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  1. Feb 19, 2014
    This DLC give an opportunity to player to play as a Muslim nation. Playing as the Muslim will give different experiences than playing as Catholic/Christian nations, namely because you got four wives, you have to share your titles to your family due to a system called decadence in Muslim dynasties. You will also have easier CB, you can declare conquest to any of your neighbor, so small wars are more common than Catholic nations.

    The succession war on Muslim nation is somewhat more interesting. When playing Catholic nations, I rarely have succession war, but in every Muslim play through I will always have a succession war, in some plays I have wars every time the liege died, all of my brothers and uncles are out to kill me.

    Great DLC.
  2. Jul 11, 2014
    Sword of Islam is the "play as a Muslim dynasty" DLC pack for Crusader Kings 2.

    While the game play is fairly similar to what you see as a Christian lord, there are a number of differences. For instance, as a Muslim ruler, you're allowed up to four wives. These wives might not be too fond of each other, and you sometimes have to stop them from assassinating each other (when it suits
    your Machiavellian purposes, of course).

    Also, your wives appear to attempt to murder you with sex quite frequently ...

    Muslim dynasties also have a decadence score - in larger realms especially, or for characters with the "decadent" trait. The higher a decadence you have, the worse your troops will fight and the less your demesnes will produce. The way to get rid of decadence is fighting in holy wars (both offensive and defensive), participating in Jihads or fighting against Crusades. Furthermore, events like observing the Ramadan can help you get rid of decadence.

    Diplomacy and laws works more or less the same. Most notably Muslims do not have access to some of the interitance laws that Christan lords do, they however have special interitance laws where the most powerful son claims all.

    All in all, Sword of Islam is a well-crafted, smooth running DLC that will be refreshing to players who have played the Christians too much. It offers new options and lets the player face new challenges without changing the game play radically.

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  1. Sep 10, 2012
    A well-made DLC that adds a whole Muslim part to the original game map. This means new specific rules, events and strongly changed setting, in which we play according to the slightly different rules.
  2. Jul 28, 2012
    The already excellent Crusader Kings 2 just got a second wind – now with a spicy Middle-Eastern flavor!