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  • Summary: Dark Void is a sci-fi action-adventure game that combines an adrenaline-fuelled blend of aerial and on-foot combat set in a parallel universe called "The Void". Players assume the role of Will; a pilot dropped into incredible circumstances while on a routine air cargo flight crashes in the Bermuda triangle leading him to be trapped in the Void. This unlikely hero soon finds himself swept into a desperate struggle for survival at the head of a group called The Survivors. Trapped in the Void, these resistance fighters are battling to hold off a mysterious alien race that plans to threaten Earth. Dark Void's unique combination of in-air and on-ground combat creates a thrilling new gameplay dynamic to the third-person shooter experience. Taking 3D action to a whole new level, Dark Void's vertical combat system allows players to dangle from thousand foot drops as they take cover and drop enemies from above and below, bringing a whole new sense of vulnerability and thrill to the player. Defying gravity in vertical combat is only half the battle as, over time, Will is upgraded to a powerful rocket pack which allows for fierce in-air combat as gamers are able to fly through the void at unparallel speeds shooting down anything that gets in their path. Blasting away at massive bosses has never been this much fun as Dark Void offers a unique grip system made up of a variety of grip-based mini-games including skyjacking UFOs mid-flight. [Capcom] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 22
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  1. So much jetpack promise, but it's a game seeking a third act. Wait for Just Cause 2 if you fancy absurd airborne adventures. [Feb 2010, p.84]
  2. Unfortunately, the shining strengths of the game are buried underneath a thick layer of rust that only the thirstiest of air-junkies should bother chipping through. [Feb 2010, p.95]
  3. Dark Void is a great example of wasted potential. The story, the "jetpack-flying-action", the 3D-Gameplay ... all that in combination could have made a great game, but thanks to a boring mission- and level-design, repetitive enemies and mediocre graphics it just isn't.
  4. 60
    Maybe in Dark Void 2, in which a brash, headstrong pilot gets a hold of a jetpack created by an aging engineer and uses it to fight zombies, we'll see the full-fledged realization of this game's genuinely interesting designs. Until then, however, jetpack fans will have to settle for half-baked.
  5. The fundamentals are there but Dark Void never soars to great heights.
  6. 50
    Dark Void is all over the place. The story’s never explained adequately, the combat’s pretty much always a chore, and flying isn’t nearly as fun as it should be. I don’t hate Dark Void, but I don’t care for it, either. This is one of those titles that just exists; I doubt few will remember it this time next year.
  7. “If nothing helps, change your tactics”, reads one of the game’s loading tips. I have a better suggestion: change the game as soon as possible.

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  1. soniaJ.
    Jan 26, 2010
    Story is terrible, but the gameplay is very very fun. Best Rpg Ever.
  2. Mar 15, 2013
    I don't get why no one seems to like this game. I'm having an absolute blast with it.
    Compared to most 3PS's, the enemies have slightly more
    health but all the machine guns are more accurate, which I feel is a much better system (you're fighting the enemies, not the weapon spread). Plus one-hit melee kills while standing or over/under cover for additional options. And the game is really good about recognizing and rewarding headshots. I tried to replay Gears of War 1 recently and got bored halfway through, but this just feels better.
    And the vertical cover system works great. If you're flanked from above and below by enemies, then whether you take cover above or below the ledges becomes a shifting element of strategy. Whether you mantle upward for melee kills at the risk of giving the enemies a better shot is another element of strategy. And frankly, it's just cool to see a killed enemy ragdoll toward you as it falls off a cliff.
    Compared to the Rogue Squadron series, the jetpack flight seems just fine to me. And the ability to zoom into a horizontal ground fight or hover out of vertical cover for better aim (a the risk of exposing yourself) adds another layer.
    The slugs-inside-robots aren't quite as interesting as the multi-destructable robots of Binary Domain (another underappreciated shooter), but they are unique(r) than most games. I like the exploding red guys that leave damaging large energy spheres.
    Also I don't get the criticisms about graphics. It's not the prettiest game in the world, but I think it looks good (especially compared to the average Xbox360 title), and I like the semi-cartoony 50's style art choices. Admittedly the environments repeat.
    I love this game and have recommended it, especially now that it's dirt cheap ($5 on Steam as of writing, but you really need an Xbox controller to enjoy it). Mostly I'm just disappointed that a fun game (I would say 8.5/10) with a lot of great ideas won't get a sequel it really deserves.
  3. LeberTreeD
    Jan 21, 2010
    This game as a good feeling when you use Jetpack, it's very cool and fun! Good idea in general... Finally a game different from other. Congratulation! Expand
  4. LRose
    Feb 5, 2010
    Dark Void basically consists of an attempt to meld two games into one: a standard third-person shooter (TPS), and an arcade-like flight combat game using a jetpack. The TPS portion of the game is fine, but not innovative (save for the instances of "vertical cover" which are good but limit you to pretty much a predetermined path). The flying/jetpack sequences are better, that is once you get used to the wonky and somewhat unresponsive controls. (I used a keyboard and mouse, but I understand that a controller works better.) The graphics are adequate, but nothing to write home about. The story is weak and poorly presented (although the voiceover work is generally fine), and the game itself is very short; at most, maybe 6-7 hours of gameplay. The best part of the game, by far, is the soundtrack. All-in-all, the game is average, I enjoyed parts of it more than others, but I doubt I'll go back to it anytime soon, if at all. I do think that it's worth playing, if you can get it on big-time sale. At $40, it's overpriced. Expand
  5. Aug 30, 2010
    This game wasn't, too bad. I felt that the flying combat felt a bit repetive, just flying in circles untill you can lock on to your target. Other then that it was a solid game but slightly lacket execution @LeoM Don't compare games like halo to this game, its not even the same genre. Its no wonder no one found your review helpful Expand
  6. MarlonBrando
    Jan 22, 2010
    Good IP but the execution is lack-luster. Story doesn't do all that it could... no set up for mission etc. Boils down to mediocre shooter with arcade style flight sim tack-on. Expand
  7. Dec 28, 2011
    Broken game. Always crashes at cutscenes and the only fix is skip them as fast as you can. There isn't support from developer so this game is wasted money IMO. Crapcom sucks! Expand

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