Crysis Warhead PC


Generally favorable reviews - based on 56 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 50 out of 56
  2. Negative: 0 out of 56
  1. CryTek demonstrates again its hegemony in first person shooters and it does it with a new gem. A brief campaign but charged with a shining pace is its main attractive, and in this occasion the multiplayer section has become one of its main highlights too. A new demonstration of the unquestionable health of the action in the 21st century. We don´t usually like to talk about the price in the final conclusions, but the possibility to buy a game like Crysis Warhead for just 30 € is a fact to consider.
  2. Warhead expands on the forward-thinking ideas presented in Crysis and truly takes them to the next level.
  3. 94
    For $30, Crysis Warhead is an incredible value, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better shooter on the PC this year. The single-player campaign is tight and superb, and the multiplayer portion delivers something that you can just in and play and have fun with.
  4. Warhead honestly is the finest burst of action gaming released so far this year, and if you're canny then you'll be able to pick it up for a mere £15 from online retailers. It's a five hour tour-de-force that's plugged the holes in Crysis with diamonds.
  5. The pacing is accelerated in comparison to the original game.
  6. If you liked the graphically overwhelming Crysis, you must not miss Crysis Warhead. Crytek just continues with what it can do best: Excellent graphics coupled with straight action.
  7. The original Crysis may have given you the basic tools, but Warhead allows you to really use them, and while its previous titles made it clear that Crytek knew technology like few others, it's this strange off-shoot Warhead that proves it's no slouch when it comes to level design and set-pieces either.
  8. 90
    There's plenty of bang for your buck, and attempting missions over again in harder difficulty modes can really prove themselves as addicting challenges. Throw in the extraordinary Crysis Wars multiplayer, and you've got yourself an absolute steal.
  9. It's more focused, it's more intense, and though it doesn't provide as much of the sandbox feel as Crysis veterans would wish for, it still delivers on every other front.
  10. If you've got a modern PC and a longing for some macho man action packed gaming, Warhead is an essential purchase.
  11. If you enjoyed the original Crysis and are a fan of the big ‘Summer’ action game, this is the game to pick up, especially at its low price tag and wonderful multiplayer.
  12. Warhead was great fun and even the ending is better, and certainly less annoying than that of Crysis, but I did find it slightly too easy.
  13. Warhead continues this tradition, bur has a slightly more coherent and focused story, even better gameplay and even more impressive graphics.
  14. I almost want to hang myself for thinking this, but in effect, Warhead delivers because it's exactly what its developers promise: more Crysis.
  15. At 29.99 (USD), there’s no reason not pick this one up. Even if you haven’t played its predecessor, you can’t go wrong here if you are an FPS fan.
  16. Great stand alone expansion that offers an explosive story mode and a polished multiplayer mode, provided you got the gear to run it in a playable manner.
  17. Fans of Crysis are probably jumping with joy and wetting themselves when I say Crysis Warhead is a better game in every possible way than the original. That’s saying something since Crysis was a great game. It might not be as long, lasting around the five hour mark, but you do get a great multiplayer experience to go back to once you are done with the campaign.
  18. A different, wild trip on the same island, this history showing Sergeant "Psycho" Sykes makes Crysis Warhead not only a technical achievement, showing the best graphics on a PC yet, but a great example of fast-paced strategic action, making it a game that, more than a spin-off, can stand by its own.
  19. An excellent add-on to Crysis that won't fry your PC to a melting pulp.
  20. 90
    The expansion has done well to provide a decent singleplayer experience on top of the extensive multiplayer platform.
  21. This is a great game package, for a great price. It will not disappoint any Crysis fans or new players, but it might leave them wanting more!
  22. An exemplary game to hold aloft as a challenge to future game creators to either match or exceed.
  23. Total PC Gaming
    Niggling issues have been addressed. Warhead is a beautiful shooter that's finally available to the masses. [Issue#12, p.51]
  24. Telling the story of Psycho, who appeared in Crysis, too, the game feels a bit like playing deleted scenes from the first game. But lots of things are improved, there are more scripts, even better graphics and the cut-scenes are better, too. If you like fast action and couldn't care less about the story then Crysis Warhead is for you. If you haven't played Crysis and don't know what's going on, you may feel a bit lost, though.
  25. 88
    In its favour Crysis Warhead has the best graphics engine money can currently buy, and at a budget price. It also has a compelling storyline, an interesting character, and is a real treat for those who never played the original.
  26. Thankfully the action-packed single-player campaign hits the sweet spot that the multiplayer misses, which makes Crysis Warhead an exceptional ­value.
  27. The strongest aspects of Crysis Warhead are the same ones we already loved with Crysis itself: The Graphics are stunning, the story is solid and the gameplay’s challenging and fun, but at the same time these pros are the only big contra: there’s nothing really new about this game, which, on the other hand, might again be good news for fans of the first part.
  28. Crysis Wars is fun, and although it didn’t keep me glued to the monitor like the multiplayer component in Call of Duty 4 did, I do appreciate its merits.
  29. If you take a fabulous game with astonishing graphics, good sounds and gameplay and add a new story, the result will be more than satisfying.
  30. As a companion product to the original game, Crysis Warhead is a vast improvement on Crytek's vision. It may be more compact, but the enhanced AI and optimised CryEngine 2 will keep you coming back for more.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 481 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 59 out of 98
  2. Negative: 17 out of 98
  1. Dec 30, 2010
    Given its predecessor, Crysis warhead have a lot to live up to, unfortunately it doesn't quite cut it. The game have gone from a game thatGiven its predecessor, Crysis warhead have a lot to live up to, unfortunately it doesn't quite cut it. The game have gone from a game that pushed the boundaries of what is possible, that had a huge sandbox world to a linear, graphically the same and with no sense of what difficulty means.

    Now, that doesn't make the game bad per se, but it does drag the overall score down. The graphics is the same as in Crysis, I'm disappointed to see no further development. The world is split up into different maps, that are much more linear than in the previous game.
    The AI is incredibly dumb at times, they shoot into walls and the friendly AI sometimes decided to stand where you are shooting at.
    There are possibilities that aren't used to their full potential, one of them being the stealth system, it could have been much better, but instead you're almost always forced to resort to taking the enemy head-on.

    There's also a problem regarding difficulty, you go from a walk in the park to a level that is near-on impossible to complete. There are also times when you die instantly, usually by being hit by an RPG or the Gaus rifle, extremely frustrating.
    But there one more thing that surpasses all above: the draconian DRM system.

    The voice acting is great, the environments are great and the weapon customization is mediocre.
    If you can find good deal, meaning 10 euros or less, go for it, otherwise not.
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  2. PaulT.
    Sep 16, 2008
    This game uses the SecuROM DRM system that limits you to 3 activations, like Spore. Sony, the makers of SecuROM, were reprimanded by the FTC This game uses the SecuROM DRM system that limits you to 3 activations, like Spore. Sony, the makers of SecuROM, were reprimanded by the FTC in 2007 for using unlawful DRM practices with music CDs. EA is using Sony's SecuROM DRM technology to commit similar offenses. For instance, the FTC ruled that, "Installations of secret software that create security risks are intrusive and unlawful," said FTC Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras. "Consumers' computers belong to them, and companies must adequately disclose unexpected limitations on the customary use of their products so consumers can make informed decisions regarding whether to purchase and install that content." Full Review »
  3. RM
    Sep 16, 2008
    A fantastic improvement over the first in all affairs. Level design, performance, pure beauty, AI intelligence, storytelling, music, and A fantastic improvement over the first in all affairs. Level design, performance, pure beauty, AI intelligence, storytelling, music, and cut-scenes. It takes you for a ride and doesn't let go! Full Review »