new models and voices ("Flashbang out" makes more sense than "Fire in the Hole", duh) and the casual approach is only on the surface. This is hardcore CS as it should be and it's very, very nice.

    Downside is the number of maps. And yes.. it lacks a silencer and flashlight, but it adds an incendiary grenade/molotov.
  27. Nov 29, 2012
    Congratulation, Valve is successful in producing a game which has better graphic, new weapons and some kind of convenience and that all exist in COD series or Battle Field. So, why we should waste our money to buy a game that has the same thing as the other game. Valve, you bring to us nothing except disappointment. We expect you bring something new in your game as you did with cs 1.6 in the past, a game that can change the whole world due to your brilliance, not a game with many parts from the other game. What we see in your game right now is a small part of COD, the other small part of CS 1.6, the other part belong to CSS... Therefore, the experiences we have from CSGO is 99% the same as what we experienced in other famous game. Finally, you gave us nothing more than a bunch of garbage, nothing's new, nothing's outstanding. Expand
  28. Mar 16, 2013
    Overall a really good game, played it a lot and even got 3 buddy's that normally doesn't play FPS to like it.. But old fashion games that still prefer 1.5/.1.6 may think its been too smooth ad pretty..
  29. Dec 27, 2012
    cs 1.6 > cs go > cs 1.3 > cs cz > cs 1.0> css
    cs go is the best game u can get for 14eus
    excellent graphics for all pc with lower hardware, fun gameplay/team gameplay, a ranking system , a few more guns and keep is real to the old basics maps aiming sounds etc ,thats what i love about cs , defiantly worth the 14
  30. Jan 16, 2013
    This is the worst CS to date. Hackers in nearly every competitive match once you get to 2AK + in ranking. The game is also awful in terms of coding optimization and has numerous glitches.

    3/10, but I will vote it 1/10, as it's rating has been grossly inflated by users who must be getting paid by Valve.
  31. Feb 16, 2013
    HOLY S**T Valve have sold us the same game again with the same maps for yes a THIRD TIME!!!!! YAY f*** me these robbin b******s. What people epically seem to be missing "best counter strike yet"?????? ITS THE SAME COUNTERSTRIKE same maps just updated graphics at least the theives over in CoDLand give you new maps when they sell you the same game. Very very very sadly disappointed with this. Anyone whos still playing CS needs to move on and go and buy BF3 or Planetside 2 (Which is FREE!!!!) Expand
  32. Feb 21, 2013
    I'm going to preface this by saying this is an online only game. You can play offline with bots but if you buy the game you are buying it for multiplayer, more specifically competitive. At first it is impossibly hard as you are playing against people who are experienced mostly. Once you start getting kills you will feel elated. I got to nova rank and then they updated the matchmaking. Winning a game suddenly deranked you. I've put over 300 hrs into the game. And the grief outweighs any rush you will ever experience playing the game. All of this I can still handle because if you find a team of players, its exponentially better. The reason I'm giving this game the abysmal review that it doesn't deserve is because of the community. This game is incredibly easy to hack. In fact, as of late, the hacking has become of epidemic proportions. I cant go more than 2 matches without encountering someone using wall hacks. Aim bots are turned on occasionally, but the real problem is the wall hacks. If someone is preaiming and you are in an unknown position and they get a first shot headshot through the corner of a wall, they are hacking. Reporting does nothing. I've seen no reaction from Valve. They are silent on the issue. The sad thing about this is the game, in its own right, is addictive fun. But Valve is taking a vow of silence on this, never once directly addressing the community on this issue. If you play this game already, start hacking because everyone else is or inevitably will through frustration. If you are on a mac, you're screwed. The nail in the coffin is, again, the community. THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION! Every single match has someone with an offensive expletive in their name and at least two players begin spamming the voice and text chat with abusive commentary. Homophobia, sexism, textbook misogynists, racism, elitism, even abusing people on disability is commonplace. Final verdict: the game mechanics are fun It is traumatic to play Expand
  33. Mar 31, 2013
    I think this is the best Counter Strike because the graphics are better than the old Source Engine.At the release weren't many maps available but more maps are added now so you can play many maps from the older versions of Counter Strike.But the new maps are very good too.The new game modes are varied so you got more fun of it.A Map Workshop is now available so you can download user-created maps.
    For only 15$ is the game the best game you can get for this price!
  34. May 30, 2013
    Anger, frustration, humiliation, and just... pure RAGE online with other people who know the maps better than you and get killed OVER 30 TIMES! I LOVE IT!
  35. May 28, 2013
    A terrible addition to the Counter Strike series. Instead of going forward, Hidden Path Entertaintment decided to go backwards with CS:GO, the same thing they did with the big 2010 CS:S update. Which was a horrible update. It is very unfortunate that this an abomination of a developer gets to work with the greatness that is Valve.

    A simple redesigned/graphically updated new Counter
    Strike (like the leap from 1.6 to Source) with new maps and weapons would have been sufficient but unfortunately they (Hidden Path) decided to add game breaking mechanics, add terrible graphics (it hardly looks better than CS:S, even after 8 years) and other retarded mainstream features. I would even dare to say that this game isn't worthy of a Counter-Strike title. This is coming from a big Valve fan and a long time CS player.

    Valve/Hidden Path, please stop ruining the series/your games in general and stick to the old school Counter Strike. The Steam statistics say enough, CS:GO is hardly in the top 10 of most played games, while 1.6 and CS:S were in the top 3 for a very long time (multiple years).
  36. Jan 16, 2014
    everything perfect except people cheating playing in many games and not get banned, and I have a network issue and I got banned for 7 days, then another network issue give me another 7 days instead 30 min, 2 hours...
    I playin 25 rounds then my net fall and volvo give me 7 days always..
    fix that **** VOLVO
  37. Dec 10, 2012
    NOT FOR NOOB! if you are a noob don't buy it! It is hard and you must improve yourself to learn to win! It's HARD! NOT FOR NOOB! NOT FOR NOOB! NOT FOR NOOB! NOT FOR NOOB!
  38. Jan 19, 2013
    CS:GO is the game I always wanted Source to be. It is the successor to the original counter-strike in every way that source could never be. The physics are tighter. No more feeling like you're a marshmallow skating across ice. The recoil patterns are not as predictable. In source, you could spray without considering recoil, in CS:GO, much like the original counter-strike, you must understand the spread of each gun and counteract the recoil when you attempt to spray. The matchmaking works surprisingly well, especially as more people continue to get the game. In August, wait times for classic competitive were > 5 minutes. Today, they're about 30 seconds. With the skill ranking system games end up being pretty even, and with punishments for leaving the game early, people are generally inclined to play to win and be good teammates. There are, of course, some downsides. I think the balancing is wrong on a couple of guns, the P90 in particular stands out as being overtuned. This version of the P90 belongs in source, with no recoil and high damage output. You also get a bonus $300 per kill - a total of $600. However, there are other guns which have been made more useful. Duel Berettas are not a joke anymore, neither are the shotguns or the heavy machine guns. There is also the lack of officially supported maps. The maps we do have were originally created 10+ years ago, and some of those original maps aren't even in the game yet. It's disappointing to me that more official maps haven't been released yet for use in classic competitive mode. Incendiary grenades are also a bit of a nuisance. The high cost of purchase is of little concern when you're raking in $600/kill with a gun like the p90, and even though you can counter the incendiaries with a smoke, it still feels too powerful.

    All that being said, I'm more than willing to put my full faith behind CS:GO and make the switch permanently from 1.6. As I said in the beginning of my review, it's the game I had always wished CS:S would be.
  39. Sep 13, 2012
    This is a primitive shooter. PRIMITIVE. I understand the viewpoint that some games shouldn't be updated, I can't argue against that, but there's a good reason why it costs 15 bucks. As an FPS experience it comes no where near to standing up next to its contemporaries. If it weren't for it's low price tag, this would be a zero. But at 15 dollars, it's a nice trip down memory lane. And that's it. Expand
  40. Dec 25, 2012
    As a played since CS 1.3 I first looked at it and thought - wtf is this COD clone thing that Valve have ruined the name of CS with? CS has always been my tried and true favourite game. I then figured if Valve have released it, it must be at least playable. Within 4 hours played time, I went from hating it to loving it. The game retains it's originality yet adds a new fresh feel. Don't get scared off by the new buy menu, it isn't that bad once you're used to it. Hit reg seems to be >= Source. I won't be going back to 1.5, 1.6 or Source. CS:GO (despite it's corny abbreviation) is now my preferred CS of all time. Expand
  41. Sep 19, 2012
    A very good refresh of the classic game. On one hand, there's minimal innovation -- its primarily a graphical update with some tighter game controls and some new modes of play. On the other hand, why mess with perfection? One great thing about Valve is that it doesn't milk its customers, they recongize that this is a revamp of an older game and they charge accordingly...$15 for a very good first person shooter. At the moment I'm rating it a 7/10, primarily because there's nothing really new here and the modding community hasn't taken off (yet). This is a title that will grow over time, and potentially can become an 8 or 9 out of 10 i think. Why pay $60-80 a year for the latest ModernBattlefield of Duty when this $15 is all you need?. Expand
  42. Sep 27, 2012
    Its CS:Source with not as clean graphics. There's almost zero reason to get this over 1.6 or source (because both are better games than GO) GO tries to merge the two communities and earn a buck in the process but this game is to cluttered to make it to the big stage imo. A lot of stuff has been reused, like sounds, certain objects is directly takes from cs source which makes the game feel old already. If you must have a "new" fps experience, then sure why not, its still CS but I would recommend something else. Expand
  43. Sep 9, 2012
    CS: GO ; Ultimately its lack of any ambition at all makes this a disappointing upgrade after waiting for so long however it does stay true to the Counter Strike formula - perhaps too true!

    CS: GO is a small fine tuning release - its clear they had a mission of taking the Counter Strike 1.6 formula and making it look a little bit better than CS: Source. Largely this is true although I
    have yet to be in a game where player's did not make fun of the "mushroom head" looking counter terrorist hats (who signed off on THAT decision?)

    But the over all level design quality, the lighting, the HDR effects, the model details, gun details are one notch better than CS: Source ; and I do mean ONE notch. And this speaks to the primary reason this reviewer doesn't score CS: GO higher than a 6 ; for a company as large as Valve and as popular of an online game as Counter Strike is ; to shoot for the floor for this upgrade is not impressive.

    Gameplay in Counter Strike is largely enshrined by the online community and the competitive community as well. However this doesn't mean that many online FPS game's haven't made clear that certain improvements are necessary for balance.

    In Counter Strike the team that wins the first match is often likely to win the majority (and some times all) of the remaining matches due to their demanding cash lead in the second round. The cash system which was once innovative is now punishing. Other shooters present leveling system present more persistent systems where the player can advance and earn better gear and weapons that allow the player to not be instantly dominated because the other team was able to afford AWP's across the board in the second or third round! This out dated model from the 90's would have been an extremely welcome upgrade but was utterly ignored (yet again). Players will have to either mod their own play mode or wait another decade for Valve to drink from the clue cup on this one.

    Similarly long over due for review was the gun balance and "realism" (note the quotes around realism) of the combat model in Counter Strike.

    I can not count the number of times players have done a jumping AWP head shot either on me, or while I watched a team mate do it to the other side.

    The incredible over-powered one-shot instant kill power of this weapon should have been much more carefully tempered with a little bit of realism. Any player running or jumping should be given no chance at all to hit their target with a sniper rifle, and greatly reduced chances with reduced damage when walking. Other guns suffer from an array of problems from too wide of a spread (even when crouched) to too narrow and precise of a spread in all forms (AK-47 for example). With varying ranges of damage problems such as I shot a terrorist in the back with the FAMAS 5 times to have him turn around and head shot me with a Desert Eagle!

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive was an opportunity to raise the bar for skilled gameplay in a team environment. Instead a minor graphic overhaul is supposed to satisfy us for 10 more years.

    Thankfully the entry price was low enough it is still probably worth purchasing unless you are really enjoying your current version of COD then really this game's lack of maturity and modern balance leaves it desiring a lot more attention and may be worth skipping.
  44. Feb 3, 2013
    I can say, it's not the best cs, I'm a fan to css and alot peoples says that this is like that, but thats wrong, sure the maps maybe looks pretty the same as css but the rest with the weopens, skins and all, it's alot of differents.. and the ranking thing they have done makes you alot more pissed off when you lose a game than without the ranking thing.. but it's fun too.. but It's still counter strike so I will give it 10/10 Expand
  45. Sep 20, 2012
    I have played 1.6 and css for years and i can say this is the best Counter strike ever made. They added some new weapons grenades and models and tickrate is now 128. And this is only 14 euro! Thanks Valve!
  46. Sep 28, 2012
    Definitely the weakest counter-strike game i've ever played. The movement is weak and frustrating at some points. The maps are bland and uninspired. The guns don't feel much different from one another besides the fact that a few of them are downright broken.

    After playing this game for 5 hours i have absolutely no desire to revisit it again at any point in time.

    If you want to play a
    counter-strike game i recommend just playing source. Expand
  47. Oct 9, 2012
    A fun new spin on an old classic, revamped graphics, hit registry and weapons at such a low price really does make it a must for any counter strike veteran and non counter strike veteran alike.
  48. Nov 11, 2012
    A different view to the CS series.Fast-paced gameplay ensures more fun,new mods that are never introduced in the previous games,improved graphics.In short its a worthy and fun addition to the legendary CS series.
  49. Nov 5, 2012
    Very good game! 1-2 patch it may be necessary..

    Team Speak 3 volume decreased during the game (all player) ...

    Steam purchase / best buy

    Thank You Valve! Keep it!
  50. Nov 14, 2012
    This is a game of games. If you enjoy Counter Strike's award winning gameplay and tactics, You simply cannot miss this one. Being more modernized and balanced, this version of Counter Strike plays like no other CS. Being a Veteran of CS, this version accurately displays a more friendly game with it's quick match feature and new additions that make Counter Strike: Counter Strike. The game keeps true to it's quirky and different game style and play from other games and not surprisingly very fun. The game deems itself on one's and overall team's skill of using firearms, and requires the player to skillfully engage enemies with a sense of tactics. This game is WAY over its worth of only 15 USD, and should be notable for its overall touch ups and new gameplay of other CS games. Expand
  51. Nov 19, 2012
    Good game. Worth the money. Buy and join us. You will not regret. Super game. I recommend to all, excellent graphics, good physics, good graphics. Of course there are downsides. But they are not important, I put the game of 10 points out of 10. All cool.
  52. Dec 2, 2012
    tl;dr: CS:GO feels like 1.6, but looks pretty.

    GO > 1.6 > 1.5 > CZ > A kick in the face > CSS

    A few weapons have been added/removed, but the repertoire is very much intact. I question the removal of silencers (M4A1 and USP had them in 1.6) but no big thing. Same with the tactical shield from 1.6 which I thought was a lot of fun. Decoy grenades, and incendiaries, have been added. It
    is very fun to throw a decoy and watch people scatter or take cover, and the incendiary is an interesting addition; it creates a blanket of flames that lasts several seconds, to stand on it or walk through it generally kills you.

    Knifing feels a little faster, both in terms of click-to-damage time, and cooldown on the backswing; although I haven't timed it or anything so it could just be a feeling/animation difference. In any case, knife duels still work much the same and the skills are transferable. There are two definitely negative things about GO in my opinion:
    - The buy menu is now a confusing wheel that looks like it should be in a console game.
    - The "Quick Join" feature, just list the servers and let people pick. Anyone considering buying should be aware that several of the reviews below are, in my mind, incredibly inaccurate to the point that I feel compelled to comment on them;

    "No ironsights." - I think this means that the writer expected something like Mass Effect, where you can hold down right click with any weapon and zoom in a little. CS has scoped weapons for zooming, and you crouch or walk to increase accuracy. CS attempts to be realistic, and the average terrorist does not have telescopic eye-implants.

    "There's no point in having the body, because they've made it so that body shots are basically like a gentle tickle" - A short burst to the torso will reliably kill an enemy.

    "Hit reg. It's terrible. Obvious hits will do zero damage at times"
    "Forget about shooting 10-15 bullets straight from sitting position at middle-close ranged enemy aiming in the head - you'll miss unless enemy is VERY close."
    "Just as bad as the old versions, with a hitbox that's just as inaccurate as them" - I have not found this to be the case, these people are probably just not very practiced at aiming, guns in CS have significant recoil and spread.

    "You can't control even m4 recoil(I'm not saying about ak), don't even try, it's impossible."
    "Much more of an 'uncontrollable' recoil." - Recoil is very much on par with all previous CS games.

    "A considerable improvement would have been to remove extinct gameplay mechanics, such as "being dead", because what felt okay in 2000, doesn't make sense today anymore." - Part of the appeal of a competitive game is that if you fail, you are punished. If you succeed, you are not. If you were the first one to die, and it was an abnormally long round, you might be waiting as much as four minutes before respawning. In this time you can watch what other, non-dead players do, and try to learn from them.

    "This title has nothing to do with Counter-Strike the Half-Life mod" - Except for the guns, objectives, maps, look & feel, player base, factions, and name.

    "No real way to compete with the best players." - except by improving your own performance.

    "Lacks any kind of single player element or even objective goals. Sure there are hostages to rescue and bombs to plant but no one ever does that." - As this comment itself states, there are objectives to complete on each map. I have never encountered people consistently ignoring these goals.

    "Tons of HDR, bloom and motion blur, only to hide graphics bugs / glitches and make you feel like something fresh new" - Lighting is realistic, there is no blinding bloom or anything. Motion blur is only when walking while looking through a scope, I assume in an attempt to reflect how difficult it would be in reality to run around with a sniper rifle held to your eye.

    "When moving around, it feels like your 'floating'" - Walking feels much the same as all previous CS games.

    "the guns were highly unbalanced, the only guns worth using were the AK and the most powerful sniper rifle." - simply not true; there is a hierarchy of gun strength that correlates to the co$t, but almost every gun has a niche in which it would consistently outperform any other. "no matter how I put my settings I was getting about 15fps at any time." - get a better computer

    "Maps: Totally remade with TONS of details. You can throw all your map knowledge to garbage" - I had no trouble instantly identifying every ported map. There are a few minor changes to some (eg; stairs leading from under the dust_2 bridge up onto it) but I am yet to find any which bother me.

    "Also this walls you sweep before not penetrable now(or penetrable but not for most weapons)." - In 1.5/6 most guns could penetrate any surface, even blocks of concrete 10m thick; in GO, you can only shoot through softer materials such as wooden crates or doors
  53. Feb 11, 2013
    I've played counter strike on xbox, cs cz, and cs go. Don't let the cod, battlefield, or counter strike fanboys fool you this is a good game. It overs more weapon variety, map variety (with workshop), matchmaking to join matches easier), and better graphics than previous versions of cs. Plus valve didn't abandon it at all. They provide regular updates to balance the game. At a measly fee of $15 (cheaper than css) free dlc it is worth the money. Expand
  54. Dec 17, 2012
    If you are hardcore 1.6 or hardcore CS:S, then just stay with your game and don't come complaining in the CS:GO servers. CS:GO is counter-strike. Just like how 1.6 and CS:S are a little different, CS:GO is a little different too. From CS:S, CS:GO wasn't hard for me to adjust to. Unlike in CS:S, there aren't those "noob" labels on guns. The AWP is more fair, the machines guns are just a blast (instead of getting angry on death, you sort of laugh) and the auto-shotty and auto-sniper are more "morally" acceptable as powerful weapons. I can have a lot of fun playing, in the same way I had fun in CS:S. Expand
  55. Dec 20, 2012
    400 hours in and I am still addicted to both the casual and competive side of play. As a long time CS player I'm really enjoying GO and see it as the best CS to date. Vets of the series might have a few complaints about the recoil on some of the weapons and overall lack of innovation, which I agree with to a point. CS:GO needs to be played with a clean slate, despite the familiar maps. A big shake up of the guns and their recoil paths, matchmaking and extra game mods are in my opinion, a welcome addition.

    With such a small price tag, CS:GO is a must have. A steam sale is now on and with Christmas just around the corner, why not stock up on a few copies and gift them to friends. I guarentee that good times are to be had with CS:GO.
  56. Jan 1, 2013
    This game is amazing like counter strike 1.6 but with new strategies ,weapons,a recoil more realistic, and good graphics. The change from cs 1.6 to gobal ofenssive is very hard but when you understand the game ,is amazing.
  57. Jan 9, 2013
    Been playing cs since 1.5. Definitely not a reskin like others say. Getting headshots feels rewarding, unlike source did. Hitbox detection is great, recoil feels good, implementation of GunGame. I'm quite impressed as i thought it was going to be another **** source wannabe game.
  58. Jan 21, 2013
    Valve aimed to improve on the CS series with this game and they did just that. Small tweaks add improvements and slight alterations to map designs fix what were uneven maps. This game as not advertised as a brand new game. It stays true to the feel and style of the previous titles. Since release, changes have continued as the dev team listens to the gamers and makes things even better. One fault currently is the lack of official maps, but these may be added in the future. Plus, the graphics look great. If your a fan of the CS games, you will enjoy GO. If you're not, give this game a shot and see if it's your type of play. They also added in different match making and play types including competitive play. These matches add another level of skill to the game and allow better organized clan play. Expand
  59. Jan 22, 2013
    Counter strike global offensive is awesome, great gameplay, looks great, and the community overall isn't too bad.. Atleast not as bad as i'd expect from an FPS game. The only reason my score will be 9 instead of 10 is the lack of new maps, for the competitive gamemode. The competitive game mode is amazing tho, just make sure you play with your friends, chances are high that your teammates will 100% focus on fragging, and not give a f-ck about the objective. Expand
  60. Jan 27, 2013
    Best game in a line of Counter Strike, a mixture of the two most popular online shooter in a wonderful game. Graphics by excerpts 2012 fine. I hope this game players are connected both games Counter Strike: Source and Counter Strike 1.6
  61. Feb 9, 2013
    I play Counter Strike since 2000. I have played all from the BETA to 1.6 CZ Source And A short time GO.

    Go has the graphics but not the gameplay or the fun that CS 1,6 Source has.

    For instance the Guns NO USP NO SILENCER FOR M4 and Molotov Fake grenade what a JOKE ).

    Sorry but CS 1.6 CS:CZ CS:S CS:GO
  62. Feb 16, 2013
    The gameplay is, of course, CS-style yet it's quite different from both 1.6 and CSS which is not necessarily a bad thing. I see a lot of people complaining because it doesn't have the 1.6 feeling but that is fine in my opinion, I feel that every CS game is good and potentially competitive in its own way. If you're looking for something more "serious" than your average no-brain modern shooter then this game is for you. Expand
  63. Feb 28, 2013
    CS:GO perks: Matchmaking is awesome (a match to 15 is way funner than casual, and their system is now pretty fluid and easy to use). GUNS ARE MORE BALANCED (in the past people always get AK and M4. Now the shotgun and machine gun are actually good enough to be used in a NON-TROLLING fashion!)................Also a lot of things people complained about being incomplete (bad matchmaking, no assault map) have been FIXED now!............... I'm most sick of the 1.6 die-hard fans complaining about how cs:go is "inferior" to their beloved old game. These people complain about a number of changes such as: Slightly reduced visibility at long ranges due to fog effects, and reduced ability or changed patterns of how the guns "spray" bullets. Oh, so you can't do your extremely strange well-known strategy of "spray at exactly this wall when you hear this person coming at this certain location and then move my mouse down at exactly 0.2 millimeters per second which will result in a certain headshot" which you've practiced for years? And boo hoo, an explosive grenade momentarily generates some smoke that is hard to see through, so you can't implement your age-old extremely specific strategy that happens to depend on being able to see through a grenade explosion. YOU MEAN THE GAMEPLAY AND STRATEGIES ACTUALLY CHANGED? And people have to adapt and not use their repetitive muscle-memory mundane strategies to exploit the well-known mechanics of the first game? And actually have to think of different things? OH WOW. WHAT A CONCEPT. Expand
  64. Mar 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The best FPS game since Call of Duty. Actually it is the best competitive FPS game ever, I strongly recommended everyone to play this game. It has more modes than counter strike 1.5, and more maps. Weapons are totally re-produced, new categories also introduced into this game. I must say thanks for the game company, well our dream game was saved and lasted. I will 100% buy the next expansion if there is. Expand
  65. Sep 18, 2013
    Meh. I played CS when it was in Beta and mod in the 90's and played it for years in to Source. This doesn't show any real improvements and appears to be just cashing in on the name. I admit I'm tired of the series but the maps are even still the same. This is one old horse.
  66. Aug 8, 2013
    Removed content from previous counter strikes, like flashlight, suppressors, night vision and some weapons.

    The game feels unfinished, unbalanced weapons and bad player movement.

    Hopefully they keep updating the game and adding/fixing stuff.
  67. May 23, 2013
    It's no Counter Strike Source, but it still has some nice qualities. Graphics improved from its predecessor. At the same time, the movement and aiming feels a little sloppy compared to the crispness of CSS. Great game for the price, but like many other die hard CSS fans, I believe the original is still a better game.
  68. Jul 22, 2013
    The game is overall good. The graphics are great, it keeps the CS-spirit and it's fun to play. The buying menu can be really confusing at the beginning, such as armor/defuse kits located at Buying Category #5 instead of #6 and the Deagle being gun #5 in the Pistol Category instead of #4. It has all the good old maps with a few updates, plus some new maps, such as Mirage, which I like to call de_dust3. Sound-quality and weapon-models are of course better too. Expand
  69. Oct 28, 2013
    cs 1.6 good, cs source epic, csgo f**king donat, bugs, cheaters sh*t!
    cs 1.6 good, cs source epic, csgo f**king donat, bugs, cheaters sh*t!
    cs 1.6 good, cs source epic, csgo f**king donat, bugs, cheaters sh*t!
  70. Sep 14, 2013
    What a bad game. I'm very disapointed of this game. I liked alot source and 1.6 but "that' is not a good game. do not buy this "game" if we can say "game".
  71. Nov 7, 2013
    Arguably the best Counter-Strike ever made this version keep the core of the game-play that made the first version popular and add features and innovations that make it really great.
  72. Nov 7, 2013
    Ultra bugged!, this game is almost unplayable. I get banned for weeks of competitive because the servers always kick me. When I get to play for a full hour this game is like a drug xD.
  73. Dec 19, 2013
    CSGO may be hated but it really is one of the best FPS ever made. The maps have been updated, the weapons have been updated and the economy has been updated. All this gives variation to a formula that has gone stale and boring. Everything from the map design, weapons and even economy all has been blended together to make a balanced and fair experience. Sure it may be hard but that's because you need to analyse every single detail of the game. The community is great. There are videos to help you out on the obscure things like the physics of grenades. Also the game modes are great You have a casual mode, this gives you extra money at the start and more than five people can join. There is now a competitive match making system which works well. There is the chaotic deathmatch and arms race which always rewards your kills with a better weapon. Demolition is mode with small maps and only has one bomb site which makes a more concentrated experience. Skins for weapons and drops can be found at the end of the game or by watching pro games in their fantastic GOTV app or just buy it is used by valve to entice casual's into the competitive scene. Valve has had added so much, but there are down sides. Firstly there are three weapons that are really OP Scar-20, Negev and the P90 which is over used. The other down side it that all three of these weapons are used so much in death match as you have access to them at all times without buying them. Finally is the drop system. The drop system is fine and dandy but I see no reason to buy a key. There is a key that is used to open a case. In the case you get a randomly generated weapon. Firstly why do I have to buy a key? The game doesn't randomly drop it. You have to buy it. Why can't I just buy the weapon myself when there is a great chance I will be getting a useless skin that has no value in the CS:GO market. This is why cases are worth around 3p-5p in the market. This game is great. But valve needs more improving to do. Expand
  74. Dec 15, 2013
    This game is unbelievably competitive, addicting, fast paced, fun. If you like a game that is really requiring your skills, this is the game that you wanted.
  75. Dec 22, 2013
    This game starts by looking ok but after playing it for a while the disappointment is beyond belief. Valve is recycling the Source engine that was outdated when it arrived, the netcode is horrible, they don't give 2 about the community either despite claiming so. There are numerous cheaters on high levels causing matchmaking to be pointless once you reach a certain rank. Their excuse is that they ban in groups so cheaters won't know what cheat caused it, however this means YOU get to play against cheaters for 1-2 months before they get banned. The server settings are subpar and despite Valve being told this, they won't change it because that would cost them more. The maps are full of useless clutter the designers feel you MUST take part of. When the community made their own maps and removed the clutter so low end PCs could play, Valve removed those maps from the mapcycle. If you want to waste money on a shadow of 1.6 then this is the toilet to buy. I got it on 75% off and still want my money back. Expand
  76. Jan 16, 2014
    This game suffers from alot of bugs and the optimization does get worse and worse with every patch. (Lower FPS every patch)

    The matchmaking servers are filled with cheaters and the servers itself is not good. They have a high variance and a dipping server FPS resulting in a inconsistent experience.

    It´s a tiny bit more hardcore than Source was but do not give you that nice feeling
    Counter-Strike 1.6 and lower did when you was younger.

    It´s only an O.K game if you play pugs or clan matches.
  77. rqr
    Jan 18, 2014
    Do not buy this game, sooner or later you will be frustrated, because of the huge amount of cheaters and kickers, VAC fails miserably once again, by the way, the cheaters keep calling you "noob".

    And the so called "overwatchers" do almost nothing, they keep ignoring wallhackers.
  78. Mar 17, 2014
    It has just shocked me when I have seen the payable additionnal features as passes for 'special' missions.
    CS1.6 and Source seem much better. CS GO's weapon balance is not so good, too much difference with sit-position and running shoot accuracy.
    I have never seen any shield making the game more interesting and strategic, enemies killing faster than in CS-portable-web-version with
    Maps are poor, small and not challenging, you never need to look in all directions and be curefull to charge enemy ambush.
    If making a new better game Devs could at least put a map maker so everyone could easily make his own maps and a character's look customisation,
    but CS GO is just a version with another style, even detailled the graphics are not better, just different.
    This game is no more developped, there are tons of real upgrades that could be made by this far,
    Even a new medieval game could be done with the same concept, still no upgradable, worst or better stuff. It could include new ready-to-use new medieval-fantasy weapons and abilities giving similar dynamic, strategic,
    reactive coop battles, similar modes (an apocalyps artefact instead of bomb, just giving an idea), and making some new maps is almost no work...
    Even if Devs made one of the best game in the world, it was a long time ago and they are still on holidays,
    so for now I do NOT advise to buy ANY CS games. Better buy a new original game that is really worked on, and not made by copy&paste!!!
  79. Apr 24, 2014

    This game is a broken mess. Graphics look outdated for 2012, sounds are so terrible I want to puke. All weapons are boring and feel the same. Also they want you to pay for maps that were for free. All the good reviews are only because there are items like in TF2 but what is the point if the game doesn't play well. But the worst is the
    controls. THE F***ING BULLETS GO UP. In what game have you ever seen a bullet fly up? I tell in what: only this one. I wouldn't be p***ed off if they would go down, makes sense gravity, but up?! That just broke the game and doomed the whole Counter-Strike series. If you want a good multiplayer game buy original CS or CS:Source, just please not this one, it is not worth the money. Expand
  80. Jun 23, 2014
    Community of this game is so toxic that no one should buy it ever. This game is filled with cheaters so much that only way you can win is to have cheater in your team.
  81. Mar 20, 2014
    Don't buy this game if your a CS veteran player. the *aiming* in this game is horrible for a FPS !
    The whole game feels badly made and the CS feeling is totally gone !

    If you wish to play CS go play CS Source. !
  82. Sep 20, 2013
    It's counter-strike. No innovation here, but what it does, it does well. There is pretty much no aimbotting, so that is a big plus, although I have seen wallhacks and smoke hacks.

    This version plays a lot like CS 1.0, for those who can remember that far back. 1.0 was fairly different from 1.3, which was again fairly different from 1.6. But yeah, this is a very nice iteration of CS in my
    opinion, so 8/10 from me. Expand
  83. May 19, 2013
    When this game got released, I was able to see the community "splitted": one who complained that CS was perfect as it was, and the other that it was a great innovation. I personally don't care which side is right, because, to me, this game is basically what the original CS should have done. And that is, to be more user friendly. Yes I also played the original CS (although just CS:S) and I knew why it was good: it required skills in aiming, in timing and you needed team work, but it failed on the learning curve which was INSANE. Most of the matches were "Arena" based (there was also demolition but I rarely did it, while gungame was rare), and this was how I played: I entered, I walked in, I died from a headshot from an Ak-47 from an enemy at the other side of the map, I waited for my team to lose so I could respawn....this wasn't funny. Did I suck? Yeah of course, but I had no way to learn since I would die once I was alive! That's what this game did right: you finally can learn how to play, you can FINALLY play without fearing of dying after 10 seconds you've stepped in...and I started to enjoy! While this might be a rant in a way, what I'm trying to point out is that while it has no real innovation (just graphics and the interfaces), it's also much easier to learn and even newbies like me can go in, play and just try to have fun without being obsessively scared of dying! Of course, you can still play the original method as well, but it's all up to you to choose and you can easily try it once you've mastered it enough. Aside the fact of the innovation, it has also other benefits anyway: the maps are still good to this day, with almost no possibility for camping or hide perfectly, both because it requires a HUGE amount of aming, and in Deathmatch the respawns are random, so you can easily die anytime if you don't move. I believe we got less weapons now, but more "balanced" in a way, although I can't be totally sure since in the original game I couldn't buy due to the my lack income of money. For flaws, in my opinion, I still hate the hitboxes being clunky and very sporadic to hit (like I said, I might suck on this...but I would miss enemies even at blank point range, while for some reasons I was able to headshot with my shotgun. From the other side of the map!!!) and some weapons aren't exactly perfect and in the end people use few of them in total. All in all, I really enjoyed this game and for the first time I was able to play a Counter Strike game and have fun, without however neglecting the old community and giving us all the modes we used to play, plus some customizations. I might be a bad CS player for liking the "friendly" way this game approaches...but personally, if a game isn't fun and it's just made of frustration and constant complaining, it's not worth of my time and I easily quit it. A good remake, with a good learning curve this time. Expand
  84. Mar 7, 2013
    This game is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. It starts with the intro music and just keeps getting better and better. The default maps are good but since this game talks to Steam Workshop you can download hundreds of custom, user-made maps. There are some real gems out there too.

    I really liked all the achievements in CS:GO.. Getting one for being airborne while killing a bad guy
    who is also airborne? Brilliant! Some of the achievements names are pretty funny too "disruptus interruptus" or "freed with speed".

    Some of the maps are true CQB fights and very challenging.

    This game isn't ground-breaking and that's probably a good thing. CS:S is a proven winner in PC gaming. CS:GO just improves upon that formula with new maps, weapon upgrades and changes, and newer graphics.
  85. May 27, 2014
    this game is a hackfest. every single game i've played as LEM had hackers in it. the worst games are when they are losing and say "obvious hacks gonna show you what's up /r/antiboost" and then proceed to disconnect, reconnect, and turn on their aimbots. normally, I would just say hacking is a difficult problem with every fps, but csgo competitive is pretty much composed of mostly hackers at the higher ranks. not much is being done to control them.

    Other aspects of the game can be good, but for a competitive player like me I'll just stick with the good old 1.6
  86. Oct 3, 2012
    CS:GO is ok, the graphics are good, new and better gun designs and a whole new refined experience, If you are a hard-core CS:S player then you might to think before buying this. In my opinion, this game has lost the 'Counter-Strike' charm that made it so popular in the first place. The good things about this is the new buying menu, where you move the mouse onto each slot, instead of clicking, scrolling and getting shot before you even purchase your weapon. The game is also incredibly cheap ($15) on Steam. If you are new to the CS universe then get this, but if you are a CS:S player, you might need to reconsider. Expand
  87. Apr 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While this is a fun and competitive game, it lacks something, it may be the lack of change from the last counter strike (source), I mean yeah they added a new interface and a few modes and maps, but in my opinion it would have been refreshing to get a little bit more content. you can argue with me because the price is low, but to me, as a fan of valve and it's games I would appreciate a few more official modes and maps.
    The DLC might be great, but I'm sick of paying for a game that is not complete.
    That's the bad news.
    The good news are that the game preserves it's good old fashion gameplay style, the graphics have improved and are a treat to look at, and the game works smoothly most of the time.
    Also I like the fact that each map has a different kind of characters as for the CT and the T.
    The new hostage rescuing system is fantastic, I like it better and I think it's something they thought about.
    As usual valve have succeed in giving the opportunity to add mods and additional maps and weapons to the game, which is great.
    I would give this game a bit more than 8 but less than 9 because it is not complete in my opinion.
    Still, I think it's a game every casual gamer should get, specially as a fan of valve and counter strike. I've played since the first Counter Strike (when it was a mod) and I'm still enjoying each "upgrade".
  88. Dec 22, 2012
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (aka CS:GO) is one of the most addictive games that I have ever played. You always feel like playing another round, and you always want to improve at the game and understand the game better. And improving at this game is unbelievably satisfying and rewarding, and being able to get around the complicated recoil system to pile up the kills is deeply satisfying. This game is incredibly hardcore, and requires skill more than anything. You can't just run up to people and spray bullets everywhere, as it'll get you nowhere. CS:GO takes patience, accuracy and good reflexes. Your heart will pound when you're the last man standing in your team, as everyone's eyes are on you from the spectator screens. Being able to win a match as the last man standing feels very rewarding, mainly because you were able to outlast everyone in your team and win. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a very fun and addictive game which will take away hours of your day again and again. Good luck trying to move your eyes away from the computer screen with this game; it's a very hard task. Expand
  89. Jan 3, 2013
    It's a really good version of Counter-Strike. Probably my favourite! The weapons are far more balanced, there are more reasons to use grenades other then flashbangs and the gameplay on the whole feels more refined! It's still Counter Strike to it's core, but it shows Valve isn't afraid to risk pissing off their fanbase to release a new one. Good Job!
  90. Dec 11, 2013
    The graphics are cool, gameplay is nice, but the services are terrible. The game crashes for me, and doesn't matters how many fixes I look for on the internet, the crashes never stop. This has been a known problem for a long while, and Valve never cared to look at it. The Competitive Matchmaking can sometimes take nearly 20 minutes, and can sometimes can throw you in a server on another country with a ping of 200, if the server has hackers or too high ping you can't leave it because the penalties for leaving a competitive game are atrocious (even if it was not your fault, like if the power went down or something like that happened. Yeah, the system can't see a difference if you were disconnected due an external influence, or if was your decision to click on the Exit Game button). The game has a lot of potential, but I am frustrated enough that I could ask Valve for a refund, if I could. Expand
  91. Sep 14, 2013
    At first i was a little skeptical being a source fan but i actually came to like this game playing classic competitive mode with friends. its painfully frustrating when your loosing but its invigorating when your playing well. making this game was a bold move by valve considering the large css community but they pulled it off really well.
  92. Nov 25, 2012
    The only thing this competitive game has that compares to call of duty is it's FPS aspect and a few of the guns. Otherwise, it's an upgrade to the original Counter Strike, 1.6, and source with a few additional game modes and better graphics. What I like about this game above it's predecessors is it's offline bots. The dedicated fans that have been playing CS for multiple years makes the online multiplayer very difficult (which is a good thing). So, what I like about this game is the offline bot mode, which allows people who buy this game to enjoy a little pwnage (or challenge when they crank up the difficulty to veteran) when they can't get it online. Also, everyone has an equal chance, not thrown off by prestiging or leveling up, which adds balance.Overall, it's a fun, challenging, and addicting game -- I'd recommend it to all gamers! Especially those who enjoy a good FPS. Expand
  93. Jan 19, 2013
    The only thing good about CSGO are the slightly improved graphics and easy game find function, but that is all. CS1.6 was amazing when it came out. Then CSS was weird at first but eventually was just awesome. Finally CSGO comes out and I don't get it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed some parts of this game but overall the gameplay feels like a broken CSS.
  94. Apr 8, 2013
    Ok this game is truly an AMAZING game. I found the graphics quite nice for a counter strike game. The price of this game is amazing for the content it has. The game isn't a very noob friendly game, but definitely easier to play than the past counter strike games. There aren't any hackers as far as I know thanks to Valve’s VAC Filter. Here’s a tip, if you’re new to Counter Strike I recommend playing offline with some bots to train and then try to play with real players. Overall this game is very well made and fun, I highly recommend buying it. Expand
  95. Oct 2, 2013
    This game is so much fun, the series was great and still is. Looking forward for the next release and it is very well priced as well. very well done developpers and thank you
  96. Nov 26, 2012
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) développé par Valve en coopération avec le studio de Seattle: Hidden Path Entertainment.
    Après plus de 12 ans séparant la première version (CS Bêta 1.0 le 19 juin 1999). CS:GO est enfin là.

    Malgré la réputation qu'Hidden Path Entertainement c'est donné d'avoir
    tué CSS, ils ont finalement fait la chose que des millions de joueurs attendaient :
    Un nouveau Counter-Strike.

    CS: GO promet d'étendre la présence de Counter-Strike et sa jouabilité légendaire sur PC, sur Mac ainsi que sur les consoles de dernière génération.

    Et c'est reparti pour 12 ans ^^ Que la force du Cut soit avec toi :) à suivre...
  97. Nov 13, 2012
    The game is much more harder compared to source. I'm not quite sure about the graphical update. Still, it remains a true Counter Strike game, it's just not that important compared to 1.6 and Source.
  98. Sep 4, 2013
    While the game is fun and addicting, it seems way too different that CS: Source and CS 1.6, if you're going to play a CS game for the first time, go with CS: Source, then pick this up and compare.
  99. Jan 4, 2013
    This review is for those who have not played, or do not care, about the previous Counter-Strike titles and simply want a shooter to play. Counter-Strike is a very engaging and computer-friendly game for both FPS newbies and veterans alike. It aspires to create a style of gameplay for everyone through a concise means - those wanting to get right into the thick of things can dive into Arms Race, where you progress through a chain of different weapons from killing enemies, instantly respawning if you get shot down yourself, maximising your play time. Those wanting to take a more tactical approach to their shooter can play the classic mode, where being killed keeps you dead until the next round, and the goal of the match ranges from killing everyone on the opposing team to rescuing/protecting a band of hostages to ensuring the fate of a planted bomb. It's pretty straightforward, but it's everything it says on the tin. Graphics-wise, I think it's done a great job, with the particle effects of blood and gun residue managed well but lacking that bit of "wow" factor. The only music in the game is in the menu (aside from a few jingles in-game signifying deaths) and that alone riles you up for your next match. The enormous multitude of achievements and desire to get better creates a remarkable value for replay - then again, any multiplayer online game you can get a lot of time out of. I think the only downside to this game is that being on the PC you can't bring a friend over to do splitscreen - the XBox version is where you want to go for that. In conclusion, this is a brilliant FPS that drops you right into the action in a comfortable yet exhilarating game environment. I've loved every second of it. Expand
  100. Jan 2, 2013
    Feels very good. Good Movement, good weapon-behavior. I played 1.6 a little bit, never played source. I was more into fast-paced action, like Tactical Ops.
    The thing that was always **** in CS was that your movement was horrible, it felt like coordinating a piece of concrete or a sack of potatos.
    Now its perfect, really cheap price and cool gamemodes(Gungame ftw!)

Generally favorable reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
  1. 90
    Brilliant old-school shooter has convinced us that Counter-Strike franchise is in no way to be retired or forgotten. [Oct 2012]
  2. Oct 24, 2012
    A fast, demanding shooter with a huge potential for the future. It's basically CS: Source, but the maps are more polished and the game looks better. [11/2012, p.64]
  3. Oct 14, 2012
    For a non-professional Counter-Striker, Global Offensive is just a cosmetic facelift, with re-run levels. [Sept 2012]