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  1. Jul 11, 2012
    Outdated graphics, unbalanced classes and weapons, poor maps design, annoying community, lack of skilled admins. The essence of indolence and rapacity, just another source trashcan infested with aimbots, bugusers, campers and other scums. Avoid it.
  2. Jun 4, 2011
    This game is horrible, unlike what everyone says under me, the graphics do not fit the time at all, the weapons do not handle like the should (aka the STG44). All people do in this game is camp in corners, so it is the exact same thing as CoD2. The load times for custom maps is horrible, if you are lucky enough to get in fast enough you'll be able to grab a unique class (such as MG gunner or sniper which the max amount of players is always 1 or 2) not worth more than 5 dollars at most, spend your money on a real WWII experience, like Red Orchestra. A million times better Expand
  3. Mar 12, 2014
    God, what a terrible game. I hate almost everything about this game. Let's get started. First, the weapons are insanely unbalanced. The MG is literally a god weapon. You go prone, then you just kill everything. The bullet literally stays straight on it's path, and kills in 1 hit unless your terribly unlucky. It's basically a rapid fire sniper with no scope. Another problem with this map is vantage points. Every weapon in this game(For the special classes like bazooka, MG, Sniper) is terribly overpowered in the range department, so if one team gets the classes in a vantage point, you basically have the game. The other team has fun trying desperately to move from cover to cover while the mg rips through their team, killing a person every second. The snipers and killing no matter where they hit, and the bazooka is blowing up clumps of guys hanging back because it's accurate to like 125m. The other classes are basically the same with 2 minor stat changes. There's not "teamwork" here. It's one team slaughtering the other team, but nobody helps each other out. The MG's set up camp and just rip through the entire enemy army, the snipers dodging and weaving the desperate shots of the people stuck playing normal class as they get destroyed by the snipers, the bazooka smoking out groups of 3 guys then pulling out his secondary which does way too much damage and blasts them away from the safety of his building.
    This game never ends fair. Within 3 mins one team is always on top, and it stays like that the whole game, mainly because of how utterly godlike your team becomes after you get the vantage point.

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  1. 84
    I expect to be playing DoD a lot more than "Couterstrike: Source"... I recommend DoD:S to the multiplayer action crowd, but don't come crying to me when things start getting stale.
  2. 85
    While the game still needs some patching, and is unfortunately not DoD as we know it, this is still an absolutely fantastic package; those after a new multiplayer shooter can’t really go wrong with this one. Oh, and expect this score to go up over time as Valve patches out various problems.
  3. While a lack of maps cuts into the game's value somewhat, Day of Defeat: Source still offers a satisfying and exciting experience for those who just can't get enough of World War II.