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  1. There is something about the visual style of the game that makes it look a lot more real than other racers which compared to it seem fake and outdated. I guess it's the combination of a potent engine with a few skilled artists, or maybe it's my imagination, fact is that CRC is among the best looking games out now.
  2. The lighting effects of CRC2005 are absolutely stunning. Light falls and reflects on tons of objects, and it changes with fluidity when objects are moving. The reflections on the cars are extremely realistic and the graphics don’t allow the car to appear perfectly undamaged by the race rubbing and bumping.
  3. PC Gamer
    If you're a PC racing fan, you should buy this game immediately. If you aren't, buy it anyway - it'll make you one. [Mar 2006, p.102]
  4. What really marks CRC as excellent value for money is not the endless mods that you can make to the cars, nor the exacting tuning of the car you can work on, not the many game modes which all distinguish themselves, not even the fact that the AI is spot on with the challenges it offers, neither the great attention to scenery details, car deformation, which it is presented in a polished and stylish way. It’s the sheer joy of having so much on offer, real quality stuff, nothing flash, the real essence of you verses the elements, along with some really tough competitors.
  5. Cross Racing Championship 2005 has the makings of a very good game indeed, but with a couple of rough edges that slightly (and really only slightly) spoil things.
  6. It has lots to offer, particularly for experienced gamers who like their racing games with a slight excess of difficulty.
  7. Pelit (Finland)
    A promising driving game with lots of good bits (nice graphics, interesting physics), yet it is let down by rugged controls and boring races. [Sept. 05]
  8. 75
    As a total package, the game just fails to thrill. The replays are far more interesting than the actual driving.
  9. An interesting arcade/simulation mix that is restrained from greatness by a few integral inadequacies. There has never been such a fine line between enjoyment and annoyance. Only consider playing it if you have a decent wheel.
  10. A solid package and you would not go wrong in getting it if you are a racing fan, or if you are looking for something quick and enjoyable that doesn’t take all your time to really get into.
  11. Computer Games Magazine
    CRC 2005 is that rare racing game that perfectly straddles the stark reality of pure simulations like "Grand Prix Legends" and the more relaxed arcade gameplay of games like "Rally Fusion" [Apr 2006, p.65]
  12. Cross Rally Championship 2005 aims high and falls short, and whilst that's more admirable than simply creating a mediocre game for a quick buck, it's still not enough to garner our endorsement.

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  1. Oct 25, 2015
    Cross Racing Championship Its A Good At All.With Good Graphics From 2005,Good Simulations Of Driving & Crashing.But,If You Don´t Know How ToCross Racing Championship Its A Good At All.With Good Graphics From 2005,Good Simulations Of Driving & Crashing.But,If You Don´t Know How To Play Driving Simulator Games,You Go Pass Much Rage.But,for a Driving Simulator Is A Very Good Game.But,Sometimes The Track Is The Same! And CRC Don´t Have Much Cars In The Game.But Is A Good Game At All.
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