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  1. Feb 4, 2015
    I highly recommend this DCS module if you enjoy the base DCS:W. The module includes several campaigns (including the Su-25T campaign adaptedI highly recommend this DCS module if you enjoy the base DCS:W. The module includes several campaigns (including the Su-25T campaign adapted to the Ka-50), detailed interactive tutorials and the glorious Ka-50 of course. As the oldest DCS module, it is the most complete in general and has a ton of user made content for it including skins, missions and even cockpit skins.

    The Ka-50 itself is relatively simple from a systems standpoint. It requires about half the buttons the A-10C does to operate and yet has nearly identical functionality. And thanks to the wonderful ability to hover and do all the other chopper stuff, it's actually a lot more capable. I fear no fighter, SAM or AAA when flying this whirly-bird, the same can not be said in the A-10C. Due to its simplicity, I recommend it as a first study sim module. It is the easiest of the three choppers currently in DCS to fly, but choppers in general are a lot harder to fly than fixed wing planes. So you will spend more time learning the stick and rudder part. But the freedom it allows is absolutely worth it.

    In terms of game performance, this module is no different from any other. As of my writing this, the new graphics engine coming in DCS:W2 had not been released yet. And as such, the graphic effects are dated and have much lower performance than they should. Additionally, trees are not collideable which is a big deal for helicopters. But these are generic DCS issues which will hopefully be resolved in the next few months with a graphics engine update + new map.

    BTW, I've had this module since it was initially released as BS1 back in 2008. I haven't played it that whole time, but I've had it and the updated BS2 long enough to get past the rose colored glasses. After playing it for years, I still love it and highly recommend you get it if DCS is your thing. Even if you aren't that interested in choppers, I still recommend it. I bet it will surprise you.