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Summary: Crysis is a next-generation PC first-person shooter from Crytek, the award-winning developers of "Far Cry." It is 2020, and global tensions have reached boiling point as the U.S. and North Korea square off in the South China Sea. At stake: a mysterious artifact uncovered by a team of U.S. archeologists. The North Korean government quickly seizes the area, prompting the U.S. to dispatch an elite team of Delta Force operatives on a rescue mission. During the siege the true nature of the artifact quickly emerges, pointing to the existence of an alien presence on Earth, and ultimately the trigger for a massive-scale alien invasion. The battle to save Earth begins as the aliens' flash freeze the tropics into a ghostly-white frozen landscape. As gamers take up arms against the aliens, they will be outfitted with customizable weapons and a high tech Nanosuit, allowing them to adapt their tactics and abilities to a hostile, ever-changing environment and a mysterious enemy. [Electronic Arts]
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Rating: M
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Developer: Crytek
Genre(s): Action
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Blood, Strong Language, Violence
Online Modes:Competitive, Team Oriented
Number of Online Players:32 Players Online
Cast Credit
Jack Mamais Lead Designer
Steven Humphreys Programmer
Bernd Diemer Producer
Russ Earwaker Level Designer
Greg Sarjeant Story
Jan Neugebauer Programmer
Cevat Yerli Executive Producer
Marce Koegler Technical Director
Craig Tiller Game Programmer
Kirill Bulatsev Lead AI Programmer
Marcio Pereira Martins Programmer
Lin Luo Programmer
Stainslav Spivakov Programmer
Alexander Lechner Programmer
Julien Darre Programmer
Jan Mueller Programmer
Mathieu Pinard Programmer
Michael Rauh Programmer
Filippo De Luca Programmer
Nicholas Hesketh Programmer
Matthew Jack Programmer
Ricardo Pillosu Gonzalaz Programmer
Stan Huebler Lead Designer
Christopher Auty Lead Designer
Dennis Schwarz Game Designer
Ben Bauer Level Designer
Michael Kolkau Level Designer
Vladyslav Vlasyuk Level Designer
Martin Badowsky Level Designer
Friedrich Bode Level Designer
Hussein Dari Level Designer
Thomas Mountfort Level Designer
Marius Popczuk Level Designer
Morten Sandholt Level Designer
Timothy Partlett Story
Michael Khaimzon Art Director
Magnus Larbrant Art Director
Tom Daerberg Artist
Dmitry Gait Artist
Hanna Hagedorn Artist
Gregor Kopka Artist
Stevan Bander Lead Animator
Andrew Dorr Lead Animator
Antoine Tran Lead Animator
Florian Fuesslin Sound Designer
Hanno Hagedorn Artist
Kirthy Iyer Additional Animator
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