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  • Summary: Based on the successful movie series and developed by the makes of heroes of Might and Magic V, Blitzkrieg II and Silent Storm. There are people among us who appear to look ordinary – but they are not They lead a two-fold existence and name themselves appropriately "The Others". These beings have the unique ability to alter physical reality and to manipulate the alternative one. The Others are divided into those who follow the Light and those who pursue Darkness. Their battle goes on since ages long forgotten and will continue until one side permanently gains the upper hand. [Gamers Gate] Expand
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  1. This is what happens when an international game goes wrong. This game managed to get just about everything wrong about an RPG. Get the movies or books instead for the thrill.
  2. Day Watch should have been a no-brainer: just do another game like Night Watch. But for some reason things have gone downhill. There is too little action and too many boring cutscenes. You are forced to play as a next-to-useless witch. And the list goes on and on. [Aug 2007]
  3. Completely broken and utterly idiotic in almost every way. [Aug 2007, p.91]
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